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((I was away from a computer for a long time, and I don't have enough time left right now to
make a post. . . So I will make one soon.))
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~: Back after a very long time. . . sorry about that. Still not into RPing, I'll come back a day when I am xD rofl sorry. Just "keepin' it real". . . not into RPing today, maybe tomorrow lol.
I'll post soon. :~
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~: I still don't feel like role-playing. . . But what has it been, two weeks? shyt. . . let me post. :~
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I STILL DON'T WANT TO RP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!1!1!!!111!!1!1!1!!!11111111oneone.

Standing over him, and in complete sureness of herself, she watched
him writhe, before he arose to his feet. He was swift though, and she was rushed by
him before he was even totally on his feet, apparently. And all she was to know was that
he had tackled her. She would hit the floor in the middle isle of the church-bottom, and
elbows first, and recall hearing a metal scraping sound. She wouldn't be completely aware
of it yet, but the blade that the boy was trying to deliver to her body was stopped by an
ornate metal plate covering Ortei's abdomen as if it were a bustier.

((seen in signature and picture around her waist))
It shortly after hitting the floor she would look up to him swiftly, with anger boiling. . .
She still had yet to actually see the knife at all, or know of it.

User ImageOrtei Abel: " Urgh. . . You!! "

HP: 7/7User Image
BP: 7/9User Image
MP: 21/21User Image
SP: 5/5User Image

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((This is going to get a little erotic. xD ))

It was metal? That explained why his knife heard steel and did not go further. So it wasn't just there for decoration, after all. It angered him how he made such a common error, but it was no matter. He was now sat over her between her legs after tackling her, his right hand moving quickly to her neck so that he may squeeze here and keep her down like the wrench she was, his mind coiling with a taste for revenge, his gray eyes settled quickly onto her body. Holding the knife in his left hand now, he places it into a ice-pick grip, where the thumb was pressed on the top of the pommel, and aims it over high, ready to impale her in the head.

For the moment, his senses picked up on what lied below him. His eyes saw breasts, a body made of womanly charm. His nose picked up on her perfumes and scent. His ears on the breath of her falling to the floor. His body was currently pressed against her in a way that would provoke any man to take the woman below him right now as his own. If she was a virgin, then that would make a man all the more glad to take away such a thing in pure lust. And the final sense he had not used yet was taste. To slide his tongue along her neck and to taste those lips would complete him altogether.

Vex was not usually a lusty teenager. He was different. He had duties to uphold, he was an agent of darkness that was meant to clean out the darkness of the world. He was here for salvation and destruction. Women came and went in his life, but only out of short term desire. He usually would use them to get him closer to his goals. Or more for one night stands. But here he was crawled over a woman he wanted to devour the life from. His knife was ready to just end her life right here and now.

But he was hesitating. His eyes....something lingered in them than just anger. He was....lusting. Lusting for her body. Anger and lust were interconnected in a way within his psyche. He was considered a lethal assassin in his business, so to get pleasure from a rush of the kill was only natural for him. To take her now within this church....would be blasphemy. But it was also...a drive.

Still holding his knife within the grip of his hand, right hand still gripped around her neck, he moves the knife into a reverse grip, and brings it to her face as he crosses his left arm over his right, before having the tip lightly graze along her skin. A millimeter more and he could easily bring a cut across that tanned flesh of hers. But instead....it meets the red cloth that head her bosom, slowly having it tear to the left to expose her more and more. He was going to make her topless right there under him. And when he does, he is going to savor the taste of those mounds of hers. His mind was creeping with lust.
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((This is going to get a little erotic. xD ))

Careful, might max =x

lmao. . .

. . . I'll reply when I figure out exactly how Ortei would respond to this situation,
and while saying what. . .

Other than her criminal intents, I'm kind of out of touch with her today.
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Alright. . . squeezing out another post. -.- lol

Ortei had seen the knife then, when it was over head, and turned
her face slightly away, to her right, and raised her arms, crossing them in natural reaction
over her head, the palms of her hands facing outward, temporarily overwhelmed by the
sudden threat of the weapon. It was probably then that she was most open to be grabbed
by the neck, and so was what happened. Her arms would drop down outside of the boy's
elbows, as his knife was obviously closer to her chest. She would flick her left wrist
out, throwing that same arm to the left swiftly. As a result more than two hundred pounds
of force would yank at the knife. The most likely result would be the knife streaming from
the boy's hand and stabbing it's self into the wall. . .

[Force of Nature]
If this being indeed the case, as the boy's attention would come to the knife, a bright
flash of terrible illumination would shine from every window, doorway, and otherwise
opening or crevices of the church's structural form. Any bare eyes open during the
sudden blast of pure light would be blinded, even if not looking directly at the source.
[force of nature]

HP: 7/7User Image
BP: 3/9User Image
MP: 15/21User Image
SP: 5/5User Image

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She was resisting. Victims were always better when they resisted. It gave a drive of pumping blood, that rush that further fueled Vex's pleasurable feeling to make her his before she feels the edge of his knife. She was trying so much he knew from now to get him off, but he was only sitting there over her with a calm facial expression. It only became a frown once she slapped two hundred pounds worth of force at his knife. It manages to hit his left hand more to the right, and he could feel the muscles tensing to take such force so suddenly.

The knife goes flying to the right, hitting the floor and sliding underneath one of the benches, his eyes watching it go, showing distress. And then after that comes a blinding flash from around him, everything going white. His eyes close immediately, finding the illumination causing his eyes to ache, almost as if he was getting them burned out of his head. More pain added. But even with his eyes closed, his left hand comes down to join his right to add even more pressure to choking her, suddenly having an increasing anger to bringing her to silence.

"Did you think it was funny to burn me," he asks, hands squeezing tight. "Now it's my turn to return the favor. I'm going to rape you before I kill you. You will know the punishment for those who dare hurt me!"

And his intentions were known.
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OOC: :LeoNinja:
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heart "Beauty is the wisdom of women. . ." heart


This was getting intense. It was unimaginable that he was holding her
throat instead of his eyes, but he was. Something about him was "not quite human".
Comical, as she knew this to be a description some of her closest acquaintances had
for Ortei, herself. He was being vicious too, his disposition was probably criminal, and
he didn't seem that way on the surface to begin with. Ortei assumed him to be mentally
disturbed on the spot, and several worries arose in that instant. If this was going to
continue, she was probably going to have no choice other than to kill the boy. The issue
was critical, and she was going to have to use serious force. But she was exhausted. . .
. . . If she was going to continue using sorcery, she was going to have to do something
about that first. Well if the boy had so much physical stamina, then perhaps it was time that
he should spare some. Suddenly orbs of energy would develop on the surface of the
boy's skin of different colors and sizes, growing in radius, until they suddenly zipped
from his body and into her own. She was draining the physical stamina, spiritual stamina,
and magical worth (all regenerable) directly from him, in order to refill her own reserves.

[Soul Siphon : Magical Technique]
As this happened after images of the sorceress' body would echo from her form, blurring
as they became larger in size, and more transparent. At this time the feral howl or a wild
cat's vox could be heard from no where.

[Spell Howl : Magical Technique]

(( Okay, this post is finished. . . I noticed I have nothing useful to spellhowl right
now. . . If I turn you to stone, your stuck choking me, and if I hold you, you're stuck choking
me. . . and I'm afraid to use a charm spell, because your character is unpredictable as hell. . . ))

With the howling visage, a series of Ortei's memorized spells would
release in a jubilation-like chain-staccato. The sorceress would grab the boy's face, and from
her hands a prismatic geyser of color would overflow from her hands and engulf his head.
Being blind, and concerned with choking her, he was certainly too preoccupied and unable
to respond to deal with such an event happening so quickly. There were many colors in
the rainbow spew of color, but the majority of the light was white. White energy from this
spell was that which would cause neurons to take on the properties of malnourished nerve
tissue, that is incapable of transmitting signals. The dosage of white energy was high,
and enough to cause pacification within the brain, and temporary vegetation. Definitely
yielding the effects of lost motor skills and physical functioning.

[Prismatic Spray]
(Never thought I'd have to use this.)

HP: 7/7User Image
BP: 9/9User Image
MP: 15/21User Image
SP: 5/5User Image

heart ". . . Wisdom is the beauty of men." heart
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((lol, yeah my character's best traits doesn't come from just his knife and assassin skills, but his mental instability, too. He thinks a lot and tends to always be questioning things. It's developed sort of a psyche within him that makes it hard to figure out what he's going to do next.))

The woman wasn't resisting. She was just lying there, his hands squeezing at her throat, restricting her breath as the seconds went. She was not going to walk away alive, and sadly, this was the corse of action Vex had to take. He did not ever try giving much attention to those who were not of his usual prey or targets, but tonight, he gave that exception. Even in the house of God, he still was committing a sin. And this was not his first one.

He would not open his eyes, not until the pain dies down. But even then, he was starting to feel less energetic, strength leaving his muscles in a fading manner. He could not understand what was suddenly going on. It seemed like the more he applied force, the lesser force that came out, a paradoxical situation that was making him panic a little. This woman was surely different. Not only was she able to disarm him through something supernatural, but she managed to temporarily blind him, too.

"This woman...!"

He could feel his face getting grabbed by her hand. He figured it was only an act of desperation on her part, to get rid of him through pushing against his face. Heh, she was only wasting her time, giving him more just to get that windpipe absent of oxygen. Soon, she was going to be the one losing strength, and losing sight to the world. He could not wait.

That is, until a sudden sensation flows through his mind, causing a thumping noise to go through his mental conscious. A wince comes to his face, more than the one he was presently wearing, his eyes immediately opening, the gray pupils staring out in surprise. What the hell was going on? His vision...was blurring. His hands...losing their grip. And his conscious...flowing away.

Until he drops to his right side, eyes just lying open and his mouth a little open, his body shivering as if he was having a seizure. His mind was, for the moment, cut off from the world. And within, his body was trying to catch up.
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heart "Beauty is the wisdom of women. . ." heart

He slightly pulled her upper body forward, and to Ortei's left side, as he
fell to his right, as his fingers must have not had been gradually losing grip as he fell, until
finally his hands were gone, leaving behind red marks, only to be covered by Ortei's left
hand herself. Coughing and weezing, she gasped in air, inhaling her own saliva at times,
liquids of different densities filled her mouth, and one eyes shut tearing. She literally had
about a minute of that kind of man handling left before her panic burned what remaining
oxygen she had in her system to nothing.

Breathing heavily she started to pull herself together, looking down onto getting up swiftly,
and even stepping away startled just to see the slumbering form which could almost be
mistaken for his corpse.

User ImageOrtei Abel: "*Cough* Monstrosity trapped in a human body! *Cough*. . .*Weeze* Beast of a boy. . ! "

She muttered in spite at the unconscious adolescent before
her weak-kneeded partially erected stance, her torso bent forward at her waist. He was obviously
completely human, but in her mind still the most dangerous threat she had ever witnessed
within fourty feet of herself. She recalled in her mind most of the energy from the spray being
white. . . she knew chances were he was in a small coma. It wouldn't last for longer than three
days, and with resilience like what she saw, she gave it half that time in her mind.

Such fervor could be useful if put to proper use, but how does one put such a hazard to
user safe offense, she continued to wonder, breathing heavily as she stared at him. . .

Bribing or using diplomacy probably won't work here, this one will need a leash on his mind,
otherwise he's too unpredictable. But with a charm, there's no telling what reaction or exact
behavior might become a result. . .

User ImageOrtei Abel: " If I use a spell. . . you will have to remain close, or else the spell's grip
on you will only last twenty four hours. . . . . . And "close" is exactly where I can not keep
someone like. . . you. . .urgh. "

Finally the red sorceress would stand upright, and fully
erect, as she placed the length of her right pointer finger below her chin, tilting her head to
her right, as her eyes would look to her upper left, all the while pondering. . .

User ImageOrtei Abel: " Fortunately, I have devised what
I have planned to be just the answer for such an unfortunate mishap. . . I think I know
exactly what to do with you. . ."

. . . She would say this regaining her sense of security
as a smirk would develop on her face. Grabbing her staff from her back, she would walk
over the boy again, and begin holding the staff with both hands across her torso, planning
to now do what she had once considered doing to him before. . .

User ImageOrtei Abel: " I'll just simply brand you with
tattoos of my servitude. And leave you at the distance where you can receive my command. . .
When you awake, you will find yourself to be even more extremely . . .eh different . . .
. . . than I find you to be right now. "

That said, she would turn the staff upside down, and press it
to his skin which was exposed through the burned wholes of his clothing. There would be a
flash of light generated at the area of contact, and when it died down, several lines of energy
would draw themselves across the area of the boy's nearby skin, burning a pattern into his
flesh permanently.

[Ortei's Infliction : Tattoo of Ortei's lips (Large) - Exact location may be decided by victim character's Owner]
Lifting the staff the woman in red would sight another opening, and firmly press the staff
there as well. Again, a bright flash, and magical lines of energy drawing themselves, after
the light's fade, drawing a completely new pattern.

[Ortei's Infliction : Tattoo of Mystic Defense (Medium) - Exact location may be decided by victim character Owner]
A third time, Ortei would find yet another opening in the boy's burned attire, and plant her staff,
writing a new pattern still into his skin with a singe. Though painful, the brand of none of these
tattoos could be felt through a coma such as what the boy was under. . .

[Ortei's Infliction : Tattoo of Illusive Spy (Small) - Exact location may be decided by victim character Owner]
Finally the staff was planted firmly to what would become the final location on the boy's body,
before Ortei was annoyed with branding tattoos. A final flash of light, and magical branding,
and the final pattern was set in place.

[Ortei's Infliction : Tattoo of Sixth Sense (Small) - Exact location may be decided by victim character Owner]
With the time available, and the boy's body riddled with tattoo magic, Ortei would bend down,
and hover over him kissing each tattoo on his charred skin with a tender squeak of her soft
lips, activating each of them.

((I forgot what tattoos you specifically wanted. stare But I hope I got the combination right. If you want tattoos other than the ones I branded, do not reply or else it will become canon, just PM me, and I will edit this post. . .))

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heart "Beauty is the wisdom of women. . ." heart

The time made for her, Ortei would take a moment to have a deep breath,
soon then clapping her hands together, conjuring a scroll from thin air.

[Incarnate Dominion : Scroll]
Ortei would sit in the front row of the church, and open the scroll vertically, and lay it on
the bench wood, also setting her staff down.
On the scroll, she would write a message that would read;
"Boy- I could only imagine the swarm of thoughts that could be going through your head
at this very instant. As infatuating as that is, I have other things to be thinking about. . .
As you might be aware, I am gone. I'm sure that's upsetting you, so let it just be said;
that even though you might not agree with me at the moment, you'll live. You better, or
how will you ever see me again? Understood? Good.

In this meanwhile, I would like you to enjoy yourself with your new found powers. Test them
out and get to know them well, as they will be your tools for serving me when I have need of
you. Not to mention, that they will likely become significant keys for your own survival, and
after all the trouble you put me through, I do expect you to survive. If you die, think of how
upset it would make me. Perhaps a good test would be for you to destroy this atrocious

Right now I have no tasks of you other than to just learn to use the new powers I bestowed
you with. Later when I do have need of you, I will devise a way to come find you. If you
really have some dire need of me, wait by a magic circle like the one you will find immediately
outside of this church. You may have to wait many days, but eventually I will visit that location,
in some need of the local whereabouts. . .

Tell no one of the magic circles, you should even destroy this letter.
Or you will severely disappoint me, and I will see to it that you never so much as hear my
voice again. Is this well understood? I do definitely hope so.
For your sake.

-Ortei 04/24/08"

After this she would wrap he scroll, retrieve her staff, and stand to walk over to the
adolescent boy, and kneel to set the scroll in his unconscious hand. Standing erect
once more, Ortei would then turn about and walk down the main isle to exit the church,
and walk onto the magic circle. Placing her staff's head to the magic circle, it would
illuminate, and in a bright flash, and warped bend of light, which seemed to be pinched
inward, and let go, Ortei would vanish to whereabouts unknown.

heart ". . . Wisdom is the beauty of men." heart
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As time passes in the unconscious world of Vex, a dream occurs. In this dream, the moon was high in the night sly, where a silent wind was passing through a darkened place with trees in the surrounding. Everything was quiet, peaceful, contrasting to the black shadows that lurked upon the ground and in the trees. It seemed like a painting of sorts, a live painting that showed the moods of light and darkness, from the sky to the earth. What did this represent? Why was it shown to the eyes of the mental conscious lost in unconsciousness? What was so significant about it to Vex? How come it felt like...he had seen this scene before? Deja vu.

And then his eyes spread wide open, light filling his vision as he takes in the architecture of the ceiling of the church's interior. And thus, he realizes where he was again, sitting up quickly, a gasp coming from his mouth. His eyes quickly look about for the woman, the witch, who had did such a thing to him, only to feel something in his right hand. Raising his arm, he sees what appears to be a scroll in it.

He was already wondering what the hell has happened, but the first thing he needed to do was see what this scroll was meant for. Opening it, his eyes settle onto the surface of it, and the reading begins. Settled there on the steps of the altar, he quietly absorbs the information that was written to him by the witch. It did not take long before the scroll is rolled back up, placed to his left. Standing to his feet, his hands take hold of the front of his shirt, pulling on it to rip his uniform top off. And thus, his bare upper body was exposed, revealing a tattoo on the front of his chest.

User Image

He looks at it, looking past the burns on his body, and suddenly he had a feeling what she meant by powers. Though he was not capable of looking behind him, there that lied on his upper back was the tattoo of lips, the mark of his branding.

User Image

He raises his arms, looking upon them for anything else like this. And then he finds another one of these markings, though it was small, fit upon the back of his left hand.

User Image

And the final tattoo was placed on his right tricep, right next to his shoulder.

((Don't have the image for the Sixth Sense))

"What did that witch do to me?"

And with a inhale of breath, he lets out a loud shout, his voice spreading across the entirety of the Church and even having some volume outside the windows and doors of this establishment. His pride was hurt, and now he reeked for vengeance. Sweet, sweet vengeance. How he was going to get it, he did not know. But he would claim it, and he will finally make her pay for making a fool out of him.

"If she believes she can make me her slave," he says, looking at his hands before squeezing them tight. "Then she has another thing coming to her. She...will...pay."

((Need the description for the sixth sense skill, if you can PM it to me.))

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