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The reason that Duncan had come here was about the same as Josie's just to get away from everything. Duncan also didn't expect to see anyone else here. Ducan noticed her look at the katana that was on the floor. He then let go of her shoulders and slowly took his other katana off his back and his throwing knives out of his jacket and placed them down on the floor with the other katana.

"I Came her just to get away from everything."

Ducan backed up and slightly put his arms up as if trying to prove that he was harmless towards her.

"No other weapons. You can check me if you want."
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Like I'd be stupid enough to fall for that.

Her disdain was obvious; Josie's forte was magic, not muscle. Even without weapons she was easily overpowered, which (she thought) he would or should have known. Her wariness did not lessen but the tension that had been so prominent did. Josie leaned all her weight on the door frame behind her like someone who has spent all their energy in a short burst. She still wasn't smiling, but a glitter of amusement winked out from behind her eyes like gold at the bottom of a deep well.

You picked a shitty place for some R&R.
Death was tired of trying to calm her down or just simply have a coversation so he figured that he would just leave her alone for now.

"Alright then I'll give time to yourself."

He said as he began to walk away once he was alittle ways down the hall he held out his hand and all his weapons began to move towards him. They all would automatically find there right places in Death's sheath's and pockets.

"Shitty place for R&R? I'm one of the owners of this dojo remember?"

Duncan said with a slight smiles as he then turned back away as he woud then head towards the training room so he could relax in his own way.
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That's why it's gone to the dogs.

Josie's drawl followed him, and behind his back she affected a look of surprise for the jest. That she said it at all was reason enough for her to trail after Death. Not closely, though. She followed with at least thirty feet between them and walked with a quick, mincing step, and when he entered the training room she paused and waited a while before continuing through the door. Her eyes immediately sought him out, and she entered no further than a few feet from the door. She was still skittish but obviously taking lengths not to be, such as following him at all.
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{Dearie, that was ages ago. We're better than that now.}
Death knew that she was following him it was just one of his abilities to sence people. He sat down in one of the seats in the training room. He pulled a bag out from behind the chair that always kept his clean gear in it. It was closed up in a bag so it was still clean and not dusty. He began to un zip the bag when he looked up at Josie who was standing at the door.

"So, you alright now?"

He asked with a slight smile on his face hopeing that she was calmer than before. while he waited for a response from her he began to put his gloves on for training with the speed bag.
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Her response was a flat stare.

Are you?

She was a little better but didn't appreciate the sentiment, and it showed in the tight-lipped frown that gave her an expression like someone tasting a sour lemon. Josie strayed a little further into the gym and sat down on a piece of equipment at a distance from Duncan. Her sullen mood was not quite as paranoid as when they'd first bumped into each other, so the least to be said was that they'd made some headway. Proof of this was in her face; she was no longer focused on her friend as if he might go into a rage and attack her. Her eyes glittered with waxing intelligence as she looked about, head on a swivel in a whirlwind of remembering. This room, like so many others in the abandoned Dojo they found themselves in, had been one she'd spent a lot of time in.
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Name: mika-ella
Title <optional>:
Gaia Name:emogoddess1313
Age: 14
Race: goddess/ soul reaper
Appearance: cute yet evil...
Abilities: dunno
Weapons:summoning tome, cepter,
Bio: out cast
Allignmant: evil chaotic
Additional Information: none

4laugh me on full lvl!!: 4laugh
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Peppa Clause
[ --Tsuki Ryu-- ]
[ Okay, my offers to get this place up and running again

All my art, [any request from a member already in this guild [providing you post here] ] is 100g.

-group shots
-battle shots
-requests ninja mikie

[Note: Colour spits and full colour will be the same prices as they always are, pm me for that.]

Any NEW members to this guild, get 1 free art if they wish.

[Note: And as always, there will be samples if you don't trust my abilities... xP ]

And basicly anything else I could do to get this place running again pm my other main account that will be accesed by me... When I get home... ^^; ]
to complicated!
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When Jack's ritual had come to its end, Josie sat up. This itself was quite the accomplishment for a person that had been a corpse only moments before. The new body (to her, an old one; her memories had been modified to make her more "manageable".) was slender and much taller than the old one she had inhabited, yet still short in comparison to the warlock who stood nearby. The top of her head reached his shoulder when she straightened herself out and stood tall. Her hair was as black as his, and behind the mirrored shades he commonly wore their eyes were only a few shades from being the same color as one another. The same did not go for her skin. Jack was pale from spending more time inside than out during the day. Josie was tanner, and would not have come near having the same skin tone even if she spent as much time indoors as he did. But that was how it was supposed to be, wasn't it? Weren't they siblings?

Half, to be more precise.

Her back was to Jack when she stood, but Josie was looking and need only turn around to find him.

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