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"The Hideout"

Aim of the Guild:
To destroy/take-over s**t.

Time line:
The era of this guild is whatever it is in Gaia, sortive final-fantasyesque

Open to attack?
Show your a** and we'll happily kick it.


Chaotic Whatever

Story Thus Far

In a nutshell:
A group friends felt like attacking and found an abandoned church to temporairly host their operations. Eventually after a few attacks one guild actually fought back. (Who'd've thought?) After a very difficult battle they managed to fend them off with no casualties thanks to a group of random Gaians that decided to help the small group, however the church wasn't able to be saved. Eventually they came across the Durem Clock Tower to use as a new base. The clock tower proved to be a useful base until it was destroyed by an unknown woman, but soon rebuilt thanks to Orphen's magic. From there on they continued their reign of destruction on the FFA which eventually escalated into this huge battle and the city was destroyed. After the destruction of the city the members went into hiding.

360 degree view from behind the clock faces here

The Durem Clock Tower
The Great Durem Tower, symbol of the great city of Durem is currently occupied as the base for 'The Hideout.' The tower is designed in the Victorian Gothic style, and is (487 feet) high. The first 61 (365 feet) of the structure is the clock tower, consisting of dense brickwork with stone cladding held over steel frames due to updates and renovations by the Gaian government it is nearly indestructible. The remainder of the tower's height is a framed spire of cast iron. The tower is founded on a (57 by 57 foot) raft, made of (12-foot) thick concrete, at a depth of (28 feet) below ground level. The tower has an estimated weight of 8,667 tonnes (10,357 tons). The four clock faces are (400 feet) above ground.

The Clock Faces
The clock faces are set in an iron framework 30 feet in diameter, supporting nearly 600 pieces of opal glass, rather like a stained glass window. Some of the glass pieces may be removed for inspection of the hands. The surround of the dials is heavily gilded. Behind the clock faces is a mass of iron and steel gears churning, grinding and constantly in rotation, the largest on laying down and taking up 35 feet of the floor and weighing several dozen tons. All around is the sound cranks turning, metal twisting the purring of steam from water sprayed to cool the machines and generators. Just above it is a roofish area, covered by the rest of the clock, with a large balcony, the place where Gambino was sniped. The only way to either place is either is stair or elevator.

The Main Bell(Big Bell)
The tower's main bell, aptly named "Big Bell" is a 18 ton cast iron chime, 15 feet high, 6 feet in diameter

The Rooms

Between the bottom of the tower are the bed rooms, usually kept for the clock's mechanics, the members of the hideout 'convinced' them the to leave. They each have the usual bed, desk etc. There are about two stories orth of rooms, with a kitchen area below them

Bottom of the Tower.
The bottom of the tower is just as elegant as the rest of the tower, stone steps with stone lions adorn the entrance. (The outside is obvious from what's on Gaia's map.) The inside is a lobby, with marble flooring and white walls etc.

The Landscape.
The hideout is located just outside of Durem on a hillside.

The Church (In Ruins)
The overall exterior of the old church house has a gothic style of architechture(sp?) with variousgargoyles perched on the roof top. The main entrance is a pair of large wooden doors. The interior has a hard white marble floor, and has about 16 pews, all pushed to the side to provide more room for things like sparring. The alter, which is elveated by about 3 wooden steps is still completly intact and is towards the back of the room. On the walls of the interior are varoius stained glass depictions of the crucifition of Jesus, a few are broken in half. Behind the alter is a small descrite door which opens into a hallway that leads to the mission house. Afew cots lay around the room and afew swords and guns are kept in a corner towards the back. The dim glow of a TV illuminates the dim room, lit mostly by candle light at night. On the right side of the room there is a rather large fire place aswell to heat the room.

The mission house
The exterioir of the mission house is in the same vein of desgin as the church house and is connected by a small hallway. The enitre building is about 3 stories high and consists mostly of bedrooms, the only exceptions being the kitchen and the meeting room, both rather self explanatory and on the first floor, every other floor being soley for the bedrooms. Being formly used by clergymen the rooms are fairly modest. Each having a single cot, a small closet, desk and a small bathroom containing a shower, sink ands toilet.


-Follow AMP (Link thanks to Oxy.)
-No Futuristic Guns or Heavy Weaponry/Uber Tech
-Melee/Handguns are encouraged
-Powers are encouraged, but please keep them simple
-No Planar Psionics in battles/spars unless both parties consent to it
-No Mass NPCS unless permission is given
-No kill all-in-one attacks
-My Word is law, thus I can modify these rules at any moment
-Be Fair
-When attacking tell how you got here.
-Though, one attacking force at a time.
-For an attack you must have atleast one entrance post before actually attacking
-No ridiculously powerful abilities, though ultimately I'm the the judge of this.
-Be literate and limit one liners

Member list
Nixus Metullus (Deus Ex Machina.)


Elite Soldiers:


To Join:
Name: Char. Name (Username)
Abilities: Special abilities
Weapons: Any weapons
Apperance: Character's appearance ('Avi' is acceptable)
Short Bio: A short background of your character, include any other important details details (Optional)






User Image

[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?page=1&t=20645963#1039396110] [IMG]http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c352/cromero5/hideoutsig2.jpg[/IMG][/url]


Around Nixus was the random clatter of forks against plates and the chatter of people talking about whatever. From his view inside the Barton restaurant he could see the old Coliseum about a block away. He stopped to think, looking back down at his drink. He no longer needed to drink or even eat, but it had been a while since had a good cup of hot chocolate, this unfortunately was not it. This was terrible. Watery. Yuck. But he continued to drink it, he had nothing else to do but sit around and wait, for an idea to come to him.
((I see what you did there.))

He thought about stuff.
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The Deus Ex Machina

He thought about stuff.
[[Which table, of which building? Where are you?! Do you like french fries? I can't RP with you if you like french fries.]]
Nero Haven
The Deus Ex Machina

He thought about stuff.
[[Which table, of which building? Where are you?! Do you like french fries? I can't RP with you if you like french fries.]]

((OSHI-pair of docks.))
Nero Haven
The Deus Ex Machina

He thought about stuff.
[[Which table, of which building? Where are you?! Do you like french fries? I can't RP with you if you like french fries.]]

[My bag of insults feels sufficiently lighter.]
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Tribal Skull's avatar

6,200 Points
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  • Conversationalist 100
  • Wall Street 200
Nero Haven
The Deus Ex Machina

He thought about stuff.
[[Which table, of which building? Where are you?! Do you like french fries? I can't RP with you if you like french fries.]]

(A table in the middleish area a coffe shop in barton.
And the only french fries I really like are mcdonalds)
A fairly large man would enter the cafe in Barton with a simple bag slung over his shoulder. His tanned skin slightly reflected in the light as his red hair was up in a small pony tail. There was a weird necklace around his neck but it didnt do anything special, he just looked weird in appearance in general. The cafe was packed, no empty seats except the table with a lone man sitting there, Nixus. Shin would approch the table and looked down at the boy. His deep and fairly demonic tone rung out. But just cause he sounded like an evil one didnt mean he was.

"Mind if I join you?"
"Uh, sure I don't care."

He replied to the guy, wondering what he wanted.
Shin had a seat across fro mthe young man as he sat his sack on the ground. He would smile in relief as his hand would clasp eachother atop the table top. He would then grin a bit as he sat in the small chair, a bit smaller than he preferred.

"Thanks alot kid....by the way my names Shin Gouki."
He left...
Hours later Nixus was walking aimlessly around Barton, waiting for some real 'OG Style' (Original Gaian) s**t to pop off. Dressed in normal clothes, carrying a large scythe, yet no one seemed to mind. What ev.

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