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~{Ya he can, it is called defying all laws of Pyschics, I do it all the time, besides Rock Bottom is going to Close and Move to this place. Can;t run and FFA Guild, and a Commerce place at the same time. The tournaments will simply be held here at the Rock Fists now. It really does not matter but speaking of that match, your post dude for it dude.}~
After days of traveling Valentine would reach the Rock Fists Guild. He would stare at the large steel doors as he went to open them. Upon the opening of them he would enter the Grand Hall and his jaw would instantly drop. It's beauty was that of an angel glistening in the sun. He would start to wander around looking at all of the different statues.
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Lord Sabadrith smiled as he gazed down at his young friend, the first to join. His right hand in his pocket, his left hand postioned ontop of the Black Onyx Lion. he stood ontop of the staircase, at the Balcony level and glaring down with a smirk.

"So what do you think of the new place, way better then Rock Bottom,a dn the Arena is amazing. I plan to start the Second Tournament soon so don't worry, we just need a few more regular members and we are set."
" This place is way better than Rock Bottom. I can have alot of fun here." Valentine smiled as he looked up at Lord SabaDrith." Since I'm the first member I suppose that there isn't anyone to spar against huh?"
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"Not Unless we could find some members. I would let you fight the Lions, but they don't come alive unless enemies pentrate through the doors."

He smiled as he patted the large statue made of Black Onyx that was almost as big as him. it was true, in case of an attack the Guild hall itself would come alive. The Lions would arise from their postion and remove anyone who dared to defy the Guilds Will.

"In Basic I am the only one here, besides you and I think a few others may come. I got a few people from the Lu Bu, and O so you know. This is a Haven for Fists ony, Chi is the only spiritual energy allowed, the Guilds Aura will surpess any other ablities you have with seals, the very seals marked, and built into the walls."
Gaia Name: Exordium of Terminus

Character Name: Kirio Tatsuhara

Race: Human

Age: Male

Height: Six Feet.

Weight: One hundred and forty six pounds.

Hair Color: A solid charcoal black.

Eye Color: A deep blue which flows like the shimmering sea itself.

Primary Fighting Style: Quite the unexpected style to a fighter of his caliber, but at the moment he follows a bit of free form technique, utilizing his agile form and inate skills using the Tiger Claw blades.

Description/Identification: Kirio stands at a solid height of six feet, give or take a couple of centimeters. He is dressed from the neck down in dark clothes, silver engravings sewn into the comfortable fabric of the clothes. Upon the top of his black boots are placed thin metal plates of solid steel. Though they are thin, the plates will cause much pain if kicked with full force by them.

His messy black hair falls slightly down in front of his sapphire blue eyes. Pressed between his lips at seemingly all times is a simple cigarette, which in his times of relaxation he can be seen smoking.

Background Information: His past travels back for hundreds of years.. but I will spare you the boredom and simply start from when he came to inhabit the body of Harah Shinryu. During the boy's childhood, Kirio had been forced inside the child by use of a seal, sent down by the goddess, Azura. Kirio was forced to remain within the boy's heart in a state of.. sleep, you could call it. He slept for seventeen years within this boy, until the day when Shinryu first found the spell book.

This spell book's incredibly powerful magic was enough to weaken the seal just enough for Kirio to inhabit the book slightly, forming the bond they shared for three years. Over those three years, Kirio helped Shinryu's power increase greatly. At the same time, Kirio's power gradually fed off of the magic of the book, causing the seal to gradually weaken. As the three years concluded, a fight between Shinryu and one called Pax Ethenica had begun. This fateful battle was the final battle of Harah Shinryu, as the book was destroyed by Pax's large scythe-like weapon.

The destruction of this book sent Kirio and all of the magic of the book back with him into the weakened seal. This sudden overload of magic was enough to destroy the seal, which fully released Kirio to inhabit Shinryu's body. After seventeen years of being locked in the heart of a boy, and three of only being able to inhabit a book, Kirio has returned.

Reason for Joining: Simple boredom.

Other Info: Just a little background on the specialty of his weapons...
Around his two wrists are set two tight bracelets apparently. When activated by a simple thought of Kirio, from two specific points will extend two razor sharp claws of a mysterious black material. Coarsing over the surface of this black material are several billion semi-intelligent micro-organisms. The tiny creatures are designed to infiltrate the body of an opponent who is cut by the blades.

The small creatures mix in with the blood stream to quickly infect the body, devouring each cell they come in contact with. With each cell devoured, a strange form of asexual reproduction occurs. This reproduction will produce two brand new forms of the micro-organism. This allows for quick and nearly instantaneous complete infection of the body. The micro-organisms target the main organs of the body, both clogging the entry and exit points of the organs before devouring the tissue walls, causing deadly leaks. Eventually the body is no longer able to function, which will at that point cause the body, and the one inhabiting it, to simply drop dead.
" Good, but what about mental abnormalties? Such as my pyrokinesis?" Valentine would start to walk up the stairs going towards SabaDrith.
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"Nope, did you read the Text above the door in the cliff.? Thy Fist of Rock and Will of Stone, nothing more. The guilds entire base is around perfecting Melee abilities and making your fists more deadly then any blade or ball of fire."
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~{I knew if I built this place you would come Terminus.^^}~
((Tee-hee. Call me Ex or Kirio. How do you like the new profile?))
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~{Nice, it works for my Guild. If ya want me and val are IC in the Rock Grand Hall and he is looking for a spar. Why not show up and challenge him, I can watch you guys in the Arena or you can fight in the terrain outside.

Both of you make sure to be famalair with the defenses and Lay out, just skin through it now and then, get an idea of where evertyhing but read the defenses carefully! I I am not around you guys may have to run then if no Sensei or Lord is around.}~
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~{Uh hmm, Ex dude we got a problem, your weapons. Did you both read all four rules, they are rather simple. Everything else is fine Ex but the weapons I won;t allow unless we are attacked by another guild and if Chi and spiritual energy are involved with them. Otherwise ya can;t use em in spars and fights and tournaments here, just when another Guild Attacks, sorry, that is the Law of the Ancients.}~
Samayou Tamashii
~{Uh hmm, Ex dude we got a problem, your weapons. Did you both read all four rules, they are rather simple. Everything else is fine Ex but the weapons I won;t allow unless we are attacked by another guild and if Chi and spiritual energy are involved with them. Otherwise ya can;t use em in spars and fights and tournaments here, just when another Guild Attacks, sorry, that is the Law of the Ancients.}~
Would metal gloves you wear all the time that are resistent to fire be considered a weapon?
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~{Plated gloves are infact the only weapon allowed cause I use them as well so I can grab blades. OK SUCKAS IN CHARECTER WE GO OR SOMETHING.}~

Lord SabaDrith smiled as he leaned again the Onyx Lion, admiring the place that he had built. It had taken time and thinking but he had pulled it off. He had an old friend come in and do the Seal work that had taken monthst to finish. He had called in favors from thousands of poeple he knew for the matrials and itmes needed, as for the rest his own fists built it.
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