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[I have to be going for abit, be back on later tonight.]
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"Where you not admiring it no more then two seconds ago Kirio? Perhaps things will pick up later tonight, but remeber the Ancients law Kirio. Thy is no better then any Lord or Rock Fist. I expect good behavoir out of you. Why not spar with the newcomer here Ouka, perhaps you can ammuse each other?"

He smied as he went back to thinking, ignoring Kirio who seemed to be inside as well. In the back of his mind he was actually aking himself how the guild was petty. How many guilds on gaia had their Entire Guild Hall built into the side of a cliff?
Valentine could be found outside under a nearby waterfall.He was in the lake connected to the waterfall training. He could be seen tying large boulders to his arms and legs with a enourmous one on his back. He wore this while he stood on top of the water using his ki energy to hold himself and the boulders up as he trained with normal punches and kicks.
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Dangerous Prophet

SabaDrith could hear the movements from his postion outside the Rock Fist door. Grining as he listened to val's moves. He was trying like ehll, he gave him that, but rocks that size could be lifted by almost anyone now a days with ease. Muscle size was not always the factor that gave Sabadrith the win. Yes he was almost unlimited in strength and endurence, but he won matches due to his planning, cunning, and how he used his advantages to set up for the win. However even all the smarts in the world would not save one who faced him with out strength. Perhaps the time Val had spent around SabaDrith was finally paying off.
Valentine untied the boulders after some time and the quickly fell under the surface of the water falling to the bottom. He left the lake heading back into the Grand Hall. " Anyone want to spar me?"
Turning around, Ouka stopped as he walked down the hall, hearing someone ask if anyone was to spar.

"I Suppose I'll give it a shot." Ouka said walking towards Val in a lazy manner.
"Ok, let's fight outside by the lake." Valentine said as he headed out going towards the lake. He stood on the shore waiting for his opponent.
At the shore he would wait. Ouka took his time getting there. Stepping out near the shore. Ouka looked on, before suddenly his lazy exterior disappeared and turned into enthusiasm. "The Lotus in the wind blooms twice." Ouka said crouching down, his right side pointing towards Val. His right arm pointing at a downward angle outstreched, his palm down, his other arm outstreched at and upward angle, his palm faceing up.
(( It's the lotus of hidden leaf will bloom twice.))

Valentine didn't need to take a stance because he simply just ran at the opponent throwing simple punch at his face with his right fist.
[I didnt want to use a direct quote from the anime, and I like wind so I said wind.]

Ouka watching the movements of his enemy, the whole time he rushed, waited untill the punch almost connected to move, bending his back abit, while this bend took place, he brought his left arm forward, since Val's right his was now outward, It left his whole right side and ribs exposed, Going in for the shot, his hand attempted to slam into Vals right floating ribs, palm open. But this was also almost instantly fallowed by his left palm, which went for Val's left side, floating ribs.

Valentine would move to his left bringing up his left arm to block the right palm all the while bringing his right arm back blocking the left palm. Now, Valentine would take his right fist and fire a punch at Ouka's stomach. If the punch connected it would be followed by a left fisted punch. He would do this until each hadhit 10 times equaling 20 hits total. He would end if his combo with a punch powered by ki energy that would easily blow Ouka back 50 feet.
Ouka smiled, that combo would'nt ever happened, at last not this turn, the grand thing about palm strikes is they easually turn into grabs. His palms having slammed into Val's arms, He grabbed Vals arms like Vice grips. The sound of Ouka's knuckles popping could be heard, thats how hard he took hold of Val.

Screaming at the top of his lungs letting out a mighty battle cry, but sounded much more like a asian girl screaming at the top of her lungs before getting raped, echoed forth, as did Ouka's head as he slammed his forhead as hard as he could against the pinned Val, his hands and arms held down, Val could only kick or knee him now, to block the headbutt, and with how close they were to each other, a leg isnt going that high without hitting ouka's groin, or legs, and with momentom involved, may the headbutt commence. This however was a move that hurts the user to, most the time.
[Im bored, I hate when fights take forever and people dont say when they are leaving]
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Dangerous Prophet

Lord SabaDrith heard the battle from where he stood, high above the cliff, looking down at least 200 feet at the vally below. His hands in his pockets as he yawned abit. He had gained four members in one day, that was not bad really. 2 he knew, and 2 seemed random so it all worked out.
Valentine wouldn't even worry about this gesture. Valentine would stand there not trying to get out. He would begin to release Ki energy from his body which would in turn cause Ouka to hit his head on the Ki energy Valentine was releasing. This would cause Ouka to take damage while Valentine would take none. If you looked closely enough you could see the color of the ki energy it was a light orange.

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