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Seth decided it would be more reasonable just to get the thing to open it's mouth, so he could force-feed it the personal shield. He had something special in mind indeed, and this would definetely make a very big mess of the thing. He had the calibrated shield generator in his hand, and ran out the exit, just as the foot of the creature protruded from the building it has just rammed it's foot into. It would be very unbalanced now, considering it was using a great deal of the length of its body to try to get him. He jumped on the exposed limb, and used it to get near it's mouth, tossing the shield generator down it's throat as it got greedy, pushing a small button as it went out of his hand. It would now expand inside the things stomach well beyond the usual size limit, until it's stomach exploded. That was, if the natural reaction between the stomach acid and the ionization didn't get it first.

Seth used the rest of the things body to get to the ground, and realized soon that he'd forgotten his hat up there. This angered him slightly, but there was no time to worry about that kind of thing.
(( Oi~ I was hoping the battle would last long enough for at least one more person to respond. Downloading a 4Mb AvP2 mod when I post this, so won't be able to post for a fair bit. ))

The creature lurched, turning awkwardly to try and reach the small meal using it as a stairwell. It had just about managed to fling it's lumbering body around when it's stomach exploded, ripping it's chest apart and flinging the ribcage open, splinters of bone showeing the immediate area mixed in with reams of flesh and smatters of a thick turquoise blood.
The immense corpse collapsed under it's own dead weight, and was still.

Celia had prepared for this, and a small team of personnel now wandered outside with hoses hooked up to ordinary tap lines on the external walls. The taps themselves though, were linked interdimensionally to some vats Celia owned in another realm, filled with a toxic substance that would dissolve living or dead flesh horrendously.

One such personnel requested of Seth that he move out of the way, preferably back inside the complex.
(( ... Being tired sucks and on another note, now having seen Constatine twice I can asurredly say that it's worth 8 bucks to see or 16 bucks to see it twice with my case. ))
(( xd Yeah right. The Matrix meets Van Helsing. That's all that lame movie is.
Learn to look past the hammy acting, cheap cliche plot and expensive graphics.

Oh, and it costs me like, 4.70 to go to the cinema. That increases to 5.80 or something after 3pm. Or 6pm. Something like that. But I always go to noon performances to get in cheap. ))
(( Ticket price changes are the same here after 6 or so, but I'll save this friendly argument for another time. Untill then my opinion is fortified. ))
*Because her user forgot completely what was going on and is far too lazy and short-tempered to go back and read the missed posts at the moment due to an internet busy raping itself up the a**, Crim woke up in her room with a sudden start. She was short of breath and a cold sweat soaked her nude body, matting her dulling scarlet hair as her pupils contracted and dialated in fear. Clearing her throat of phelm that collected due to the abuse she had put on her vocal cords for the past few nights because it has been those past few nights that had been the worst she'd experienced in some time.

Every night, no matter what, Crim had horrid nightmares of people that she had killed in the past. Because she harbored the blood of a guardian angel, her mind was somewhat of a conduit for spirits. When someone close to her died or when she killed, part of his or her soul would travel to Crim's mind. It was never enough to cause damage or to even be picked up by the typical psychic, but the ghosts of her past haunted her nonetheless. Every night they came to her, threatening, staring, watching, hating. And she could do nothing. Never. She would try and cover her ears, but she could still hear. She would try to close her eyes, but she could still see. She would try to close off her mind, but she could still dream.

Ever since she had been kicked out of Akora as a child, the poor girl had been subject to these dreams. Ever since she first began killing, they became worse. Much much worse. Naturally, she was fairly accustomed to these night terrors, but whenever she was placed in an unfamiliar place for the night, the dreams would come with a force unprecedented by any other terror she had ever felt. It normally took about two weeks of the abuse until she became familiar with her surroundings enough to sleep without screaming into the night. It was only thanks to the thick walls and a closed door that no one came to her aid while she dreamed.

Her throat sore and raw, Crim shook her head softly and stood up from her bed. She had known beforehand that the nightmares would come, so she slept in the nude as not to get Alexis' clothes disgustingly sweaty. Sometime in the past few days that she had been sleeping, her own clothes had dropped upon her bed from what seemed to be a hole in her ceiling. Finally, the transfer had gone through.

With shakey limbs, the young woman trudged to the bathroom, quickly turning on a cold shower and standing under the stream of water. Looking up to the showerhead with weary green eyes that seemed to dull with each thought passing through her head, she couldn't help but smile.

At least the worst was over now.*
((Hello my bitches....))
( Bloody hell DP, World of Warcraft much? Nice to see both Crim and you once again but since I doubt this will be a often appearance I'll have to treasure this while I can.

Now back to the regularly scheduled rotting of DDC. )
((aww, we love you too, CroixCroix. ^.^ And Hiyahiya DP!........v_v I lost the url to your forum...can I have it again? ^^;;;;; ))
( Toss me that link aswell while you're at it, Sir DP the Rotting. Crim, if only DataDyne was as loved. Poor 'ol DataDyne is going to be put out to pastor soon .. crying

P.S: For the Horde! xp )
(( Nice to see that once again, I wasn't invited in the first place. ))
*Following a routine shower, Crim wrapped a towel around her body, wrung her hair out over the rim of the shower, and pranced off to the center of her bedroom to sort through the clothing mounded on the floor. Content with a pair of black leather pants that hugged her curves nicely and allowed her quite a range of movement, a simple black tank top, and a set of gloves, she bounded from her room with an air of something new about her. It was almost as if she had been cleansed of some horrible sin in the past few days she spent hidden in her room.

And naturally, she didn't hear the announcement at all.*
(( DataDyne is no more. Don't even bother. ))
can i plz bee in this group
can i plz bee in this group

(( DataDyne is no more. Don't even bother. ))

(( How in the ******** did you manage to find a thread that is over a year old. ))

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