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The Terran have been pushed back by the Zerg, and are barley holding on. As if constant attack by the Zerg is not enough, they are in the middle of civil war with a band of rebels named The Brotherhood of War. The main Terran force is defending its last stronghold on the most southern part of the planet. The Terran Confederacy has managed to form an alliance with some Protoss rebels. But the Protoss Armada is on its way to wipe the planet clean of all 'infestations'. They are planning to launch a massive offensive on the bulk to the Zerg infestation. Little do they know they are about to be attacked by The Brotherhood of War...
-Standard Gaia Rules
-Please try and be Semi Literate
-No txt tlk
-No auto hits
-Everyone gets hit or hurt no one is invisible
-Follow profile skeleton
-You can only be The Terran Confederacy, The Brotherhood of War, or the Protoss rebels.
-Post at least a paragraph, come on. Its five sentences. Its not hard.
-Use "" to talk or make it another color
-Use () to talk OOC
-Have Fun!!!
-Pm Profiles!!!!!!
Profile skeleton

Weapon: (Assault Rifle, Pistol, Flame Thrower, Sniper, Grenades, Combat Knife) (All soldiers can have a main weapon, side arm, grenades and a knife if wanted.)
Appearance: (Picture is preferred)
Unique Talents:
Years in Service: (Terran Confederacy only)
Rank: (Terran Confederacy only)

Protoss Rebels
Weapon: (Protoss ground troops use an plasma sword. But you can be in a dragoon walker if you want.)
Appearance: (Picture is preferred.)
Unique Talents:
Accepted Profiles

Name: Aliester

Age: 32

Faction: Terran Confederacy

Weapon: Assault Rifle, Pistol, Grenades, and a Combat Knife

Appearance:User Image

Unique Talents: He can think on his toes, and he is a very good shot. Also he is a great leader. Lots of soldiers look up to him.

Years in Service: 14 years

Rank: Colonel


Profile skeleton

Name: Daniel
Faction:Terran Confederacy
Weapon:Sniper rifle(Suppressed),Pistol(suppressed), Assorted grenades, high grade combat knife.
Appearance:User Image
Unique Talents:Computer hacking and free running
Years in Service:ten


Okie dokie (I'm not sure how to spell that properly)
I would like to join this rp, I'm guessing it's off a game, and I probably havn't played it, so I don't have a 100% grasp on the storyline yet, so bare with me if I do not live up to the expectations.


Name: M (Really, just call her M)
Age: 27
Faction: Team confederacy
Weapon: Pistol, (Can be found near ankles, hips, and tucked in the back of M's pants) and of course a knife.
Appearance: User Image
Unique Talents: M is regarded as the galaxies best 'parkour' champion. She is highly skilled in running, jumping and hiding in small places.
Years in Service: 6
Rank: Luitenant


Name: Tonii Aeyre
Age: 25
Faction: Terran Confederacy
Weapon: Assault rifle, two pistols, grenades and small knife.
Appearance: Appearance
Unique Talents: Trained pilot
Years in Service: 7
Rank: Captain


Name: Orion Zackary Carmine
Age: 32
Faction: Terran Confederacy
Main: Assult Rifle
Side Arm: Pistol
Appearance: User Image
Unique Talents:
-Good in combat
-Able to bypass doors and gates
-Can scramble machines
Years in Service: 6 years
Rank: Tech Soldier
Aliester stood with his rifle over his shoulder and his boot on the head of a dying zergling. He pushed is boot down and crushed its skull as its last squeals escaped its blood stained mouth. He opened his visor and a cloud of smoke came out. In his mouth was a big cigar. He puffed it and took it in his hand. He looked around at the massive carnage right on his door step. They had only lost about sixty men that day, and that was a good day. New troops were said to be inbound, and would arrive sometime today. Aliester sighed and he put his cigar back in his mouth. He took another puff, and he blew the smoke out slowly, savoring the flavor. After all, this could be his last. He lowered his rife and he headed back to HQ.
Aliester went back to the armory to re-stock on ammo. He had almost ran out in the last skirmish with the Zerg forces. He sat down and he loaded some clips. He sighed to himself and said under his breath "It never ends..." He took a long drag on his cigar and he pulled the butt out of his mouth. He blew the smoke out and he stared into the burning embers. Aliester zoned out and had flashbacks for when they lost their last stronghold.

"GET TO SOME COVER!! THE ZERG ARE EVERYWHERE!" screamed a soldier. Bullets whizzed by Aliester's head and a hydralisk dropped dead right behind him. Aliester spun around and unloaded a clip into a few zerglings that were rushing in for the kill. Just then he saw a grenade land at his feet. He dove the the side and covered his head. The explosion went off and Aliester snapped back to reality.
Daniel got comfortable in his position, a grouping of rocks on a cliff overlooking the battlefield. The Zerg haven't yet found this position and Daniel hoped the wouldn't any time soon. Reloading his rifle, he got into position and began to fire apon the zerg, killing five to seven with each clip. Over the mic built into his balaclava he began to speak "This is sniper omega, requesting cover fire to come down to squad position at grid charlie 6 over." Daniel took out a zerg which was trying to rip into a Terran soldier's armor, and it was almost at the nanofiber suit under the metal exterior.
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]-[ Time to take out the trash ]-[

"Copy that sniper omega, this is bravo unit M reporting, over." M replied. She placed the mic down and addressed her soldiers. "Ok, men, this isn't home anymore, you should all know that, but I want you to feel it. You may have done your training back on earth, or wherever it is you come from, I don't care. let's just go there, and get this over with!" She yelled. "Who are we?!" to her men. "We are Bravo unit M! We fight stronger than any other men!" they chanted back in reply.

A small flicker of a smile crept over M's lips, "well then, guess it's time to move out." she added with a flick of her hair, jumping towards Sniper Omega's position.

]-[ ...again... ]-[
((Ok, I have been accepted, but my character hasn’t been posted in the profile section just yet. I’m leaving for a couple of days though and I don’t want to lose my opening into the rp, otherwise it’s more effort to think up another one XD.))

Tonii Aeyre

Some mild turbulence shook the medivac drop ship as it neared its destination, the Terran stronghold base, carrying the reinforcements. Tonii felt the jolt but wasn’t perturbed about it; the entire flight so far had been fairly routine and without problem - ‘so far’ being key words. Sitting with the rest of the troops was fine by Tonii, but she would’ve preferred to be up in the cockpit ((she’s a pilot)). The rest of the flight was fine though and the reinforcement ship touched down inside the base and unloaded the troops.

Aliester heard the landing of the drop ship and grabbed his rilfe and walked out into the barren wateland they called a base. The wind blew the blood red dirt around violently as the ship slowly lowered into position. As the ship touched down the engines slowed down, and the back hatched opened with a loud hiss of escaping pressurized air. The ramp lowered and the could see the new soldiers. He smiled and thought "Fresh Meat."

As the CO on the ship barked orders to the newbies scrambled around. Aliester stood and waited for them to fall into formation in front of him. As the last on fell into line he started his opening speach he gave all new recruits. "Welcome to Sector 142. Or what I call it...Hell." He blew out a cloud of smoke and spoke again "Some of you have never seen battle...Some have. But i assure you this place is like nothing you have ever seen. Whatever you have heard about the zerg is true. They are very real, and they are merciless killers. You might want to learn from them." He took another puff on his cigar "The key to survival is to use your head...and of course a little luck never hurt. If you are lacking any of this then you will not survive a day here." He flicked his cigar butt to the side and then aid in a sarcastic voice "Enjoy your stay at Sector 142."
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]-[ Time to take out the trash ]-[

The wind blew the hair over M's face as she and her team made their way to Sector 6, she knew that they must be in trouble if they needed reinforcments.

'Such a pain'

The words echoed through her head as she flipped over a rock to a hanging branch. She quickly glanced behind her to see the team following smoothy. "Pick up the pace people! Move it, move it!" She yelled at them.

Too late did she realise a sharp claw reaching towards her, "no!" she screamed as a large fresh cut was gouged into her face. "Oh for christ sake! I have to pay good money to look this good!" she yelled at the alien. Even though it didn't understand her, it knew she was angry.

"You're dead!" she yelled, lunging towards it with her blades firmly grasped in her hands, she made a quick slash to it's throat, feeling the warm liquid ooze over her hands. She closed her eyes as she cleaned her hands, and she felt its body thump to the ground. Much to her displeasure, she had to move it before more of them came.

"Alright men, move it, I want it out of my sight, on the double!" she barked.

"Honestly, I never get a damm break here!" she growled as she continued her way towards sector six.

]-[ ...again... ]-[
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Orion heard the orders shouted through the comm unit plus the requests. He decided to ingnore them right now. Orion never liked following orders, especially when things were working for him. He had made his way away from the main force of the zerg to the side blasting those he came across making his way. Finally he found it. "Commanding officers, I have made my way around and found an abandoned warehouse. I expect it to contain some information and I am perparing to go inside. Amount of oppostion inside unknown. I will be proceeding in...over." Orion slowly approached the entrance of the run down building.
"Uh oh...um maybe I cold use some help!" He saw a group of more then fifty zerg and he opened the door. They all came for him he closed the door as quick as he could and put his back against it. The door began to be rammed and he was thrown off of it. He quickly locked the door but it wouldn't stay that way for long. "Tech soldier Orion requesting assitance in sector 8 off the beaten path. If none can come then I shall engage! Over!"

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