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Fluer nodded to Vincent as he made his leave, and continued down the hall with the others. Fluer wondered breifly why they were heading to the cafeteria, but she guessed it was because it was a common meeting place, where one could relax.
But when Carrie suddenly said goodbye, Fluer called out, "Wait!" She turned quickly, but only saw Carrie dissapear.
She turned back to Morcanson, "Is it okay for her to go like that, Commander?" She asked.
Jek stopped short of returning to Vincent when he heard Carries's voice. 'Caught' the Captain scolded himself, 'You have failed Vincent... or mabye not?' he devised a plan and prayed it would work.

Turning around, Captain Jek faced Carrie with a modest look on his face. "I have no idea what you're talking about" he replied simply. "As for training you myself I dont know that I have the authorization to do such a thing" Jek continued, "You'll have to speak with a rank higher than mine to get that taken care of"

On that note, the Captain left Carrie no chance to answer back and walked down the corridors with his hands behind his back. He did not look back and did not want to, it was a horrible lie and only an idiot would believe it. Though, it did put Jek in a advantageous position. She had zero proof that he did anything at all, the technicians were gone by the time she appeared and the results were in his grasp safely hidden away from view. 'I'm in the clear' Jek thought confidently as he left the docking bay. Opening his com-link channel, Jek connected with Vincent. But then... Jek decided it would be best to do it in person rather than over electronic device. Who kne what Carrie was capable of.

"Commander Vincent" He finally found him in the halls not far from where the Captain left him. Saluting, Jek decided that if he didn't tell Vincent what happened that consequences would be worse if he found out on his own, "Sir... I have good news and bad news..."
"Is this so captain?" Vincent stared coldly for a moment, "I trust there was no...problem, getting the information?" What may have happened...did Carrie have better security than they had thought?
"Well commander, it seems her security is but Carrie herself" Jek said solemnly, "The good news however is that I have everything you asked for right here" Captain Jek held out his palm with nothing in it at the immediate moment. Soon though, the quicksilver he weilded hovered over Jek's hand and dropped the miniature cube containing all that his Commander would need.

"The bad news however" The Captain continued holding out the data cube ready for his Commander to take it, "Carrie showed up at the ship" Jek mentally braced himself for the impact that would possibly be Vincent's anger.
Fluer didn't wait for her question to be answered. She nodded and took off after Morcanson. She too, wanted to know what was going on with Carrie, and why Vincent had suddenly decided to leave them.
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Hilarious Gekko

Carrie rolled her eyes. She looked to her ship. As she did, a screen clicked on. It sent a little shock through the ship, telling Carrie to pay attention.

'The Jek character broke into your ship, dollie. Took all information...'

'So they did.'

The computer's voice trailed off as she muttered her line under her breath. What the heck were their problems? She was keeping her promised, she was showing them respect, and she was doing her best to be polite, but they seemed to not take note of any of this. Carrie was bothered. But no matter how much it frustrated her, she would remain as calm as possible. She would pull her sword out with ease. As she left, the metal floor would weave itself back together, so the hole would cease to exist.

She pulled her sword into the hilt at her hip and jogged after him. She caught him giving a small, almost unseen object to Commander Vincent. Carrie was taken aback. He had been in her ship. The confines of the small object was all the memory of her ships paths and such, the conversations with her boss ... her journals, every private piece of her life. They were against her. All things aside, Carrie was hurt. She came back, kept her promise, didn't do THAT much damage the first or second time she entered. What was going on. Carrie closed her eyes and bowed her head.

If she wanted to, she could have erased all the of the memory, right then and there, having control over the tiny impulses life calls electricity. But Carrie did not.

'Keep it.' And at the moment, Carrie wanted nothing but to leave. But she stayed, she'd earn trust. She'd put everything behind her, she'd forget her past to keep her promise. Never, had she left a promise down.

'Your lies may hurt, Captain, but I am not so cold as to turn YOU away forever. Now, I never lied. In fact, I kept my promise. Not that you made a promise to stay out of my shi--Forget it.'

She rose her eyes. Her eyes met with Vincent's. And in her stare, she did not blink.'
Vincent gave a small smile, "Now Carrie, don't be upset, you are a part of our Empire. We are like a big family, and as a family, we share everything," Vincent held up the small cube, "Such as this, you're a part of this now, and as thus should be proud to contribute information from places we have never even ehard of to our gand databases."

Vincent's smile faded a little, "And as seein as you're simply allowing us to take this, I must assume there is nothing to incriminating on it," Vincent turned his back to Carrie and Jek, holding the small cube close to his chest were neither could see it, "And I suppose we have no reason to keep any of this then," As he said this a small wire extended from his armor and made contact witht the cube, "I suppose we can simply return it all to you," The wire finished copying and transmiting all the information into another storage device back in the palace. The wire retreated back into his armor and he turned back to them, tossing the small cube to Carrie, He gave a wide smile, "And again, welcome to the empire, Carrie." Vincents belt began to buzz and he pulled out his comlink, "Ah Morcanson, yes, sorry about this, we are just down the hall from the docking bay, please meet us here.
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Morcanson was surprised by Vincent's calmness. Whatever the situation was, it seemed he had it under control. He turned to Fluer, "They're all in the docking bay. Vincent seems to have handled the situation." He continued down the hall a bit further, turned a few corners, and soon he found himself in the company of Vincent, Jek, and Carrie. Vincent was offering what appeared to be a data cube to Carrie. Morcanson looked to each of them in turn, as was his custom, before asking the obvious question, "What exactly happened?"
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Carrie shook her head to ever single word said, and the started laughing. Laughing uncontrollably.

'Every word you just said you can eat, Commander.'

She smiled. She felt ever impulse from his armor. From the command of the wire being extended to the command to copy, to the retracting, and turning around. Why would someone turn their back to their own crew? It showed great disrespect, and she knew, he was full of crap with the family thing. Family wouldn't disrespect each other, she learned in London. Carrie smiled.

'You just copy everything from that cube into your armor. I felt every impulse.'

Carrie's smile just grew wider. Again, the option flashed for her to wipe everything, she had the power to, and she would turn it down. She had nothing to hide, her feeling would be pushed into the veins of the empire, but what was she to care? Yes, she'd give them information on other places she'd been, and that was useful. What did she have? Her security plans were no where on board, so if there were going to try and use that against her, they'd have to think again.

'And you're right, Commander. I've nothing to hide.' She bowed quickly.
Fluer sighed slightly. The situation didn't seem to be threatening.
She wondered why they were gathered in the docking bay, but figured she would find out soon enough.
She followed a step or two behind Morcanson, and when they reached the others she stepped up to his side. Fluer could tell Carrie wasn't pleased, so she figured Jek and Vincent must have done something to cause it.
Captain Jek was appalled at the vicious talk Carrie was spitting at Vincent. 'Absurd!' he thought to himself, 'She should know better considering we have the upper hand on her, or is it not obvious enough? Perhaps she is just that cocky?'. Jek ran a metaphor through his head; If you knew your opponent had 1,000 aces up their sleeve in a game of poker, would start bluffing and go all in? Of course not!

The Captain grew more furious with Carrie at every word she spoke. His quicksilver subtley drifted in his hand and hardened like a steel glove. 'The next excuse she gives me' Jek deviated, 'She'll regret it'. His anger blinding him, Jek didnt even notice Fluer and Morcanson approaching the group, he only fixated his attention on Carrie waiting for what bold move she might try next.
Name: Jack McNight
Rank: Captain
Gaia Name: Joker of Death.
Race: Human.
Age: 26
Appearance: Dressed in black spec ops gear so the only that can be seen of him is his blue eyes. He is very built and is about 6'2"
Abilities: Various MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) skills, He had also through extensive research been genatacally enhanced in pricision aiming, advnaced speed and strength
Weapons: Two special ops knives on in his boot and right side. A lite smg and a M-16 assualt rifle
Bio: Raised in a military family being the first son he was forced to join the navy. He went in to be a SEAL, but he was put into a elite program called the Shadows. This squad of 4 members would be genetacally altered. These Shadow soldiers where put on top secret missions any where from recon to assassination missions. After 8 years of being a Shadow soldier he resigned. A few months later he was kidnapped in his home while he was asleep and placed on a small pod. When he woke he was on the planet finds himself here
Alignment: Evil-Chaotic
Vincent winced slightly, so, she knew. That was...most troubling. Buthis attention had been caught by the arrival of Morcanson, "Ah, Commander, there is nothing to report." Vincent did not yet intend to tell the others of what he and Jek had done.

Looking back at Carie he nodded, "Let's continue with our tour then, shall? To the cafeteria?"

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