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Appeares from a roll of thick fog as he always do.
He glances around the area, seeing that a fierce battle had taken place.

... ... what mess.
ah Rei, i decided to fight my sister, because you werent around..she wasnt much trouble...but a new foe has been lurking around here lately..i havent seen him yet..but i know hes around..keep an eye out will you?
Yes, Lord Katsu.

sighs I can't help to feel as if I failed you. I should have been her to get rid of her once and for all.
he laughs dont worry about it..i doubt she wouldve stayed around anyway, shes a tricky one...ah yes i almost forgot to promote yo scribbles down on a bit of paper and hands it too his bird by the way if its not too much trouble, give the I.T.E.M boys a bit of hassle ok?

(sorry im asking alot..its just your my only active member right now)
I'd much wether you assign me to kill some one... but I will go to I.T.E.M if you insist.

((Yeah, I see that I'm the only active member. All the more reason for me to try harder))
A sliver of dark hid within the shaded area of the canyon, fingers digging in and gripping the rock as it continued to haul itself up the rocky face. The form had been climbing for what seemed like forever, wiry arms and legs allowing the unidentified person to scale with relative ease. But it had finally reached what it had been searching for, and it pulled itself up and over the ledge, now looking at the village it had sought.

Shinto moved stealthily towards the small outcroping of buildings, once more blending into and becoming just another shadow.
by all means kill them

he smiles

(so un-popular but hey i can handle stuff on my own.with your help ninja )
A grin appears on his face
hehehe... Naw... I shouldn't do that. I don't want to act permaturly and have the another enemy learn my fight techniques. I'll save my violent energy for Kurai...
sences something wrong within that air...
he walks back to his hut and sits down
Is shroaded in fog as his fades away in it. The fog does not disperse that the moment, as it lingers around the building
Silence continued to mask her approach as she darted from the shadows of one hut to the next, her rapid footsteps disturbingly quiet. She paused for a moment, wondering where, exactly, she was to go next. Slanted green eyes peered curiously at the bland site around her, curious so to why assassins were needed here. But she shrugged, uncaring as to why, and only knowing that they needed one of her kind.

Her fingers splayed against the building she stood beside, focusing her mind on not being by the building, but being an extention of the building. Her ninjitsu training definitely had an effect on her. She kept moving, her mind chanting 'You are not by the wall, but part of the wall. You are not in the shadow, but the shadow.' It continued along those lines.
(i havta go, Rei keep an eye on her dude)
(Yeah, I will. Later)
Fog begins to roll though out the village, shroading it completely. Rei thinks to himself.
I know something his here... I feel it in t he air.
Fading into the fog, becoming one with it, Rei searches the ground for an intruder
It would not be hard to find the small shinobi, if one could apparate and disapparate such as the lone guard could. But catching her would be a different problem. Keen eyes remained alert, despite their deceptively sleepy look. The faintest of all smiles curved her coral lips, and she began to seep backwards into the shadows, seemingly not there at all.

She slipped around the bulding once more, seeking for something she wasn't sure of, knowing that she needed to be there, but not why. Shinto remained crouched low the ground in such a position that most would find exceedingly painful. But she had been doing this since she was quite young, and had grown used to such uncomfortable positions.

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