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Kurai No Yuki
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I'm making a rule, no mechinacal things allowed.
If you attack this guild ( This is for everyone attacking from now on)
Read the rules, keep to them.
Don't like the rules? Attack a different guild. Simple.))

Table of Contents:
2.Recruit Rules/Fee's and Missions
3.Members Profiles.
4.Branches of Takrin Errdegahren, and Members.
5.Joining Requirements
6 Updates.

-- Pm all request to me!
-- Don't post in here unless your a member, attacker or a visitor (( No random OOC crap))
-- No Psyconichs, or anything in that branch.
-- Melee only, no big a** guns and hyper modern things as heat searching missiles etc. (( Why? Because i think those aren't really fun, roleplaying is about having fun. Scroll up and see the quoted post.))
-- No flaming, godmodding etc, etc.
-- Fallow Gaian TOS.

Neutral (Or evil, good, whatever, as long as you pay us for it.)

~ Story ~

Officialy the desert mercenaris had been found and made by Ox, a strong and large man, known for it's strength and wisdom.

However one day the large man left, leaving his followers to fend for themselves, thus Kurai took over. No one really questioned why or how, and accepted it.

The Desert Mercanaries, (Takrin Erddegahren) Those who'd be willing to do about anything, as long as you pay them with soemthing of eqelevant trade.
A stick for a golden coin?
Doubt it, though a magical sword for a Assassination?
Highly possible...

So venture into our desert surrounding base, hire us, buy us.

Description of base.

The base of the mercanary's lies somewhere, hidden and can be magicly found by those either wanting to harm or destroy it, or simply wish to hire someone for there dirty work.

The base is large, rooms in supplies to fit an army.
The outside is formed a Rock to sheild it and camouflage it.
Unlike normal Deserts, this one has a rich supply of fruits, animals and water, though that is located a bit away from the guild, about 5 Km away, to keep there supplies hidden.


The entrance hall.
(Everything is decorated the same way.)
[Entrance hall]

Defence's for attackers.

This base is surounded by several spells.

1) Large flesh eating plants that hide down in the sand, waiting for an alluring bite, or anything that would give of a hostile signal.
2) The base itself is surrounded by a magical feild, setup to block out rays of the sun, so no one inside would heat up to much and the air will stay cool inside, about 20 Degrees Celcius.
3) Several cactus's that surround the base in a circle, giving of a special gas, when inhaled would slow the person/thing down. It will not kill you, unless your defence system is low. The gas will slowly eat at your stamina, making you weaker by the minute, thus making you an easy kill.
4) A sand like eye ball that controls the sand. Left as a gift from the Master Artificer.
5) Yuu, a woman born with poison disolved to Acid, dying, then merged with the base.

Defence for non attackers (Example people hiring us)

Simply, the one's stated above, though they wouldn't hurt you aslong as you aren't hostile and plan to destroy the base.




Recruit Rules/Fees

Current Fee: We are new, so thus, we are currently free for any Roleplay owner to hire us!

Recruitment Rules: You must fill out this form and pm it to me, ill contact our members! Under no circumstances are you to pm my soldiers!

Roleplay Link:
Literacy Level of Roleplay:
Roleplay Type sad (Forest, Castle, etc. you get the point))
Members You Desire sad (Basicly, which of us do you wish to join, and which characters. For instance, My charachters are mages, one's a healer, the other a fighter. You want both? Just one? Notify this please.)
What is our Role in your Roleplay sad (Simply meaning, what is it you desire our contract to state, do you want us to protect your character, kill someone elses character? We do not just wander..We have to have a mission.))

- Plans of a tournament has been made -In progress

Members Profiles


Gaia-Name Losse
Name Sianna
Age 20
Race Human
Class Magic Weilder
RankSecond in Command of the Genreal Magic Weilder Branch.
Weapons A staff is her choice of weapon. Though she is trained in the sword and archery, she prefers the staff. Being 2 inches taller than herself, the main body of it silver, with a gold pattern gilden into its surface. A gift to her for her 18th birthday.
Powers The power of healing. Although useful, she does not use it much. Especially publicly.
Personality Gentle and caring - if you can get close enough to find out. Having started her journey, she soon learnt that nice and gentle did not cut it and brought more troubles than blessings. It became apparant she had been naive during her life in the forest, something soon kicked out of her with the harshness of the real world. After having to change quickly, she adapted to be quick witted with swift thought. Keen on joking and messing around, she is often seen with a smile or a laugh, one of the tendencies that were not kicked out of her. But do not be too fooled by this happy exterior. Her mood can change instantly, jumping from ecstatic to angry in a split second. Her temper fires up easily, only having self-control in the more serious and dangerous arguments and fights. In fighting, she will think before she attacks, conserving energy. Extremely loyal to those she deems friends, and will fight ferociosuly to protect them. Being of high spirited nature most of the time, she will play along with many things and takes great pleasure in leading men into the belief she is falling into their charm, until she decides it has gone on too long, or the situation becomes more serious. In such cases, the brunt of her staff may be felt. A changed person indeed from the naive girl in the forest.
Past Sianna was born into a feud between the Dark and Light of a forest. Though she never knew her real parents, she was brought up with a Warrior family of the Light side and taught to battle. When she turned 16 she was able to go on patrols with a guardian. By 18 she went alone.

One day on patrol, a skirmish with a Dark Elf occured. She did not get involved with the fight, and infact spared the life of the elf. She believed him dead anyway. Until she arrived at the lake, where a huge Mercanry, Ox, had just deposited the being in the lake to be healed by the Dark Goddess, Eva. It was obvious the Mercanry was drunk, and did not fully comprehend the situation. Her ran soon after finding out the extent to what he had done. Leaving she and the elf alone.

But the elf, Malchyte decided to spare her life in return for her sparing his. But with words that so intrigued Sianna, she yearned to know more. He insinuated she was of dark descent. But the meeting was cut short.

Niggling at her mind for a few days, she decided to try and seek out this Elf once more. This brought her to Ox of the Takrin Errdegahren once again.

Appearance [x]

Kurai No Yuki

Gaia-Name Kurai No Yuki
Name Kurai Kuroya
Age 21
RaceHuman. (appears to be, real race unknow. Or rather kept a secret. )
Class Weapon creator. ((Every kind of Weapon, from magical Melee to High Tech.))
Rank Leader
Weapons Her Brain. She can fight, though she refuses to most of the time. She hates fighting and tries to stall it or just avoid it.
Powers Her, uber smart.. Brain?
Shown powers:
Ice; Kurai has the ability to freeze the water in the air.
It doens't matter where the water is she wishes to freeze, as long as it's there. That is one of the main reasons the sheild is around the base, to also keep enough water in the air. But she is able to freeze the air outside the base, it's just a bit harder.
Summoning; She has the ability to summon creature,s most are elemental dragons. She can not summon anything that involves fire, only Dios could.
Not shown yet:
The other elements she controls. Water, air, Earth, Darkness, Light etc. However they have to balanced, if she uses to much water, her earth ability goes down.
A special form.
It's a form she was teached to take by her former master. It will make you stronger, faster, overall better. It can be chosen what you'd wish to upgrade when taking on this form. Example, if you want your speed to be faster, something will change and you'll be alot faster.
Stronger? you might get an extra set of arms. It's a very unpredictable stage of magic.
Personlity It would depend on what she was doing. If disturbed while making a weapon she can react bitchy. It would depend on the place and what would be happening, mostly calm and nice.

She had lived with her parents, happily untill that day. Her mom had seen them coming, placing her in a large barrel outside, her sister inside in the closet.

It didn't take the Mercenary's long to do what they had been payed for. Steal the necklace of the woman and kill the familly, no witnesses. Her sister's hideout had been found, though Kurai stayed hidden, not able to do anything else but watch ehr family be slaughtered. The murderer was a leader of a Mercanary group. ((Not Ox))

After that day she wanted revenge.

She would never forget that snowy day.

A smart mage took her in, training her and giving her supplies wich she created gorgeous and powerfull weapons with. It was obviously what she could do best. She went away at age 21 wanting to wander the earth for more exciting places and make other weapons then magical one's. This is when she met Ox...
Kurai has the ability of getting reborn.
But in the weirdest placed and weirdest body's.
No one knows this, except for her master who often killed her, then went of to find her, so Kurai would have a new body, and a new power.


Gaia-Name Kurai No Yuki
Name Dios
Age He appears 22
Race Demon
Class Vampire Hunter
RankVampire Hunter
Weapons His powers, that are still a mystery to some. Two twin blades.
Powers Fire powers.
Personlity A lady's men, outgoing and mostly a grin on his face. When fighting however he turns very cool.
Past He lived among a mage, wanting to surpass hi brother, after many years of training he succeeded. Later on him and the mage found a young child, Kurai they learned that ehr name was as they decided to take her in. Every year the mage would kill Kurai, and made ehr be reborn, Dios, being a demon, wasn't really aging, he felt sorry for the kid, and made sure she had someone to go to, starting to act more and more like a brother to Kurai.

He also made sure of it she cared for him, he was afraid of ehr at times, especially when the mage would anger her, on purpose, showing her images of that one snowy night. Kurai had once almost killed the mage, he was thankful that at age 21 she took his advice and left while she was still able.

A few weeks later he to left, in search for Kurai.
It was a year later when he found her at a mercenary group.
Appearance Dios


Name: Lucius Rakaghi
Age: 34
Race: Balrusk
Class:Magical defense/medic
Weapons: Powers
Powers: Racial Traits, Plant Mutation ( a seed that implants itself in a body and takes control), Body Manipulation (ability to mold the physical body. ex: Lucius reaches his hand into your chest and twist one of your ribs to puncture your heart. works on flesh and bone.) Blood manipulation.
Appearance: Changes daily
The Balrusk: The balrusk is a nearly extinct race or seers and prophets. In the old days they were constantly seeked out for their ability to see the possibilities of the future. But warlords feared this power as welland went to war with them. and now they are nearly extinct.(abridged it) Now For the powers of this race. Their power lies within their eyes. THeir eyes have to main functons they see the energy of the world around them, they are one of the few things that know how magic forms, and with that knowledge they are given theability to glance into the future involuntarily.(i got this idea from kotor2)
Past:Found out about Takrin while on a personal crusade against a local warlord. "Pasts aren't important, only the future matters."(i do have one ready and i will send it to anyone who really cares about it.)
Personality: The one word to desribe him is strange. He always seems happy about something, even in a fight, and for the most part doesn't take anything serious, exceptfor the few fights that are actaully a struggle for him

Kurai no Yuki

Gaia-Name Kurai No Yuki
Name Circe
Age 21
Race Manipulator
Class A builder. Esigner and everything that involves clothing and buildings.
Rank Rankless
Weapons His clothing – He can change his clothing to anything he wishes. He melts his energy with his clothing so he can change them to his will. He can do that with about anything he touches, his skin being the transfer for the energy. For example, if he’d touch a man’s skin, he’d transfer his energy and be able to change the man to whatever he wishes. But mostly he uses his power to create things out of exisiting things. And of course his clothes, he mostly makes wings out of his coat.-
Powers The ablity to change his clothing and items into what he wishes.
Past Circe has had a nice youth. He grew up with a wonderfull mother that understood the way he felt. He loved his mother very much, and she raised a clean and handsome young man. H mostly acts like a gentleman, like his mother raised him.

However when bandits came to town his mother urged them they should run away. It wouldn’t be worth to use his powers to protect the people, they’d fear him, seeing as they din’t know about what his powers could do. Though he wouldn’t just stand by and let innocent people get killed.

He used his powers for someone else for the first time that day, saving the entire village. Of course, his mother was right, they threw him and his mother out of ton. However the young Circe didn’t mind then as he went out for adventure with his mother. He found himself slowly aging, very very slowly. He hadn’t known back then that his race was unique and they aged very slowly. So he just turned around 13, and his mother died. In normal human years he’d be 33 already. He burried his mother and went on an adventure himself.

He met Kurai and Dios, of course he acted gently toards the white haired woman, getting a warning from Dios. He stood up for the two at a bar once when the Takrin wasn’t that big. Kuria had offered him a home, he declined, but now. Ten years later he is in search for the Takrin, ad the white haired woman that offered something he was actually longing for.
Appearence [x]

quote="Kurai No Yuki"]
Sanjyurro Ujiyasu

Gaia Name - Sanjyurro Ujiyasu
Name - Rugelias Azzarat
Age - 52
Race - Cyran (Cyran are a special breed of demon, they have an average life span of 176 years of age. They have the unique ability to change their form to better serve a battle's purpose. They can only change forms once a day.)
Class - Spellblade
Rank - TBA
Weapons - (Described in appearance.)
Powers - Being of the Cyran race, Rugelias can change his form. Each form has it's own unique use. My skeleton for physical/magic will be a 1-5:1-5 ratio system.
Alpha Form: The regular every-day Cyran. All-around capabilities with no stat boosts. He reverts back to this at the end of every day. 3:2
Beta Form: This form sacrifices magical power for greater weapon prowess. It also dramatically increases the users natural armor and reflexes, but loses all ability to cast spells. 5:0
Sigma Form: Sacrifices all weapon prowess for complete and dominant control over spellcasting and magic. Boosts mana drawing and dramatically increases the users will and concentration, but the user can hardly use any sort of physical attack. 1:5
Omega Form: A form that focuses energies into aura-based power for greater magical purposes. While not being able to cast the same destructive spells that Sigma form can, it can use a litle bit of physical attack. 2:4
Gamma Form: This form unlocks potential energy derived from the users soul. It enables great magical power and decent fighting skills but using it for too long at once can be deadly to the wielder. Same stat boosts as Omega Form with all of the properties of the Alpha form. 3:5
Zeta Form: A form that you will never see, because it enables the user heightened and unfathomable speeds. It is perfect for keeping your foe on their toes and completely paranoid. Dramatically increases the users reflexes, awareness and greatly boosts the users weapon skill. Howeverm the use can only cast self support and low level heal spells. 4:2
Personality - Very polite, and very well spoken. He is always willing to listen and give advice. He also tends to be somewhat sarcastic at times too, and loves a good laugh.
Past - Rugelias Azzarat grew up an orphan for the most part, his mother died when he was six and he never met his father. His childhood was spent with his best friends, Chipp and Rose, also orphans in the empire of Kilia, located on the continent of Katharga. By the time the three of them were twelve, an older man visited their village. A leader of a mercenary group known as the Chaos Angels, his name was Grif Leonards. Leonards is the ancestor of the renowned Leonardian weapon style, mastery over exotic and unusual weapons.
Grif was never a family man, always busy running his mercenary group but for some odd reason he took the three preteens under his wing. Rugelias spent the next nine years of his life training and studying under Grif every day, his friends were taught by Grif's second and third in command. Rugelias learned basic swordsmanship and the Leonardian style of fighting. Grif also taught him the basics of hand to hand combat for the purpose of 'just in case'. Rugelias took it upon himself to improve and focused on the Botjujitsu and Kilian Martial Form to improve his own ability.
Once his training was over and he was twenty-one years of age, he stayed with the mercenary group for the next eight years until the events of The War of Fate occurred and he left with is good friend Hassar on a mission for Grif and for the Kilia Empire. This task took them twelve years and it brought about the downfall of many nations but ultimately set up the balance that exists on Katharga now.
It's been three years since those events, and Rugelias has turned down many offers from Kilia and Xenos' and Idoun to be a high-ranking general. Grif accepted Emperor Barlocas's offer after many years of refusal and despite this fact Rugelias chooses to be a freelancer.
Rugelias is in actuality the ancestor to the Fourth Seat of Cyra. Cyran government consists of several areas of speculation. There is the absolute, the ruler, the emperor. Then there there are the Five Seats of Cyra, also known as the House of the Benevolent, they were the primary government, they led the people and ruled the districts while the Emperor controlled the military and the foreign lands. The third set of the ruling class consisted of twelve, known as the Twelve Seers. They were a group of political and war advisors who would help out in local and foreign affairs. They also were the Emperor's twelve generals.
Although the Cyran Empire was destroyed and it's people left stranded throughout the world, the resolve of those who remember and those who were taught is magnificent. There is currently a band of Cyran's led by a man known as Kris Ladellan, who claims to be an ancestor of the throne. Rugelias has been invited to this band many times due to his own ancestry but has respectfully declined. He does not wish to participate in a band that he thinks will cause senseless bloodshed. Instead, Rugelias now spends his time traveling the world and visiting other continents and countries. Although he does not wish for senseless bloodshed, if he ever finds a group or cause to join with a purpose, he will. In his travels, he found out about the the desert group of Takrin. He wrote a letter to the band's leader with a request to join.
Appearance- Wears a black headband with a silver plate and the part where it is tied splits into two that fall behind his head down to his neck. He wears a black cloak with a gray undershirt and black breastplate with silver embroidery. He wears a pair of tight black pants that go down to his ankle where he has on black boots with silver greaves. His arms are wrapped in bandages which conceal two nine inch blades and carries a sword strapped to h is back that has a four foot blade and a one and half long hilt making it's total length sixty-six inches. Also keeps a pair of serrated daggers strapped to his belt behind his back and around the waist.

User Image
Username:Vladmir Alucard Anderson

Name: Shujinko "Ichigo" Nara


Age:Long lost count.


Shira Kujaku :A Nodachi, or two handed Katana-The name means White Peacock due to its construction and appearance, it was forged in Mt.Fuji many years ago by a now dead sword smith, created to battle the enemy of his people during Sengoku, the famous Japanese warring Period, its wielder was a man who called himself Ichigo. The blade was said to be dulled by the mans skill with a blade, and almost made it look like a child's toy compared to his skill. Other's credited the blade for the mans skill, but all watched as he fought off the Meji government in a small village in the Osaka region, it was said after being stabbed eight times, and shot three, he died on a Bride a nameless warrior, who, with two men from the local Samurai groups, a father and son, together with 'Ichigo' kept the city safe from the Meji government, and saved the only successful Samurai against Government rebellion. The body nor the sword of the nameless man have never been found, some claim he never died in the first place, others think the government is hiding the sword, so no one else can grasp it.

Sword Styles/Techniques:

Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryū-Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryū's principles are based on utilizing godlike speed, or shinsoku, and precision to deal powerful blows that usually bring down foes with one shot. The swordsman must also be able to read techniques at an amazing pace as well as interpret emotions as a form of clairvoyance in order to accurately predict what an opponent will do. Combining those two elements with the speed and the precision allows users to subdue opponents before they ever act. That is the power of Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryū.((There are many different techniques in Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu.))

Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryū Battōjutsu-Stance with right foot placed in front of left, pressing the blade of the sheathed sword against the curve of the sheath, which increases draw speed. The drawing of the blade is the same motion used for the attack. It is an all-or-nothing attack where missing the target results in the user being completely vulnerable. All battōjutsu in Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryū are comprised of two steps to avoid failure.

Gatotsu - the Fang Thrust. The four standard techniques:

Ichiki - First Stance:A standard, shoulder-level ground attack. He prepares by dropping into a partial crouch, both knees bent, left arm drawn back and right extended forward; he grasps the kashira (end-cap of the tsuka, or hilt) of his sword with his left hand and rests the tips of the fingers of his right hand (usually the thumb) on the blade near its tip. When the attack is initiated, he charges his opponent with sudden and incredible speed (often stunning his target into inaction) and strikes, typically making his mark through the chest, shoulders, neck, or head. Because he supports the kashira of the sword with his palm, rather than holds the tsuka, the range of his thrust extends beyond that of an ordinary sword-thrust. It is also likely that his charging speed lends additional momentum to this already powerful attack.

Nishiki - Second Stance:A downward-striking attack. The preparatory position differs from the Ichiki in that user holds his sword over his head; the direction of the Nishiki thrust is narrower, as well. Note that this stance is not necessarily restricted to ground performance. It can be employed in mid-leap as an air-to-ground attack.

Sanshiki - Third Stance:An upward-striking attack. Prepared identically to the Ichiki, he uses it to intercept an opponent assaulting him from above, directing his blade into the air instead of immediately forward.

Zeroshiki - Zero Stance:Gatotsu's trump card, An attack performed at point-blank range using all his upper body strength. This stance, unlike the first three, requires no prior preparation or footwork. This is an immensely powerful attack.


Mugenjin-Fire based techniques, often used with his blade. By drawing his hands or blade over his match book, sand paper type gloves, either his hands or blade will light on fire, once they are on fire, he can either slash or punch using the fire to confuse his opponent on where the attack is coming from, or manipulate it.

Techniques of Mugenjin-

Homura dama-This is the technique Ichigo has used the most. Using friction to ignite the human fats that have soaked into his sword over time, this serves to distract the opponent from his swings. The result is being simultaneously burned and slashed.

Guren Kaina-He fills his gloves with gunpowder, and ignites them with the sparks caused by the Mugenjin. Thus it results in an explosion. Guren Kaina dishes out a lot of force, but the gloves have to be changed after use.

Kaguzuchi-The Kaguzuchi is the ultimate technique in Ichigo's arsenal. He activates it by scraping his blade from the base to the tip on the end of the scabbard, creating a miniature fiery cyclone around the blade. The technique is not fully revealed, but it's believed that Ichigo starts the fire and then slashes at the enemy, thus he can incinerate them entirely while still cutting them.

Shinsoku- It translate roughly to godlike speed, his movements are quick, almost invisible to the human eye. He does not quite 'disappear' but his movements with his blade and short movements like side steps are unbelievably fast. He cannot run at godlike speed, but he can dash or side step at it. This allows him to easily avoid the blades or fist of mortals, it is said, he can catch a bullet his hands are so fast. This has been displayed a few times, but he more commonly blocks bullets with his blade, over his hand. Since catching a bullet has to be perfect, or it will go through your hand.

Skill classification:

□□□□□□□□□□ → Locked
■□□□□□□□□□ → Poor
■■□□□□□□□□ → Basic
■■■□□□□□□□ → Student
■■■■□□□□□□ → Apprentice
■■■■■□□□□□ → Journeyman
■■■■■■□□□□ → Adept
■■■■■■■□□□ → Master
■■■■■■■■□□ → Epic
■■■■■■■■■□ → Grand Master
■■■■■■■■■■ → Godlike

((This explains the Scale ill be using.))



Tenma Keigou
I apologize for my stupidity

Gaia-NameTenma Keigou
Name Tenma Keigou
Age 32
RaceHuman Adept-Means he has elemental attributions
Rank((Ill fill this area out.))
WeaponsSword, Nighttooth(a small traingular steel throwing star, razor thin) gladiator style armor on right arm.
Powers Fire, Earth.
PersonlityCalm, Collected, Precise, Generally polite and friendly
PastAn adept and elite from the Country of Corinor located south of the Gaian headlands he was part of the leading body in charge of a port city of Corinor, he left the country when it was destroyed by a neighboring land, Gaia, and traveled, taking part of his life in Leviathan stadium, the details are hazy but he has traveled endlessly since leaving strata.
Apperence Tall, he is slightly pale, with an asian skin complexion, he has light yellow eyes, and wears a mask covering an almost boyish face. The mask is white metal, with black markings shaped as smoke. He wears a white vest, open at the chest with long slanted sleeves, a white sashbroad and tied with a hidden knot, his black long sword sheath pushed through the sash. He wears a pair of baggy pants, a cotton material bleached white and a pair of wooden sandals with metal bottoms. His right arm has a scaled armor from shoulder to fingertips and leather belts cross his torso holding the armor on, both belts burnt into his skin. He has long silver hair, often pulled back and tied at the nape of the neck.

Full profiles, and images are located here

Name: Hae'da'n'ka'hinna Rhi'tshat'vaefl

Age: 26

Race: Lit'shad

Gender: Female


Weight: 137

Aside from her armour, little is carried. She has four long daggers, two at her waist, two more on her thighs, also on her thighs are two copper-toned kali sticks. A short length of rope, approximately 50 feet and carried around her torso diagonally.

Small pale purple scales adorn Hae'da's hide. They are tough, leather like to the touch, and provide natural protection from sharp objects. Her copper hair is chopped extremely short, in what could be considered a guys cut. Her ears are curled, hard, and pointed. Her eyes are a shade darker than her hair and have triangular pupils, they are covered with a thick membrane. Hae’da is humanoid, aside from the extra set of arms set 8 inches below what can be considered her "normal" pair. That and the tail, which is long enough to comfortably curl around her feet if she’s just standing around. Each toe and finger is tipped with a short claw. Hae’da dgreat deal more movement than what most people think of when armour is brought oes wear clothing, or rather a set of armour made of some sort of tough hide, dyed copper. It covers her body in flexible sheets, overlapping and allowing a up.

- Her odd pupils are not just for show, she can switch between what most people see, infrared, and a detailed night vision.
- As a desert creatures, Lit'shad are subjected to all sorts of environmental changes. They're able to deal with extreme heat, extreme cold, and tend to be hard to drown. Immune to poisons.
- Can sense water even in small quantities.

- Control of water masses, removal of water from places. Practical application: Pulling water up from underground in the desert.

Hae'da was raised in a world with no tolerance for stupidity or dependence. She has nothing but disgust for people that allow the weak to feed off of them, and as such has issues with humans in general. She tends to avoid talking to most people and prefers to just get stuff done and over with.

Lit'shad are not sociable creatures. A large group would never survive, even though they are nomadic. In general they mate for life, and a clutch is raised and sent off before another is laid. Clutches are rarely more than three eggs. One or two may make it to adulthood. At ten years of age Lit'shad are considered old enough to be sent off.
Hae'da had a normal childhood, one where everything must be learned as quickly as possible. It is survival of the fittest. At ten she was sent off, like any other Lit'shaddan, and did well, easily supporting herself, living a normal life, alone. She stayed alone a great deal longer than most would, unable to stand the company of others of her kind.
Around 20 years of age she was rudely awakened by someone stepping on her tail. She was buried under a thin layer of sand from a small storm the day before, so it was an understandable accident. She rose in anger though, driving her hand up through the soft neck of the human, then was promptly shot with a tranquilizer.
She was transported to a zoo, wrapped in a steel-mesh net. They stuck her in a cage that she shouldn’t have been able to get out of. But zoos are not made for intelligent animals and she escaped shortly after being deposited.
Since then she learned the local language, and had been trying to make a name for herself as a guide for those wishing to travel the desert, but not many people have interest in that sort of thing, so Hae’da has been considering changing professions.

[ I ] Indentity

Birth Name: Jaques Choisel
Used Name: Jaques Choisel
Meaning of Name: Kronos of The Thirsty
Blood Type: A
Biped Age: Unknown
Visual Age Twenty two (22)
Birthplace: Lyon, France
Elemental Affinity: Fire and Darkness
Race: Vampire
Class: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral
Affiliation Nature: Hetero
Martial Status: Single

[ II ] Build

Height: Six feet seven inches (6' 7 " wink
Weight: One hundred seventy eight pounds (178 lbs.)
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Long and Wavy
Eye Color: Icy Blue
Skin Tone: Pale
Skin Condition: Fair
Structure: Tall, Slim
Handed: Ambedextrous
Physical Condition: Physically fit
Voice: Soft and Elegant

[III] Innates

■ Strength and Power: Jaques has excelled, supernatural strength that is considered to be formidable for his race. He would rather rely on his strength and power than speed and agility in battle opposed to many other Vampires who rely on the polar opposite.

■ Speed and Agility: Jaques possesses both exceptional speed and agility. When either sprinting off towards an opponent, or running in general, Jaques's body seems to flicker out and shimmer from existance. For his breed, Jaque is extremely fast and nimble. His agility is inequal and hard to keep up with a track while he's in motion. With his extroadinary speed, Jaque can create afterimages and blur his form out almost with no effort or effortlessly. He is also able to teleport himself from one place to another off-handedly, reappearing almost within an instant of his dissapearance.

■ Defensive Ability: ((Work on A.S.A.P))

■ Hearing and Apprehension: Like Nathaniel, Jaques possesses superlative senses. His hearing is very acute and sharply perceptive, allowing him to hear the slightest change in breathing pattern or the beating of a heart nearly twenty feet away. He also has a sharp sense of smell, able to pick out an individual's scent amongst a crowd other people. Jaques could detect the footsteps of any being over a twenty five mile radius, allowing him to move in silently for an attack without ever losing sight of his prey.

■ Perception and Vision: Jaques is able to see over a fifty foot radius with extreme clarity and clearness. With ease, he could analize any movements that take place in his wide field of vision, allowing him to pick out a certain prey he might crave to feast on from a distance. His ability to see at night or his night vision is faultless and impeccable as to being able to visualize in daylight is a little more difficult. The sunlight somewhat irratates Jaques's eyes, disrupting his daylight vision.

■ Flight and Levitation: Jaques has no wings, after having them severed and ripped off while engaging in a fearsome battle. As a result, he's learned how to cancel out the gravitational force beneath him, allowing him to be able to levitate and float with ease.

[IV] Analysis

Eyesight (Visual perception): 5
Speed (Aerodynamics): 4
Synapse (Smarts): 3
Coordination (Motor functions): 3
Strength (Lifting power): 4
Vitality (Endurance): 3
Immunities (Illness/poison): 3
[ Must = 25 ]

1 - Weak
2 - Average
3 - Above Average
4 - Good
5 - Excellent
Branches of Takrin Errdegahren:

Main Leader: Kurai Yuki (( Kurai no Yuki))
Main Second in Command: (( Open))

Weapon Crafter and Defensive Supervisor:

Warrior/Knight Branch

Branch Leader:

Second Command:


Assassin's Branch:

Branch Leader:

Second Command:


Archer/Hunter/Ranger Branch:

Branch Leader:

Second Command:N/A


Mounted Warrior Branch

Branch Leader: Hae'da (( Relative Extrema))

Second Command:N/A


Genreal Magic Weilder Branch

Branch Leader: Sanjyurro Ujiyasu ((Rugelias Azzarat))

Second Command:Sianna((Losse))

Members: Tenma Keigou ((Tenma Keigou))

Advanced Magic Branch

Branch Leader:

Second Command:


Vampire Hunter Branch

Branch Leader: Dios (( Kurai no Yuki))

Second Command:N/A


Poison makers

Branch leader:

Second Command: N/A

Members: N/A


Official Valla-Dan Representative: Valsan

Member list
Nixus Metullus (Deus Ex Machina.)


Elite Soldiers:
-Trace Outlaw
-Hartia Pendragon II
-Vitus Conditor (~.Vegetus.Formator.~)
-Roy(Mr. Odisiouix)
-Acantha (Over Time!)
-Relic (Kai_Arrein)
-Maiden Valborg
-Drake (Honest Lie)

-Kancara the Reaper
-Kagero (Eyliss)
-Gaara (~^FingerSecks^~)
-Zero (Zero V. Matsume)
-Kid (Poetic Justice.)
Joining Requirments

1:If you wish to be a High Rank, anything above Rookie, you must be Literate.
2:I appoint your rank, if you don't want to be a Leader, just let me know..But you cannot request Leader.
3:Fill out this form, and in your bio, explain how you met Kurai and joined us.

Profile Format:

[b]Age[/b]((If your under Twenty, expect to not be a accepted.))
[b]Race[/b]((Don't overtake it people. I don't want a half lycan, half Vampire that's also part angel. Use common sence. Fallen angels, fine, but why are they fallen angels? Please use -common- Sence! ))
[b]Rank[/b]((Ill fill this area out.))

14th of February 2007, Reopend for Roleplaying and Buisness!

21st of July 2007 Update to the member's list, if you are no longer on it, then it means you were inactive.
If you wish to rejoin the guild, all you need to do is send another application.

1st of Augst 2007 The joining of The Hideout, and the Takrin Errdegahren.
It was another day to another year. A yawn escaped the white haired woman's lips as she sat up on the bed. She lazily rubbed her eyes as she stood up, redressing as she sighed, making her way down the base.

But she wasn't alone. Well, not in presence. the man opend his eyes again, grinning, walking in the desert, headed strait for the large rock that camouflaged the Base. Dios got a small smile on his lips "Ah, my new home sweet home"
The rays of the sun awoke her as always. She pushed herself up from the soft bed she lay on. expecting to feel pain in her shoulder as she did so. But the pain never came, surprising her with a start. She lifted a hand gently to her shoulder, slipping it under the fabric that covered it's surface. The skin was a lot smoother, still a bit rough, but a lot smoother than its ragged sewn state a day previously. I swear it gets faster every time, she grumbled. Not something to grumble about really, but it was morning, and she grumbled about anything.

Sianna wiped her eyes and got out of bed, searching for the sharp knife she'd used to cut the string for her wound. She soon searched it out and began taking out the stitches, discarding the thread on the floor. It didn't take long, and soon she was up with her staff in hand, heading down the corridor to the base.

Having had her shoulder throbbing a lot, she'd pretty much stayed away from contact with anyone, not wanting to get riled at the smallest thing. But now it was time to find out what was happening and perhaps actually meet other people in this little band.

Shey had been up before the sun, out for a morning ride on her white stallion. Now she and Diiv made their way back into the base, the morning desert air already heating up behind them.

They cantered through the narrow streets to the small stable tucked neatly away in behind the women's manse. Shey slid off the sweaty horse, patting him while sending thoughts declaring her affections for her best friend. Diiv butted her gently, than turned and trotted into the open stall, nearly draining the bucket of water. Laughing softly, Shey shok her hed and picked up the spare bucket, heading for the base's only well.
(( I changed a few things.
Everyone okay with that? ))

Dios gave a grin "Hellooo~" He said in a singy voice. It was quite a loud sound, going through the first part of the base, his words echoing.

A white haired mage shrieked when she reckonized the voice, having been in the kitchen, almost dropping her plate of food as she blinked. Looking to the way it came from "No,no,no" She whispered, shaking her head with every no.

"Hellooo~" He said, again, a small smile on his face, closing his eyes, a cute face looking at the entrance befroe him, though not able to enter. There were several magical defences.
Tacitus's avatar


((I will be attacking on behalf of the Aegis of Torment Defence Contracting Corporation. You will not know why IC unless you survive and ask. I will be utilizing modern day weaponry as well as arcane bodily enhancement armors and undead. The attack force will have no more than 5 individuals, though only one will be a PC. If you have any objections voice them here. Do not PM me.))

((Have a day. Can't say nice day, cause that wouldn't be a very logical thing to say if I'm going to attack you. XD))
(( I hate you stare .
Then you help me, then you attack me.
Meh, i used to be in the Red Moon.
-=Grumbles=- ))

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