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Abbey slept contently in Lawrence's arms unaware that for the entire night their lips were pressed together in an accidental kiss until she had woke up and looked directly at Lawrence's face. She pulled away covering her mouth, her cheeks turning a very pale rose pink, it would be hard to blush for an undead vampire though. Abbey almost bust out into laughter at the funny incident but covered her mouth once again as to not to disturb Lawrence from his slumber. Instead she calmly slipped out of the blankets and placed it over Lawrence to keep him warm, it hadn't quite dawned on her that vampires were already dead so they wouldn't really feel the cold. The little girl softly wrapped her arms around Lawrence's neck and gave him a short hug before stumbling out of the tall bed with great difficulty but she made it off with no injury. Lawrence must have been pretty tired out from changing her last night, it wasn't like him to be drowsey so hopefully when he let her take his blood she didn't harm him at all.

Abbey saw a small c***k of light peering through the curtains of the window at the side of the room. Today was her first day of being a vampire but wasn't it true that vampires get burned by even the smallest bit of sunlight, only one way to find out. She courageously approached the small light and nervously stretched out her hand allowing the warm heat of the sun to touch her skin. Abbey shut her eyes and bit her lip before pulling her hand back to the comfort of the shade again, she scanned her hand for any burn marks but nothing was there, she was fine! Detective Abbey sorted out another myth! It could be that only certain vampires could get burned by the sun but lucky her, she could still go outside. "Yes!-uh..I mean yes.." The child whispered taking sleeping Lawrence into consideration, she thought she may as well do something productive and pick out what she could wear for today from her small bag." Now let's see...."

((O.o.c:: Abbey:: *giggles cutely then smirks standing behind Lawrence*

Me:: I AM NOT TRYING TO BLAME IT ON A LITTLE KID!....and have I no shame...you tried to rape her xD ...*changes subject and puts a panda outfit on Abbey* D'aawwwwww~

Abbey:: o.o ....-.- I am not a panda...

Yay for doing well biggrin UBER FUN CELEBRATION PARTY DANCE ! I will always remember to fight bacl! Such an inspirational end to a sentence Iradesca~ ))
Lawrence Tiger

Lawrence woke the moment Abbey shifted in his arms, but didn't open his eyes. He wanted to test the extent of their link. He felt the hug from both of their bodies - that was interesting. Then he felt the warmth on her hand, and his eyes flew open. She was directly in his line of sight, so he could see as she placed her hand in the sunlight, then withdrew it. He didn't feel any pain from her. It looked like the half-breeds that had bit her at the base hadn't contaminated her! He sat up as she began to go through her bag, walking over to stand behind her. "Morning Ms. Vampire. Need some help?"

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((Lawrence: 0.0 Pandaaaaa . . . Cutenesssss . . . Rapeableness . . .
Lol. That's their slogan. It's really inspiring. I'm glad my Grandma followed that last part.))
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Abbey heard Lawrence's footsteps as soon as he set one foot off the bed, after the change her hearing seemed to become more accurate. She could maybe even hear a pin drop from a mile away if she tried, every sense in her body seemed more enhanced as well like smell and sight. Peering up at Lawrence with a delighted expression to see that he was up already then stood to her feet clasping both her hands together, hopefully the rustling of her bag didn't wake him up from his deep sleep. "Good morning Papa Lawrence! I-It's alright, I was just looking for something to wear today ehehe" Abbey stated before returning back to her bag again, she made sure not to mess up the folded clothes in the bag as she skimmed through it. Finally she picked out a blong sleeved white shirt (maybe a little too long), a baby blue waistcoat with slightly darker blue shorts. Abbey gave a quick thumbs up to Lawrence before running behind the curtains to get changed, it never occured to her that she was getting changed right next to a window. Several rebel army men stood in a state of shock to see a naked 6 year old putting on clothes then shielded there eyes running off, except for the perverted ones,

Abbey finished putting on her shorts then ran back to Lawrence tackle hugging him, she wasn't strong enough to knock him over but instead just bumped into his leg and hugged it chuckling sweetly. "So what are we going to do today? Do you think we can go exploring!" she asked pulling away from Lawrence's leg, she couldn't exactly reach near his torso yet so for now she would have to make do with hugging his leg.

((O.o.c:: Abbey:: sweatdrop ...Th-Thank you? *chuckles*
Me:: Well i'm definitely feeling inspired already whee My grandma is slightly crazy, when she was younger she was playing a game called chicken on the road and walked into the back of a bus -.- Anywho how could we bring Stephen Norrison into the rp and create some more drama xD dramallama

Abbey:: Who's Stephen Norrison?))
Lawrence Tiger

Lawrence chuckled and watched her as she gathered her clothes and hid behind the curtains to change. However, when he saw some perverted rebel soldiers standing outside watching her, he quickly made his way over to the window, giving them a death glare and blocking their view. Their eyes widened and they quickly ran off. Lawrence returned to where he had stood before and waited for Abbey to finish. When she bumped into his leg and hugged him, he swung her up to sit on his shoulders. "I don't know hon. We have to check with Marcy first. From what I've heard about her over the years, she's probably already taken charge here." He ducked as he walked out of the room, making sure not to hit Abbey's head on the door frame. He made his way down the hall, some of the rebels also living there staring at the strange pair. Some approached them, demanding to know where they had come from, suspicious that they may have snuck in. The mere mention of Marcy's name was enough to silence them and send them on their way though. Lawrence headed for the main control room they had passed on their way in the night before. More than likely, they would find Marcy there.

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((Lawrence: *Licks his lips* Hey Abbey. Come here. *Smiles widely*
Me: I hate that game. Someone in my middle school died because of it. I didn't know her, but it was still tragic.
Oh don't worry. He'll be appearing soon. We just need to get a little farther along before I bring him in again.))
Marcy Lane

"How are we coming with those passes boys?" "Almost done ma'am." "Good Try to have them done within the hour." So far, so good. Just a little longer, and they'd be able to send that Abbey girl into the first base for some recon. Marcy continued to type away at the computer beofer her until she heard someone walk up behind her. "Hey Marcy. Abbey wants to go exploring. Is that alright? We wont go outside the base." "No, I need her today. She's going to do something very important for u-" Marcy's words stalled in her throat as she turned around and saw Abbey. "What the heck Lawrence! You changed her?! Last night?! What the heck! Now the plan is ruined!" She turned back to the computer screen and banged her head against it, grumbling. Great. The perfect chance, gone down the drain in one night. And to top it off, she would have to deal with all of the complaints that she'd get about the fact that the vampire she had brought in had changed someone without asking anyone or even saying something. Did he not realize that there were still immense tensions between humans and vampires, even within the rebellion? There was an enormous amount of ethical issues going on here! Marcy sighed and turned back to the pair. She studied the girl. She didn't look too different, aside from her pasty skin and new hairstyle and fangs. But some makeup, a wig, and a little dental magic could fix that. Maybe the plan wasn't ruined. It was just a little less perfect now. "Alright. Maybe this'll still work. Listen carefully, I need you to-" A beeping sound came from behind her. Marcy whirled as a radar came on screen, showing fifty or more red blips. Cursing, Marcy grabbed a mic connected to the control panel next to her and pressed a button. "Attention all Personnel! Begin Shut Down and Cover Up procedures immediately! Everyone else, into your rooms! Shut your lights off and stay silent! We have a large military force moving over the area right now. I need absolute silence until I give the all-clear! Go!" She released the button and turned back to the computer, typing away at it like a mad person. She then rolled her chair to the side and began pressing buttons and pulling levers on the control panel next to her. All around the control room the other rebels began to do the same, as running feet could be heard in the hallway. "You two! Sit in that corner and don't move!" She pointed to the pair, then at a pair of chairs near the door. Lights began to shut off all around the complex, as machines and appliances did the same. Finally, everything in the control room shut down as well, except for the radar on Marcy's screen. Her eyes fixated on it as the blips slowly moved closer to their position. The people in the room hardly dared to breathe in the unearthly silence.

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Abbey chuckled at the strange men as they ran off just at the sight of Lawrence as she was getting changed,she only managed catch a glimpse of them from behind Lawrence's leg. What was really so interesting about her getting changed? At her age she didn't even understand the meaning of the word pervert because she was pretty innocent when it came to bad things like that. Her entire expression grew even brighter as Lawrence placed her on his shoulders making her temporarily tall for once, she placed her chin softly on his head hearing that they had to get permission from Marcy to explore the base since she was practicality in charge. What would Marcy think of Abbey being a vampire now and her new appearance?

Abbey ducked along with Lawrence below the door and held on as best she could not to fall of as they passed through the hall, why was it necessary for those rebel soldiers to question why the two were here? Abbey just shrugged it off and waved to some of the soldiers sometimes getting a wave in return from them, others just slightly glared at her in confusion. "Papa Lawrence, how far is it till we find Miss Marcy?" she asked quietly leaning over his shoulder so she could look Lawrence directly in the eyes before giving a warm smile and hugging his head slightly with a cute giggle. When they reached the room where Marcy was and Lawrence asked if they could go exploring Abbey flinched and hid behind Lawrence's head during Marcy's outburst, so she was needed for a plan?? As soon as the entire place went into shut down mode because of the red blips on the radar Abbey panicked and stayed close to Lawrence obediently not breathing a word but instead just looked at the chair Marcy pointed at with a frown.

((O.o.c:: Abbey:: ? Papa Lawrence why are you licking your lips?
Me:: that is so awful, may she r.i.p. You know my friend at my school who was a year younger than me committed suicide, it was a terrible day for our school and her family and friends.

Also cool, I can't wait to see what s**t he'll stir up in the rp biggrin ))

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