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Displace International Private Military Contractors

Guild Requirments

Aim of the Guild: To carry out contracts for the US Military that is too risky for US Special Forces like insurgent raids and mob wipers. And to eliminate terror and crime groups.

Open to attack: Hell yeah!


Displace was first formed in 1993 in southern Russia and Kazakhstan. The PMC is mostly made up of Russians and Kazakhs but about thirteen percent of the PMC is made up of Mexicans, Canadians, and Americans. It is headed by Douglas Shetland and Milan Nedich. Displace has been hired by dozens of countries to do work. For example, in 1999, the government of Albania hired Displace to rid roads and streets from antitank and antipersonnel mines. But a few Displace contractors came under fire by Serb gunners. Displace successfully eliminated Serb forces in the area and demined roads. They were also hired to build schools. Another example of hiring of Displace was in 1996, when a Polish diplomat was kidnapped by rebels from Chechnya. Shetland sent a Displace commando team into Mozdok to rescue the diplomat. When they arrived, he was badly beaten, but was alive. The Russian government gave Displace International an award for rescuing the diplomat. But Displace has also been notorious. In 2000, Displace was hired to secure the Town Square in China, when a mob broke out. Displace killed several dozen civilian protestors. But Displace International is still thriving in Russia and Kazakhstan, doing work for nations in need.

Description: Below.

Look below.


Member list:

Alignment: Good.

Organization: US Government-sanctioned mercenary company.


Fill out this form and PM it to me. As a bonus, you get a free G36K Carbine with signup!
-Name: Duh
-Age: RP age. Not real age
-Gender: Duh
-Desired Unit: What platoon do you want to be in?
-Weapons: What you will carry with out in combat. Can be changed in the armory.
-Reason for joining: Why you want to join this mercenary group?
-RP Sample: --REQUIRED-- 100 words or more.



To Hire our services

So, you want to hire us for a contract? PM me this form:
Job: What do you want us to do for you?
Reason: Why do you want us to do this job?
Payment: What is our payment upon completion?



- Follow the Anti-Munch Project
- No Magic or Highly futuristic s**t
- Tech cap is at 2015
- No Spamming: This rule applies to everyone.
- I ([Red Evasion]) say the final word on things.
- I don't tolerate magic here.
- Please use OCC chat like this: ((Gtg Now.)) If you don't use double-brackets, then you're IC (In-Character).
- Assaulting other members for any reason will not be accepted
- Obey the chain of command. Members will show respect to superior members.
- I expect you're semi-literate but not perfect. Anybody who comes here speaking chatspeak or "l33t" will be Shot On Sight.
- If you enter this base without authorization and are in posession of any weapons, you will be shot.
- No spacecraft unless it's a satellite or non-offensive craft. Limited usage on space lasers and orbital weaponary.
- I have to right to ban or ignore anyone who comes to this thread. Mods and admins are exceptions.
- All normal military/civilian laws apply here.


None yet!


The Main Base and HQ

The base is a 15 story office building in the South Russian city of Cheyabinsk. It is located in a private sector of this city. Most people think it is a Russian Military R&D center. There is a 15ft electric fence with the power of 400,000 volts. There are signs on the fences saying in Russian: "Keep Out". The only entrance into the base is guarded by a squad of Russian FSB Border guards in a bulletproof guard shack.

Outside Area:

On ground floor and lower to B6, there is a parking lot for the mercenaries' personal vehicles. On various places on parking lot ceilings are cameras and M832 automated weapons turrets housing an M134 Minigun firing 7.62mm NATO rounds. During attacks, a titanium door will close the parking lot.

1st floor:
Here is the reception center and elevators. The elevators only open if a appraching person is poesessing a Displace International-issue PDA and Displace sub-dermal ID chip.

2nd floor:
This area holds the exercise room, lounges, firing range and entertainment center.

3rd floor up to the 11th floor:
These floors house the enlisted quarters for Displace International employees, and the offices. The 7th floor holds the security center and all other remaining room not used is for storage.

12th Floor:
Here is the armory. There are 6 weapon-check-out counters. Any kind of international weapon can be found here. There are also M832 Turrets on ceilings. Doors to the armory storage room itself are locked by PDA scan and fingerprint scan.

13th Floor:
This is the R&D center and houses the building's supercompueter algorithm system.

14th floor:

Officer's quarters. Rooms can only be opened by the officer's own PDAs and sub-dermal chips.

15th Floor:

This is the Commanding Officer's and Executive Officer's Personal Offices. Only five guards with P90 SMGs are allowed into the floor level. The offices hold vital command and control computers and allow the CO and XO to command all Displace forces in the world.

Go look in my US Marine Guild for the weapons list since I'm lazy to import it here.


Commanding Officer and Founder of Displace International:
-Douglas Shetland ([Red Evasion]) (NONREPLACECABLE)
Executive Offcier: Milan Nedich. (NPC) (Replacecable)

-Major Peter Allen [Red Evasion] (My Main RP character)

Enlisted Soldiers:

Combat Units

Platoon A - Assault Infantry Platoon


Platoon B - Anti-Tank Platoon

Platoon C - Special Ops

Platoon D - Vehicle Platoon

Platoon E - Helicopter Section

We use light vehicles like Humvees with .50s and TOWs and MD 500 helicopters. We do use Sikorsky S-70 Blackhawks and a couple of BMP-3s for extreme combat operations.
(Full list coming soon.)

Wheeled Vehicles

GAZ 39371 "Vodnik"
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Can be mounted with a NSV .12.7mm Machine Gun, IGLA AA Missile System or a BMP-2 Style turret.

M1025A2 Humvee Weapons Carrier
User Image
Length: 4.57 to 5.13 m
Width: 2.16 m
Height: 1.75 to 2.59 m
Ground clearance: 0.4 m (axle), 0.6 m (chassis)
Mass: 3,492 to 4,535 kg
Speed: 88.5 km/h
Range: 440 to 540 km
Crew: 2 to 4 people
Weapons: M2 .50 Machine Gun, Mk19 Grenade Launcher, TOW-2B Missile Launcher or Avenger Missile System.

Armored Vehicles

The BMP-3 infantry combat vehicle entered production in the late 1980s. It is in service with the Russia Army and over 600 have been exported to a number of countries, including United Arab Emirates (390 vehicles), Cyprus, Kuwait (110) and South Korea. Kurganmashzavod of Kurgan, Russian Federation manufactures the chassis and the Instrument Design Bureau (KBP) of Tula is responsible for the turret. It is a tracked, armoured, amphibious vehicle designed to engage armoured ground and air targets while stationary, on the move and afloat.

The BTR-90 8x8 armoured personnel carrier, manufactured by the Arzamas machinery Construction Plant of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, is intended to carry personnel on the battlefield and provide close fire support. It can also carry out reconnaissance, combat support and patrol missions. It entered service with the Russian Army in the late 1980s and has since been used in a number of military conflicts, including UN peacekeeping operations.

T-80UK Main Battle Tank
The T-80 main battle tank has been in production since the late 1970's. KBTM of Omsk, Russian Federation, manufactures the T-80U for general use in infantry and tank units and the T-80UK command tank and XKBM, Kharkov, Ukraine, manufactures the T-80UD and the T-84. 320 T-80UD tanks have been ordered from Ukraine by Pakistan, and are being delivered.
NOTE: These tanks were brought from the nearby Russian Tank factories. 25 of these tanks are in seperate parking lots of the base.
((Okay! We're open!))
((Some vehicles have been added in the vehicle list.))
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as one of rapids spyplanes flys why out of contact over the base he notes the bases week spots
((NOTE: You have been banned. I have not posted 5 minutes in IC ago so you can't attack my base. How do you know it's a mercenary building and not a Russian Army building?))
"very good said rapid at his command center" i need to hit Platoon B, D, and E then i can take my full force into the base and over run them" rapid said to himself after looking at the photos the spyplane recoverd
[Red Evasion]
((NOTE: You have been banned. I have not posted 5 minutes in IC ago so you can't attack my base. How do you know it's a mercenary building and not a Russian Army building?))

((ah thats what everyone says but ur here now, and u never posted that))
Doji Kurohito
The last post before the attack was no longer than five minutes ago.

((My last post was days ago.))

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