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(( *points at Bad's siggy* Burnt face man rules. And all of fat-pie. I was never here. *runs away into the night* ninja ))
User ImageGene Mooncry

"I'll answer your questions in the order they came. Firstly, I took you back because it wouldn't be honorable to leave you there, bleeding to death. As much as I wanted to, I couldn't, for I, then, would be the bad guy. Secondly, I gave you those scars to make you remember who saved your a**. Finally, I hardly believe you gave him a chance to get away, Miss Ruthless." He took out his dagger and put it to her chin. "Do I have to give you a few more scars. . . on your face. . . before you know not to ******** with me?"
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000000Ginger Cathile Leonhart0000000

Poor guy!,
It's not like it won't heal. Stay quiet and whisper in my ears. What it feels like
to be betrayed by the one you love most.






User ImageGene Mooncry

"Hah. If I can?" Gene began laughing hysterically. He removed his knife from her chin. His eyes rolled back into his head and he growled uncontrollably. "Run." From a cloud of black dust, a huge gray wolf emerged slowly, starting slowly toward Ginger.
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"What are you staring at? My Height?..You're dead." ♥


Ginger watched as the wolf "Appeared." "So you've shown your true form." She began to back away. "L-Lucky for you, I can't transform right now." She held out her dagger in front of her, unsure if she should run or stay put. "Come at me, wolf boy."


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[[ Ѷ ɨ ʌ ɨ ᾀ ȵ Ҟ ӌ ɸ ɕ ɨ ]]

    How dull. The thought floated through the lazed mind of Vivian, who was currently making her way through the dense jungle which surrounded the place she now called home. Mooncry, a pack of survivors that were all like her, experiments who turned into werewolf wannabes. At first, she was probably one of the people who was most ticked off by the fact that now she could in fact have ticks, even if she tried her best to keep her fur clean.

    It's just hard getting to all those nooks and crannies without opposable thumbs.

    Yawning softly to herself, she listened to the sounds coming from around her, the same chirps and humming of the animals, which used to make her want to shoot something, not paying much to where she was heading so late in the night. The only reason really was the fact that the other girls in the community were starting their daily gossip trade, which made her roll her eyes in mild disgust and jet out of the place as fast as she could.

    Females were scary when it came to gossip after all.

    That had been awhile ago however, and she was about to turn back when she heard a low murmuring a few feet ahead of her, and from further inspection (namely her peeking through the brush of trees, a cigarette in mouth and gun in hand), she was surprised to see that she had walked as far as the river, and that Cheiftan and some Dreamlight were talking.

    If you could call him growling at her in wolf-form talking. What? Didn't all the girl's go after the fanged guys now-a-days? Chuckling softly to herself, she finally stepped out from her hiding spot, her gun a comfortable weight in the palm of her hand. "Gee, I hope I'm not interrupting anything," She said in a joking manner, though her eyes narrowed at the sight of one of her friends dead on the ground, and her lips pressed together in a thin line, feeling the low rumble of a growl building up in her throat.

    Son of a b***h.

Some may say that I'm [[αи Ⱥ ȵ ɨ ӎ ɐ ʄ ]]

I guess I'd have to αɕʀεε

[[ OoC : ]]

[[ Sorry I hadn't posted until now. Some personal things came up, but better late then never? xD ]]

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