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Geren Herex
Name: Geren Herex
Title: Screaming Echo
Gaia Name: Geren Herex
Age: 24
Race: Blessed Human

Appearance: (see avatar) Not exactly built, Geren has missed out on exersize for a while so his arms and legs are lacking in good muscle. He can bench 135 easily, and can run two miles with little trouble, but he used to be able to do much more. He is slim and supple, allowing himself to be quick and agile. His clothing varies from place to place. He stands at five foot eight and weighs one hundred and thirty pounds.

Abilities: Geren has been blessed by an angelic creature, straight from the heavens above with the gift of flight. Sadly, there was a catch to this; Geren must prove that he is good to a certain degree before being able to fly and sustain his body in mid air. For now his ability has become only jumping to extremely high heights. The highest he's reached with one leap without running or ramps was one hundred feet up. A standing long jump has gotten him one hundred and seventy feet, and a running long jump has sent him three hundred feet from his starting point. He is also a master of many different weapons, ranging from the age old spear to the standard shotgun.

Weapons: Geren has always been a fan of guns - shot guns, pistols, SMG's, but he was never able to afford them, and carrying ammo was difficult for him at times. He eventually took up weapons. The angelic entity that blessed him allowed him to wield two shining longswords. Both being three feet in length, very slender like a french rapier, and single edged. The hilts are wrapped very tightly with a beautifully clean layer of black leather, and the pommels each contain a shining topaz jewel. The handguards are lacking in size, only a bit over a half inch around in a square, he can't do disarming moves with them at all times. The swords curve a bit towards the middle of the blade much like a persian shamshir, and the hilt is also somewhat curved as well. This allows him to wield it with a weak or twisted wrist just as well as with a strong wrist.

Bio: What's a bio?

Allignmant: As good as good can get. Either that or he won't be able to fly.

Additional Information: Geren has a brain disorder, sometimes called bloodlust, which makes him urge for battle. At times he can wander all around until he finds someone to attack. He will never attack one he has sworn allegiance to. Usually he attacks an opposing clan member, or someone on the evil allignment.

((Hinnaku is putting up some kind of fuss, but I say you're accepted. Something about your Bio... not being there. But whatever. Welcome to the Final Destiny Dojo.))
Hah. You coulda asked and I woulda whipped something short up. Not much since I always get my characters bio's ICly. stare

Thank you for accepting me. smile
((Bah...a fuss you say...? Yes well...Is anything ever simple? No...anyway yes welcome...))

Having taken the elevator to the top of the dojo Yaotzin stared out over the sea. It was a disgusting site...a sunny day with a gentle breeze...horrid. He spread his newly reformed wings and thought of who it was who sent him to the death that ended up making him more powerful than before. "Carrie..." The one who had bested him so easily...the one he had so underestimated...sighing he spread his dark wings and lept from the building. Catching the current just before the ground he shot out over the ocean, he had bussiness to attend to.

Separ muttering to himself didn't even notice the rabbit until he had taken five steps beyond him looking over his shoulder he took a quick glance, "Oh, hello Fiver," Turning he continued back down the beach.
Separ muttering to himself didn't even notice the rabbit until he had taken five steps beyond him looking over his shoulder he took a quick glance, "Oh, hello Fiver," Turning he continued back down the beach.

Fiver brushed some sand from his head quizzically, surprised that his deep blue funk was a deep as it was. Jogging a short distance to catch up with him, Fiver matches his stride as he reaches his flank. "So. Tell me about this world of yours. The government stability, state of affairs... it can't all be run by pirates, can it? I can only imagine the chaos of a government like that. And of course... there's a certain lady-friend I'd like to hear a bit about.."
Separ turned towards the rabbit. "Our world...? Our world was controlled by a corrupt navy and power hungry warlords willing to destroy whatever they must to gain power." Looking out across the ocean he thought of how horrible the world had been at one point. "Eventualy a true goverment took over and order was established, that's when the pirates emerged ." Separ knew his fleets still sailed through the oceans of his home world, how they faired againt the other armadas he could only guesse, "As for your other question...why do you want to know about her...?"

Death was sitting in the night club on the other side of the beach from the main building of the dojo. Death's blue eyes glowed slightly as he sat at the bar of the clun. The faint light that he was giving off seemed to light the part of the club that he was in.

Death had a bad feeling that something was heading for the dojo and he didn't know what it was. All he knew was what he felt wasn't small or in low numbers. Either there was a bunch of something or just something huge.

Meanwhile off in the distance from the island the dojo was on something was approaching. It was huge. It was a large ship that was three times the size of the dojo its self. It was still a good ways off from the island. The ship was modern, its technology seemed hundreds of years in the future. It wasn't really touching the water it seemed to be hovering. This though was nothing like a hover craft. It used no air to stay above the water's surface. This ship was not passenger ship or a freighter. It looked like some type of war machine.

Death could since that it was getting closer so he placed the drink that he had in his hand down on the counter and stood up from the bar. He slowly stood up and sighed slightly. He then made his way towards the door. He pushed open the door and looked at to sea. He saw nothing, but he still knew that what ever it was......was out there heading towards the dojo. Death. turned his back to the sea and began to head for the dojo. He was making his way to the storage room for the droids that were not in use at the time.

He went into the dojo and made a immediate left. He hit the button on the outside of the door and the door slide upwards into the ceiling. He walked into the room and turned on all the droids that were there with a hit of one button that was on the wall. He then stepped out of the room and all the droids that he had just turned on all came out of the room and headed out of the dojo and into the forest’s edge that was closet to the sea and in the direction that Death felt that ship coming from. For once Death was actually getting slightly nervous of what was on its way to his Island.

((Make sure that all members read this because there is about to be a major attack on the Island.))
(( Goodluck... They don't even seem to recognize attacks... ))
(( Goodluck... They don't even seem to recognize attacks... ))
((Haha lmao guess what im the owner of this guild. And yes this place does recognize attacks.))
(( Liaaar.
I remember trying to attack here but, people kept doing other stuff, and I waited for weeks. ))
(( Liaaar.
I remember trying to attack here but, people kept doing other stuff, and I waited for weeks. ))
((Should have pmed me or Peppa about it then.))
(( I PMed Peppa after a day of waiting, and he blew it off.
Eh, oh well.))
(( I PMed Peppa after a day of waiting, and he blew it off.
Eh, oh well.))
((-shrugs- Enough OOC.))
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Whether she was looking or confided to appease her interest in the vacinity was beyond her. Lurking through trees and shrubs the skittish movements of a hidden silhouette glided unbeknowest to those currently emmersed in some other business. Ebon armor casted a dull glow as ghastly silken strands whispered by. Crouched in the thick boughs of a tree, the presence unwanted and therefore unorthodox by who knew.

A pair of sapphire hued optics peered from the dappled sparsely cluttered light of wanning sun rays, letting the cinnamon fleshed complexion become fairly visible behind shadows. Marises watched from her perch...no she was not spying, she was merely a visitor, not frequently but occassionally seen. The sobe kukwei armor on her shoulders and upper bustline folded onto creasing lines over the naked curvature of hips and thighs. But other than so was the long transluesent tassles of silk wrapped about the arms and made into a sash about the hips.

The fox spirit crouched upon a branch on bare soles and arched hunches, sniffing lightly and detecting the faint smell of sulfur and granite. Also burning woodfires and sweating flesh. Not much was happening but that was fine...as long as she was secluded to this spot and watching the proceedings of the late afternoon.

The dojo. Quiet and with little activity as usual. Sighing, the female flicked long ears about testing her sense of hearing against the wail of a breeze. Now sitting crosslegged, Marises rested a clutched fist under her chin in thought while she sat there. "Hmmmm..."
Sargatanas reached the top step just in time to watch as Yaotzin pushed himself from the dojo ledge and flew off into the horizon. "Damn... ah well." Sighing, he took the few steps remaining and scanned the beach for Fiver and Separ. With a massive running leap, the demon flew from the ledge, unfurled his wings, flapped once, and then began hurtling towards the ground with gravity his mistress.

Fiver turned to look at Separ, and was about to say something, when his large ears picked up a sound. They twitched for a moment, locating the minute rhythm in an instant. His neck spun about sharply, and in turn, his head. The rabbitman's nose twitched with much the same motion as his ears had, but picking up a scent rather than a sound. It was slightly alarming, yet strangely pleasant, and he couldn't quite place it. He was on the verge... when suddenly a large, heavy, crimson and black something fell from the sky. The impact sent tossled sand motes in all directions like shrapnel. Before he could even say "Sargatanas" He found himself lying face down on the beach. He didn't waste a moment in hopping to his feet, and he was uninjured, but the look on the demon's face was one of pure mockery. The rabbit's fur was matted in places, one ear hanging haphazardly bent across his face. He exuded a general air of comedy. Needless to say, Sargatanas was rolling on the floor with a hearty chuckle.
Death was still getting things in order for what ever itwas coming for the island. All the droids on the island were now set defensivly waiting for what ever it was nearing the island. Death had then walked into the woods that was in front of the dojo to mediatate while waiting for the ship to get here so that he could have as much power as he possibly could. While mediatating he sent a tellipathic message to everyone that was on the island.

"There is a great threat nearing the island...I am not sure what it is but prepare your selves."

Death then closed his eyes as he began to meditate.

The people on the nearing vessel were preparing themselves for a takeover of this planet just like many times before. They were going to start with this little island that was nearing the front of them. Just like always they didn't know of the technology that their opposition had.

The captain of the vessel just looked like a normal human being except for the fact that he was from a differant planet he was normal. He was ordering his crew to prepare for battle as the island came into view. Doors in the front of the vessel opened up and gun barrels began to extend from them. There were three of them that opened one in the middle and one on each side. The first thing that came into sight for the captain of the alien vessel was the top of the dojo it's self.

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