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'' like, above the tombs. atop the RF, wear the wind tickles the plummeting steps to hell. [where Hideo & Kojima broke into Tama's caged exile] ''
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Kojima Hiatus
'' like, above the tombs. atop the RF, wear the wind tickles the plummeting steps to hell. [where Hideo & Kojima broke into Tama's caged exile] ''

{{I always loved that cliff edge. smile Best idea ever. Well Samuel is busy with DCronos here and with Kizu in Hell's Stride and Alexander is elsewhere and doesn't come to RF soooooo we got to find you a play partner.}}
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D held on to his Teachers words as he looked at the carnage around him. The first two wolves laid dead quick and painless but the last wolf he had made the mistake. This was the wilds,kill or be killed and he had let his guard down for a split second and it nearly cost him life. He could feel cold chill of the river and disappointment. He sloshed from the river over to the dead wolves and the first thing he did was cup the warm blood dripping from the bodies in to his hands and drunk. It was bitter and thick but it sent a new wave of warm in his body and gave it strength to complete the task of skinning each wolf, his knife cut through the layer of skin and fat to separated the warm fur from the creatures and than he turned to the meat. He would have to carry some back but for now it was best to eat. He gathered what dry leaves,grass and sticks he could dug a pit with his hands where he than placed them inside. Next he dragged his knife and a rock and spent a good 20 minutes striking the blade against the stone to create a spark and catch his pile of kindle aflame. Already the warm glow became a comfort him as he began to cut the wolves apart and place the meat upon some branches he had cut down and placed around the flame, soon the mouthwatering aroma of meat sizzling over a fire began to drift around him and his teacher.
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Samayou Tamashii
{ Samuel "The Mountain" Tyson }

{ I see fire, inside the mountain...
...Burning trees, Hallowing souls, and blood in the breeze...

...and I hope that you remember Me.

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{X}-{ Samuel Tyson
{X}-{ The Northern Mountains
{X}-{ Watching.....

It would take D most of the afternoon and evening to make his meal. As he went to work Samuel would vanish into the wild leaving his student to his methods. In the coming days his presence would thin and D would learn on his feet more and more.

"S"I have seen what the Darkness hides....

.....You should all run...."


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