This an rp about two Wiccan covens made up of teenagers who all go to a co-ed boarding school. They are at war. Your charrie is on the opposite side and hates everyone in Nawatikikomiarti my charries coven (you can make your own name for your own) how ever when they confront each other alone your charrie and mine see each other without their coven surrounding them.


Characters name:
Wiccan specialty:
Description (picture not needed as I don't have one):


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Username: DragonaScorpio
Characters name: Tula Vanquise
Age: 15
Wiccan specialty: Protection and fighting to protect (her power weakens if she is not attacked first)
Description (picture not needed as I don't have one): Tula is tall but not lanky. She has shimmering light brown eyes that portray her innocence which she uses to her advantage. Her hair is light brown and shapes her heart shaped face nicely, it reaches her shoulders and is usually pinned back above her ears with combs, it is dead straight. She is thin and fit.
Background: Tula had not known she was a blood witch until one of her friends had invited her to join Nawatikikomiarti. The other covens felt the difference the moment Tula joined the circle and they all know how powerful she is but they don't tell her frightened of losing their fun loving youngest member, the baby of the coven. The war between the covens was good and running before she was initiated but now with Tula Nawatikikomiarti thinks they can win while Tula wishes they could just be friends. Tula is innocent, not naive how ever and is dangerous when shes angry, especially now as she knows strong and lethal spells.