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((Right now? No one's doing the magic, it's preprepared.))

Curiously enough, the smoke stays low, instead of floating off into the clouds like it should. In fact, it almost seems to be settling, forming a dark mist over the village and its surroundings. But something seems strange about this mist...it's almost the dark sooty black of the smoke, but seems to have maybe just a tinge of purple?
[*Has the urge to attack*]
He watched the mist cover the village..as if it were any ordinary day.But he then noticed a little purple smoke,wondering what it was..
"could it be poison?Interesting..Ninpo Surrounding sonic boom."
Another sonicboom blasted underneath him and then spreaded outwards 1 meter far around him staying there for a limited time.The sonicboom blast would blow the mist within 1 meter away.
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wow, just like the Phantacy RPG i am in in another game, for info pm me.
((I'm not questioning the magic aspect of the fire. I just think that it's a little weird that the fire somehow has an agenda of its own. The stupid little story you set up in the beginning doesn't explain anything. The little girl obviously wasn't trying to attack the village, as she died in the process of making the fire. And then there's the name of this guild, the Hidden Sound Village. It implies that the village is hidden. So without an explaination on your part, neither the man or the girl would have any way of even knowing that the village exists. Also, none of the steam is here. As explained be Oxymoron, I think it was, a sonic boom could put out a fire if water could (and it did). Since the sonic boom was initiated before the water, the fire would have been put out by that, with no steam caused by conflicting temperatures. And since the fire would have been put out by then, Anzx wouldn't have used the water.))
((In that case, I have won. You give no heed to deception nor thought to strategy, you place no value in nonconformity and think far too linearly.

By being a Hidden Village, it guarantees that it is in fact not hidden in any way, shape, or form. I have watched Naruto as well.

A sonic boom is a shockwave. What happens if there's a wall between you and a sonicboom? That's right, the majority shock is absorbed by the wall and thus you don't feel it. Now, replace this wall by an uncountable number of trees (due to the FOREST) and you see how ineffective the sonic boom would be.))

The mist around Ex-Deathgod is kept back by his shield, but the rest fills the village and its immediate vicinity. It smells faintly of mustard - though Ex-Deathgod would not be able to tell, as none of it is reaching his respiratory system.
((well you did take out practically half of the trees and a shockwave and a sonicboom are NOT similar...))
"something seems fishy"
He walked throughout the mist searching for a fellow ninja and see how he was doing.with his guitar he played a few notes and found anzx.
((And yet you forget the basics: logic.
You said that the flames brought "utter destruction" to the trees. That was even before Death used the sonicboom. The trees would not be a hindrance to the sonic boom in any direction there was fire, and the fire would have been extinguished.))
((The trees are BURNING, not BURNED. The fire was BRINGING utter destruction (fun hint: utter destruction and utter annihilation are NOT the same thing). How about YOU lose some logic? If there were no trees, there wouldn't be any fire! rolleyes I make sure to go out of my way to allude abnormal things about my attacks, and "burning without fuel" was NOT an attribute of that particular fire.

And, yes, a sonic boom IS a shockwave. rolleyes ))

By now, everyone in the village except Ex-Deathgod has inhaled a fairly lethal dose of the poison, and villagers would already begin to fall as their internal organs fail under the lethal chemical assault. Fun times.

The mist still hangs over the village, is still repelled by Ex-Deathgod's personal barrier, but by now pretty much fills every building that isn't completely airtight, and under the current conditions the rate of survival would have to be pretty low.
He looked at the man and nodded. The mask he wore stopped the mist from entering into his body. He watched as the village was being fully engulfed by the mist. " Aren't you going to to do anything about this....?"
((Actually, destruction is in fact a synonym for annihilation. Look at thesaurus.com. And since the trees are gone, and the fire can't burn without fuel, It shouldn't exist.))
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((The two words have a different connotation. "I will destroy you" oh look, he's gonna kill a b***h, "I will annihilate you" oh look, there ain't going to be nothing left. Annihilated usually means theres simply nothing left while desroyed is less severe. And question, have you ever seen a character start a fire in their palm? What fuel were they using?))
((Ghost, for all the nitpicking, you simply do not realize that I am beyond you and the members of this guild. No one's noticed the hints toward Part Two of Stage Two I've so far made, and Stage Three's all ready for cleanup.

As for the wordplay, "destruction" means "to destroy" while the first dictionary definition of "annihilation" is "to destroy completely". So there.))
((I don't care whether the trees were annihilated or destroyed. If they were destroyed, maybe there's a bunch of charred stumps. And those wouldn't fuel a fire. But the fact of the matter is that the fire should have been desroyed by Death's sonicboom.

And Tacitus, the fuel they were using would have been oxygen and their own magical energies. In real life, fire couldn't be started in someone's palm unless the person were on fire. Have you ever seen fire float? No? That's because it can't. And the "Gel's fire is magic" card won't work because he already said that the fire would be nothing without the trees.

Alright guys. I'm going to bed. Have fun.))
((They weren't "destroyed", they were "being destroyed". The difference? ANYTHING that's burning is "being destroyed". It's not till it's been incinerated and gone that it is "destroyed". Go light a candle, it is in the process of "being destroyed" the whole time the wick is burning, and when the candle is consumed completely then it is "destroyed". And, no, oxygen ISN'T fuel for a fire. A fire needs three things to start - oxygen, fuel, and heat. The oxygen is a catalyst that makes the burning of the fuel possible, I think.

As for the sonic boom, fact remains it would dissipate long before eliminating the entire fire. In fact, this little dispute has pushed me to a bit of research, which reminded me of a few things I had forgotten about sonic booms - like, for instance, the fact that one would shatter plenty of windows in the village. And, yes, sonic booms ARE indeed shockwaves.))

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