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(( You're missing one thing that any roleplay involving non-humans needs: Physiological descriptions of non-human classes. ))

Rushing through the expanse of dark space between star systems was a truly terrifying object. Several kilometres wide, twice that in length and a fifth in depth, an enormous Inhibitor cluster was on the way to suppress this advanced culture.
Why they had not detected it sooner was anybody's guess; the Inhibitors, though amazingly powerful, were nonetheless as fallible as any other system. But that would soon be rectified.
Shruging Vincent nodded, "I might as well," He had alo been wondering how the young captain was fairing, though not so much out of concern as out of idle amusement over how long before the man was driven insane. "Let me just grab my side arm," Heading past the computer screens he had been watching earlier and to a large double dorred locker, pulling it open he revealed dozens of weapons of all size and shape. He reached for one of the smaller guns, standard troop issue, no scope, twenty-four rounds per clip, attaching it to his belt he closed the locker and headed back towards Morcanson. Taking a glance at the sensor read on one of his computers as he passed by he saw nothing out of the ordinary. The sensors were transmitted from each of the moon bases, and even had he not had them sent to his quarters he would be contacted as soon as a danger was detected. But playing it safe had it's advantages. Reaching the door he nodded, "Alright, let's go." Completely trustying their technology he, and all others within this empire, had no knowledge of the Inhibitor cluster on its way even now.
The captain walked down the halls of the dojo recently finishing his teaching session, and evaluating the tests. Only 30 of the 100 students passed this exam, the next part would be in a few days. No time to think about those things, Jek really needed some time to relax for a bit. A time to meditate. He closed the door to his quarters behind him as he entered, it was a simple 20 x 20 room. It had green carpet, bed in the left corner, couch on the right wall, and a dining table against the north wall. Jek sat in the center of the room, crossing his legs comfortably, and began to meditate. He sat in complete silence, letting his magical energies flow about him, his ball of quicksilver sluggishly floating around him with a whispy tail. Jek closed his eyes and prepared to meditate for the next 30 minutes
(( You're missing one thing that any roleplay involving non-humans needs: Physiological descriptions of non-human classes. ))

((The only real Aruzian that we thus far intend to include is Morcanson. He is a half breed however, and briefly described on the front page.))

Morcanson turned his head just enough for one eye to become moderately visible through the cloak's hood, and nodded lazily, withdrawing his own pistol from beaneath his flowing garments. It was a step up from the basic design and contained exactly one round more than was initially intended. Edwards had often imagined thrilling one on one gun battles, in which just as the enemy believed he had wasted his final shot, the extra round would find its mark in the face of the dumbfounded individual. Returning the gun to its original home, he turned away and walked the long weaving corriders to the docking bay. He had already ordered the shuttle to be ready by the time he arrived, and it was waiting for them as the massive security doors slid open to reveal it. He let the sensor read his security key and the pilot side door was soon at a fully raised position. Turning briefly to Vincent, he motioned for him to get in.
Vincent gave a small smirk. "Alright, but I'm driving." Taking the pilots seat he waited until Morcanson was seated before closing the hatch and starting the take off sequence. "Heh, you better have insuarance." Vincent said jokingly. In front of the shuttle the huge shuttle bay doors slowly pulled open revealing an orange barren land, the only civilation to be seen ast the headquarters being the occasional city dome. Manuvering threw the doors he took off into the sky. It was a fairly smooth ride up, the atmosphere being completely burned off from war. In orbit directly above them he saw one of the imperial fleets large Star Destroyers and smiled, they showed the ipitemy of the empires power. Setting in course for the training centers moon Vincent set the shuttle to full impulse, it would would be at least ten minutes before they arrived. Turning towards Morcanson Vincent asked, "So, what do you think of this new captain, what was his name? Jek?"
As Morcanson made himself comfortable, he allowed his hood to fall back again to his shoulders, revealing his face. He inadvertantly allowed his fangs to reveal themselves as well. With a chuckle, he replied to Vincent's insurance comment. "I trust you enough to not fly us into an asteroid or say... the sun." Tapping a few instruments with his fingers, he managed to start a digital coutdown which came up on the HUD. About nine minutes. "As for Jek, I've heard nothing but good things about him. He's a master in his field, yet he still manages to fight with his own unique brand of magic." The shuttle hurdled through space at a decent speed, the thrusters constantly emitting their azure flame.
Captain Jek still sat in the quiet calmness of his room continuing his meditation. Not even halfway through, there was a knock at the door. Jek winced at the unexpected noise, but smiled with patience afterwards. He got up to answer the door and there stood one of his students, who happened to pass the test he just took. The mage stuttered and saluted as he spoke his reason for being there, "S-sir, Commanders V-vincent and Morcanson are about t-to dock at the d-dojo-" The Captain waved his hand gently to dismiss the intimidated youth, who walked away slightly rushed. Jek made sure he looked decent enough to be in the pressence of his superiors. Once satisfyed he made his way down to the docking bay, quicksilver ball trailing behind him silently, where he would await the arrival of Morcanson and Vincent.
Vincent had remained quiet the rest of the trip to the moon. He'd spent a fair amount of the time looking at Morcanson's fangs, thety were, interesting, to say the least. Piloting into the dojo docking bay Vincent released the lnading struts and began the engine cooldown sequence. "Well, we're here." Standng from his seat Vincent gave his neck a quick twist to the side and a loud crack echoed threw the shuttle, "Ah much better. Hitting one of the buttons on the control panel the doors shot open. Smileing Vincent motioned Morcanson forward, "After you."
Suddenly realizing that his fangs hadn't been retracted after catching Vincent staring at them, Morcanson let them fall back into place. Stepping out of the shuttle, the first thing that caught his eye was Captain Jek standing not far off, obviously waiting for them. Allowing Vincent to step down next to him, they walked in step towards him. Both Vincent's cape and Morcanson's robe flowed behind them like a dark mist. Stopping a few feet short of Jek, the two commanders gave a military salute.
Captain Jek stood before the commanders feeling a bit intimidated on the inside, but kept his cool as much as he could on the outside. Jek smiled his normal carefree smile <<(Like Fai's smile from Tsubasa resivoir chronicles, for those of you that have read it)>> and returned the salute. What would Morcanson and Vincent be doing at the dojo? An emergency? Surprise inspection? So many different options came to mind, until the only one that mattered came up. Why not just ask them? "Good evening Commanders, whats brings you to the dojo?" Jek so very wanted to put his quicksilver into a question mark to be mildly humurous, but if this was a serious situation he best not take his chances
(( Have you taken the time to have a peek at the Inhibitors thread and see if you'd be willing to accept my attack? ))
(( We accept. ))
(( I'd rather the thread owner accept, otherwise I'd have started properly by now. ))
(( Chaos and I have started this thread together, I have full ability to accept your attack for this dojo, and I do. Whether you accept this or not is up to you. ))
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