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What will you do?

Kill cops 0.28571428571429 28.6% [ 10 ]
Become cop 0.48571428571429 48.6% [ 17 ]
do both 0.22857142857143 22.9% [ 8 ]
Total Votes:[ 35 ]
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Story/Background of your thread: The Gaia Police Department was formed to help the Gaia Staff to enforce the ToS and R&Gs.

A Description of your thread's base of operations: The Headquarters is on Nickel Street in Barton Town with Precincts in Barton Township, Durem, Gambino Township, and Aekea. it is 30 sq. ft. long and wide. It is 10 stories tall. the precints are 3 stories tall and 20 sq ft long and wide.

Base Defenses: The Headquarters is defended by Rooftop snipers, and Armed Guards. if you manage to break in, Miniguns come out of the ceiling to try to kill you. also, the Gaia National Guard and Gaian F.B.I. will be deployed to the Headquarters. The Precincts do not have rooftop snipers but have everything else the precinct does.

Thread Rules: Follow the ToS/ R&Gs and No mass murders on officers

Member List: G0h4n1234, Officer_Matt_GPD, Mr-Agent-Dillion, Marine 14,and others

Please literate all posts. no *shoots* instead do "I fire at the police officer with my (Insert gun here)"

This post is for anyone banned from this thread
People Dead

This list is for the people who were killed.
Character Profile

Roleplay name:
Rank(If Firefighter,Soldier,or cop were chosen):
Roleplay name:Gohan Vercetti
Occupation: Police Officer
Vehicle:2009 unmarked Ford Crown Victoria
Firearm(s): Desert Eagle, M4A1 Carbine Assault rifle

Vehicle Pic:User Image
CPT. Gohan sat in his office on the 5th floor of the Headquarters. he sipped his coffee and listened to the radio. "slow day" He said.
Username: Konran Yuuki
Roleplay name: Yuuki Kay
Age: 22
Occupation: Cop by day/hired assassin by night!
Rank: Cop-rank is Lieutenant
Vehicle: moped
Firearm(s): machine gun and sniper
Knocks on door hoping that she's not interupting something very important! Waits for the answer!
((Hahahaha. Wow.

You know there is already a Gaia Police Department in the FFA right?

Ah well...))
((Hahahaha. Wow.

You know there is already a Gaia Police Department in the FFA right?

Ah well...))
there are other GPDs you know.
Username: xilent321
Roleplay name: Xilent
Occupation: Assassin
Firearm(s):M4,Sniper with silencer, Scythe,katana,fists
((Oh god, GPD's still alive...somewhat?! D: I remember attacking the damn place with characters back in 2003... emo *suddenly feels too old...* ))

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