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Cherry Blossom Orchard Heihou is better 0.36842105263158 36.8% [ 7 ]
Neither... think of something else 0.57894736842105 57.9% [ 11 ]
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The Cherry Blossom Orchard- Heihou

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One nation, One People

1.1) Aim
1.2) Alignment
1.3) Open to Attack?

2) Story

3) Description

4) Defenses

5.1) Member List
5.2) Allies/ Enemies

6) Application

7) Defeated

8.) Rules
Aim: To win, simply. To be the best.

Alignment: Neutral

Open to Attack? Always
Story: Wandering alone, Taigeku had many battles, many encounters, and maybe even many defeats. He has learned victory as well as defeat. He had wandered for far too long and needed a place of his own. With great honor and discipline, Taigeku promised himself to be the best and would take anyone else with him, who would, on his journey to the top. This is where history begins...

Description:H.Q consists of a Medical Room, Kitchen, Latrenes, a Dining Hall, an Arena, and Taigeku's room, also a vacant room for a deserving captain. The H.Q is located about fifty miles from Barton town and the building isn't very big.
The Medical Room contains various vaccines, bandaging and all around medical supplies for nursing one back to health. The
sleeping quarters consists of 26, 3' x 6' beds. The dining hall is more like a cafeteria, where food is constantly prepared in the kitch and brough to the dining hall by chef's (npcs). There at 10 table in the dining hall with 8 chairs at each round table.
The arena is for training and fighting with punching bags, disposable dummies, targets and a big fighting ring in the center.
The armory contains all sorts of swords, guns, melee weapons and armor units called Combat 1.1, which is the first model so far. The H.Q is surrounded by a gorgeous Cherry Blossom Orchard. The ground is painted pink and white with the beauty of their pedals. The symbolism is so, superb.

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Defenses: There isn't alot of defenses, camera's located around that send off alarms if put on surveillence mode. The walls are about 6 inch thick iron with inch thick marble plating on the inside. Basically, Taigeku doesn't believe that defenses have to be built into an establishment if you have strong enough fighters to defend it.

Mitsudace (male, weapon maker)
Nevaeh (female, medic)
Onikura (male, head of Defense/ Offense)
Kitsukin- (male, bodyguard)
Kitsuka- (female, bodyguard)
Member List-
Sergeant Major Of The Reich
- Taigeku
Command Sergeant Major
Sergeant Major (class)
First Sergeant
Master Sergeant
Sergeant First Class
Staff Sergeant
Private First Class
- imperalgaurd
- Blaketh Gunritsu
Allies/ Enemies-

Description (or tell if in journal)

1. I am mod here. Doji is mod everywhere else, and of course here too but whatever I say should be considers God's Golden Words.

2. Respect is mutual.

3. Do not over OOC post, try to IC as much as possible.

4. Keep it civil, sex and other obscene things will not be tolerated

5. You WILL NOT god-mod in this thread, if I feel you are, you will get 1 warning... if you pursue to be a jackass then all you're following posts will be nixed and useless.

6. Don't be afraid to die... simply put

7. Stay in post order, don't speed hack.

8. Try to stay away from Planar s**t, cuz it's really confusing and on the border line of God-moding
Taigeku considered himself lucky to find a building so superb for his base. He had worked relentlessly to rebuild and fix this broken down warehouse into an effective military base. Millions of Gold has been spent hiring temporary workers to do what Taigeku couldn't and even more spent on technology and refurbishing. He lie in his room, eyes gently shut but not asleep, he rests. He still has full armor on and his three swords at his hips.
Taigeku rose. His body fully rested and mind finally at ease from the strain of idiocy and organization of morons. He walked down the hall, past the empty room and into the Army's Sleeping Chambers and headed towards the door and he stopped, set the alarm and left, closing the thick door behind him. He made his way towards his former guild and master.
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Name: imperalgaurd
Age: 19
Race: human
Description (or tell if in journal)
Weapon(s): bolt pistol and power sword + sniper
Power(s): stealing, sniping, demolitions
Alignment: ?
orders sir?
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