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The nameless one glared at the oracle as he left, "Why do I get the feeling I've always hated oracles, fates. soothsayers, and their ilk?" With a sigh he glanced to Belial, "Well then, there was mention of someone who can spliy open my skull and extract what might be hanging around inside. I'm assuming you'd know where to find this person?"
Not inclined to speak in any means necessary, she merely jutted her arms out and yawned impatiently, before pointing to Ibril. Her nod indicated in that direction that he, the corpseless man, take Ibril and head back to the Judecca stronghold.

Being that she did not talk and were she to do so, he would not listen [it was just the curious matter of how she worked], a set of psychological instructions would be imprinted just on the outer shell of his mind, well within his reach, so that he may read and perhaps follow.

It started a little like this.

Hello, undead one. Please take my steed Ibril, and guide him back out of the Portal World, and into the Malebolge once more. Once there, feel free to dismount and continue as you please. But if you do wish to have your mind examined, then head back into Antenora, and speak with Vincent Mordikai. Tell him you wish to have your mind laid out for examination, and that Belial has ordered that he do so. Let us both hope that such an endeavor be beneficial to the both of us. For now, I must leave you.

With that, Belial prepared for another form of transportation. Her hands raised back overhead, and flung forward, fingers out like a magician displaying his aspect of 'Abracadabra!' but rather than bunnies in a hat, out roared the flaming comet from the sky, crash-landing beside Ibril in a spark of hellish fire and brutish strength. When the smoke had cleared, a giant stallion stood before Belial, neighing politely, [as it stood in thin air, neither on the Gazebo or platform].

As she waited for one second, to wave goodbye to the deathless one, she allowed a polite smile, as she reached over and leapt the horse, drawing from the scabbard on its side, an onyx blade, which shown brilliantly, even in this world that was so absolved of light. A swift kick to the side, and Belial had charged into the darkness of the void, disappearing, and leaving the Deathless one to his own devices.
The wry hum of a cloud of locust could be heard and maintained as Le Myst watched through its spectrum of vision. It witnessed the comet-like summoning and watched the man on the horse.

Nothing of interest here. It thought and moved on, looking for the rumored leader of this place.
[Man on the horse? Belial's on the horse.]
((My apologies, I read the context wrong, assuming Ibril was a horse and Tacitus had mounted it, I'll edit))
The horse Nightmare emerged from the depths of the portal, crushing the very Earth it emerged from in breathes of fire. As its massive hooves smashed into the ground, to gain stability, the form of Belial would appear on horse back, unharmed by the flames that consumed part of her horse.

The blade Shauku was curled within her hands. Her knuckles were pale white as they gripped the sword violently, as if to swing at any time. But her face was nonchalant, she possessed no anger, malice, or hint of happiness in them.

While one hand attempted to hold Nightmare still, the other held Shauku above her hips. Her eyes perused Antenora with a small stillness, looking for any sign of weakness or intrusion, which seemed common lately, for some particular reason. When they caught sight of the hovering mass of locusts, she then felt a little subsided.

She was not angered, and instead glad that she found exactly what she was looking for, and to be frank, it was something new.

Whipping Nightmare with the edge of Shauku, she hurtled into a charge in the direction of the mist of Locust, and when she arrived, stopped right beside it, staring at its ominous presence, before she sheathed Shauku.

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The sensation left by the thoughts imprinted on his mind were not wholy unlike memories welling up within the innermost reaches of his brain. However, they lacked the characteristic crawling sensation at the base of the skull, and as such he was confused at first. His mind flitted over the words and slowly they leaked into his conscious thoughts. He absently watched as Belial left, though he did not truly see the occurance while filtering through the message. In time he would make his way out as instructed, but how long it would take to such an inexperienced corpse is unknown.
Le Myst watched the girl approach through its spectrum of vision. As quickly as she would begin to approach its mass, it would begin to reform.

The locust would start at forming its face, buzzing around to solid mass, once in place, turning into almost a black paste. This transformation was in all actuality, painful, so once a mouth was formed, a malevolent growl would echo throughout the area. Its sharp teeth snapping as the locust continued to form its neck and chest.

Moments later, Le Myst was formed in all entirety, it heaved as the last bit of the locust pulsated and formed into place. It stretched out its jaw as a fleshy crunch would ensue before it spoke.

"I am Le Myst" Its germanic accent was great as its voice was a hissy, well maintained whisper.
[Oops, didn't see your post, Tac. Well, seeing as my attack with Belial is postponed, you can come visit Belial once more, if you like. Seeing as Vincent is here too, it is convienient that we can also do your memory examination while I entertain my guest.]

Vincent Mordikai snapped back to life. He had released Crowley and placed him back where he found the doll. Before heading downstairs, rushing actually. Running. Sprinting down the steps, with huge tap-tap-tapping which was believed to be his own instinct, but really because he was out of control.

After awhile, he had reached the end of the stairs, only to find Belial, riding upon her horse, and a little imp-thing beside her. He stood and bowed to Belial. It was obvious what was going on, she had called for him, mentally. For Belial never spoke, and instead, used Vincent as her voice. Like God and Metatron, it was The Grand Prosecutor and her Accuser. Vincent.

After what seemed like only a few seconds, Vincent had received all the information he needed, and then turned to the imp.

"Madam Doombringer wishes to inquire why you are here, carrier, for she is interested very much in your being, and is curious why a plague would make it to the Judecca."
Le Myst's head would snap in the direction of the man speaking for the girl, and a cryptic grin would cross its face, having already been asked a similiar question.

"I come to her, to you, in offerance of my abilities. I feel something different about this place... something unholy."

Its lip would begin to quiver yet again, in obvious pleasure and vulgarity. "I love it..."
can i join???
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((Nah, I'm likelynot going to post again tillthursday at the earliest. Finals week. >.> Cutting out as much as I can to at least try to focus on studying. I likely won't, but its the thought that counts. XD))
[Fine enough.]

"I see, carrier." Vincent spoke, and his voice was methodical, without emotion, though even then a trace of malice in its direction could be picked up almost without difficulty. Before he nodded towards Belial, and replied.

"Lady Doombringer is glad you enjoy it." A smirk widened broadly across his face, before he continued. "And understands you to be a valuable asset, though is somewhat confused by your form."

Another head turn, another pause, before continuing. "She says she has seen many carriers like you, but none have taken this form thus far. She wonders whether you are comfortable like this, and has proferred a deal, strike that, a gift, to you, in the form of a more conventional body of your will."

Belial had not changed expression, though Vincent had garnered through several. She and Nightmare both looked imperically at the Voice, who was continuing to speak with Le Myst.

"Of course, the choice is yours alone."
Le Myst would tastes its teeth with a foul sweep of its forked tongue as its lip would discontinue its pleasurable quiver.

"A new body?" It whispered, eyes pacing in thought. It lifted its right hand and stared deep into its palm, then turned it around to face its knuckles.

Its eyes would dart to Vincent, then back to Belial. It spoke.

"I am proud of what I am..." A wide, cryptic smile would crease its blackened face. "...but thank you for the rewarding offer."

It would rub its long fingers together, almost as if praying. "On to business," It stared deep into Belials eyes. "...I am anxious. What will you have me do?"
There was a pause, while the two conversed between one another mentally, and then he turned to her once more.

"Alright. Your decision is much respected. Lady Doombringer will keep the offer on the table, for she is very much inclined to have some larger enforcers by her side." The comment was basically made to smirk on the fact that, of all the people that were currently employed in the Judecca, most were under 5 and a half feet. The tallest person, [and the only one that beat this ratio], was Flaherty, who was by far a tower amongst some relatively short trees.

"She also praises your dedication and earnestness. And notes that an attack will be prepared in due time upon an enemy stronghold, in an effort to capture and retain said position as an established region for the Judecca. But before that is done, she wishes to send small, preliminary scouting groups in their direction. She feels that your ability to transform into locust very much compliments this mission. If you do feel up to the task, feel free to approach her some time."

Taking Nightmare with her, Belial raised the reins, and pulling the horse back, plummeted outward into the Night, across the plains of the Malebolge.

Vincent, left still with Le Myst, shook his head vigorously. "I bloody hate it when she does that."

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