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((Don't worry, Tamashii. Their base forms are wrist-tight bracelets.))
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~{Ok but try to refrain from them, now I am looking for a spar so who up for one?}~

Lord SabaDrith smiled as he walked down the stair case, his boots echoeing as in a flare of shadowy chi and energy his clothing changing. His thick metal boots flaring as they shined bright. His combat pants flaring into bagged grayish jeans. A tight leather belt forming as his fighter shirt was replaced wiht a ragged Punk shirt with abunch of white skulls on it. His fishnet and plated glovs remained.

His face blank of any clothing except hhis sunglasses thus the scars on his face revealed. The badly marked head moving as the tail slashed back and forth, trailing him all the way to the Stone hall, and into the Stone Arena.
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Walking along the forest floor. Ouka walked slowly, listening to the pine needles and pinecones, crunch and crumble under his feet. His appearance would make one think he was a shinobi, but he didnt act like one at all, the noise of how he was walking was a test to that.
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Tama turned his head, one of the newcomers arriving as he heard even from inside the Grand Hall the noises outside. His hearing was more advanced then anyones, at least form what he knew. Picking up the steps, thebreathing and the heart beat as he haded for the door and smiled.
Ouka yawning gently, put his hand over his mouth patting his lips. He walked at a very lazy and laid back pace. In no hurry, and in a way that seemed to lack motivation he lumbered along. A look on his face that to someone watching, would seem devoid of any recognition to his surroundings. Explaining why he was so noisy when he walked.
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Tama passed through the massive steel doors to the guild, the bright sun gleaming down on him as he leaned against the wall. Grining to himself as he waited for the newcomer to get here. His arms crossing as he yawned abit, his yellow rusty fangs glimmering as his forked tongue licked his lips. His mind soothing and blank as he listened to the birds singing in the pines.
Ouka walking lazy as ever finally reached the doors. His eyes, slowly moving over abit to look at Tama, his head didnt move though, he was to lazy to move any more then he had to. "Konbanwa, Anata chokuto."

Never having met the Leader, and Ouka, having no manners but no attitude simpled add this to his greeting to the man waiting near the doors. "Nan di yonda?"
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~{I speak Japenese, but Sabadrith does not. That and I don't know what the last remark means.}~

Sabadrith tilted his head abit, he grined abit as he spoke simple and clear english. His mind aflare with his old teachings, after all his first known name was Japnense. he had long forgotten much of the langauge though but he still knew a few things.

"I assume your Ouka? I am lord SabaDrith, Leader of the Rock Fist guild, Welcome."
Ouka nodded. "Thats right." He said answering his question. Turning his head now to face SabaDrith.

The expression on his face still blank and lazy.

[Its okinawa diolagied. Slang for, What do you want. but translated to whaddya want.]
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He smiled as his left arm removed itself from the crossed postion on his chest. Bending back as his knuckles slamed on the large steel door. The slaming ping echoeing as the door slid open smoothly. The air rushing around them abit as he smiled, his arms crossing back over his chest as he bowed his headed and went back to thinking. Trying to figure out where Kri and Val went to.

"Make yourself at home then...."
Ouka bowed. back, but in a very loose fashion retaining that lazy composure. "Yai" he said walking through the door way. He didnt seem intrested in his surroundings much, or at least to the eye, but in reality, he was looking everything over, from texture of the walls to, the size of bricks if any, and decorations.

[Thats slang for yeah.]
Slight laughter could be heard from the floor above the two, the source being unknown. As the laughter fell to a halt, Kirio's voice rang out in a calm tone. "So, Tamashii... gaining members already, I see. Pretty little guild you have here."

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