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The man looks at her. "How do I know you won't become one of them? Why should I risk my life for you? Don't misunderstand...I want to help you but...." The man paces back in forth but reluctantly opens the window and let's you in.
'I take the same risk by entering... but I vow protect you and help you if you'll do the same... I just want to survive. We are each others only allies as of now...' She looks up into his eyes and finds a sense of comfort and calming... This is different... Do I know him? Could he help me end whatever chaos has taken our world? I take his hand and continue to hold his gaze.
"Are you ok? Do you need anything? Oh my God you're bleeding! Please sit down and let me look at it.." I sit you down and apply pressure on the wound with a cloth. "My name is John and I worked as a nurse at the hospital down the street before...well...this happened." I take a pair of scissors, a needle, thread and begin to sow up the wound. "This may hurt a little.."
I sit and allow you to patch up the wound as I wince a little at the pain. 'Thank you...' I whisper. 'What exactly happened here?' I pause a minute wondering if I should continue. 'I woke up on a table to this nightmare of a world... I don't remember anything...'
"Well to be honest I'm not sure what happened either, lucky for me I had the day off that day, this city..or well what's left of it, is Saxon City. Last I heard before this all went down was a few report of some strange viral outbreak, people going mad and biting each other and by then it was too late. I spent most of my time raiding through other apartments, taking what I needed and never going too far away from my apartment..." I said, "Your the first friendly face of seen in a long time.." I said with a smile.
'Heh, that is lucky... Do you know of any survivors? Is there anyone else? ...Do you know anything about me? Sorry... I don't mean to bombard you with questions...' I blush and feel a new fire in me which I can't seem to place... eh, probably just my chest. My hand gravitates to the necklace, nervously. I have one last question... I ask it hesitantly 'Why exactly did you let me in?'
"Hey...slow down and take a deep breath, if you woke up and can't remember anything than you may be suffering from amnesia, so I'll make you a comfortable place to sleep and we'll talk more in the morning. To answer your last question though...I couldn't stand by and watch someone else die and become one of them..."
'Oh, well thank you.. I am sorry, I am indebted to you for your kindness...' I allow you to lead me to a resting place and lay down not sure what you are going to do. I close my eyes thinking of the stranger and trying to remember as I toss and turn and fall into my new imaginated nightmares...
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Day 2 of Outbreak

The sun rises is Saxon City and you are awoken by gunfire

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A small group of soldiers are trapped in the street and are engaging a horde of zombies. They break off their attack and enter the building which you reside in currently.
I awake and find myself in the bed, I look around frantically wondering where John is. Him not being close makes me nervous... I grab my gun and walk out into the main room of the apartment to see what his plan of action is about the men.
John paces frantically, "Ok, ok, this is good, we need to get to them, maybe we can get some help from them..." John grabs his 9mm pistol and holsters it. "We need to get to them but we have to be careful, I don't want them to shoot at us so we must approach them slowly and remember that some of the undead are still here in this building."
A soft laugh escapes me 'Youre kind of cute when you worry.' I try to smile but am still focused on the door and trying to formulate a plan. We need to be swift yet allow them time to recognize we need help, not to be hurt. My adrenaline starts kicking in... 'We ready to do this?'
John manages a soft smile but stays focused. "Here we go.." John opens the door slightly. "Clear.." He opens the door all the way and takes out his pistol and allows time for you to get out of the room.

You hear gunfire and an assortment of yells and moans from the lower levels.
Not even the good kind... I move toward the moaning and the upcoming decayed beings that are sure to be ahead. I am silent and signal John to come closer, my gun at the ready. 'How are we going to alert them that we are human without the zombies suspecting human blood and flesh? What signal can we give? Can zombies whistle?'
John moves closer and whispers. " Well from what it seems zombie are attracted to most noises...but what other choice do we have, if we can get at least one of the solders' attention than that's good enough for me."

John moves forward towards the sound of gunfire and beckons you over.

"Ok, one of us needs to defend while he other attempts to get the soldiers' attention, are you quick on your feet?" John says.

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