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Amaya didn't know what he was doing, but she wasn't going to allow him to do it. As her left arm was braced tightly against his arm with the gauntlet, she caught out of the corner of her eye the movement of his hand. She actually just thought he was going to hit her, so she reacted to it.
As his palm began to come towards the gauntlet, she reacted quickly, moving her left arm quite abrubtly out from underneath his arm and latching onto his wrist that had been heading for the gauntlet. It wouldn't be that hard to do or take that much time, since his palm's coming towards the gauntlet and she's moving from the gauntlet with her hand towards his. She most certainly would be able to counter. Also, a slight amount of damage had been made to his arm, although she hadn't really accomplished breaking it like she wanted.
Immediately, she would move nearer to him, placing herself right in front of him and holding onto both wrists tightly, she would abrubtly thrust her knee up high, right into his abdomen. Most likely, this would knock the wind out of him or stun him, but either way..She wouldn't be going deaf quite yet.
His long snake-like tongue moved towards the back of his mouth, causing the muscles around his tongue-spine to contract, shooting it from his mouth, it sped along towards the side of the girl's neck, less then a foot from her though, she dropped to the ground, the spine passing over her harmlessly.

He watched her as she fell and watched her features fade from his view. He concentrated on the bacteria that was around her, and the outline of her took shape, becoming more sharp, rendering her invisibilty usless.

He knew she was aware of his presence, though he didn't know if she knew where he was. Curling his tongue back again, he'd shoot another spine at her, aiming for the soft unprotected part right behind her earlobe. Since she was laying on the ground, this would be open for him.

As the spine left his mouth though, he'd leap stright up and land on a treebranch 15 feet up, his light weight paired with his stealthy skills made it so the branch only quivered slightly, moving as much as a cat would cause.
As she was crouched and twisting around as she moved searching for her foe the needle wouldn't find flesh but metal as it glanced off of her shoulder pad.

The projectile was slight enough for Sanyi to miss the impact, and she continued forward. Giving up on spotting her opponent she dashed towards the tree-line to circle around and investigate the area she had first heard from her target. Once she entered she slipped her derringer from out of her covering and held it so her hand obscured it. As she circled she stayed at least five feet into the tree-line at all times, following areas where the ground was clearest but still obscured from the clearing.
The spine made contact with her shoulder pad, and was deflected off harmlessly, the needle flying off in a different direction, imbedding itself harmlessly in a tree.

Though she wouldn't feel the needle hit her, she would hear the sizzling as the potent acid ate away at a small section of the armor it made contact with.

He followed her movement as he sat there, crouched upon a treebranch, still as stone. He waited, his mind ready to strike at a moments notice should an opportunity arised.
Sanyi noticed the hiss and checked her armor as she moved.

(other than that the effect of the acid wont change my previous post.)

She reached the area of the noise and began searching the ground, trees, and general vicinity. It didn't take her long to notice the area effected by the globule of spittle from Toxin. As she bent she prepared herself incase of another attack. Since she couldn't detect the needles until they hit she instead took measures to cover any exposed parts of her body. She clenched her hands so her fingers were hidden between her body and her gloves, and she bent her head slightly so her hair fell forward to protect her neck, face, and ears. She also grabbed onto the wire attached to what she had prepared earlier, holding between the casually touching tips of her thumb and pointer finger. If any more attacks were forthcoming the attacker would learn just how fast she could respond.

What she saw when bent over was an area that was obvious in its incongruity. A small circle was burnt into the ground, and a faintly acrid smell wafted up from it. But Sanyi was only partially paying attention to it, other than to note that what she was fighting probably wasn't human. Everything else she had was focused on sensing where to put her next move by reading the path of her opponents next attack.
Tensing his powerful legs, he'd leap straight up again, traveling ten feet up, his powerful fingers wrapping around a tree branch. He silently pulled himself up, keeping his "eyes" on her. He was now inside the more dense branches of the tree, hidden better and gifted with much higher ground.

He curled his tongue inside his mouth, making the letter 'U' and slid it six inches out of his maw. He angled his head so when he contracted the salivary glands inside his mouth and the baseball sized glob of acid flew out of his mouth, it would arc silently in the air and fall where Sanyi now crouched. His tongue acted like the barrel of a gun, perfecting his aim. She would be oblivious to this attack for high above her head, the dense trees further hiding her view.
((Hissy hissy))

Sanyi, with her sense attuned for an attack, shoved herself into a forward roll when she heard a hissing sound come from above her. The ball of acid hit the ground behind her, and far enough away that none of the acid splashed up onto her.

As she came up from her roll she whipped forward the wire, the ball of C4 attached to the end of it flying off in the direction the acid came from. Of course, with no way to study the trajectory it was a blind guess at Toxins location. Heading only in the correct direction, the ball flew for about four seconds before it exploded. Flames and a wave of force from the C4 cleared a large space of the dense vegetation about 25 feet up in the canopy of the forest.

Sanyi dashed forward after loosing the explosive and placed a tree between her and where the acid had come from. Running over the events in her mind she let her invisibility cloak vanish and returned to the visible spectrum, since invisibilty obviously wasn't helping her. Looking up the tree she climbed into it, to about the height of the explosion of the C4 where there was a branch large enough to rest upon. Pausing for a moment she prepared another C4 grenade, then went back to scanning the forest.
The explosion was off by a fair ammount, though the waves of heat and the force of the explosion caused him to jump from the tree, landing without the slightest sound.

He had her biological pattern fixed to his vision; so when she slipped behind the tree, it did nothing but make her appear slightly hazy, as if he was looking through a glass of water.

He could see her hands working on something, he guessed it was another one of those bombs, though he didn't assume anything, and in that small windor of time he dashe foward, accelerating his speed to supernatural levels.

He passed through the clearing in less then three seconds, and stopped at the very tree she was in, though he was well below her and on the opposite side, he didn't think she'd be able to see him, though he hugged the tree all the same.
Sanyi, unknowing of Toxin nearby and below her, took off from her post leaping to a branch nearby. Silently she ghosted through the canopy, looking for Toxin.
Kyo found this quite interesting, he was somewhat impressed so far, he had forgotton that they were in the FFA afterall.

Upon having both of his wrists held captive, his wolven ears could hear the knee towards his abdomen pushing against the wind current, he would quickly thrust his left knee upwards to clash against hers, his knee most likely the harder of the two because of it being [along with the rest of his body when properly flexed] as hard as steel when clenching a few muscles in his legs such as his caves to increase the force of the clash upon impact. This counter was strong enough to break her knee.

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