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Dangerous Prophet

Samuel D. Tyson
Location: RF, main hall
Status: ........

Samuel was wheeled into the main wing, his eyes settling on the clean home he had left behind him. Before him stood two women, an old hag with deep green eyes and chalky tan skin. The other was a young Kitsune with cheeky smile and bright red eyes. The old hag, Agatha, smiled and nodded and the maid happily skipped over to plant a gentle kiss on his cheek. They welcomed him home as Peter and William walked in with his bags, nodding as they marched up the stairs to place his things in his study.

Bethany asked him what he would like and he asked for a drink, some spiced Rum. The maid happily offered to get it as Bethany looked at him once more. He also requested his journal from up stairs in his library and Bethany would nod, patting his shoulder as she slipped up the stairs and past the statue lions.

He was alone now with Agatha as he wheeled himself to the front door and looked out over the green valley before him, his yes settling on the pine tree line.

"Expecting someone sonny?"

No, not yet anyways....but they always know when I am back."

"I would hope so. So many lives you have affected, some better then others I'd say."

"I can't change everything, you taught me that."

"I guess I did....so what now?"

"Simple, rest...then when I have my strength back. Find the man who did this...and bring him to justice."

"Always spoiling for a fight, but then what else would I expect from you. Your more hard headed then I am sonny, and that is saying something...."

Agatha turned to leave him be, strolling across the main hall towards the Infirmary hidden behind the stairs. She paused for a moment. "Welcome home Samayou..."

She vanished behind the door to tend to her herbs and spices. His entire time away she had kept the place tidy and managed to do so with only one staff member. It was remarkable really and he would note to increase her bonus this year for such loyalty. His thoughts drifted now to the green field before him, his firm hands pushing the wheels on his wheel chair to roll himself out into the pasture where he bathed in sunlight and watched the clouds go by.....
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Dangerous Prophet

The Abyssal King...
Location: Main guild Hall
Status: Sleeping.....

Four weeks after Samuel's return home....

He had sent them away, all of them......

William, Peter, and all the servants had gone. Only Bethany and Agatha kept him company now. His home was empty, dusty and soon...it would sleep.

He had sent Bethany out to fetch some things in Durem..and now he walked his lonely halls.

He was dressed not in normal clothing. He wore full plate armor boots and leggings, an upper body dressed in black sashes and plated Pauldrons. His King's Cape flowing down his back as his black crown sat adorned atop his head. He marched thru the halls, ensuring all the doors were locked and all was secure for his slumber. The torches that lit the guild dimmed and soon all was dark.

He marched up the stairs of the main hall too his throne that now sat under the stone tablet. Next to his throne sat his sword and shield, resting gently up against the wall. His white ominous eyes turning back as he looked down the stairs at Agatha, the old green eyed women nodding as she hobbled out the front doors and vanished into the woods. He was alone now.....

He turned and slowly sat into the giant stone throne adorned with spikes and rugged edges. As he sat the temperature dropped to below zero, snow and ice began to form over the floor and ground. An ancient power rushed through his Guild and soon frost covered everything. His body became stiff and solid as it turned to black stone, and slowly...the white faded from his eyes...

And so rested...The Abyssal King.......

Until the time came for him to rise once more.
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Dangerous Prophet

Bethany Cotwright
Location: RF
Status: tired

It had been a four hour trip to Durem to finish closing up his office. He had asked her to do so and she was more then happy. The guild could get stuffy but the distance and silence of the place allowed him to rest. his health had been improving despite his injuries. She was however worried, he had demanded only her and Agatha be present now, he had sent everyone else away.

Agatha knew him better then everyone, even her so she was comfortable with him being there alone with her. In fact she felt great, today had been nice and relaxing no stress or problems. Her good moed however vanished along with her stress free mind set when she finally broke free of the trees.....

She had left RF in a simple state, snow covered and white. But now that two feet of snow had become a dull gray, frost covering the mountain side wall and the doors wide open! Her high heels sticking to the strange snow surface as she bolted across the field and thru the doors, her eyes darting around the inner walls of the Guild. Everything was covered in frost, the lights had all but gone out and the silent sound of death lingered like a gut wrenching smell.

Her ice blue eyes settled on Samuel who was seated up right in a large stone like throne atop the stairs, right under the Tablet. He wasn't moving and he was dressed in a garb she had never seem before. No she had seen it before...in his old books and stories. The legends of his time in the Abyss! His dark skin did not shine like normal with life, he was still as a statue and as she ran up the stairs her worse fear was confirmed! He was motionless and the once dull white glow from his eyes was a pale black...truly empty.

Her heart stopped as she noticed the lion Statues had not moved, they normally greeted her, but nothing. She gently called his name...nothing...

She approached him, her fingers gracing his cold cheek and she ripped them away. His body was freezing, her breathe was still as she felt the chilling presence of this place creep into her lungs.

Sycha: "Beautiful...isn't it?"

She whirled around to see Sycha down by the open doors, the Devil's wife. She glanced at the tall powerful creature, then at him.

Sycha: "He is sleeping...all those years finally catching up too him. You humans would call it a state of coma I think? He has retreated from all around him, he is gone...for now...."

With that she left, giving no more explanation. Bethany wanted to chase after her, punch her, kick her, demanded an explanation but she only turned to face the frozen Samayou. She was at awe of him, his state of peace was beyond her. She felt her heart race, unsure what any of this meant...and so she touched his cheek. then she ran...to find the only women she knew could help......

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Dangerous Businessman

The fall was just approaching, Bishop traveled dressed warm. For as he voyaged higher and higher through the pine forest and into the mountain ranges, the climate dropped, and snow even accented the rocks that stretched to the heavens above. His fur lined hat with the red star on the front of it was the most reflective of his heritage. A white top hugged his torso beneath and thick and durable jet black leather duster. A red bandanna tied about is neck in a scarf like fashion. Black denim jeans,fresh boxer's tape adorning his fists save for the fingers, and his custom steel cleat boots. As for his gear, he carried his new usual. As far as his informant spoke about this place and whom he would find here, he had left out one valid piece of information...The runes that served as magic chaffing event. His breath attacks would not exist here. Not that he relied on them, but they always came in handy at some point.

As he continued to journey the worn trail escorting him to Rock Fist, Bishop's mind wandered an a few thoughts. One of them being his light grudge with Samuel for his embarrassing defeat at The Yard. Though he owed the black Hulk an a** whipping, now was not the time for vengeance. No. He was here for guidance. He was here for balance. He needed to get a more firm grasp of control over himself as a whole. He had come a long way since arriving on Gaia Prime, but he had so much more to achieve. The era of his time of as a reckless fool on the battle field was coming to an end. Bishop began by learning a bit of Krav Maga, though he needed to train more to master the technique. He had also had his brother show him a bit of Aikido, and the not so well known but worthy style known as Jailhouse Rock. With these three new styles of learning to use, he still had to eventually seek specifically, a teacher that may teach him to defend himself best against grapples, though the Krav Maga did that kind of well considering it taught one to use their natural reflexes as their means of fighting.

It didn't take too incredibly long for him to reach his destination. As he climbed upon a steep cliff, the face hosted a 20 foot wide set of doors. A little more than two stories high. With a reassuring smirk and a light chuckle, he pulled his flask from his duster and screwed the cap off. After a hearty swig or two, he would return the top to the flask and pocket it within the duster once more. The alcohol almost immediately adding a few logs into the fire place. His slightly pale skin with his dead cold flesh from the frigid temperatures combined with his immense strength that would reluctantly remain unhindered might drive on to believe this man was in fact a Vampire. The silhouette of fangs his chrome teeth created from a distance didn't help either. But for those that knew Bishop, they knew him by term of Metahuman. Though he liked to still say he was human...Deep down, That's exactly what he was.

Using both hands, he shoved the door open in a slow manner. Not that it was too heavy, but he didn't want to over do it and hit someone on the other side of it should someone be there. After entering the premises, he made sure to shut the cold outside, finally escaping it as his body instantly began to tinge pinkish-red, soaking up the local warmth the place gave off immediately. In about 15 minutes or so, maybe he would be able to remove his duster and relax after his journey. But first thing was first...He needed to secure a temporary living space.


e exclaimed. Hoping a familiar face would greet him, even if he wasn't formally acquainted with it, at least one he had seen before. 9/10, new acquaintances mistook Bishop as rude, but that was just who he was. His gangsta gangsta mentality.
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Dangerous Prophet

But no one would greet Bishop......

As the young man approached the doors he would find them creak open, but lacking the luster of life they normally possessed. As he entered the main hall what was normally warm and light was cold and empty...dark. The only light was from the setting sun outside that seeped in and revealed not a clean and warm Guild hall but one covered in ash and frost!

The air was a thick combination of stale damp air and chilling cold. If anything this place offered no sanctuary form the cold, it was the source of it. With in the deep shadows and dark walls Bishop could see the snow and ash pile up and around the center of the stairs. It lead up to a throne that was positioned right under the stone tablet that was the guilds Laws. The throne was rugged stone and spikes and sitting in it...was Samayou.

He wore heavy plated Gothic leggings and boots with black sashes draped over his upper body. Large spiked shoulder armor adorned his boulder like body. The muscular and might guild leader sat on his Abyssal throne and did not move. His skin did not possess the potent radiation of power it always did, it was stone cold. His eyes that glowed an ominous white were black and dull.

nothing moved, nothing made a sound and the only thing Bishop would hear...was his own heavy breathing and the sinking of his own heart......

The Guild....was silent.....
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Dangerous Businessman

Darkness, and bitter cold untouched by any straggling rays of sun to warm things up. With his hand shoved into his dusters pocket at this point, he sigh in disbelief that it felt colder in here. His yell of salutations was the only one that answered him....The echo of it anyway. It was obvious nobody was on this floor even if one was in this establishment. And though it seemed block he was motivated to move up as opposed to down. It just made since to him not to tap himself beneath something he could never break through. One could always find some way down though, even if they died in the process.

Moving up the stairs on though the snow and ash, he was confused. Ash? Shrugging it off he continued on. Though the tiny hairs on the back of his neck standing on end created unease combined with the dark environment, the eerie silence, and the ash made him cautious. Once he reached the top of the stairs, he halted as he immediately noticed the throne down a little ways with a huge object sticking out of the wall above it. And it looked like someone was sitting upon the thrown....or dead on it at least. More confused now, and more cautious, he carried on, making his way closer to the thrown before him.

Once close enough, he halted to examine all he saw before him. There sat Samuel, seemingly dead or in a coma of some sort. If he was merely sleeping, surely he would have woke up to the sound of an approaching being. He glanced at the walled hosting the commandments, though he made no try at reading what it all said. It was pretty dark and he was more concerned about the black hulk hibernating than anything. He began with attempting to shout at Samuel as his hands left his pocket and clapped together twice, very loud.

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                                                  ° Sonia Renegade

                                                  xx*Location Rock Fist - Entering the guild/approaching Samayou*Mood Crestfallen *With ---

                                                  It had been horrible.. nightmares every time she shut her eyes. Every time she saw him die. Every time it was different.. but one thing was for certain.. he was dead in the end of them all. After that letter showed up for her at Hell's Stride, she knew she had to leave. She had spent most of her energy getting here, but she knew once she entered the main threshold it wouldn't matter. It would strip her human again and she would feel normal again. The exertion was worth it. She had to know whether or not what she felt was true. Every time he got into trouble, he was cut off from her. If he wasn't here... he had to be in the abyssal realm with that wicked b***h of a wife Sonia loved oh so much.

                                                  She groaned as she walked through the barrier. Her horns were the first to go. As she progressed forward, her tail went and her tattoos became standard. She sighed as she felt her fangs retract to basic human canines. It felt good to be in her old skin... until the cold bit at her legs through her jeans and knee-high boots. She shivered, pulling her black peacoat tighter about her frame, curling her hands into fists in her pockets to feel the cushioned leather flex against her palm. It was normally a comforting feeling, but this close to the guild... she knew something was wrong. The cold never stretched this far out.

                                                  She stopped at the front door, putting her hand against it and closing her eyes. The cold reached deep into her bones and traveled well up her arm before she pulled it away. Her pale blue eyes softened for a moment as she tried to process the possibilities. She shoved the doors open and stormed in, the cold of the guild sweeping over her harsher than the outside had. She stared around, the statues were still just like last time she was here... but the life of the guild was actually gone now. She could feel her lip quiver before her eyes even landed at the top of the stairs to see the back of a man in front of a statue that was never there before.

                                                  She moved slowly up the stairs, dreading what was waiting for her at the top. She noticed the ash and snow on the way, shuddering more as she gazed up at the roof. When she brought her eyes back down and allowed them to fall on Samayou's likeliness in stone, she felt her heart stop. Her body kept moving until she reached the top, however, freezing in place once there to stare at the face of it. It was like he was frozen in time, which explained the guild.. but it didn't explain how he had gotten that way. She didn't even hear the whimper escape her lips, but the echo was clear as she took those final few steps to the statue. She knew someone was there beside her, but her eyes wouldn't budge from him. She spoke to no one in particular when her voice left her full lips in little more than a whisper.

                                                  "Tama... what have you done now..."

                                                  OC ➣ ---
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Dangerous Prophet

Bethany Cotwright
Location: Guild door way

"He is sleeping...or so I am told."

Bethany had walked in after Sonia, remaining silent as the secret lover of the behemoth stared in disbelief just like she had a few nights ago Her eyes shifting to Bishop and then too Sonia as she marched up the stairs, her high heels clicking with each stride. She hugged her long dress coat tighter as the bitter cold of this lifeless tomb froze her bones. God she was way to old for this.

"When I last spoke to Sycha she said he had returned to the Abyss for a Royal Family matter. 2 weeks went by, and no news...then. A messenger. A Devil from the abyss came to tell me the news. Sycha is dead....Samayou was exiled."

The news was all too confusing, something about royal family and ancient laws. She re-called the conversation with the young devil who looked so much like Samuel. All of their kin looked alike, it was so unique. "He gave me no further detail, just that. If Samayou was Exiled then there was only one place he could come back to, he would come home. But that" She pointed to the statue. "Is not him.....it is an Idol of him. A containment for all his heritage and power...he is here on Gaia, alive....and human.
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Dangerous Businessman

"But he looks like the black Hulk? If he is human, wher' he at?"

ishop half believed the woman whom appeared from nowhere. He meant no disrespect, but he needed more proof than just simply hearing it. Perhaps Samayou was missing or dead, and the person he encountered knew all about it? Then again, Samuel wasn't technically a friend of Bishop's, meaning it virtually didn't really matter to him if she lied or not....Though he hated being lied too. He Bishop not been so distracted, Bishop would have said something to her first. Though he didn't know s**t about it, he knew Sonia had history with Samuel, but that was it.
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Dangerous Prophet

"But he looks like the black Hulk? If he is human, wher' he at?"

ishop half believed the woman whom appeared from nowhere. He meant no disrespect, but he needed more proof than just simply hearing it. Perhaps Samayou was missing or dead, and the person he encountered knew all about it? Then again, Samuel wasn't technically a friend of Bishop's, meaning it virtually didn't really matter to him if she lied or not....Though he hated being lied too. He Bishop not been so distracted, Bishop would have said something to her first. Though he didn't know s**t about it, he knew Sonia had history with Samuel, but that was it.

Bethany Cotwright
Location: Guild door way

She glanced her cold ice filled eyes over to Bishop, eyeing him with male intent. She knew this one and never care for him, he was a cocky and arrogant brute in her opinion. Though his Compound V, unknown of Bishop of course, had already fueled many of Samuel's biological medical recovery projects. Samuel was secretly obsessed with this man and only the Black Devil knew why, the reason was lost on her.
"I don't know..." She admitted painfully. "For some reason he has not shown himself yet. Honestly I don't think he intends too. He is a very proud man, very proud of his heritage and where he comes from. A life changing blow like this...on-top of everything he has been through." She turned to Sonia now, sorrow laying deeply in her eyes just under the ice filled surfaced. "It may have been the pushed to send him over the edge. I have exhausted all the resources I have, contacted everyone we know. Nothing has turned up. I can't investigate any further...with out YOUR permission." Bethany would reached behind her and pull from her jacket a 8.5 by 11 inch stack of papers stabled together in a yellow envelope. She brought it over to Sonia and unfurled the first page, flipping it and handing it over to her.

PK Lady Sonia Renegade

"It's yours.." Her voice sounded defeated, as if her world had turned completely up side down. "Samuel had put in a emergency clause in his legal work. If he was ever to disappear like this, all legal and immediate authority of his shares and assets would go to you. Well...us technically. In case of an un-stable mental status I have full authority to take over his duties and power, that permanently comes into effect in this clause. You and I control what was his as partners, but you have priority as far as his personal assets are concerned." She would only hold the paper out for a minute before folding it up and tucking it away. Looking up at Sonia with a firm and solid resolve. "But if we do that, it means we admit defeat. We admit that he is gone. It means that WE gave up and I REFUSE to do that. I am hoping you will agree with me on this. You know him better then anyone...if there is anyone who can find him and make him come back to us......it's you."
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Dangerous Businessman

The Compound V fueled something outside of Bishop's body. That wouldn't make sense as it was originally a serum. Injected into the body where it mutated the genetic coding to create one bad a** mother ********. Not like Bishop would know or feel the difference either way. With a shrug, he would ponder for a moment. To stay, or to leave. If Samuel was gone, he almost had no real purpose for being here. Though he did already make the trip...Perhaps Sonia would immediately begin to work with this woman and rebuild the foundation that is Rock Fist? He was here to train after all. Hell even left dead and abandoned, he could still train here. Though he would lack the guidance he sought.
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Dangerous Prophet

Christopher Hume
Location: Rock Fist
Status: alone...

Heavy foot falls echoed in the dim halls of this ancient home. Bouncing off the walls like ringing bells as Christopher walked his familiar path. His black combat boots sinking into the snow as he marched across the open field where so many battles had been fought. He hugged the naval coat tighter as the cold wind blasted him, as if he was un-welcomed.

Once at the doors he shoved with all his might, his sick and weak body barely able to move the massive steel gateway. The darkness and cold that greeted him was chilling and forced a series of raspy coughs, his aching body spitting up black blood from his innards as he struggled to stand proper. He drew back a deep tired breathe, his empty eyes glancing around his once beautiful home that was now empty and frozen. He marched up the stairs of the main hall, pulling his almost dead body up via the railing until he was at the top...staring at his throne.

He looked at the hulking stone body that was once his, his eyes skimming over every chiseled detail in remorse. Had he made the right choice, he had tried to. Had he done right by his family, he had thought so at the time.

He could hear the doubt filled voices in his head like buzzing hornets. Whispering and enticing him, promising nothing but dreadful relief that would end in agonizing pain. He knew what must be done but he was so afraid to lose what he had worked to hard to obtain. All those years for a few short weeks of normality, but in the end it simply was not who he was......
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Dangerous Prophet

6 Months later.......

Samayou Tamashii
Location: Stone Hall
Status: Working

The sound of grunts and thuds boomed through out the guild! The snow and ice was gone, the snow was present but the sun shined bright!

THUD! A man went down being pummeled in a MMA cage as other men in training attire stood around and cheered, rooting on the fight. What had once been a giant and empty stone arena had now converted to hold four large official size rings! The rooms had been expanded to fit two or three people to train.

Much of Rock Fist remained the same, but a-lot had been renovated to accommodate the new tenants. A league of ex-convicts to pro fighters training in the gym, out on the open grounds in PT sessions, and in the weight room! Men ate in the Diamond hall, men slept in Gravel Hall and watched TV in Black Onyx Hall. The doors were now wide open and a new era of breathe and life had filled the once hallow and void grounds.

But what of the founder......????

He was right in the center of it all! Samayou Tamashii in all his Black Devil glory was in the center of one of the rings, being the referee of one of the fights. The other three cages were being used to spar but an official match was being held to decide the better fighter over an argument that had broken out the night before!

THUD, THUD, THUD! Men pounded at one another with kicks, elbows and punches. Cracking one another open and doing their best to pummel each other and prove who was right. Samayou stood in the cage, wearing nothing but gym shorts and bouncing on the balls of his feet, watching carefully for the tap out or knock out!
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Dangerous Prophet

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