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"Hey," Jack spoke, his British accent soaked in strained affection, his mouth curling into a smile difficultly. Not that he didn't like the prospect of having family, but he just didn't like the prospect of actually having a family. Double negative, neat huh! The warlock waggled his fingers causing a glass of water to appear in his hand. She'd turn around. "Little sis. Nice nap?"
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She finally turned, and when she saw him a clumsy smile blossomed on her lips. One corner of her mouth seemed more capable than the other, and the effect was that her smile seemed more a smirk. Or perhaps it was one after all. Certainly her response had a touch of dry humor to it.

Nice enough. Just a little sore, but I guess that's what sleeping on the floor will get you.

Josie reached high over her head and stretched upwards. A satisfying series of pops could be heard up and down her spine, and her smile turned into a grin. Only for a moment, though. There was a quality to her movements as if everything had been sped up just a fraction its normal speed, and perhaps her emotions ran on this band too, because in an instant she was down to business.

What were we doing here, anyway? Looks kinda'... yick...

Was it amusing to him, hearing that French accent of hers fluctuate like a Geiger counter? Now obvious and strong here, now unobtrusive and weak?
"You should of waited for the sleeping bag I eventually copped."

Jack stretched his hand out towards her, handing the glass of chilled water her way. He smiled again. The girl looked way too similar for his tastes, and Jack wasn't very pleased with having to take care of family. You grow into it, he thought to himself, smiling once more at the new Josie.

"We need to stay in hiding for just a bit longer. All right?"
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Maybe I should have. Thanks.

She took the glass and gave a saucy two-fingered salute.

Whatever you say, boss.

That was it. No questions, no curiosity regarding her inability to remember exactly what they were hiding from. Perhaps it was more her not noticing that she didn't remember than anything else. That, or maybe... maybe it was out of respect for her big brother. He had enough on his plate, keeping them hidden and all, to indulge in her girlish lapses of sanity. What an appropriate word. Sanity.

Josie sipped her drink and looked about the room they were stashed away in. Her eyes drank it up, and when they fell on a dusty table with chairs around it she couldn't help but pull out a chair and seat herself. With her foot she nudged another out of its place, pushing it back from the table. The obvious thing to do might have been to invite Jack to sit, but the obvious was so boring.
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Name: Chance Kristopher Silante
Gaia Name: [Chance]
Age: Born November 18th, 1975.
Race: Human
Appearance: 5'10, 182lbs. Heavily bulked legs, with a toned core and upper body. Chin level dirty blond hair coupled with hazel eyes, a bit of facial hair, and the usual olive skin tone.
Abilities: None.
Weapons: A baretta 93r machine pistol, Razorblade, a fixed blade knife, and a crowbar.
Bio: Ex gymnast. Has a few kids and an ex-wife.
Alignment: Neutral
Additional Information:

Rp Sample: You're kidding me, right Peppa?

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hey where did tribe king go
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(Oh hai thar
Any chance this place is still kickin'?)
Race:skater demond
Appearance:my avitar
Weapons:gun, flaming sword
Adisinal info:none
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//this place is still alive? Geezuz Christos & Corn Chips!//
bump???????? smile
((Wow I can't believe that people have posted here recently. O.o))

Death was flying very low to the ocean with his black shredded wings fully extended, His electric eyes giving off a dull blue glow reflection in the water. He was flying fast enough and low enough that water was spraying up behind him in a mist. As he neared the shore of the island he flapped his wings once so that he would go a little higher in the air. He then spread them out to their full length and landed gracefully on the sand of the shore, the sand sinking a bit as the weight of his body pressed the grains together under his boots.

He tucked his wings in behind him as he began to walk towards the dojo. He hoped that someone might be there but he seriously doubted it. The very familiar buzzing noise that always signified him was emitting from his body as usual from the high voltage electricity that still ran through his body.

Once he reached the dojo doors he used his telekinetic abilities to open the large doors. but before they opened too far he sighed slightly remembering all the good times he had at this place before it started to become deserted. The doors then opened all the way and he walked in as the doors closed behind him.
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And Joker, I haven't seen you in a long, long time.

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