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"The Court of Belial, as they so sometimes call it...is an acting hierarchy for the Society of the Judecca. I would lie to you if I told you what I knew what it truly meant, but I believe that it is a symbolic 'list' of the Judecca's members. It is where they decide upon the future of the Society, not unlike a Parliament or a Senate. My curiosity grows upon knowing that such a baneful organization apply such litigious methods to their actions."
-Duke Edward Harraway, excerpted from the Codex Malum.

The High Court

[The Grand Prosecutor]


[The Accuser]
[The Testament]

Vincent Mordikai
Rosemary Livingston

They are called the Judges. As their title implies, it is their duty to put the life of a soul on the balance, and assess whether they must be slaughtered; or annexed into the Judecca's power base. They are chosen for their wisdom and charisma, and act as leaders to the Doombringer's cause. According to Harraway's Codex Malum, only two members of the Judecca are allowed the title of Judge; and that the only way to ascend to the title of Judgeship is to challenge one of the two current Judges. The incumbent cannot refuse this challenge, and the two are put to a duel [the laws of a duel are described in the Codex Malum excerpt in the following posts.] They are among the few positions that possess a vocal seat when the High Court is in session.
-Ivanx of Keld
-Tengu Pawaka

When the Judecca fulfills the objectives of a victory in a certain area, it will assimilate the land, and implant a Magistrate as its leader. Each Magistrate is listed with his or her land accordingly. As Magistratare, they task their life to their territory, and are required to devote any means they can into defending it. They are the second set of titles that possess a vocal seat in the High Court .
-Magus of the Morgues [The Malebolge]
-Rin the Guardian [Grove of Damocles]

Edward Harraway called the Doombringer's inquisitors "vile, wretched things" who " violate human ethics and morals, in a slaughter composed of decadence and sin". His sinister depiction of the Inquisitor title is not far from the truth. Under the leadership of their Judge, the Inquisitors act upon the militarist will of the Doombringer. To call them soldiers would be a misnomer, for they serve no noble cause, only to sate their eternal desire for blood. Inquisitors do not have a vocal seat in the High Court, and must petition the Judge they are bonded to in order to have their ideas heard.

There are few who pledge their allegiance to the Doombringer in the form of a contract. Their contributions take different forms; acting as business partners who are willing to offer their assistance in exchange for something from the High Court. They are invited to bear witness to Courtroom sessions, but oftentimes do not participate unless asked.
-Hiraoka Hatsue + Ire von Richtenberg
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"The members of the High Court congregate very rarely. The only known records of all members being present at once are when the High Court is in session. It is there that they decide upon the fate of their organization, and how what necessary actions they mean to take in order to expand their influence.
-Duke Edward Harraway, excerpted from the Codex Malum.

The Session
A member will be informed of an impending Session a day prior to the meeting. Upon receiving the message, they must make the appropriate reservations to ensure that they are present when the High Court is in Session.

Sessions are held in the ancient Akkadian structure, the "Tower of Babel". The agenda is conducted in a room resembling an amphitheater, located on the utmost level of the Tower. This circular rotunda is carved out of limestone. Magistrates, Inquisitors, Judges, and Advocates must take a specific seat on the outer circle of seats. The Accuser, the Testament, and the Grand Prosecutor take special seats located within the center of the room.

A Session serves no one purpose, but instead covers several matters. Any member of the High Court with a vocal seat is allowed to speak their position.

The Recordkeeper
"The members of the High Court never congregate as whole unless there is a session. The whereabouts of each individual member however, is kept by a reliquary statue that makes its home in the room where Sessions are held. It is referred to as the Recordkeeper, and in order to understand the High Court, you must first understand the Recordkeeper."
-Duke Harraway, excerpted from the Codex Malum

The Recordkeeper makes its home upon the pedestal of the Doombringer's Court, is is an isolated participant in sessions, chronicling the agenda and keeping information well secured. It is an essence, a magical being empowered for the soul purpose of being a scribe. As a clerk of the High Court, it records every single piece of information discussed during a Session. As a secondary job, it keeps track on every single member of the High Court.

However, the information can only be relinquished by an exchange. In order for the Recordkeeper to divulge the information, you must first produce an Akkadian coin, an ancient monetary relic found in the ruins surrounding the tower of Babel.

The nefarious beasts that inhabit the once proud structures often carry these coins on their persons, and can be killed in order to obtain one.

Upon acquiring a coin, you may exchange it with the Recordkeeper, who will divulge ONE piece of information to you per coin. As per the powerful enchantments that secure the life of the Recordkeeper, it can easily detect duplicates, and any attempt to forcefully obtain the information from the Recordkeeper's banks will cause the statue to explode, forcing anyone who wishes to seek contact with a member of the Court to do so manually.

The Laws of a Duel; according to the Codex Malum

1. Any member may challenge a Judge for his or her title.
The incumbent cannot refuse this challenge.

2. Any member can challenge another member for the title of Magistrate over an unclaimed territory.
Either side can withdraw from this challenge.

3. Neither duel types are to the death, unless that is the demand of the High Court.

Inducting new members of the Court, according to the Codex Malum
The Judecca prefers hand-selecting members. However, if one insists upon joining the Court, they must seek either a Judge or the Grand Prosecutor herself and appeal for a position. Upon being granted permission they must undergo a series of trials. If any of the trials are failed, the participant is put to death.
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Captured Territories

It is the High Court’s duties to expand the Society’s territory. Any vocal member can propose that a territory be annexed, and it is up to all seat members, both vocal and non-vocal, to vote upon a decision. When an attack is green-lighted, members are selected to pursue the objective, and the matter is settled for that particular Session.
When a territory is annexed into the High Court, a Magistrate is appointed ownership. This is the moment where most Advocates and Inquisitors are promoted. However, if two lower-ranking members contest over the title of Magistrate, they are free to invoke the right of a duel. However, in this particular scenario, either side is allowed to back down or refuse a duel.
Territories do not serve a general purpose, and acquiring a territory usually has a specific object entailing it.

The Grove of Damocles
Magistrate – Rin the Guardian

Centuries have long since past when the time conflict between deities have intervened upon the fate of the human race. The era where Gods did battle amongst mortal plains do not exist. Long ago; the Grove of Damocles was a wasteland; a barren nothingness that existed; and nothing else. It was there the God of Deceivers drew his scythe and slew the immortal Damocles; knowing that Damocles could not truly be killed, he split him into five pieces, and buried them in the wasteland. From the immortal ichor of Damocles, bleeds a powerfully arcane humor which sprouted life from above his living grave. Thus how the Grove of Damocles was conceived. The five points that mark Damocles’ now decomposed [yet still living] form are colloquially grouped as the “Corpse Constellation”. Each point harbors a vast and titanic pool of free flowing mana; that empowers anyone that steps upon the sacred ground.
The Grove of Damocles may be considered the most fertile land upon the planet. It has proven capable of growing any plant during any season, and plays home to the lives of myriad animals. It is in essence, a perfect world; and yet it attributes this to one particular aspect, and that is the absence of a major human presence.
Although the Grove of Damocles is an extremely large habitat, it has been fiercely defended by an a “Guardian”; a title that is heralded by the harbingers of the forest, who defend the Grove at any cost, including their own lives. When a Guardian is lost, the Grove selects another in its place. It is this cycle that keeps the Grove free from human pollution; exchanging its dominion to anyone who is willing to put the security of the Grove before themselves.

The Malebolge
Magistrate – Tengu Pawaka

The Malebolge exists as a mirror to the Grove of Damocles, whereas that land was once barren and now fertile, the Malebolge was once a beautiful glen now turned into a land of swamps and graves. Life cannot exist naturally in the Malebolge, certain areas are fumed with a noxious miasma; poisonous to the human nervous system. Other regions play host to geographical nightmares including sinkholes or acidic pools.
The Malebolge is significant however in that it was once the home of the original Society of the Judecca. The Manor of the Livingston family is still scene built upon the once lush knolls, now deadened grass. The building, called Antenora; was the Judecca’s gateway into the Underworld, consisting of several subterranean levels beneath the manor that played home to nefarious beasts such as the Stygians, nightmarish poltergeists whose trickery often border homicidal, and the Stolas, wise and ancient carnivores whose lust for knowledge is only matched by their desire for live flesh.
The entirety of the Malebolge is safe-guarded by the necromancer known only by his title, “Magus of the Morgue”. To know that the Malebolge was the final resting place of some thousands of corpses is to know that their decomposed skeletons can be risen at the whim of the Magus, or exploited to serve some powerful necrotic ritual. It is wise to say that to step into the Malebolge is to step into the unknown, as danger can materialize at any form, at any time.
The Recordkeeper's Tomes
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Written below is a personal account of every member of the High Court. It is by no means a specific "character profile", as no single profile will ever be demanded by the High Court nor will we accept one. Instead, the Recordkeeper will define each member in accordance with a systematic method it sees fit; including certain traits such as physical appearance, known abilities, among other things.

Belial - The Grand Prosecutor
They called it the Minute's End, it was when he prophets and the doomsayers that all howled at this day, when the armies of the the Grand Duchess Daria Livingston marched in the thousands upon the Crevasse of the Living Titan, intent on eradicating their ancient adverseries, the Ten. Yet the miraculous hand of fate intervened, and the Judecca were stopped, their armies slain, and the ichor that flowed from within bled deep into the crevasse.

The ensuing peace came a comfort to the world, and all was good.

Yet the calamitous dogma of balance sung once more, birthing from the graves of the former Judecca a being whose bond flows beyond the strain of our mortal ilk. A spark that propogated the most foul and ruthless being in the universe.

The Doombringer had come; and the fate of the universes was plunged into ambiguity once more.

The Judecca keeps sparse records of the Doombringer's existence. Yet the scattered survivors not slain at the Crevasse felt her pull. It was the lifepulse that bred pure blackness; and the moment the Doombringer laid her bare foot upon the cold stone of Upper Antenora, they knew they were being called back to duty once more.

Unlike her predecessor, Daria Livingston, the Doombringer has maintained a level of secrecy regarding the resurrection of the new Judecca. Their actions remain basked in the shadow of enigma, and guiding fate with the palms of their hand.

The eradication of the Cromwells; the persecution of the Talrim, and the manipulation of the Shigohan government were all string weaved by the Doombringer; whose actions run far and deep to ensure that the course of the universes fall upon their path.

Following the reinstitution of the Judecca, the Doombringer erected the foundations of the High Court; electing the members of the Judecca into the Court to act as the movers and shakers for the entire organization. The High Court's selective and instinctive movements call to mind the precision demanded by the Doombringer; as opposed to the heavy-handed traits that were used by the former Judecca.

Records of the Doomkeeper's innate abilities have never been inscribed. In favor of keeping a subtle hand, the Doombringer does not enter the copse of battle, for fear of exposing the organization's intentions prematurely.

Vincent Mordikai,- the Accuser, and Voice of the Doombringer.
To be inscribed.

Rosemary Livingston - the Testament, and Scion of the Livingston ancestry.
On March 15th, 2006 the Grand Duchess of the Judecca, Daria Livingston, was assassinated at the hands of a splinter Judecca faction known as the Ten. The Livingston line which had controlled and inherited leadership over the Judecca had capitulated in accordance with an ancient prophetic scripture that dictates that the death of the antediluvian bloodlines will incur the birth of the Doombringer.

To call Rosemary the true descendant of the Livingston bloodline may be something of a misnomer. The being known as Rosemary Livingston is in actuality the same person that biologically defines the former Grand Duchess, Daria Livingston. When the Doombringer was birthed at the Crevasse of Hongori Mon Gurangom; she collected the biological structure that defined the life of every single member of the Judecca that was slain there, including Daria Livingston.

In 2007, the High Court decided that the Judecca needed a new figurehead, a symbol in which they were able to openly dictate diplomatic issues without revealing the secretive agenda of the High Court. In the following year the plan began to take fruition, and the being known as Rosemary Livingston was created.

Although Rosemary Livingston was conceived with the genetic material of Daria Livingston; the two could hardly be be considered similar. Whereas Daria was inflammatory and stubborn, Rosemary is docile, quiet, and reserved. Her appearance can often be described as that of a wallflower, one that camouflaged naturally in human society, in contrast to the High Court, where she often stuck out quite easily.

However, to assume that Rosemary's tranquil attitude is an indication of a pious nature is a sore estimate indeed, for in truth, Rosemary Livingston may be a beast all the more sinister than her "mother". Her penchant for investigation is supplemented by her ability to torture any piece of information out of a hapless victim, leaving them as unfortunate husks on the brink of death after she is finished. Though the few that survive endured a plethora of interrogation techniques, they have all come to the conclusion that the worst part was to hear Rosemary's voice, which never rose above a peaceful whisper, even as she pulled the intestines from their bellies.

As it is Rosemary's position to extract information, her position on the battlefield is considered a minor role. She is in possession of the Belgian flintlock pistol, Gespenst, an antique that belonged to Daria Livingston. It was customized to fire multiple specialized rounds that contained arcane primers, propellants, and projectiles. Gespenst was outfitted with a wrist-guard that doubled as a shield. In close-quarter combat, a martial master may be able to deflect and parry attacks using Gespenst's wrist guard, following the action up with a close-range shot.

Rosemary also inherited the red tiger, Rajaion, a mythical beast some three times the size of an ordinary tiger. Because of the beast's supernatural bone structure, it has been considered the fastest manual land animal to have existed on Earth, breaking unnatural speeds that often provoke danger from the rider. However, Rosemary's passive duty as an investigator, not a soldier, often allows her to ride Rajaion at a very leisurely pace.

Tengu Pawaka - Judge, Blood Ritualist

Ivanx of Keld - Judge, greatest warrior of the Keldon nation.

The Magus of the Morgues - Magistrate, and Master of the necrotic flesh.
Under Construction

Rin the Guardian - Magistrate, and defender of the Grove of Damocles
To be inscribed.

Hiraoka Hatsue and Ire von Richtenberg - Mercenaries, in employ of the High Court.
To be inscribed.

Rosemary waits patiently upon the rotted meadows of Antenora, feeling the vermin crawl against the nape of her leg, and the disgusting mire that permeated the mist. Outside of Sessions, the Malebolge was the only consistent meeting place between Court members. Rosemary wasn't here to meet another particular member, but instead was waiting for the land Magistrate to offer her the gift she asked of him only days earlier.

The Magus however, had a penchant for being late.

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