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((well i was only guessing were you are...is it just me or is it that this RP is going dead as soon as it began))
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Vladimir tapped his finger in impatience and boredom. Even if he was president he'd much rather be out there fighting. But doing do would disobey the high commands direct order for his survival. He touched the com button to relay a message to Commander Skel. "Commander could you get my knightmare mecha ready? Ill be joining you in the frontal expansion. It's getting rather bored here."

((no its not dead the creator has like six other rps that we are doing and shes got a life too! don't we all?))
(( wasn't trying to offend just saying that this one compared to the others she has seems a bit baron neutral ...wait how many does she have? eek ))
Skel Just gave a slight smirk before replying. "It's already set up and waiting...but i also do have worries about this whole plan..shouldn't we at least set up a strong hold on the moon and wait for reinforcements?" Skel spoke from experience about stuff like this while sending a private message to the solider chief that his mecha is ready as well and to catch up with them when he is ready.
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President Vladimir took the lift down to the hanger and stood ready. "Hey commander to tell you the truth thats what we were doing. We are securing the volcanoe that our ship is now docked in. But we are going to be setting up a perimeter to make a safe and strong defense." He jumped into his Gilllia Knightmare and pressed two buttons. A holographic keyboard appeared. The advanced controls for this new type mecha. A custom desighn he had made for himself. Its name dubbed Gallia Albiot. "Ok ready?" He blasted off with his own elite Zangetsu guard following close behind. "And that's President to you!"

((BTW if you read the earlier post it shows that my character did tell our team to set up a base inside the volcano.))
(( Oh i know i am trying to make it seem like he has been down there for awhile so he wouldn't really know the exact location they were in))

Skel pretty much sighed...has he really been down here in the hangar's for that long. "Great..so much for the idea of getting to where the real action is at" Skel said to himself while scratching the back of his head before getting into the cockpit of his YF-19. "President or not you still have to at least listen to your elders" He said to himself again while activating his mecha's engines, targeting systems, and weapon systems, "Skel Dessan Taking off." Skel called before launching after the president with his mecha in fighter mode.
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Vladimir laughed at Skel's remark. "Listen i already have orders from the high order and i do believe they over rule all of us. So if you want to fight about it go to them. Im just their puppet." He stopped mid air and activated the Gigma shield. A purple omega shield made of entirely plasma appeared on his right arm. The left arm still just a fist reached to the back of the mecha and dre what seemed to be the hilt of a sword. As Vlad pressed a sequence of buttons a rather large berzerker sword shot out of the handle. "I'll scout ahead wit hthe Zangetsu squad. Commander i want you to set up a tight perimeter and secure the ship." He gave a friendly salute to the commander and his mecha before taking his own mecha into the thick rocky terrain of the east boundaries. "Captain's log: Seems we've secured a location. The team is fit and ready, they seem to have aq rather strong aura about each of them." He hit another sequence and the mecha's eyes glowed a dark reddish purple. Scanning for enemy mecha a enemy squadron had appeared in the foresight heading towards the ship. "Commander there is a fleet of Type Mk.II headed in your direction. It seems to be a full legion so we'll ambush them from the rear. You just worry about keeping their air forces away. Since our ship is in the volcano i have a surprise for them."

((BTW: let's say that so far the ship is in the volcano and there is only one entrance to the volcano that is through the front.))
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`'Lioiana Salem'`

The world used to be so peaceful....

"Pulling into Earth." Lioiana said into her microphone, informing the whole crew. She pulled back, as they where coming in too fast. They slowed a bit. They moved toward the volcano, where The President had commanded her. The President was now talking to her godfather, Skel. Her parents asked to keep an eye on her, even though she was grown up. They still worried about her. Lioiana was happy her godfather was apart of the crew; they had a good relationship. She smiled as she was about to land. She finally landed. "Landed." Lioiana said into the mic, her voice echoing off the intercoms throughout the ship.
....But not anymore.
Skel locked on said enemies in his sights, locking on to at 45% most of them before launching several missiles and flying past them he then went straight into his GERWALK mode, puling a perfect 180 degree turn then began firing his Pulse Cannon at the remaining getting all there attention. "There all yours." Skel said before going into BATTROID Mode and continued to keep them occupied. 'hmm maybe after this battle i'll see if i kind find anything interesting for Lioiana' Skel thought as he got his mecha into cover and continued to keep the enemy distracted possibly taking out a few more
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"WHAT!? They're fighting and I'm not down there with them" Zed said disapointedly while standing a bit behind Lioiana "do you guys need any help down there?" Zed said over the intercom
'God Dammit what is taking them so long?!' Skel thought to himself as he continued to dwindle the numbers of the enemy...that was until he ran out of ammo 'Damn' Skel thought again as he began thinking of back up plan..while he was doing this he heard his warning system go off indicating an aprouching enemy coming in from behind at ramming speed which indicated only one thing..That pilot was going close quarters which would also mean that the enemy is running or already ran out of ammo as well. Skel waited for just the right moment, then ducked before giving the enmy mecha an elbow to th cockpit..timing it perfectly to point were the enemy was about to Skel's mecha's head off with what looked like Gaint scimatar, but Skel was not done. After the enemy mecha fell to the ground Skel procedded to grab it's scimatar. "Well it looks like i'm doing this the old fashioned way." Skel said with smile on his face then proceeded to attack the enemy forces who has also drew there melee weapons.

(( Skel did send zed a message about catching up with him and the presidant ))
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Before anyone could realise, Zed already was there in his mech with nothing but a custom mech-sized combat knife fighting the enemy, using the combat knife to disable the enemy mechs limbs or to cut fuel lines so that they would be able to capture some of them, an enemy mech holding a bladed weapon that looked like a scimitar attacked Zed knocking the combat knife from Zeds mechs hands, all Zed could do was to hold onto it's arm and stop it from getting him with the scimitar "uh, guys, help would be appreciated here" Zed said while trying to keep that blade from being lowered onto him
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Vladimir hacked away a the last of the heavy infintry. Seeing there was too many little ones he hit another series of buttons. "ok everyone clear the area." the breastplate of the Mecha gallia opened up revealing a photonic chaos cannon. As the blackish red beam charged Vladimir took the mecha to help out zed. As he brought the giant berserker sword down he cut through the mecha holding zed. "you ok?" in a second the photon was ready. "gallia Xhosa cannon ready...fire!"
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Zed's mecha just fell to the ground because Zed had ejected out of it and was running full sprint with a rifle on his back trying to get to a damaged Zangetsu mecha to pull the injured pilot out and get him to safety

((in case you forgot, Vladimir took Zagetsu mecha's with him as guards but I'm not sure how many he took))

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