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It began as a quest for discovery and expansion. Originally, the homeworld had sent colonists to other worlds, in the hopes of making contact with intelligent alien races, and to expand the concept of a democratic government. The technology was lacking compared to that of anything you’d see now, but back then it was top of the line, the fastest frigate class colony ship ever to grace the cosmos.
This was meant to be a peace mission. As such, no soldiers were enlisted, and every weapon down to the last asteroid mining laser was stripped from the vessel. It took a few generations to reach an M-class planet, but once the first landing party laid eyes on the paradise world of Aruzia, they knew it was worth the toil. The humans made contact with their first intelligent alien race, the Aruzians, shortly after. Their technology was astounding, and their knowledge of both magic and martial arts was impressive, if just a bit frightening. The Aruzians were intelligent, reformed… and considered the humans a mockery of evolution.
It wasn’t long before they tricked the humans into setting up a base camp, took control of their colony ship, and forced them into slavery. Not all Aruzians considered the humans either evil or primitive, and protested their leaders’ actions. The leaders viewed this as an act of defiance, and to set an example, forced the rebels into the same living conditions as the humans.
Generations later the homeworld, who had by this time expected a return ship, decided that it wasn’t coming back, and prepared a second colony ship. Technology had advanced a great deal in the time the colonists had gone, and the ship reflected such. The homeworld would take all precautions this time, sending instead of a frigate, a destroyer class colony ship. Three escorting frigates housed a battalion of soldiers each. If it had been with hostility that the first attempt had failed, this second one would be more than prepared.
Only one generation would pass this time, as the ships were remarkably faster than the previous endeavor. In preparation for the landing itself, the soldiers (including Captain Vincent Ansgard) were frozen in cryonic sleep until the ship eventually reached Aruzia. The colonists, having no idea what it was that had defeated the first colonial attempt, decided to try to make peace with the Aruzians, who, already prepared for just such an encounter were ready to take control of the humans without a struggle. Luckily, the colonists had the sense to awaken the battalions from their cryonic slumber, repressing the Aruzians plans for an initial, easy takeover.
Over the generations that the first colonists had been slaves to the Aruzians, they had interbred with the down-trodden Aruzians who had originally stood up for them. There were few pure human or Aruzian families in the slave class. One of such Half Breeds was Morcanson Edwards, the visionary who made the plans for not only a freedom from slavery, but also a complete victory over their oppressors. And for that, he would need the help of the humans.
Sneaking aboard one of the escort frigates, Morcanson was able to reveal himself to Captain Ansgard and warn him of the Aruzians’ intent. Wasting no time, and against the will of his commanding officer, Vincent gave Morcanson and the half breeds the weapons they needed to start their attack. Leaving the Commander completely in the dark, Captain Ansgard enlisted the assistance of his battalion in the two pronged attack that would be the start of war. Morcanson and his army of half breeds, with concealed weapons, marched to the gates of the leadership building, and as the Captain gave the signal, commenced their raid as the escort frigate began bombardment. The Captain and his battalion were dispatched soon after the initial attack. Whereas the first group of colonists had come with not only poor technology, but also no weapons to speak of, the Aruzians had no idea what to expect from the humans.
The raid on the leadership building lasted only a few hours, but the war and chaos following it lasted years. Captain Ansgard told the Commander that the Aruzians had shot first, and that they had been holding the original humans as slaves the entire time, which wasn’t entirely a lie. It served its purpose, and the Commander welcomed the excuse to actually use his military training. Years after the start of the war, the Aruzians that weren’t killed or captured (Which weren’t many) managed to escape in the few remaining ships, leaving the planet with no clear intent or direction, and little hope of ever finding another planet as great as Aruzia had been. And “been” was the right word for it. The paradise world, the jewel of planets, the pristine orb of eternal beauty had been scarred by years of fierce warfare. What was once an M-class planet was now indisputably a Y-class, or demon-class planet. Where there had once been oxygen, there was now no breathable air to speak of. Where the climate was once temperate, it was now measured at approximately 500 degrees Kelvin. The glorious religious temples and entire cities were buried and lost, some barely seen poking out from the vast wastes of the southern hemisphere.
Over the years of war, Captain Ansgard and Morcanson had become good friends. Eventually, as it became obvious that the war was truly over, the Commander began making plans for a return trip. Stockpiling large masses of resources and the loot that had been claimed as spoils of war on the colony ship, the Commander hoped to not only return home a hero, but to steal Captain Ansgard’s glory as well. To ensure his name would go down in history along with no one else’s, he left the battalions and the Captain behind as a “Protecting Army” for the colonists. Captain Ansgard was not happy with any of this, and met with Morcanson to discuss a plan of action. What began as a simple plan of relinquishing the Commander of command, quickly spawned into a grand idea for an entirely new government.
With the resources they would get from the Commander, and any resources sent on follow-up colony ships by the homeworld, they could not only improve the condition and military status of the Aruzia colony, but also expand into neighboring worlds as well. The wheels were soon set in motion, as the soldiers, without a sliver of doubt, joined the captain and overthrew the commander with very small resistance. The resources, as planned, were used to reinforce the colony. A large headquarters of sorts was constructed on the planet itself, along with several large dome environments in which the colonists lived and worked. Strict ranking and training systems were developed. On the largest of Aruzia’s five moons, a dojo of sorts was built to begin training of recruits. Morcanson and Vincent named themselves Commanders of The Galactic Aruzian Empire of Conquered Worlds and Colonial Subsidiaries, which they chose as a final, formal name.
Open to Attack

Of course.

Aim of Guild

Increase the size of the empire by conquering the known galaxy (Not necessarily Gaia but likely to be). Eventually reestablish contact with the home world, if only to declare supremacy and demand their surrender.

Aruzia, once a blue vibrant world covered in life. Years of war have left the surface of the world decimated. Ruined cities and radioactive activity cover the planet. The surface has been left a sickening orange. Temperatures reaching over five hundred degrees Kelvin can be found across the surface, the ozone was completely burned off no life could be supported upon this desolated surface. However, the victors of this horrid war claimed their rightful spoils.

Huge black spiked towers jutted into the sky, skulls of fallen enemies still remained pierced on the dark ominous pikes. Surrounding the main complex was a massive wall. It shared the dark colors and spikes of the towers, however lined every twenty yards were automated defensive turrets, any movement within three hundred yards of the wall was met with swift justice. Walking along the top of the wall patrolling back and forth were armed marines. Their armored suits allowed them to survive in many harsh environments, extreme heat, deep sea water and even in space. Their bodies were adorned with the skulls of the enemies they had killed in combat, watching threw there helmets, uncaring of having to remain on this barren planet, caring only to please their commanders…and of course crush their enemies.

The interior of the massive structure kept a consistent design with the outside. There were four stories to the building not within the towers, the lowest of these being the dungeon. Captured enemies, suspected traitors, or those who have disobeyed the laws of the government were sent here. The tortures that went on within this dark place were beyond anything the outside universe had ever known. There is a cut off of sorts in the bodies of living creatures, when certain, extreme level of pain is met the body shuts itself off, goes into shock…however…should these cuts offs be chemically disabled the pain that could be inflicted would break even the strongest soul.

The next level held the quarters for the soldiers that constantly remained housed here. The complex had a compliment of four thousand armed troops stationed within it. Their rooms were anything but luxurious, each of the small rooms housed half a dozen beds and as many soldiers. No personal items aside from those taken from fallen enemies were aloud. The soldiers however cared not, so long as they got to kill.

The next level held the recreation center, a slightly more pleasant floor than the rest of the building, but still not what most would call relaxing. Here the men could come to just sit and relax on their off time, spar with one another, or even go into death matches with captured enemies for sport. Food was also served here if that is what one would call it. the dark gruel eaten was perfect for keeping soldiers in top shape. But the taste and texture would be enough to make regular people vomit. But they slurped it down happily.

The top level held the commander’s quarters, two huge rooms, each spanning half the level. Before each room stood two armed red guards, these were the elite soldiers of army. They are highly trained with weapons, magic, and hand to hand combat, their only duty, to protect the lives of the high commanders. Within one of the rooms even now sat one of those they protected sitting in his high throne. The screams from the dungeon reached the ears of those even on this high level. Within his room Commander Vincent smirked as he heard the final screams of a certain alien. This is the head quarters of the Galactic Aruzian Empire. Welcome to hell.

Enlisted Ranks.
Private First Class.
Staff Sergeant.
Master Sergeant.
First Sergeant.

Officer Ranks.
Second Lieutenant.
First Lieutenant.

Command ranks.
Lieutenant Colonel.

Ground Command ranks.
Brigadier General.
Major General.
Lieutenant General.

Space Navy Command Ranks.
Vice Admiral.
Fleet Admiral.
Grand Admiral.

Speacialty ranks.

Empire Leaders.

Shield grid- Each of the five moons has a docking bay and a shield generator. In order to disable the shield itself, one must first enter a docking bay on any of the five moons and, after fighting their way past any initial soldier resistance, must destroy or dismantle the shield generator. Only one downed shield generator is enough to make a hole in the shield grid wide enough to allow a medium sized ship in. A larger ship could take at least two downed generators.

Turrets- Both external turrets, used to repel spacecraft, and planet level turrets have been placed. Turrets are fairly accurate, and vary in size, firepower, and ammunition types.

Gravity Generators- The planetary domes and ships utilize these devices to detect and compensate for shifts in gravity.


Be literate

No god-moding

Obey the TOS

Don't spam

Keep OOC speaking to a minimum

No Oxy included

Rules can be added and amended


Evil Lawful- Evil Chaotic
Member List

Name: Morcanson Edwards
Rank: Commander
Gaia Name: ChaosMidget
Age: 32
Race: Half Breed (Human/Aruzian Alien)
Appearance: Morcanson, being a half breed, possesses distinguishable human and Aruzian features. He is tall in human standards, but average in Aruzian standards. On first glance, you would notice his most obvious inhuman features. His skin has a slight blue tint, as does his hair. His ears come to points, giving him an almost elfish appearance. His hands, feet, and digits are basically normal, if not longer than average. The Aruzian people had small, needle-like, retractable fangs, which were considered taboo to use in civilized society. A few of these, when bared, can be seen poking their way out from Morcanson’s more human teeth. Obviously, Morcanson no longer follows the mores of the Aruzians, and only retracts them as common courtesy when speaking with those he trusts.
Abilities: As a practitioner of blue magic, Morcanson has no initial spells of his own. He must learn spells by first being struck by them. The spells learned are slightly watered down versions of the original spells, meaning that in a battle using strictly the same spell as an opponent, he would have to use finesse to come out on top. What he lacks in casting speed, he makes up for in accuracy and defense. Over the course of the Aruzian war, he learned a few spells after being struck by them in combat. As for non-magical combat, Morcanson considers himself decent with blades and firearms, as well as his fists.
Weapons: Comfortable with many weapons, but generally fights unarmed or with a light side arm. (Pistol, Rapier) His favored pistol is a step up from the basic design given to troopers.
Bio: (See front page story).
Alignment: Evil-lawful.

Name: Vincent Ansgard.
Rank: Commander
Gaia Name: Hinnaku2.
Race: Human.
Age: 27
Appearance: While in his armored suit Ansgard stands over six and a half feet tall. His suit was much like that of his soldiers. Save for the royal golden symbols embedded on the shoulders and chest of the black metal. He did not keep the skulls of his fallen enemies stuck upon his armor. A long black cape flows out behind him as he walks. When merely walking throughout the headquarters he keeps his helmet off revealing his long black hair and striking red eyes, and he generally kept a slight wicked smile on his face.
Abilities: Extreme efficiency with all forms of weapons and some hand to hand combat. Years of chemical research has left him with highly enhanced strength and senses.
Weapons: Vibro Knife. High powered pulse rifle. Sniper. Flame thrower built into left arm armor.
Bio: (See front page story)
Alignment: Evil-Chaotic

Name: Jek (last name unavailable)
Rank: Captain
Gaia Name: l-Edgewalker-l (those are lower case 'L's btw)
Age: 22
Race: Human
Appearance: Spiked purple hair (just like my avatar), baggy white polyester pants, black leather boots (pants tucked into the boots), black coat reaching halfway down to his knees (closed) with dark blue trim, and half moon reading glasses (when teaching only).
Abilities: the magical power to wield quicksilver
Weapons: Quicksilver, I can shape this element purely through magic and change it between solid and liquid easily and fashion it into weapons of almost any size, shape, and density. Weapon form of choice: claws (much like Wolverine's from X-men set of 3 on each hand 2 feet long)
Bio: Jek was one of the few pure humans to live immediately preceding the second colony ship's landing. Jek was apart of the most recent generation of humans that have been held captive for over 100 years. The enslaved humans, along with a few aruzians that thought the human's enslavement was wrong, started a rebellion. Jek wandered off from the rest of the rebels and stumbled upon what he thought was a secret science research lab. He came across a box labeled "Experiment 119" Jek was fairly good at science and knew there were exactly 118 natural elements, could these aliens made a new one? Jek took the box containing element 119 with him where he thought was safe. Once he found a temporary haven, Jek began to learn the secrets of the element. In due time Jek could move the element, which he named quicksilver, effortlessly without even touching it! Jek was more gifted than most, he was more attuned to magic than the average human, allowing him to wield the element as a weapon. His Aruzian master was much kinder than any of the other slave owners, he was a magic user and taught Jek just about everything that could be learned through him. He also learned he could cool 119 into a solid and heat it back into a liquid instantaneously. The humans ended the enslavement of the humans by repelling the aliens. In order to test his new found abilities Jek later joined the Aruzian militia (Newly composed of humans). He found himself quickly working his way up to the rank of captain and head of the largest moon base for his amazing powers.
Alignment: Evil - Lawful

name: Carrie Ubanato
Rank: none
Gaia Name: .deabatteries.
race: witch
age: 23
appearance : http://loki.spinningspells.com/images/dolls/sethlisten.gif minus the slytherin logo.
abilities: earth elemental, elektrokenesis, extreme hearing.
weapons: buster sword Length: 2'6" / Width: 5" / Weight: 90 lbs / Description: turned steel, mirror polish finish, flat black metal handle. / Other: This sword has no elemental abilities .
bio: Carrie was born in a medieval setting, on February 13th, 1985. Her family was wealthy, but not like queens or kings. She lived in a castle and raised like a normal child with her mother - Anastasia, father - Derek, and three brothers - Mathan, John, and Jared. John and Jared were identical twins that loved to play tricks on Carrie when she was growing up. Teaching her things like eating paste - and sadly, Carrie was the one who got in trouble.

When she grew older, around age 3, and was able to walk, she could so now able to talk. And she seemed much more intelligent that you’d think. Walking up to a 3 year old, you wouldn’t expect her to know the word 'extemporaneous' means. But if you asked her, she would say 'spoken or done without preparation. improv and smile. Carrie was taught nothing!

By age 10, she was homeschooled by a teacher, that visited 4 times a week. Every day, she learned 10s of words, and math...all at a Junior High Level. When she went away to college, Carrie was 12 years old. She came back when she was 18, completely changed.

Yes, Carrie still had all of the knowledge, of being and innocent child, but now, she was much older, and much...'cooler.' She went out to parties and stayed around the house, doing abolutely nothing accept writing or drawing. She did simple things like wash her clothes and do dishes and eat with the family - but Carrie was more of the rebel without a really good cause. She wanted to get away from home. But her father made her learn to fight before she left - with the way she acted, he was afraid of what military would be after her!

So, for 2 years, Carrie left home and went to Japan, where she was taught one-on-one Martial Arts, and basic sword fighting skills. Graduating from that school with highest honors, she was given a Buster Sword, and was given the power to become agile - a lioness, or strong - a dragon. She left the school and traveled all over the world, and started leaving her homes and finally, left her realm behind.

Carrie now wanders around Gaia’s realms in bars, inns, and clans. It didn`t feel right to her - she needed to use her strength in the biggest way she could. Merc always crossed her mind ... she just needed a bit more stealthy-eth training. She came upon the WMD ... and just smiled. She applied and never went back - she found out from gossip that swarmed the other killers that a certain familiar empire had just been next to demolished in war. Carr knew what was there, and set off right away to find her lover, Kasey Hillogan.
Alignment: Chaotic.
Additional information: Sexual Orientation: Lesbian [more bi-curious, thought.]
Hair Color: Black with green/white front bangs. Usually in two braids or in two buns. Loves to dye her hair.
Likes: Her MP3 player + DJ headphones. Hamburgers. A good drink. Fire. Guys. Dying her hair.
Dislikes: Getting bothered. Little kids. People who talk too much. Bad sushi.
Outlook/Personality; Very laid back. But don`t let it fool you, Carrie can kick anyone’s a** if she puts her mind to it. Her battles make it seem like her fighting ways are careless. But she is relaxed in battle. She`s also a bit of a b***h to talk to. She`s not one to just sit down and talk. She loves to flirt, but knows her place.

Name; Fluer (No last name)
Appearance; Famous Aruzian Blue tinted skin. Pointed ears. Aruzian fangs that she rarely retracts - finds it to be more comfortable talking with them out. Stands around 6'3" - could say she's one of the shorter Aruzians. Adopted the human style of dress - typically wears a black skirt with a cape draping down the back. Shin gaurd armor. Black shirt. Nicely sized wrist gauntlets. Armor is a darker color. Long, dark blue hair that normally just hangs free - ties it up occasionally. Bangs that are usually hung in her face. Eyes are a silvery light blue. Light blue and silver swirl-like markings adorn her face, as well as down her arms and legs.
Personality; Quiet-type. Does what she is told and doesn't ask many questions. Doesn't feel hate towards humans or Aruzians. They are equals in her eyes.
Gender; Female
Weapon of Choice; Hidden knives. Conseals them in various ways. Is trained with most weapons. Doesn't find favor in guns, but uses them sparingly anyway. Skilled in magic, but tends to leave it for last resort situations.
Race; Aruzian
History; Was born a few years before the first humans made contact - grew up with the humans being enslaved. Never really knew why, but didn't question it. During the attack of the humans she ran from the fleeing ships and planted herself among the Aruzian fromer slaves. She lets people think that she had been a slave all along. Went through various training with them.
Age; Due to Aruzians having prolonged life she is around the same age as the others, but considered young.
Position; Helps out where ever she is needed. Handles most paperwork.
Morcanson Edwards, Commander of The Galactic Aruzian Empire of Conquered Worlds and Colonial Subsidiaries nonchalantly turned the corner and walked down the hall. Every few steps, a burly, grim, and highly decorated soldier in full body armor would give a military salute, which Morcanson acknowledged with a curt nod of his head. An interesting contrast to most of the soldiers, the alien half breed wore only a flowing cloak, hood around his shoulders. The only armor to speak of on his person was the chest plate worn underneath his cloak. As he turned another corner, the screams of a dying but not quite dead man reached his pointed ears. The next soldier he passed was notably grinning as he gave his obligatory salute, and it remained even after he had been dismissed. He knew the labyrinth-esque design of the building by heart, and soon found himself standing at the door which stood closed on Commander Vincent Ansgard's room. Knocking briskly, Morcanson stepped back and waited.
Commander Vincent Ansgard looked up from the screen he had been watching - it was showing the most wonderful death of a man arrested for for suspected treason - and looked towards his door. "I'll review the recordings later..." He mumbled to himself and headed towards the doors. As he walked his flowing black cape remained merely inches from the cold tiled floors. He entered his pass key and the doors slid open revealing Commander Edwards. Smiling slightly Vincent have a polite salute, "Hello Morcanson, what brings you here?"
Captain Jek stood at his podium eyes closed and in a relaxed state of mind, shuffling his papers in a neat fashion. His class of 100 magi leaned over their desks working tediously on their tests. He was proud of them, and proud himself to be a magistrate teacher of the Aruzian Dojo. Jek pushed his half-moon glasses farther up his face as they were slipping off. His famous ball of quicksilver floating above his left shoulder. He began walking around the classroom... checking to see that no one was cheating. Something caught Jek's eye, he merely widened his smile and put his magic to work, allowing his quicksilver to dissolve onto the floor. The silvery material crept across the floor and near one boy's shoes. Suddenly it leapt up above the desk startling the boy who was nearest, and the silver goo splashed down on his paper covering it entirely and returning to a metal form containing the test paper inside floating back to Jek. The boy that the test belonged to simply hung his head in shame. Captain Jek glanced over the crumpled paper as he returned to his podium. "It was wrong anyway" Jek said loud enough that the cheater heard, and gently tossed the paper into the trash. "Pass your tests forward, class" Jek knew that most of the class would not pass this test to make it to the 2nd test: Field training.
Morcanson returned salute, also grinning slightly. His Aruzian fangs were obviously retracted, and his human teeth glinted even in the dimly lit Commander's room. "I just came by to let you know I'm going to be taking one of the shuttles to pay a visit to our dojo. I feel like checking up on our Captain and his trainees. Feel free to come along if you're not too busy." Pulling the hood of his cloak over his eyes, he turned away, ready to continue walking whether Vincent came or not.

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