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~{ Rock Fist }~
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Home of [ Rocky Mountain League ]
Thy Fist of Rock
And Will of Stone

Deep with in the mountains, deep West of the mighty city of Durem. Deep with in this twisting forest, among the smell of pine and oak. There is a Guild, a Guild devoted to the desire of bodily perfection, of true strength. Built upon the morals of stone, and hearts that rage like a fierce wildfire. These people are the brute force behind nature, the cunning behind the seasons, the power behind the will.

These people are of the Rock Fist Guild.

Guild Status: Open to Attack


First Post-Guild Introduction

Second Post-Laws of the Rock Fist/Members Records

Third Post-General and Detailed Location of Guild Hall/Defenses

Fourth Post-Description of the Guild Layout

Fifth Post-Reserved

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Dangerous Prophet

~Rock Fist~

~{Laws of Rock Fist}~

As one enters the Guild Hall they will see a large Stone Tablet with four lines that are the foundation of the Guild and are the base of its members loyalty. They fight under these words and keep them close to their heart till death takes their bodies away.

Respect an Enemy as one would Friend
~{Respect all who walk these grounds, be friend or foe they are fighters like you and deserve the same treatment.}~

Do not taint one's hands with Foul Magic
~{There is a 0 Tolerance policy for Magics here, things such as Ki, Chakra, Psionics, Chi, and all other forms of energy that can be wielded into attacks such as Curses, Fire Balls and things of that nature. I understand many of us are Inhuman beings so our strength is not normal, these abilities are not Magic that cost Mana they are simply traits of our races such as increased strength, speed and agility. They fall under Melee and are allowed, nothing less, nothing more.}~

Seek Strength from the Body and Mind
~{Do not look for ways to be stronger through cool effects or little tricks but instead fight, break yourself, heal and learn. To find it in yourself is better then in a spell or a special move.}~

Thy Fist of Rock and Will of Stone
~{Never Give Up, Fight to the End....}~

{{Now the above stated rules are exactly what is written on the tablet, minus of course my explanations under them. As you read on I hope you get a feel for exactly where you are but also I will now explain a few more rules for further explanation, we can all thank Alexander for this Paragraph.

I do not allow things such as Firearms, Explosives, or any form of technology that can be fashioned into a weapon. On the case of Artificial Limbs you are restricted solo to using the power core or source to operate the limb, if the said limb has a rocket launcher installed with in those functions are restricted.

Magic can be used on the grounds with my approval but ONLY for a Story Line Scenario that has nothing to do with combat. If two Author’s wish to progress the story lines of their characters then they must get my approval before I can allow them to do so, this use of Magic is for story-line only.

Thank You,
Samayou Tamashii


[ Samuel and Company ]
His vast expansion in Business has many of Samayou's HQ in Durem. This Role-play encompasses both the Guild Grounds and most of the Gaian Realm, primarily Durem.

[] Sigil: City of Doors []
"Ya just never know what your gonna get!"

x{The Zackrodiasiac}x
"How bout an a** Kicking with that Scotch?"

[[The Garage]]
"Cause why the ******** not, bloody fist and bitches all day!"

{The Battle Arena}
"You hit like a schoolgirl b***h!"

{ Tablet of Remembrance }

Below the large Tablet that contains the Creed of Rock Fist is a smaller one, less notable from a distance. It is here that we honor the students and members who gave their heart, soul, sweat, and blood for the joy of competition. Men and women who have brought Honor to this home.

Savoki Sancoi

PK Sonia Renegade

Kirio Terminus
Kizu Pantera

Sieg Ecstuffuan

Valentine Hoskuo

Lenne Misao
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Dangerous Prophet

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~{Global Location}~

North West of Durem among the Pine Forests and Mountain ranges is where this mighty group of people call home. The Guild Itself was carved into the side of a cliff with mountains all around inside a vast valley making it a very difficult journey for one but the view alone is worth the hike. Because of their location they have little influence on the Political World of Gaia and many don’t know they exist but for those who do know, they are aware of what is with in this Guild. Rich air and fresh scents make this place a wonderful location to train and the rich environment provides unique weather and wild conditions so lovely one would never want to leave.

~{Detailed Location and Layout}~

The Rock Fist Guild is built into a 100 meter tall cliff side that slopes down north and the doors of Rock Fist face exactly south. Around the doors is a massive grassy plain that stretches in a half circle, going out over 200 Meters before it hits the tree line, there the tall grass meets a massive Pine Forest that stretches across the entire Valley for a good 4 miles before it meets Mountains. To the East of the Guild at 1.3 Miles is what is called the Yukara Lake, the glacial waters is frigid temperatures all year round with a waterfall and a small creek that winds its way due south. West of the Guild is 5 miles of Pine Forest but inside that forest lays a silent and forgotten graveyard with crypts that stretch 2 miles down into the earth. A vast honeycomb of tombs that reek with thousands of years of death and lost souls, the secrets of this Grave remain a mystery for a reason. North of the Guild is the sloping Cliff Side and at the base a large stone pillar that has no markings or emblems on it. Made of simple stone it is a beacon of hope for many and the nameless reason it stands for, beyond it lays a field of boulders that reaches 50 meters before coming across more pine forest that stretches to the north wall of the valley.


The entire Guild itself is underground and the only way to get inside is through a pair of massive steel double doors that are the main and only known entrance. The large black doors spread 10 feet wide each and together 20 feet wide, and stand together a height of 22 feet. The doors are 89 Inches thick of steel plating and framing to keep almost anything short of a Nuclear Explosion out. The doors have only one locking mechanism that keeps them shut during attacks and seals the Guild off from invaders. Four large Pistons with two on each side will lock into place and seal the doors from the inside; each piston is 4 feet in diameter and is solid Grade A Steel. This is the only defense of the Guild; the only way in and out for the only other thing an attacker would have to defeat is the entire Guild and its members.

The Ancient Runes in the land itself forbid magics and protect it from biological, nuclear warheads, Technologies or Teleporting into and out of the Guilds lands. Any who dare to break this creed face not the Guild Master but the very land and wild life itself, a wrath worse then anything the Guild members could perform.

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Dangerous Prophet

~{The Rock Fist Guild}~

Grand Hall

The Guilds main hall is the first thing one enters and their eyes will set upon a massive marble Stair case that runs up the center of the hall. The Guild has two levels and the bottom is home to three wings, the top is home to two wings but the center of the Guild is what is forged into the wall at the top of the stairwell. The Stone Tablet that is the foundation of the Guild is built into the very wall and looks over the entire Grand Hall of Rock Fist. The protectors of the Ancients Tablet are the four Lions that rest on all four points of the Stairwell. The Bottom two lions are massive life size statues, the one on the left made of solid Stone and the other of Pure Diamonds. The two at the top are made in the same fashion, the one on the left made of 100% Gravel and the one on the right of complete Black Onyx, and thus the names of the wings coincide with these Guardians. The inner decor of the guild mostly consist of earthly colors, dark browns and gentle yellows mixed with Marble White to give it a very Ancient Roman theme.

Medical Hall

The Medical Wing has two entrances on ether side of the stair case and are hidden under it. Inside is a highly trained staff that watch over the fighters with a careful eye and tend to their needs.

Diamond Hall
Located on the First Floor, East Wing this room consists of two parts for Members to enjoy. The First is a large circular room that is 17 Feet high and 40 Feet across with a pair of double doors on the opposite side of the room. This room has only a large Wooden table that like the room is a massive circle and comes 3.4 feet off the floor and stretches 29 feet in diameter with plenty of chairs to accommodate a good number of people. This is known as the Dining section and the other set of double doors leads to a Kitchen where 3 Chefs are willing to cook around the clock high protein meals such as Fish, Steak, and Pork. Of course their skills stretch into many other dishes that one can crave for after a good fight. A single server in a Black Tuxedo will tend to you're needs but if one wishes to skip all the fancy treatment one can simply enter the Kitchen and whip up whatever they feel like.

Stone Hall
Located on the First Floor West Wing this is a 3 section Hall and the first room is a Massive Hallway for entrance into the Arena. There are two paths, to the left of the large scale room that has ticket booths and counters in the center is a small door that leads to the private Gym for Rock Fist members Only as well as Locker Rooms for the Rampage Arena. The Gym Room has weights spread across the entire room that is square and stretches 50 by 50 feet and stands 17 feet in height. On the far wall are 3 normal punching bags and a fourth made of solid Steel plating for those who are a little more hard core in their training. In the far corner is one door. The Westward one is a small hall way that winds 23 meters before reaching a tiny room that is only 10 feet in diameter and 10 feet high. This small Meditation Room has a single white mat and nothing else, free for use by any and all religion. However in the original room if you went right it would lead you to the Rampage Arena. The small path goes about 10 feet before the path opens up to a massive foot ball stadium sized room that is called the Stone Arena! This mighty place stretches deep into the earth and is the largest room in the entire Guild. Made of solid stone, seats and all with cushioning and pads for comfort to regular spectators. It has recently gone under modifications for a more modern touch. It can be modified to its original form for Rock Fist Members.

Gravel Hall

Located on the Second Floor West Wing this area is the living quarters for those that call Rock Fist home and contains a total of 23 Private rooms, each with a Queen Size bed, private bathroom and walk in closet. The rooms are plain and can be designed to that particular member’s wants or needs as much as they wish. On the side of the wall is a roster of names of who occupies which room in case two people wish to meet each other and are lost. The rooms start on the left with 1 and going down the hall and come back down on the right with 23 on one's right.

~{Rooms and Occupants}~

1~Samayou Tamashii
2~PK Lady Sonia Renegade
8~Exordium of Terminus

Black Onyx Hall

Located on the Second Floor East Wing this room is the lounge and Bar area for the members and contains several leather couches and 5 tables with 3 high chairs each in the far left corner. A single Plasma screen HD TV occupies the far wall and is 5 feet by 5 feet and is usually always playing the news. A single Bar tender named Ronald Pyre, a simple human in his 30s with thinning hair and a gentle smile runs the bar like he ran his Army Squad, clean fresh and ready to go. Though not loaded a 12 gauge shot gun occupies a spot above the bar and reminds him of his morals and beliefs as he meets new and wonderful people each day.

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Dangerous Prophet

~{Rocky Mountain Training}~

The Training focuses on constant physical improvement and over all wisdom in Martial Skill. Competitors grow, learn, fail, and compete to be their very best. Score is kept, official matches can be sanctioned, and tours to other threads to compete are scheduled..

How do I register?: Simply PM Samayou Tamashii

How do I get a match Sanctioned: Between one another it is simple, PM myself and we can get it under way. For a match in another thread I must be notified and given the pages of the match and go from there. The rule here is flexible due to people's schedules.

What are the rules?: Anything you want. The competitors decide on any special circumstances and then compete. The Judge will inform you if you over step but other then that, basic melee is our focus here so as long as it is not a super fireball, your good. Over all the Judge(s) and Samayou Tamashii have final say.

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