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His ears perked, causing his attention to move completly over to the one charging at Torran. Rather pissed at the fact that these childish enemies were taking there sweet time dying, Junior pressed towards Torran. He was done waiting for his chance to fight. Drawing a single hand behind him, Junior withdrew his double barrel revolver, Shadeslayer. It was beautiful in the light of day, the dark hue of gunmetal against the white grip made for a magnificent display. Etched along the barrel of the gun were the words Ripple in the Water. Training the gun directly passed Torran, his sights fell upon Umbra. Kiro didn't hesitate. As soon as his chance arose, a rapid succession of four bullets were volleyed at the enemy directed for his chest. Each of the bullets was not an average bullet, on the contrart, a simple contrast actually. The bullets themselves were hollowed out, on the inside a black pigment dye lay. On impact the dye would cover the inside of the wound.

"Torran, back off, I will take this one." Kiro grinned.
((Lol, Kiro. Pulling out random weapons. Your journal has mention of a double-barrel revolver capable of materia-slotting, called Redemption... but nothing of a 'shade-slayer'. You wouldn't be pulling things out of your a**, now would you?
The other thing worth noting is a pistol, of a pair, that fires bullets containing dark matter. Under 'Kiro Hoto'... but not a double-barrel revolver. Set that straight for me, if you would.

I'll make my reply after Torran has posted, as he is the one I am targeting.))
Taigeku's lazy attitude suddenly got very perturbed as the guns were fired... He lowered his head, looking first at Jade, then to Kiro just past his eye brows. His first clenched and his eyebrows pulled together as he spoke through twitching lips; "You silly humans and your guns."

In that instant, as Kiro pulled out Shade-Slayer, Taigeku had mearly blinked, when a baseball sized chunk of solidified sand and rock lept from the earth and meant to strike the side of Kiro's gun. If unhindered, the rock would hit the gun, knocking it off the sights of Umbra and possibly disarm him.

Simaeltaniously, Taigeku would find himself rocketing forward, on a thin sheet of sand, perhaps 30 to 40mph right fist drawn back, and as he neared, Kiro would only see a flash of a fist careening towards his very human, very sensitive nose.

{Basically, the rock would hit the gun a moment before Taigeku's fist could reach Kiro's nose, if unhindered]}

Thats the thing about the human nose, its ... easy to hurt. Connnected to hundreds of nerves, and harboring your olfactory, often times, when struck the nose will bleed, break, and indefinetly increase the ducts that produce tears, out of reflex.
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The rock would not strike Kiro's weapon as it would dissolve into prismatic light and a moment later a spire of crystalline material would form in Tai's path. At his speed he would impale himself on the object several inches out of reach of Kiro. The spire still glimmered with prismatic light and would easily dissolve any nonliving material used to damage or block it. His gun slowly rose and pointed towards Tai, "You better not have been calling me human, meat sack."
((i'm in a friggen tree Tac.....))
Digi blinked, then shrugged, leaning against the trunk of her tree, allowing her feet to dangle. So much for staying hidden. She swung her legs, watching the fight with little intrest. Her eyes wandered for a moment, before answering Jade. "Meh. I was just wanting to examine that arm of yours, but I see that you have it covered. I wouldn't have been able to do anything I assume, due to the guessed nature of the injury. When you have time, can you explain to me what you did? I'm curious as to how you, I assume, re-constructed the splintered bone, and how you kept a grip upon your gun." Digi smiled a little, glancing at Kiro. "Funny how every person has their twin. Wonder if I'll ever get to meet my own."
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((Exactly. Should tell you something about his means of observing his surroundings. Its obviously not normal seeing as his shades are completely opaque, which I figured more people would call him on, or at least mention it.))
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((i'll be back, must wait on the physics of time travel, i have to wait a day to be sent forward in time from the past... truly wish i hadn't been targeted by that blast, if i had known that i were to be an adversary to the mech, i would have waited till his demise.))
OoC: Umbra if you would actually gander at my post you would figure out that. OMG WTF IT IS KIRO'S SON!!!! heart Now take the bullets and die? Please so we can be through with you.

Oh and Taigeku, who ever said Kiro Jr was human? Or Kiro at that.
((That kinda threw me at first. I was wondering how the hell you saw me but i said 'hell. it's prolly a Tac thing.' Nowyou clarify and my head hurts.. definately a tac thing. xd ))
(Lol, I guess this is why they call it the Free For All, all the fighting happens here, IC and OOC. That's funny.

Pity though that there isn't more IC fighting, my character's a p***y so I'm not even gonna try, but I do so enjoy watching you all fight, so different from my own style it makes me giggle. Anyone know where Torran wandered off to?

Yay for typing small, it makes me look smarter than I am. xd
((Torran never logs in over the Week-end. He's on from about 5AM, once in a while 3AM, till about noon PST. I know this only because that's my school scedual for the most part... XD))
((Sounds 'bout right.))

The Unmistakable rattle, clang and roar of Jiro Kenshin's outdated military class rust bucket of what had once been a Jeep rumbled up the beaten path, a path nearly destroyed by time and weather, leaving the Steele Mansion locatable by the route only by those that had traversed it time and time again.

The Jeep's owner and sole driver Jiro himself, in his late twenties now bounced and jolted up the worn path, a grin appearing on his features as he recognized the familiar whir of the canons already operational and as he neared Jiro realized in-use. Punching in a code on his metallic left arm, Jiro's metal limb emitted a code similar to the ones the canons employed, identifying him as a non-hostile target. However; when Jiro received a return transmission of denial, Jiro grumbled and abruptly halted the Jeep, no doubt Torran, Taimei or Vyse had likely re-wired the system and re-calibrated the signal which would explain why his was denied, and as he neared Jiro seemed to remember that when last he'd been to this place he'd been on not-so-good terms with the Steele family, but with a shrug he came into the clearing, not surprised at all to find Torran himself along with a few others already engaged in battle. nothing quite like Steele Jiro recanted as he made his way through the brush, the local "mechanic" though long out of the position Jiro knew the Steele grounds relatively well, but so long as he was here he was a guest or target, this was decidedly not his home.

Looking at the faces gathered he couldn't recognize any off the top of his head, but then it had been a while since Jiro had last set foot on Steele's property too. So with a sigh he sagged against a tree and waited. Figuring the fight would probably last a while.
((Keep the OOC to a minimum please
Aetea i got our PM but it wont let me reply. I'll have you, and everyone else that has sent me profiles on the front page in a bit.))

When Umbra and Kiro engaged one another Torran simply took a step back. If Junior wanted to take care of the berserker ninja then by all means Torran wouldnt stand in his way.
Taking Jade's comment as a step in the right direction and having Digi close by put Torran a bit more at ease.
"That, would be my medic. But sadly i dont think she would do you much good." Torran grinned indicating Jade's reforming arm.
Torran took a moment to check his readings. He was pleased to see that his reinforcments were finally arriving. Perhaps this would turn out to be a good day after all. Turning to Umbra and taking a quick appraisal as to what his new deal was Torran began thinking of an interesting way to destroy him should Junior fail.
Digi hopped out of her tree, landing in a catlike crouch with a smile gracing her face. She glanced at the old oak before turning and bowing to Torran. "I apologize for taking so long to show up Sir. I felt it best to wait and watch before revealing myself." Digi stood slowly, Moving closer to both Torran and Jade with cautious steps, wanting to wander closer to Torran, whom she knew. She resisted the urge, and instead stood closer to Jade a sign of the respect and trust.
"Not a problem at all darling! I dont think, aside from our friend here and the dead man over there, anyone has been hurt. Im honestly just glad some one showed up"
He laughed deeply.
"Mister Jade, i dont suppose you drink? If so im entertaining the idea of inviting you in for a drink and attempting to talk you into showing me just how you create that distortion field of yours."

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