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Year: 2078

The Earth is at war. Newer and better technology has been invented, and it is tearing the world apart. Mecha bots have been invented, and the armies are using specialty made Mechs in the war. They're are three main Countries in the war; Lenkia, Bunthou and Werrn.

Pilot of the Ship:Flies the ship that holds the specialized Mechs and fights at some points. Taken
President of the Ship:Makes orders and plans. Makes the plans for the ship, and attacks. Taken
Commander of the Ship: Makes sure the Presidents orders get carried out correctly. Fights at some points. Taken
Adviser 1: Helps President make plans and attacks. Also gives advice to the President.
Adviser 2: Helps the President make plans and attacks. Also gives advice to the President.
Adviser 3: Helps the President make plans and attacks. Also gives advice to the President.
Head Soldier:Trains the soldiers and fights with them on the battle field. Helps the commander do his job. Taken
Soldiers: Soldiers fight for the ship. They carry out attacks and plans to destroy the enemy. They usually fight in Mechs.

*Follow Gaia ToS.
*No cybering.
*Ok to cuss, just not in every sentence.
*Everyone has a Mecha.
*I am god of this RP. What I say goes.
*Don't break the rules.
*PM me profiles titled, "At Your Service".
*Do not post until you have been accepted.


Romance is encouraged.

The side we are on is Lenkia.

Unlimited amount of soldiers.

Blood and gore is OK. Just not too graphic.

Semi-lit! 4-5 sentences.

For now, we are all on one ship fighting for Lenkia.
Profile Skeleton

[b]Character Name:[/b] (First and Last)
[b]Character Age:[/b] (Over 18)
[b]Position:[/b] (Solider, Commander, etc,;)
[b]Likes:[/b] (What your character likes)
[b]Dislikes:[/b] (What your character dislikes)
[b]Bio[/b]: (Not too long)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Anime only)
[b]Mecha:[/b] (What your Mecha looks like)

Do NOT change my profiles.
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`'Lioiana Salem'`

The world used to be so peaceful....

Lioiana brushed a piece of her dark black hair out of her face. She sighed. It was a boring day. She had been flying the ship for a few hours, now, and nothing. She looked over the solar system. She remembered when she had first seen it when she was eight. She was so fascinated and delighted. Ever since then, Lioiana had loved the solar system. Just another thing to add to the list of things she loved to do. She then wondered where everyone else was. The ship had been really quiet. Her thoughts then floated to the Earth. It had once been such a pretty place. Now it was littered with dead bodies, and chemicals and a bunch of other junk. Not a single flowers grew anymore. Lioiana didn't like to think about that. All they--the humans--had to do now is fight.
....But not anymore.
((Promise ill make the next ones look decent.))

Vladimir sat in his chamber. The war was eminent, though he didnt want it he was chosen to fight for country and land.
"It is time." He walked to the ship's bridged. "Attention all commanding officers. Get to your stations. The war to end all wars will be decided shortly. We must make it ours!" He leaned off the P.A. button and sat in the Captain's chair. "What a future we have before us right?" He looked at the pilot.
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`'Lioiana Salem'`

The world used to be so peaceful....

Lioiana watched the President. She rolled her eyes. He was always like a big deal, but Lioiana didn't by it. Sure, he was in charge of the ship, but the government of Lenkia was way way higher than him. She wondered if they made this decision, and he was just following it. He sat down in a chair behind Lioiana. She was turned around in her chair to look at him. He looked at her."Don't you think this is too early? We haven't had a fight in a few weeks. I think....,"Lioiana started. She turned the ship around. She was challenging the President, but only because she felt she had a say in it, too. And if she had to, she'd argue with the government. Lenkia wasn't ready for the final battle. Not yet. She'd show him. "We should take over more bases. I mean, it'll get us into the fighting spirit for when the real big battle comes, which will be in months, maybe years, and get us more bases." Lioiana said, not facing him anymore. She was heading toward earth. "Heading toward earth. Get ready." Lioiana muttered into her microphone that was attached to her headset. "Right, Salem! On it!" A digitalized voice said. She gave the President a smile, and turned back. They where just like the other of thousands and millions of ships that where fighting for Lenkia.
....But not anymore.
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Vladimir looked out into space as the decended for earth. "Yes we should. But if we stay put any longer we'd have a rather large disadvantage of establishing a ground base on earth." He pulled on the black and gold jumpsuit and hit a button on the captain's chair. "So will you be flying the ship or joining the scouting party?" Though the scouting party was mearly a small regime of mecha VXmk.-II fighters who set up a perimeter. "Well no matter Salem. You can set the ship inside of that mountain. The terrain should be good enough for us to set up a proper staging base."

Indeed having the main ship based inside of the volcano was a brilliant idea. It was thick enough to stop areial attacks and there was only one way in. That was through the front door. This would be their advantage. Several photon cannons would be placed at the mouth of the mountain entrance to tak out ground patrols from neighboring countries. Truly this was a fight he'd live to see.

Jumping down from the chair he pressed a button on the control panel. An on screen account came up of all the remaining countries left. Soon enough he hailed the commander of the Zangetsu mk-I sqaudron. "Commander id like you to set up a 100x25 meter perimeter around the new base. destroy any enemy patrols or spies." He then pressed another series of buttons and a map of the entire world, or what was left of it, appeared. looking over it he touched several spots locating the four points of intrest that he'd been looking at.
Skel just listened in to the orders and just sighed. "Great just what they need another reason why they shouldn't return to the ship. So Lioiana what do you think about the president so far?" He asked her on a private com channel as he began to set up a a general idea of the area on a 3D map. It takes him a couple of minutes to get the orders sent to the squadron with a side note to all of them 'soldiers are soldiers no matter how high ranking they are..we are all given orders and as soldiers we are to obey them to the letter even if we don't like it.'
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Zed stumbled into where the others were "good morning, nothing like a little morning sickness to start your day" Zed said while nearly throwing up then looking at his watch "oh, it's not morning. Ah well breakfast will have to wait for another day. So where are we headed... And more importantly why aren't I fighting something?" Zed asked before nearly throwing up from motion sickness again"...... Oh, that's why"
(( just for the record Skel is at the Hanger bay of the ship while the other's i believe are at the bridge of the ship ))
((well I knew skel wasn't there with the other two))

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