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Bruce managed to happily smile to himself, removing the black beret giving a light scratch to his Jet-Black hair. "Boy am' I glad I moved in here.. Home sweet home." The Austrialian made way over towards the keypad at the far end of the bunker. Reaching up with a free hand to grab a necklace, for on the end of it was the access card to the entire compound. Giving a quick glance around for any sign of anyone at all, before slidding in the keycard waiting for it to beep loudly.

With that loud beep, a very loud horn would sound, and the large blast doors would begin to slide open. The entire room would light up with bright overhead lights illuminating all. For inside of the main bunker: There were Tanks, Missle Trucks, Humvee's, APC's, You named it, there was one of it inside of that. That is what he called the 'Heavy Weapons Room' He especially loved the M1A1 Abrams tank. God how he wished he had the key to the Petrol storage.

Stepping inside just past the doors opening, which were still wailing loudly with the horn at the time. Bruce turned around, keeping watch to make sure anybody tried to sneak in.. it had happened before. He did NOT want it to happen again. Patiently waiting as the main doors began to once again move to close shut, Bruce standing there like a sentry at his post. Obviously he had done this before at one time or another. Eventually, the door would close shut with many loud clinks and clanks, the sounds of locks locking. But there was a catch. Inside the main blast door was a small console within arms reach. Sliding the key-card in once more sent the bunker into "LOCKDOWN" Mode, as it read on the Console. The Keypad outside would immediately cover itself in a steel casing. Suck on that any would-be Intruders!

Once effectively sealed inside Bruce would whistle to himself, "Waaltzing Maatildaa.. Waaaltzing Maaaltida!" He sung out before breaking off into humms walking further inside of the main room, coming to a hallway leading into one smaller. But THIS one was just as magnificant. Racks and Racks of M16, M4A1, and M14 Assault Rifles lined the racks. Along with crates of various other small arms. Pistols, Grenades, and other light supplies including medkits etc. With a very large crate in the back of the Small-Arms room full of Silver Bullets loaded into M16 Magazines, there for a very specific purpose of putting down the so called "Abombinations" The Government called the Werewolves and Vampires.
Heading off towards another pair of passages. One titled "MESS" The other titled in big bold lettering "QUARTERS". Bruce headed down the Mess corridor into the kitchen.
Marcy Lane

Marcy smiled and nearly laughed out loud. So it was a keycard! She stayed where she was for about fifteen minutes, then walked up to the console. She rummaged around in the bag she kept tied onto her quiver and drew forth a hand-full of tools. selecting one, she pressed the button and got to work, setting the spinning blade against the hinges of the steel casing. For now there was only a slight buzzing sound, but she still needed to figure out how she was going to deal with the horn and the wailing. Crystal caught the plating as it fell from the console and silently set it on the ground. She then pulled from her pocket a cellphone-sized device, and her own, top-level clearance keycard! Being the daughter of the Secretary of Defense had its advantages. She plugged the device into a jack at the bottom of the console, entered a few numbers, [then swiped her card. The doors did not open. Good. Entering more numbers into the device, she suddenly found the screen full of digits and symbols and letters. She had hacked the system. She quickly disabled the alarm and pulled the device from the console. The doors slid open without a sound. After soldering the plating back in place with yet another of her tools, she slipped inside and set the system back to "LOCKDOWN" Mode. Next time the doors opened, the alarm would sound. No one would know she had ever snuck in. Turning around, she was forced to take a step back at the sight of all of the artillery. She was thoroughly impressed. She slipped some ammo and grenades into her bag. Not enough to be noticeable, but enough. Smiling to herself, Crystal slowly made her way down the hall. She knew the layout of every base like the back of her hand. She soon found what she was looking for: the Control Room. She knew it was cliche to do this, but she preferred to do things quickly. Entering all of the overriding codes, she got to work.

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Bruce would eventually exit the kitchen, nibbling on a dinner roll he had baked himself the night before. Thank god there was yeast in the freezer. Otherwise the bread would taste like garbage.

Absently, Bruce decided to take Inventory. It was something he usually did to pass the time and take the lonliness off of his mind. Walking about the Small Arms room pacing, he kept his eyes glued to every piece of equipment with a photographic memory from doing this many.. many times before. A smile still bestowed on his lips not noticing anything out of the ordinary, he plucked an M16A3 from one of the racks, inspecting the weapon closesly before deciding to take it to use for target practice on the range later.

He continued along the aisle.. keeping eyes glued to anything that might be out of place.. everything -looked- normal.. Medikits.. no weapons were missing. Then he froze. Thinking something was out of place.. but he simply shook his head with an echoing laugh to himself. Picking up a few Magazines himself for target shooting later. Unknowingly picking up a few Silver Bullet clips storing them into his belt, loading a normal clip into the Rifle pulling the bolt back with a 'Click-Clak' symbolizing it was primed to fire.

He never did keep the safety on, not on any weapon he was using personally. Heading off out of the weapons area he began the normal routine, walking about the base whistling to himself, Rifle casually slung over his shoulder, pointed at the cieling. He would have passed into view of Marcy, possibly catching her not paying attention while not spotting her himself in the process. The boots he wore would echo loudly with each footstep within the concrete structure.
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Alexander moved behind his partner keeping his eye forward "Yeah I can see it" he smelt the air, unlike most others his senses didn't change from human to werewolf just his strength. Being on this mission with her had cheered him up alittle he didn't get much time with other werewolves normally being paired with a human. He saw what was ahead and looked back to her "What do you want to do?" he asked.
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Evangelyn Adrias Cross

She didn't answer the question right away. Instead silently observing as the man entered his bunker and then followed by the female hacking in herself. Eva didn't have the unique tools but she had the skills to hack. But her first question was did they want to get inside or just keep watch and alert the boss? She went through these thoughts in her head before deciding on both. "Can you see any security cameras?" She asked him, now looking for just that. Her hand went to a radio on her belt and she spoke into it quickly and silently. Giving coordinates and the jist of the situation before looking back to King.

"First...I need you to rip off that metal plating. Then I need to override the system....That's the only way I can see us getting in..." She watched Alexander as she waited for a response. The other werewolf had been in a cheerful mood the entire mission. She could smell it on him but as to why she was uncertain.
Bruce would pass the control room, deciding, You know what. He wanted to get into that bloody Petroleum room. He wanted to see if that Helicopter was there or not.

Emerging from the only passage leading into the rest of the base into the main weapons room. The layout of the entire base was actually not as large as one would think. There was the main room which took up most of the space.
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(( THERE. AFTER TIME IN MS PAINT DRAWING WITH A BUSTED WRIST IT IS DONE. @_@ That's a rough sketch of inside the bunker. ))

Non-Chellantly wandering down the main passage-way untill Bruce was upon the door to the Petrol storage area. Staring down at that broken and defeated lock which he has hammered away at it with every object imagineable for the past years.. but still no Diesel Fuel for him. Sighing he took one final look at it. Debating on an idea..

Deciding, 'What the hell..'casually slinging the Assault Rifle off of his shoulder, Bruce started banging away with loud, metallic 'CLANGS' with the butt of the rifle against the lock. But still nothing. Frustration starting to get to the Austrailian man as he started to curse out loud with each slam. "Stupid!..*Clang*..Bloody!..*Clang*..Git of a Lock!.. *Clang!*.." Finally it reallllly got to him. After two years and still no further progress. He yelled out loudly in a fit of anger, taking aim at the wounded piece of security spraying it with an entire 30-Round clip with rapid ear-piercing gunshots in rapid sucession.

Marcy would have heard this definately, and the Beings outside may have as well with their superb hearing. Bruce himself was now panting after expending the ammunition, the barrel of the gun smoking as spent cases were now strewn around him. Staring down at the lock with wide eyes, expecting it to be still intact.. was dumbfounded. The hail of bullets finally gave that worthless hunk of crap it's judgement day. "EEEEYAAAHHHOOO!! Bruce you magnificant b*****d!!" He yelled loudly in great joy. Marcy would have heard this yell as well, if not slightly faintly. Expelling the clip from the M16, letting it drop to the ground, loading it with one of the Silver-Bullet Clips still-unknowingly, thinking it was regular ammunition. THIS time flicking on the safety, no WAY was he going to be around flammable liquids with that off.

Hastily, Bruce picked up the destroyed lock, tossing it to the side, quickly moving to get this also massive doorway open. (( Like a Giant metal sliding door. )) He didn't even pay attention to peer at what was inside untill the door was fully opened, flicking on a light switch. Then his Jaw dropped open. It was like Christmas morning. Before Bruce's eyes were barrels.. and barrels.. and barrels.. and barrels.. and BARRELS.. of fuel.. meant to last a lifetime. Then he saw it. His thoughts were confirmed with one look to the Flying Beast. It was here. Bruce's UH-1 Huey Surplus Gunship was there. Twin Miniguns, Rocket pods, and a pair of M60 Door guns. It was more powerful then anything the Government could throw at him.. He took a single step foreward into the Petroleum room.. before walking steadily towards the Helicopter to inspect it.. he would take it out to fly today.. couldn't be harder then flying Uncle Bob's Bushplane.. could it? Bah, who was he to worry! Bruce had plenty of time to learn. "Finally! Something I can use to pick up wandering Refugee's victim to the bloody war.. and STILL defend myself well enough.." He thought out loud to himself with a happy smile.

(( And why do I put all of these fancy shmancy Miltary terms in? 1) Because i'm a History buff, 2) It'd be wierd if I didn't, 3) If you don't understand/reconize something, Google it! ^w^
But please. For the love of god, DON'T Complain about something you don't understand. ))
Marcy Lane

The first thing Marcy brought up were the supply logs. It seemed like nothing was missing. This base had been prepped and then just abandoned for some reason. But why? It didn't make sense. It was then that she heard the footsteps. She quickly shut everything down and slid behind the door, barely daring to breathe. When the danger had passed, she let out a little sigh and quickly brought everything back up. She couldn't afford to get caught. At least not yet. She ran a few more checks. She couldn't be sure that everything was still in place because there was someone here who might not have been keeping up with the records. She grinned when she saw that there was a helicopter. That could come in handy. She whirled around and stared out into the hallway as the banging ensued and started to feel panicky when the shots rang out. Then the shouting really worried her. Just what in the world was going on? Turning back to the console, she ran down the list and quickly located the security system. Bringing up the cameras, she was surprised to see that they were still working. It didn't look like they had been checked since they were installed. It wasn't hard to find the source of the noise. The boy she had seen earlier had just broken into the room with the helicopter. She nearly jumped for joy when she saw the big black beauty, and actually did when she saw all of that wonderful fuel. Things just couldn't be more perfect! She quickly scanned the other screens, erasing footage of her having been there as she did so, taking delight in every screen she came upon. Until she found the screen showing the edge of the compound. She saw the two people. With her experience, it would have been difficult for her not to see that they were with the military, and nearly impossible for her not to see that they were werewolves. This wasn't good.

User Image
By now Bruce was as giddy as a Schoolboy on Christmas morning. The Old Bird was still intact! and loaded for bear! It was like striking gold. The Helocopter looked in very nice condition.. hardly even touched.

An idea flashed through his mind once more, different. Choosing not to ignore it seeing where his last idea got him, Bruce wandered over to one of the fuel piles picking up a couple of drums of Diesel fuel over his shoulders with a heaving groan. God DAMN those barrels were heavy. He slightly stumbled over towards the main beauty ground vehicle.

An M1A1 Abrams MBT. Beautiful. Now whistling to himself as he casually opened the fuel port for the massive armored beast, he set both of the fuel drums down, casually pouring both one at a time untill they were empty. Now he was REALLY excited. Bruce gave the dead empty barrels a light toss back into the storage room, leaping atop the Turret off the tank that was planted in the middle of the room. Making sure to hang onto his beret as he slumped down into the Commanders chair of the turret. Having studied every operating manual to every single vehicle.. except the helicopter, to learn how to operate it.

Glancing around at a variety of switches, sticks, buttons and pedals. Then it hit him, he was surrounded by shells and the 105mm cannon. A Grin spread across his lips like no other. Flicking various start up buttons and switches the large tank would rumble to life. "WHOO HOO!" Bruce yelled out excitedly, Blinking in suprise taking hold of one of the sticks giving the turret a light rotation. He jumped at this. Then seeing various more buttons on the Commanders screen, he decided to push them. One was Night Vision, One In-fared, and one.. Thermal? He kept this option on, it looked cool. Giving the turret a full 360 degree turn to test the systems, not paying attention to the screen the first time, but the next his eyes went wide in sheer shock.

There were two humanoid looking blurs outside of the main door.. and one behind him further into the complex. He let off a nervous release of breath shutting the tank down. Hastily grabbing his M16 with semi-steady hands and climbing out of the tank back into the room, crouching low thinking he was in serious trouble. There were two targets outside.. and one within his home, the bunker. Gulping nervously Bruce aimed the rifle's sights down checking each corner in his path slowly proceeding in the direction where he saw the blurr. Not saying anything just yet.
Marcy Lane

Crap. Had things not been able to get better before? Well now they were getting worse. She would have preferred the better. She had been watching the boy for a few moments, impressed that he could carry the full barrels with ease. She watched him enter the turret and swing around a few times. But when he jumped out and began to make his way down the halls, this time checking for danger, her heart stopped. How did he know? She hadn't made any sound, the cameras couldn't be accessed through the tank. He couldn't see through walls could he? No, if he could, he would have noticed her before and wouldn't need to check around corners like he was doing now. She quickly plugged in her device, downloaded the files, erased the last of the video of her, and shut everything down. Unplugging her device, she ducked into a coat closet behind the door and locked it from the inside. The crack between the double doors before her was enough to let her see everything that could happen in the room. Looking down at her device, she accessed the base's files and erased the video of her entering the closet from where she was. She really loved this thing, and was really thankful it didn't make any sound. It was the ultimate spy gadget, and she had stolen it from the ultimate spy. Connections are a good thing to have.

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Bruce cautiously advanced down the hallway, checking his corners. Before finally letting out a yell. "Alright! Whoever's snuck in here.. stop hiding and just show yourself.. I won't harm you unless you try to harm me.. My name is Bruce.. Bruce Wright.. Come out slowly and with your hands raised.." He called out with the Thick accent, echoing throughout the entire base, himself not daring to wander into the close confines of the Control room or any other hallways fearing an ambush.

Crystal Blue eyes anxiously scanning all before him as a single bead of sweat dripped down the side of his head, Rifle still pointed downrage ready to shoot anyone trying to ambush him.
Marcy Lane

Marcy smirked. She had seen the surveillance video, and was watching it right now. She knew he had a gun, and was nervous. Nervous kid + big gun = dangerous situation. If she made the wrong move, he could shoot out of plain fear. Granted, she didn't look that scary - or at least she didn't hope so, but still. She decided to do give him the satisfaction of being right about someone being there, but not come out just yet. It would be ok to be captured now, but that didn't mean she wanted to be. Typing on her device, she accessed the PA system and spoke low into the microphone imbedded in the top of the device, using the voice modulator to speak with a male, robotic voice: "Hello. Yes, I am here, but before I reveal myself, I have a question. I'm sure you know of the war that is ravaging this country and spreading into the rest of the world. I simply want to know: Whose side are you on?" She waited for his reply. She would be able to hear him. He was close enough to the room.

User Image
Bruce's eyes went wide. "Yes I am aware of the war, that's why I took shelter here two years ago when I got here from Sydney Austrailia!.. As for sides.. I'm not on Anybody's side.. I'll have you know i've killed Government and Rebellion alike who have tried to take advantage of me or force me out of my home.. My best friend was killed by a Vampire.. and i've had Government soldiers already shoot at me to kill! Now it's your turn to answer some questions.. Who are you, and why have you tresspassed and snuck in here? All you had to do was knock on the godamn door when I was up in the tower and I would have let you in! Jesus H Christ!" He yelled back letting the Rifle's muzzle drop slightly, still ready to leap into action, but not ready to kill. Finally, he sighed.
"Look, whoever you are, I'll put my Rifle away if you come out and talk UN-ARMED."
Marcy Lane

Marcy smiled. While she didn't like that he had killed members of the Rebellion, she knew that she didn't have much to worry about. "All right, I'm coming out." She turned off the device and stowed it in her bag, removing her weapons and placing them in it as well, except for the knife strapped to her leg. She wasn't stupid. She knew better than to trust a stranger right away. She unlocked the closet and stepped out, making sure her footsteps were audible as she walked towards the door. Holding her bag in front of her with the hilt of her gun sticking out, she walked out into the hallway and dropped it before her. "My name is Marcy Lane. I'm a member of the Rebellion. I am here because I have been traveling around to each base, gathering information and taking action if needed." Actually, she always took action, and always the same kind of action. "I didn't 'knock' because I didn't want to be killed by any military officials who might be here. Speaking of which, there's something you might want to know. There are two military werewolves about to 'knock' at 'your' door right now, and I don't think they'll do so nicely."

User Image
"Alright Marcy.. good to meet you.. i'm Bruce.. Former Austrailian Army.. and you mean those two blurs outside are Werewolves..?"

His eyes went wide as he slung the M16 over his shoulder. "You know how to use an M16?" He asked before turning to walk down towards the Small-Arms room. Motioning for Marcy to follow. "C'mon.. but Marcy I won't kick you out of here.. hell, you can stay if you want.. but I will NOT be dragged into this war by forcibly having sides chosen for me.. or if you have 'plans' for this Armory for you Rebel Army.. I'm not afraid to kill if I have to.. to preserve myself and keep these weapons out of the wrong hands.. Rebel or Government. I'll try to talk to those beasts outside.." Hastily Bruce marched into the room grabbing an M16A3 Off the main rack offering the temporarily un-loaded weapon to Marcy. "I've got Clips full of Silver bullets.. designed for one purpose and one purpose only.." He sighed with a frown.
Marcy Lane

Well that made things easier. She didn't have to worry about being captured, then having to escape in order to carry out her plan. She frowned when he asked her if she knew how to use the gun. "Yes, I do." She just didn't like to. Even though she was born into and raised in a military family, then lived her life as one of the military's dogs, she hated guns. She only carried one as a necessity and a last resort. They just seemed uncivilized and unfair to the opponent. Even bows and arrows were better. They, at least, you had the possibility of seeing coming. She didn't take the gun, but did take the clip. She pulled her own gun out of her bag and loaded it, then repositioned the rest of her weapons about her. "Thank you for letting me stay here. I have to say that having a gun only pointed at me and then dropped is the best welcome I've had in ages. in return, I'll cover you." she took out her device and accessed the video surveillance. The werewolves had come in at the same spot she had. "They're in the North corner." After opening the doors with her device, she strode out of the building, knocked an arrow with the rope and grappling hook and shot it onto the top of the nearest wall. After climbing up and pulling in the rope, she crept over to the North wall, making sure she wasn't seen. After ducking into the shadows of the North tower, she knocked an arrow and cocked her gun. For some reason, she had found that she was very skilled at shooting two weapons at once.

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