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Fiver's ears twitched twice, and suddenly pivoted towards the hallway. It was a few floors down, but his acute hearing didn't miss a beat. "Well, I'm pretty sure I just heard a table being crushed below us. That can't be good."

Moash had been too preocupied trying to focus on Sargatanas' pain to make any sense out of the faint pangs of anger he had felt from the bar. He had settled with the fact that Artanis was just having a drunken seizure, but now that Fiver had also heard the crash, his concerns were confirmed. Rushing down the hallway, he slides to a stop at the elevator doors, turning around to tap his foot. "Well isn't anyone going to help me push the buttons?"
Whatever the noise was it had been able to bring Artanis out of his drunken slumber, "Who the hell...." He stopped as he tried to take in what he was seeing, "What....what happened to the wall?" There were three people, only one he knew, "What going on here?" He staggered a little as a he took a step...and look towards the one person he recognized, "Death...whatever was in those drinks...was a bit strong..."

As the words left Moash's mouth Hinnaku quickly made his way to the midget and pushed the arrow facing downwards, "What the hell is going on down there?" He asked looking to Moash as Separ made his way towards them.

"It might have been Artanis, he is pretty tough, and he was down in the bar, might have gotten drunk and challenged a chair to a death match." He thought back to all the money that dwarf had cost over the years, in addtion to all the booze, he destroyed at least 3 tables a week.
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Dissapearing and reapearing inside the elevator, she tapped her foot and cleared her throat. Well, thank YOU. Mai scoffed. I hope Kristina is alright.. She mumbled.
After Death heard the crashing sound of the attack going through the wall of the bar. Death jumped to his feet and drew his other katana. Right now Death was going to see what his father was going to do next instead of attacking him. Death didn't want to make any mistakes because he knew once he did that would be the end of him.

Brian sheathed his sword relizing that it was too big and slow to fight with. He quickly drew three daggers and hurled them at his son. One was heading for the right knee, one for the left shoulder, and the other for the middle of Death's head.

Death jumped and twirled to his right. IN the middle of doing so one of the daggers clipped his left leg. Death landed on it and fell to the floor. Death quickly jumped to his feet after the fall and sheathed his katanas. He made large balls of electricity in each of his hands. He then hurled them at His father. Right before they reached his father then combined then smacked into the floor right in front of his father.

The balls of electricity landed right in front of him and exploded. Brian flew backwards and smacked into the wall. He got back up slowly and threw a chair to his right. The chair it the wall and shattered one of the windows near by.
The elevator was already more than full with everyone crunched for space, and then Mai suddenly popped into existance right in with them. Moashs' face was instantly slammed against the elevator wall, which, although cushy on the outside, was actually pretty hard underneath. "Gah! Someone push the damned bar button. I mean, sure this wall is nice and everything, but I'm pretty sure I don't want to be like this for any prolonged period of time..."

Fiver was reaching a paw over to push a button on the panel one moment, and the next he was pushed to the floor in a jumbled mess of bodies. "Oh god... that crunch didn't sound good. Whoever's standing on my ear mind NOT standing on it? And for god's sake someone push that freaking button!"
Hinnaku wasn't sure what was going on, all he knew was that his limbs were twisted to a weird angles and he couldn't breath, he was able to raise his head from the floor of the elevator long enough to get out one whimpering sentence, "Ow, pretzel man want stand up!" Then it was back to being unable to breathe.

Separ who had managed to stand himself up stepped over the others and out of elevator he turned reach his hand inside and hit the button for the bar, he then pulled his hand out and as the doors were shutting he smiled and said "Yeah, I think I will take the stairs."

Artanis was now completely confused, the destruction, the fighting, "Well this is..." He looked around, "I...." He had no idea what do do.
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Since I`m the only one standing...I will. Mai cool walked up, over the bodies..well...okay she flew over the bodies, lowered herself to press the buttom, and quickly landed herself in the little patch of no-bodies area before the elevator moved.
Death watched as his father got right back up from the attack. Death drew three daggers and hurled them at his father. They quickly gained speed and head straight for his father. One at his father's right knee, one at the left, and one at his neck.

Brian dodged them with ease. He then held out one of his hands and flicked it to the right. He was going to attepemt to grab Death and throw him through what was left of the bar's wall that led into the hallway.

Death's feet lifted off the ground and was flying through the air before he even knew it was comeing. He smacked through the wall...What was left of it...and hit the hallway floor then slide into the other hall wall. Death got back up and ran back into the bar after his father.
As soon as the elevator started moving, the weight shifted slighty, and Moash took this oppurtunity to flip around so that he had his back to the wall rather than his face. As he slumps to the floor, elevator music begins to play through the eerie silence.

Fiver got to his feet, his ear hanging limply at a 90ļ angle. "We haven't even gotten out of the elevator yet and my ear is already broken... just great. And I'm pretty sure I just heard three daggers being thrown and a wall being crushed... can't this thing go any faster?"

((Hey... would you look at that... it IS 3 in the morning... insomnia hurts me so..))
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Hinnaku got to an upright standing position and looked down at his legs that had just been akwardly bent, "Damn, I just got my legs healed!" Didn't appear broken this time, luckily.

Separ, who had stepped out of the elevator, looked around the hallway, "Huh...so...were are the stairs?" After a momment he found what he was looking for and began making his way towards the bar.

Artanis still had no idea what was going on, but Death was his friend, he drew his pistol, he didn't know who Death was fighting, but that didn't matter now. He tried to aim but the effects of all the booze still clouded his mind, he fired two shots in the mans general direction.
ooc: Anyone know where Kris is?
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Writhing in pain in a dark room, Sargatanas screams into the empty, dank, corriders, and he hears other... things... screaming back. His skin crawls endlessly. Literally. It ripples and waves, the vicious tattoos swaying back and forth. Something is under the skin, and it hurts like hell. Periodically, the array of instruments had rotated, sticking all manner of diabolical organic machinery into his skin. What lies just below the surface is more gruesome then he imagines. Parasitic worms, fusions of organic engineering and mechanical micro-robotics have awakened, tearing at any organ they deem unneccesary, living off the acidic substance most recently injected, and crafting the demon's innards as they see fit. Tracking devices, drugs, and stimulants are injected unerringly in key locations, electrical currents and auras of plasma energy are run through him. The machine above his head shrieks as it rotates yet again, this time stopping on something resembling some kind of organic laser turret. It stares down at him ominously, as if waiting for the perfect time to strike.
Name: Yaotzin.
Title: Unknown
Age: Even he does not know.
Race: After the tortures he went through he does not remember, but he knows it was not human.
His eyes have an evil green glow to them from the years of using dark magics. His flesh no longer shows any signs of the life that once ran through his veins. The wings on his back are ravaged and destroyed. He is skiny enough to look as though his organs have been removed, which most of them have. The most noticeable of his features however is his missing lower jaw, he keeps it covered at all times however. Thanks to some device the council has planted within him he can still talk despite this injury.

Abilities: Throughout his life he has mastered dark magics, the least of which is being able to summon, from his right arm, a swirling vortex of energy, known as the blade of Nekrosh. Nekrosh was an ancient warlock, most of what Yaotzin knows of dark magic is from the tomes and scrolls written by Nekrosh. Most of his abilities involve the target going through extreme agony. The magics tear apart the target from the inside as it drives them to insanity. These spells take a lot of energy from him though. He fires a shadowy bolt at the target, to deliver the evils to their body, if however he misses twice he will no longer have the energy to try again, and must resort to more, barbaric tactics, such as fighting with his blade, which can often times be much more fun.

Weapons: The blade of Nekrosh, a vortex of green energy extending from his right arm. The warlock Nekrosh had owned a mystical blade by the same name, when it was destroyed he harnessed itís power into the energy it is now, and in one of his tomes wrote out the spell used to summon it. If too drained of magical energy to even bring about his sword Yaotzin has clawed hands and feet which he can use against his enemies.

Bio: He has been in the labs of the council for far to long, his mind has been somewhat warped. He was always on the brink of insanity and the years of torture may have pushed him over. His body has been ravaged by the council machines. His digestive organs have been removed. As they have implanted new devices that provide him with the nutrients he needs to survive, eliminating the need to eat, which is just as well, for in his years of torture his lower jaw was removed, for what purpose he does not know. The wings on his back which he had once been proud of are ruined they serve little purpose other than allowing him to glide down from high places. The dark magic, that runs through him has sustained him well past a regular lifetime. Throughout the time he has lived there is one item he has always sought, the orb of Nekrosh, with itís power he could open dark portals to other world and bring in lesser demons to do his bidding, however to this day it has escaped his grasp. There is nothing more known of his life before the capture by the council. However he managed to break free of his restraints and even now is running through the council labs searching for a way out.

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