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[Church Entrance-Interior]

He looked at the young lady and bowed low in front of her. "I am Kurohito, and I am here to talk with your established leader." He said as he noticed the young lad rush down the stairs and into the area. He kept his cool, keeping himself from reaching for his blade as he had no intentions of fighting. "I must speak with your leader at any costs." He said to her again as he looked around once more, hearing the people enter the building behind him.
(( Ooh, interesting. I wonder when vampires and witches will come. ninja ))
Vallins, slightly worried about the saftey of the princess, quickly made his way downstairs, roughing past the guards.

"Princess, Are you okay?"


Zaine and Cai had reached the church just in time to see Vallins rush downstairs.

"Zaine, keep your master from doing anything rash. I'll stay up here."
Cai sighed, and took a swig from his bottle, while Zaine nodded and rushed downstairs after Vallins.

"Master, what's the proble-" The young man laid eyes upon Estelle, and for him, it was almost love at first sight.

+One day I will be Queen of Durem...+

We need to pull this RP together xD
I don't know how many of these posts
I am obligated to respond to..

The princess watched Vallins and Zaine
rush down the steps...

"Indeed, yes, I am quite fine, but might
there be another not of the church yet upstairs?"

She was familiar with Vallins, Zaine, and
Cai, as they were pirates that she allowed to do business
in and out of Durem as she signed falsely of her father,
granting them passage. To her they were more loyal than
even some of her knights and guards, and were not
restricted by her father's commands and laws as her
royal guards were.

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+...But always will I be myself.+

( I don't Know))

Vallins smiled, and bowed to the princess; he motioned to the still awestruck Zaine to bow as well, who snapped out of his trance like state and bowed.

"Princess Estelle, I offer my apprentice, Zaine, as your personal bodyguard." Vallins smiled slyly, a plan to unloack his pupil's full potential already forming in his head. Zaine, meanwhile, and been startled by this offer, and had nearly fallen, but was now standing up straight, a slight blush on his face.

"B-but Master? I need training!" Zaine sputtered, half-wanting not to stay on as Estelle's bodyguard, and half-wanting to stay. Vallins grinned.

"It's important that you serve a lady. Besides, if you need help, Cai is gonna be nearby." With that, Vallins stood up and left the basement. Zaine stood, dumbstruck, with Estelle.


Cai glared at Kurohito.
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Kurohito stood there, waiting for a reply, or even some direction. He was getting impatient, as time WAS a factor. He watched the whole ordeal go forward as he noticed one of the people glaring at him, as he glared back with his one eye, giving him the glare of a seasoned warrior. "Excuse me miss, but time is an issue, sorry to be frank." He said again. He to was a leader, and knew what it was like to deal with such situations, so he held nothing against her.
Approaching The Church

A figure wearing a black cassock approach the grounds upon which the Church was situated. His collar was loose and the top tier was unbuttoned, giving a sort of casual or messy look depending on how you interpreted it. His body was not visible, covered by the cassock. The man wore his hair short, and it was starting to gray. In addition, he had square glasses on, which shimmered in the light. His formal shoes clicked against the pavement as he drew closer.
+One day I will be Queen of Durem...+

My hardrive died...
I might actually be absent a while...
Go one without me until I get this figured out.

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+...But always will I be myself.+
((Oh man...

The attack I'm planning would be so much more amusing if this place had something to do with Deus.))
"Pip," he began, grinning maliciously as the constant tapping of his heavy cane indicated he grew closer to the plain double-doors, "pip-pip-pippity, pip pippity pip-pip!"

Those who had heard the voice before would recognize it and, if they still had the smarts or sheer stupidity to keep them alive the first time they had heard it, would run like hell. Those in the church who recognized the acute, mildly feminine features of his face and the longish crimson mane on his head would find themselves wise to consider running with those who may have recognized the voice. Those who had enough guts to peer out of the window or open the door and look at him would see that, except for the beautifully-engraved wooden cane with a metal cap on the tip, he was unarmed and probably feel the feeling that came with a jaw of flesh and bone hitting the floor. He wasn't even armored, but wearing a red, form-hugging sweater with black stripes, expensive-looking black jeans, black leather boots, a pair of small-framed sunglasses, and black fingerless gloves. If anyone could see his back, they'd notice a pair of slight bulges that might indicate weapons, but only the other man with him could.

"Is this the place, bud?" Krausse - also known as Raven Yun - inquired of the other man as the tap-tap of his cane stopped with him.

It seems like the entirety of the FFA convulses into one guild at a time, trying to destroy it.
(I'm generally asked to help, and have nothing better to do, which is somewhat sad.)
Allan was looking around the place as if he knew not where they were. He donned a heavy black cloak with a pair of white lines running across his chest, and a hood obscuring his face for the most part. The usual equipment was visible.

"Know that I would've appointed someone else for this job, if not for some conflict of interest and my own inclination to test out something new."

And then, soon afterwards:

"But yes, this is the place. Ask them to surrender."

The last comment was spoken in a quiet murmur as not to upset some eavesdroppers. The man then proceeded through the double doors, and into the church.

It seems like the entirety of the FFA convulses into one guild at a time, trying to destroy it.
(( Yeah.

Seems like most people prefer instant gratification over entertainment for a large span of time. ))
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The man whom had just entered would be met by a young woman of no more than twenty years of age, classical Crusaders armor adorned all of her body negating her head, and a heavy steel round shield was attached to her Left arm. She was one of the many members of the holy order that made its home at this very church, and she had overhead the word surrender in someones conversation as she stood near the front door. "If you've come here looking for trouble then you've found it! I'll allow no evil on these hollowed grounds of the Lord! Begone sir lest you have some actual business here other than violence!" she said very angrily, having nothing but what she had just overheard to base her assumption of this new man off of.
"Oh-ho-ho now!" Krausse exclaimed, humor glinting in his violet eyes, "Put that smiter away before I have to get very unpleasant, miss! Know that I am undeed a very unpleasant person when I get very unpleasant - its a very unpleasant experience. For you, of course. I find it quite entertaining."

Chances are, Krausse would've come off as some crazy five-foot-four young b*****d with an old man's cane - possibly harmless. Then again, the Crusader might notice the very quiet, unsuspicious shuffling of feet that she might take as nervousness at being faced by such an impossibly intimidating figure, but was really Krausse shifting his weight and bracing himself to be body-slammed with a heavy tower shield. What he planned on doing might provoke her into it, and he was convinced that anyone who would wield a blade and kill in the name of their god was a complete nut, so better to be safe.

"You" - he prodded her with his cane in the plexus of her breastplate lightly, more of an intimidation, really - "ought" - prod - "to" - prod - "surrender" - prod.

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