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Zombie Vampire Apocalypse

A new era dawns, in which mythical creatures - such as vampires and werewolves, all creatures that have been thought to exist but never seen - have come into existence, kept secret by the government. As the treatment of these creatures worsened, they began to grow restless. The vampires, void of any blood, deteriorated into zombie vampires, and finally could take it no more. They broke out and started a worldwide war against the government and any on their side. The world has now fallen into an apocalypse, and humans and creatures alike are choosing their side, with most werewolves joining the government, and vampires the rebellion. Now you must decide. Where do you stand? Will you work with the government to exterminate these foul beasts, or will you join the rebellion and fight for your own freedom and rights? Or perhaps you will stay neutral, cowering in fear as you wait for the day a stray bomb destroys your house and ends your life. Which will it be? Make your choice.

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1. The moderator* is GOD. My word is LAW. Obey them or DIE**.
2. Obey the TOS. No godmodding, trolling, flaming, etc.
3. Posts must be literate to semi-literate. At least three sentences please, but no novels. For the sake of those with short attention spans.
3. PLEASE use proper grammar and spelling. It gets annoying if you don't.
4. Tell me if you're going to kill off your character beforehand.
5. Tell me if you're going to quit beforehand. Don't just stop posting. I NEED TO KNOW.
6. All out of character talk must be in ((, [[, or {{. Don't just leave it as regular text.
7. All actions must be typed out in third person. No asterisks, etc.
8. Send your profile(s) to Iradesca to be accepted.
9. Title your profile(s) Zombie Vampire Apocalypse.
10. Romance is accepted, but keep it PG-13. No details. Please time skip during the inappropriate scenes.
11. Please keep language PG-13. Moderate cussing is allowed, but keep it to a minimum.
13. Put a dramallama in your profile so we know you read the rules.

**DIE= You are banned from the roleplay.

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Gaia Username:
Character's Name:
Race: Human, vampire, etc.
Powers: Limit 3 if any.
Weapons: Limit 5, if any, to start with. You may pick up more later.
Bio: Minimum 3 sentences, but no novels please. Just keep it brief.
Allegiance: Government/Resistance/Neutral. Pick one.

[Intro][Rules][Profile][White/Black List][RP Opening]

Gaia Username: Iradesca
Character's Name: Marcy Lane
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Powers: The power of determination!
Weapons: Sword, Pistol, Bow and Arrows, Dagger
Bio: Marcy's parents were both of military stock, and followed their parents into the life, achieving the highest ranks. As such, they expected the same of Marcy. Her entire life consisted of training and studying, and slowly working her way into the Marines, then quickly rising through the ranks. She gained respect and fear, and was soon recruited for the "special force" that guarded the prison in which the "abominations" were kept. She watched as the vampires were slowly sucked dry until they turned into zombies, and the werewolves whipped up into a passionate frenzy, literally turning into the government's dogs. She developed a successful plan and freed everyone in the prison, but was discovered in the process. Now she lives in hiding, constantly attacking the only family she ever had. She will always fight for what's right.
Allegiance: Rebellion
User Image

Gaia Username: TheManWhoStoodStill
Character's Name: Bruce 'Jack-Rabbit' Wright
Age: 20 Years old
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Powers: (Hmm. Powers.. powers..) ~Perks~ (Adjusting for Hoomans)
(Deadeye): Able to turn a Vampires brain into a fine red mist at half a klik'.
(Way with words) He's Literate. Also the women may find his Aussie accent Sexy.
(Whaddya mean 'Armor'?!) Often is found wearing a Ceramic Plate bulletproof vest.
Weapons: ~One~: L96A1 Sniper Rifle. ~Two~: M16A1 Assault Rifle (Iron Sights)
~Three~: 80mm Mortar.
~Four~: Bell UH-1 Iroquois Helicopter (What? Dragons are allowed..QwQ)
~Five~ 40mm Bofors Anti-Aircraft gun (Y'know. In-case of Dragons N' sh*t)
Bio: Noooo Spooooileeers~~ >w>
Allegiance: (Neutral): Bruce bows to no Master nor Tyrant.
Clothes: A Deep Black Military outfit to match his hair. Various golden trim on the Uniform with a Ceramic body-armor vest beneath the jacket. With a Black Beret tilted to the side on his noggin just because he likes it.
Height: 6'5
Weight: 205lbs
Hair: Flowing Jet-Black just above his shoulders.
Eyes: Sapphire Blue
Skin: Light Bronze (Tan)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Disposition: Calm
Outlook on the World: Warm. Always trying to help others, but wary of deceivers.

Gaia Username: iUnd3rdogx King
Character's Name: Alexander King
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Werewolf
Powers: Normal werewolf powers speed, strength
Weapons: Spear
Bio: Alexander grew up being bullied and abused by the vampire race, growing up to hate them all he joined the government after the revolution too try and destroy the vampires.
Allegiance: Government
User Image

Gaia Username: Killer-Dust-Bunnie
Character's Name: Evangelyn Adrias Cross
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Werewolf
Powers: A banshee like Howl, Inhuman Reflexes, Animal Telepathy
Weapons: Claws, Duel Pistols
Bio: Eva was a scientist turned monster. In order to keep from being hunted she allowed the government to use her to their advantage. The woman doesn't like it, she was never a fighter. But this new blood-lust is rather hard to ignore.
Allegiance: Government
Appearance: Human:
User Image
Wolf: User Image

Gaia Username: Iradesca
Character's Name: Lawrence Tiger
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Powers: Slight shape-shifting, though only of certain features, typical vampire powers, can withstand sunlight

Weapons: Dagger
Bio: His memory stops where his imprisonment began. He knew nothing but of that cell. And her. He vowed he would make her his. She was the one who had made their escape a reality. She was the one who had saved him from death, even though such a thing should be impossible for his race. He now searches for her, and he wont rest until he finds her.
Allegiance: Neutral/Rebellion. He only wishes to remain free. Only for her would he choose a side.
Appearance: Normal:
User Image
Imprisoned: User Image
Bood-Deprived/Crazed Zombie State: User Image

Gaia Username: xTinkleWinkle
Character's Name: Christy Blossom Adar
Age: Sixteen
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Powers: (Not really powers- talent) Speed runner, fighter.
Weapons: Heavy frying pan, Shotgun.
Bio: Chirsty parents were killed when she was age three, she doesn't know by who. So she started to take fighting class, army classes, for self protection. She's take things seriously, but always carries backpack with simple things in it.
Allegiance: Neutral
User Image

Gaia Username: 24Daze
Character's Name: Miranda "Mira Lemke
Age: Appears 19, about 50
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Powers: Invisibility, Shape shifting (Cat), Typical vampire powers
Weapons: None other than fang's
Bio: Miranda's mother died during childbirth leaving her father alone to raise her. He loves her dearly with all his heart and attempted to keep her safe from the 'Evils" of the world. Sadly on the night of her 19th birthday she was transformed into a vampire. She hasn't aged since that day as her father still attempts to keep her close and hidden from the 'sinful' world.
Allegiance: Neutral
User Image

Gaia Username: 24Daze
Character's Name: Pastor Silas Lemke
Age: 82
Gender: male
Race: Human
Powers: The power of Christ.
Weapons: A bible
Bio: Silas once had the perfect life with his wonderful wife and baby on the way. When she died during childbirth he felt the responsibilities of raising a child too much turning to god to help him. He became a pastor hoping the power of god would keep his dead daughter safe, however on her 19th birthday she was transformed into a vampire becoming a dirty secret from the church.
Allegiance: Neutral
Appearance: Elderly, in a wheel chair. He wear's dark clothes and always has a scowl on his face.

Gaia Username: Hippyrainbowchick
Character's Name: Abbey Thompson
Age: 6 years old
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Powers: None
Weapons: Small pepper spray
Bio: Abbey is the daughter of one of the head scientists in the government who was in charge of studying the creatures before they broke out and started a rebellion. He tried to keep all the plans a secret from his young daughter as well as the rebellion but it's hard to do that when your a single parent. Since her papa won't explain to her what's going on she wants to find out for herself like a little detective and try to relief her father from anymore stress from work.
Allegiance: Neutral
User Image

Gaia Username: Iradesca
Character's Name: Steven Norrison
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Powers: The power of authority!
Weapons: Pistol, Rapier, Machine gun, Dagger, Stake
Bio: Steven had always been the star. He had excelled in his studies, in sports, in is love life, in everything. His family had always been in the military, so he entered the Marines, eager to carry on the family tradition and show everyone what he was made of. He shot through the ranks, rising higher and higher, even gaining one of the top positions at the secret prison for all of those freaks. He was powerful, and everyone respected him. Until she came along. Just because her parents were so high up, and she had a few good moves, and got along with everyone, and . . . Either way, he had lost the power he had gained. She had taken it away. But then, oh then! She turned on them, releasing all of the freaks. Everyone was shocked and hurt, and they turned to him! Now he had even more power than before! And he knew how to become the ultimate authority: catch her, and kill her. Oh, but it wouldn't be so simple. No. He had a score to settle.
Allegiance: Government
Appearance: User Image
White List

This is for people who stay on my good side. If you have the honor of being under the protection of the overlord, you shall be placed on this glorious wall of fame.

Black List

This is for the people who seriously annoy me or break the rules. PRAY you are not put on this wanted list. If you are posted here, you have received a warning. If you have an asterisk next to your name. you have been banned from this roleplay.

[Intro][Rules][Profile][White/Black List][RP Opening]
RP Opening

You are now free to wreak havoc on this imaginary (or is it?) world I have created for you. Just please don't completely destroy it. It took forever to do the color-by-number part.

[Intro][Rules][Profile][White/Black List][RP Opening]
Bruce "Jack-Rabbit' Wright

It was a Friday morning in the wasteland. As Bruce Wright did every morning, (In the Deserted Army Armory he settled himself in two years ago) was walking down a road leading from the main building to the only high tower standing on the hilltop.

Bruce was about 6'5, Caramel Brown hair with Crystal Blue eyes and a suprisingly decent muscular build from the odd brawl in Sydney Pubs. A tall burly Austrailian Immigrant arriving from his homeland to the 'Land of Oppertunity" Well s**t, he must have mis-read the brochure. All he found was a land full of *Bleep*-ing Vampires and Werewolves and a destroyed country. They just -HAD- to be Vampires didn't they.

Damn, there went his vacation plans. -sighs- BUT. Two years ago the man of Barely twenty years old discovered an abandoned Government armory in the middle of the wasteland undisturbed. Must have been on the list to be used, but never had the chance for soldiers arrive to extract it's riches of weapons and other supplies. It was quite a big building too. The whole compound was propped up on a hillside just off one of the interstate highways and roads from all around the barren landscape.

With four 30-foot Concrete walls topped with Barbed wire in a typical miltary fashion keeping the outside forces away. With a two storey reinforced concrete windowless bunker nestled in the middle of the compound. Plus those blast doors looked pretty intimidating. Not to mention the only high structure in the Armory was the four storey Air-traffic control style tower that could see all over the landscape and then some.
Really. This place looked like Fort Knox's bigger cousin to a Wastelander/Creature.

There were two walls surrounding the compound, one outer and one inner, but between the walls there were enough landmines and C4 to level a city block. So, drowsily Bruce made his way up the spiraling steps into the steel-plate fortified tower with fire-ports in each window for his shooting pleasure.
Yawning once more as he typed in the code to unlock the door. Once inside he opened all of the blinds to see out into the wasteland, plopping into a desk chair setting his L96A1 Sniper Rifle on the counter, propping his feet up onto the counter leaning the chair back lazily. "Today's goin' to be a good day.." He spoke to himself in that marvelous Austrailian accent, snatching up a pair of binoculars to see off in the distance to see what he could see.

(( Nu picture yet. Think of the Sniper from Team Fortress 2 only more Badass and muscular. LETSSSS DOO IIITTTT! -The Demoman.))
Marcy Lane

Marcy had been searching for days. She had already taken care of five others. Now she was on to the next. She sighed in exasperation, stuffing the map into her pocket. She looked down, grabbing the half-of-a-dogtag still around her neck. Suddenly, she saw something in the reflection. Looking up, she smiled wickedly. Ducking into the shadows of the high walls, she knotted a bow and pivoted, shooting up and over the wall. Grabbing hold of the rope attached, she tugged and felt the grappling hook on the end of the arrow catch. Swiftly, she climbed up the side and encountered the second wall. "Heh." She knew the way these things worked. Keeping low, she shot another grappling hook-arrow to the other wall. She grabbed hold of the rope, she hung upside down and slid the way across. Dropping down on the other side, she pulled in all of the rope and returned the arrows and bow to their place and made her way around the edges, keeping to the shadows. Slowly, she made her way to the main building.

User Image
Sadly, Once she would approach the main building she would be confronted by two -very- large blast doors meant to survive a Nuclear bomb. This was bad. The only visible way to get into the main bunker looked to be a control panel for a keycard of some kind, allowing all access in and out of the main Heavy Weapons Bunker.

Where was Bruce during all of this? There was an Intruder that may try to hurt him! He was non-chellantly within the Tower sipping a cup of coffee. Bruce was completely un-aware of any immediate threats to his home. Still peering through his Binoculars out onto the Barren landscape. Eventually after scanning and seeing nothing of interest or threat, Bruce decided to go get something to eat. Thank god Army rations don't go bad and all you have to do is add water.

So once again, and drearily mind you. Bruce picked up his high powered Rifle, slinging it over his shoulder casually. Making his way down the steps out of the main viewing room of the tower, unlocking the only door leading into the tower with a loud "CA-CHUNK" sound that would echo across the compound alerting any within the immediate vicinity. A somewhat happy smile crossed the Austrailians expression as he walked down the exposed spiral staircase down into the main courtyard. Not noticing anything out of the ordinary, he walked towards the open sandbag reinforced Mortar pit where he kept one of many 80mm Mortars. Y'know, for big targets and groups of enemies and whatnot.

(( Failsafe Technologies FTW. >w> Now hmm.. when you say, "Taken Care of the Others.." Does that mean she found Bunkers like the one Bruce inhabits? Or something completely different. *Intruiged Faic* ))
Marcy Lane

Marcy had located the keypad and was about to hack into it when she heard the bang. Before the sound had ended, she had swung around the side of the building, scanning around for any immediate danger. So it wasn't deserted. She smiled. Well that was good news. She decided to wait for whoever it was to appear before she made a move.

User Image

((Heh heh. You'll see. As you said in your profile, "Noooo Spooooileeers~~ >w>" wink )
Bruce however, now decended from the tower into the courtyard, and after staring at the Mortar pit for a moment with an idea in mind.. he simply chuckled and shook his head. "Nah.. not worth tha' ammo.." The man whispered to himself in that deluctable accent. Deciding to give another crack at the Petroleum storage room. Where that Helicopter may be stored. Naturally, this filled him with great joy. Now briskly walking towards the main bunker with a happy grin bestowed on his expression.

Eventually, Marcy would see a large burly man that looked suprisingly.. friendly!..(Despite the Black Ops getup.) this would be a welcome change. He didn't look like a Government trooper.. -if- anything; he looked like a paramilitary.. but that didn't make any sense. Why would the government hire Paramilitaries? The Government at the time was so stuck up they wouldn't even allow foreign aid into the country as a relief effort after the war broke out, arresting and detaining any journalists before word could get out about the Vampires and Werewolves. Motherless dogs..
(( x3 Oh I see how it is. *Snrk* ))
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Evangelyn Adrias Cross

Eva paused and lifted her muzzle into the air. The werewolf was sniffing for the traces of ammo she had caught which had set them this way. She and for the time being her partner. Her ears flickered this way and that, a mere shadow in the trees as she moved swiftly and quietly. It wasn't until she was on the compound that she reverted back to her human form. The woman wore a thick leather jacket obscuring much of her body. She touched the pistols on her holster and sighed. "King...Do you see the armory?" She whispered, knowing her equally skilled companion would be able to hear her. Her nose wasn't as keen in human form but she could still smell quite a bit. There were at least two others in the area. Male and Female. What that meant she didn't know. But at least they weren't vampire. Getting closer to the tower she spotted movement and paused. Going completely still as she watched with acute vission.

The pair had been sent out for scouting and when they caught wind of the ammo they followed it. Their employers would want to know after all. Eva wasn't exactly military trained but she picked things up quickly. She wanted to avoid killing anyone if she could. Though as for her partner's motives she couldn't say.
Marcy Lane

Marcy watched him approach, studying him closely. He didn't have anything on him that labeled him as a tool of the government, but he didn't look like he'd never been in a fight either. She waited for him to come closer, then slunk around to the side and behind him, keeping low and to the shadows, remaining unseen. She watched from around the corner of another building as he approached where she had just stood. She had plenty of time.

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