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Sachiko slowly opened an emarld and black eye to the sound of a very familiar voice. She shifted her tail slightly, letting out a slight groan in the process. She immediately knew her wings had taken most of the damage. Her body was only 4 feet long, her wings 5 feet and 5 inches, and her tail 5 feet. She was indeed small, but her outsred wings were not, and had been very torn up from the branches. The pain made her stop and close her eye once more.

A thin trail of black and green smoke drifted from her nose as she realized she was not in the acursed tree. She opened her eye again and saw the sun, shing happily at her, as if almost winking at her. She titled her head and looked about. At the sight of Lucreacia in the corner of her eye, Sachiko let out a small sound, almost sounding like a yipp, only in dragon-form. She turned her head so she was facing the girl and spoke, though her mouth never opened. "Hello, I was looking for you!"

      Lucreacia laughed softly, and patted the girl's scales, "Well, you found me!" Suddenly her gaze turned intense and serious, "But I'm afraid we are going to have to amputate your wing," she let that sink in a moment, wishing that she had an ax near just to scare her more.

      She finally broke the silence with a laugh, and turned back to look at it more closely. Her fine black hair fell and covered her face from view, but from the tense look of her shoulders, you could tell she wasn't pleased. Lucreacia looked back up with a solemn gaze.

      "You torn the skin, between the wing joints. Some of the tears are a lot closer to the joints, which could be bad if you try to take flight again," she didn't want to scare her, but, "If you do fly, it might the last time," she shook her head, "wings are delicate, I'm happy you only torn a bit of skin near the bones. If you are willing to wait, I can sew you back up, and maybe find you some breakfast!"

      Lucreacia stood, without looking back, and picked her way, barefooted to the shack. She returned maybe a minute later with a biscuit in her mouth, a bag over her shoulder, a bit of salted meat. She plopped back down next to Sachiko, and dropped the meat in front of her, and began to devour her bread.

      Between bits she uttered, "I'm not sure how dragons work, but I don't think healing with an injury will be good for you. In fact, I don't think it'll heal it, since. . . Well, changing will carry it over to your human form, right?"

      Like Sachiko had said, she was young, and Lucreacia was her elder in some ways, but others Lucreacia was still curious about. And with all the things in Gaia, some healed much differently than others.

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Sachiko watched Lucreacia walk toward the shack and back, now accompinied by food. Sachiko was delighted and even wagged her tail some, though only a while. It hurt.

Once the meat hit the ground, she dove her small pointed nose at it and began eating away, her eyes never leaving it. She couldn't believe how hungry how she was. As Lucreacia spoke, Sachiko thought back to all her previous injuries. She spoke again, her mouth busy on the meat, but the words could be heard in the mind of whoever was near.

"Yes, I cannot shift into my human form until my wings are repaired. Which, thank you for bandaging them up! Any help is appreciated, and I'm sure I can find some means to repay you someday. But, if I did shift out of my dragon body, my human one would be missing a limb or two. I think it might be best to avoid that, don't you?" Another thin trail of smoke escaped her nose, her form of laughing or giggling.

"What is this place?" Sachiko had not taken her eyes from her food, but had noticed a strange scent in the air. One of freedom, and relaxation Sachiko had never before incountered.

      "I'm not quite done yet, girlie!" She pulled out a needled and thread, and then said, "If you don't like pain, just listen to my story, or talk yourself," and with that she began.

      "When Kichiro Oda was still a bit more violent, and less of a gentle than he is now, he met a young women by the name of Minerva. Well - that wasn't her real name.

      He named her. She never had a name until then. She raised herself, from the time she could remember, and lived a feral life. She was covered in scars, and wore animal skins. And, he loved her

      She sighed, pulling the string to a knot, sutchering up one of the tears. She continued:

      "The only women Minerva ever considered a mother, she broke ties with to be with him. In fact, Minerva had never even kissed a man before, because she was so focused on living! Never the less, the parted ways quickly, because she found herself addicted to his body, for shallow reasons, and felt outside, and underneath the life he lived. And mind you, Kichiro Oda is a high class man!"

      She finished another tear, at this rate, she'd be done shortly.

      "Minerva came to me with the express concern to care for him. She thinks she knows him too well. She knows he'd run himself, his new women, and his men to the ground before giving up. She begged me," she laughed, "No, black mailed me, into doing this. Truthfully, she helped me in a tight spot some years ago; I tell you, Ms. Sachiko, soldiers are horrible to women when left alone for a few minutes," she continued on, "so, basically, I am only here to make sure he doesn't hurt you, his men, his new wife, or his-self."

      She bent down, and bit the string, as it broke, and Ms. Sachiko was officially fixed up. "Don't stretch too much too fast, it'll tear even worse."

      Lucreacia sighed, "So, this place. . . This is a place of rest. I picked it out. I mean, the man who runs it isn't the most social, but he is kind. I figured, when Mr. Oda worn out his men too much, I'd whisk them away here. And, I have an idea that that may be needed soon enough."

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Sachiko winced slightly as the needle poked through the skin of her wings. She turned her head away, as she did not enjoy the sight of needles. As Lucreacia began her story, Sachiko listened with the up most attention. She had never fully understood Oda and his past, or Josie, his soon-to-be wife. The histroy lesson made her close her eyes, deep in thought. She wondered how Oda might feel as to the reunion with Minerva. And more, how Josie would feel. Too much drama turned Sachiko's mind to think of other things.

As Lucreacia finished her stitching and her doctor's orders, Sachiko pressed her wings tightly to her body without difficulty, and stood up, slowly for her legs were rather still. From shoulder to foot, she was about 3 feet tall. She coiled her neck slightly and looked back at Lucreacia.

"Thank you. This place is very calming. I should very much like to stay here for a while." The fimiliar smoke rose from her nose. "Like I'd be able to leave anyway!"
His eyes opened, as Noah's body rose his fist rising up to punch out into the air. "Oh, party time surprise!" The pink haired boy would be met with a subtle quiet as Boo shuffled at the end of the bed. "Hmm, something is not right, there are no balloons and streamers, let alone any confetti or noise makers. This place is kinda dull." Letting out a sigh as the boy got up from his bed, still wearing the same clothes as the day before. "Yuck, I better get out of these."

Slipping out of his shorts, and black t shirt, Noah withdrew from a small chest of drawers a white wife beater, and a pair of blue plaid shorts. Slipping out of his red boxers and into a yellow smiley faced pair, Noah chuckled at the thought of his former life. "Katsura." With his fresh clothes on, Noah stepped up to the wooden door which was the only true entrance into his room to the sound of voices. "Soca."
A young man skips along through the forest, carefree and high as a kite. He stumbles a bit as he skips along and fixes his baggy pants. He hears a stir in the bushes and stops suddenly.
"i'm unarmed, don't hurt me!" He chokes these few words out quietly and trys to tip-toe away from the sound.
Hiss. A small brown rabbit darts from the bushes and the strange man starts to chase it, keeping close behind it with ease.
After while the rabbit becomes more evasive and he slows his quick pace.
He looks up and becomes startled for a moment, his eyes taking in the sight of a shack up ahead. He proceeds carefully at a normal speed as he calls out, "Hello? is anyone here?" as he walks.

      "Of course, Ms. Sachiko!" She smiled, a true southern accent emerging from her voice. She stood, and folded her arms, turning to look at the Lord of the Estate. Some Estate, she thought in her mind.

      "Mist- erm. . . Noah! Good morning!" She called, turning towards him, her large brimmed straw hat slipping a bit from the prefect spot. She wondered if she should offer to cook for him, since she was his guest. . .

      "Well. . . Um," Lucreacia found her attention being pulled away once more. A skiddish looking man was coming down the path. Great, that was all they needed now.

      Without looking towards the little dragon, she motioned her to move towards the shack. She was still a protective mother type, even if she had no children of her own.

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Sachiko had been staring at man skipping after the bunny. She felt a need to liberate the poor creature from the man, but lost focus on it as Lucreacia spoke to a different one, apperantly a man named Noah. She turned and watched Lucreacia and as the woman motioned for her, so Sachiko followed. Each step making a tiny thud noise.

As they approached the house, Sachiko took a step closer to Lucreacia and spoke only to her mind, "What sort of man is this... Noah? Do you think he will object to me staying here a while?" In her dragon form, Sachiko spoke through her mind. However, she could choose which minds around her could hear her words. At the present, only Lucreacia could hear Sachiko speaking. She thought a moment and decided until she knew more about Noah and semi-trusted him, it would remain that way.
OoC : Sorry for my absence, I was away for an extended period of time for a reason which shall be kept to myself. If any of you are still out there, we can continue on as planned, or move forward to a suitable time.
The ground shoke violently, as it began to break and tear apart. Dirt crumbled and gave way as roots were torn asunder, as the hill which they resided under begin to rise into the air, the small shack coming into focus once more, Noah standing at the door, joined by his bear Boo. Adjusting his goggles, Noah felt the pain of the earth as what appeared to be two large Dutch wind mills arise from the ground behind his shack, causing the mound of earth to move forward, as two submarine propellers appeared directly underneath tearing apart what earth still remained attached to them as they began to spin. A long extended copper pipe appeared between the two, blowing out steam as the ground rose into the air. Noah's shack had begun its movement. It had been found and now was in need of hiding once more. Better protection was offered by the movement of air, and the warm moist air aided in the transportation of earth. "The day has come that I will surpass you."
bump i live in ????
hi evry1! am i pretty? pm me if u think i am!
btw, im reely confused about wat this forum is about! lol

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