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My loyalty to Father! Father knows best!

Father knows best

Hello! and welcome, to our humble home of Fatherland.

Here, we willingly serve our humble leader, Father, in return for his everlasting love and appreciation. Guard or worker, we all give thanks, give thanks, give thanks to our wonderful Father!

I hope you can make yourself right at home, Father has taken his precious time to construct beautiful camps for everyone, no matter who they are! except.. the rebellion.. of course..

Here, we live under Father's care, and in return for his kindness we give loyalty and a special pledge:

Here we are, one and all,
Here we are happy.
And who helped along those who were small?
Our Father and his land!

Everyday we have meals in the mess hall,
And the food is always free.
And who provided for us to grow big and tall?
Our Father and his land!

Who protects us from every squall,
And every enemy, he did maul,
Who with mighty power succeeded to enthrall?
Our loving Father with his land!

To our Father, I pledge my loyalty, my body, and my soul,
for it is Father who makes me true and whole.

Until Father is pleased, I will not rest,
Because I know, Father knows best!

Well I hope you enjoy your stay here! I'm sure preparations will be made for you shortly. Now I must leave soon to get back to my station, see you shortly! Father knows best!
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Somewhere in the world there is an anonymous aquatic overlord, “Father” who has been ruling for a few centuries with humans either working as workers, or guards to control the workers. You may choose if you'd like to be an obedient worker, a part of the rebellion, or a guard. All oceans belong to Father. There is going to be a daily schedule, so please try your best to follow it. It doesn't have to match GST or the time for your time zone, just try your best to keep it in the order of what's happened for the last post of the scenario. (ex. the last person to post in this scenario said that it was 4am, so choose a time after 4am, or say something like 3am the next day or whatever)

The worker's schedule:
8 am - wake up and wash in a huge washroom with water falling from the ceiling (the water is clean). There are two separate rooms for males and females. They will change into the worker uniform, a white, scoop neck t-shirt with the worker’s identification number on it (a letter followed by 5 numbers) black cargo pants, worker shoes, optional straw sun hat, optional black sweater. (I’ll post sketches of all of the uniforms later)

9:30 am - breakfast. A fish of the worker’s choice and a slice of bread. One 12 oz. water bottle is distributed every day. (the casing is biodegradable and will dissolve within 48 hours of packaging. so.. don’t worry about the trash.) After breakfast go immediately to work. There are a few jobs to choose from:
1. mining
2. farming
3. cleaning the wash rooms and worker bunkers
4. sewing/making fabric
5. exploring the uncharted territory past the mines and farms (under supervision)
6. more jobs to come soon

Workers get one 30 minute break before 7:00pm, where you can eat what you find available, talk, or rest, under guard supervision. (Please state that you are going off for a short break, so guards know that you’re not just skipping out on work.)

7:00 pm - all workers report to camp centre (will be shown on a map in one of the next introductory posts) and listen for announcements. On any random day one ID (worker or guard) will be chosen, and the worker will be called up to be an honorable sacrifice to Father, or to serve him underwater until he or she .. erm.. drowns. They will be brought over by a set of elite guards*. The worker will have 72 hours to respond with their action before being brought to Father by a special party of guards (controlled by me). (Those chosen randomly will be PMed immediately, but those who are chosen and are on vacation/unable to go onto the internet/have difficulty responding at the time for whatever reason will be brought back as an unfitting sacrifice and returned to their post. In that case, for the time being there will be no other sacrifices, until the next random event. Note that once someone is chosen, it is highly possible for the sacrifice to escape. I’m providing this so those who want an excuse to leave the roleplay can leave.)

8:00 pm - Dinner. Workers go into the dining hall and are given seafood (as much as they want. Father’s providing.)

9:00 pm - Workers head over to their bunkers (rooms with just enough space for walking space and 12 bunk beds. Workers are allowed to have families of up to four -- that’s two children max. As many as four families can live in one bunker.) Guards will come around and check that the workers are asleep at 10:30 pm.

*A note about workers: Workers don’t wear chains or constraints, but they do have a chip implanted into their upper spine at birth (which can be surgically removed later on in life with a very careful hand). This chip receives a friendly 10 milliamps of electricity to remind the worker to behave correctly. (guards caught abusing the chip will be dealt with as soon as possible.)

The guard's schedule:
7:00 am - wake up and prepare for the day. Guards have special houses, one story buildings with one large bedroom that fits space to lay down and stretch and 6 bunk beds, and one large bathroom, much like the workers, but smaller and more private (there are stalls). Afterwards they will change into their uniforms. Males wear a light blue polo with their ID number on it (two letters followed by four numbers), black belt, black slacks and black military oxford shoes. Straw hat and white sweater are optional. Females wear a light blue polo with their ID number on it, a black belt, a little shorter than knee-length black pleated skirt, and knee high black boots. All guards have a special device that goes onto their belt: a worker control device. Workers have a chip implanted into their upper spines which can cause a non-lethal shock whenever the device is used. This device is to be used to remind a worker to keep on working. Guards caught abusing the device will be dealt with as soon as possible. All guards also carry a handheld transceiver to communicate with each other. Take care of it. (sketches of the uniforms will come soon)

After waking, guards have until 10:00 am to eat breakfast, seafood and bread. Then it’s off to work. Guards are separated into shift A or shift B (their choice), and rotate from work to off time (or vice versa) at 3:00 pm. Guards in shift A are officially on duty from 10 am to 3 pm. Shift B is from 3 pm to 7 pm. During off time, a guard is free to do whatever he or she wants, as long as their action does not violate the Grand Laws of Fatherland (to be described in the next post).

7:00 pm - All guards and workers must report to camp center to listen for announcements and if there will be a sacrifice that day. (If a guard is called, it’s the same situation as if a worker is called. Please see 7:00 pm for workers if you’re unsure of the situation.)

8:00 pm - Dinner. Guards eat with workers, and the same food (still as much as they like.)

9:00 pm - Guards will escort workers to their bunkers.

10:30 pm - Guards will do a bunker check to make sure that the workers are sleeping or getting to sleep. How in depth their check is is up to them. If a guard finds that a worker is missing or something is not right, it is up to them if he or she would like to report the issue to Father or not.

11:00 pm - Guards go to their own bunker/houses.

The Rebellion's schedule:
It would be a good idea for those in the rebellion to follow their schedule, whether they are a worker or guard (rebellion is non-discriminating against workers or guards, though it consists more of workers). Workers still have chips in their upper spine (mass implantation event of 2011) so they are still under the control of loyal guards (unless the chip were somehow removed). The rebellion doesn’t have one main goal. In fact, the rebellion is the general group which does not accept everything that Father has done. For example, one group in the rebellion may want to eat something other than seafood, or may want to have different hours of work. Others may want to overthrow Father completely. It really is up to the person to why they are part of the rebellion. Workers and guards are free to talk when they want, as long as they are not speaking during an announcement or other important information, but be careful of loyal workers and guards.

*Elite guards are special guards who will be controlled by me.
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Before posting, please PM me a description of your character. This must include:

ID number:
Other distinguishing factors(optional):
Other personality traits(recommended, but optional):

You may post your character description after I PM you my approval. I’m only accepting humans, by the way (no vamps, fairies, werewolves, pixies, or anything of the like).

About ID numbers you will be allowed to choose your own. I’ll post a list of taken ID numbers, and let you know if yours is already taken. I can’t change anyone else’s ID number, so I apologize if you don’t get the one you want.

Taken ID numbers:
QZ3927 - Natalie Barker
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Laws of Fatherland:
1. Never go into the ocean (sacrifices excluded).
2. Never harm an octopus, squid, or cuttlefish.
3. Never dishonor Father’s name.
4. Never defy orders. In the case of contradicting orders, follow those given by the higher ranking. If both orders come from the same rank, follow the those given by the senior in the rank.

Father to follow these laws will result in a friendly reminder from one of the guards. Repeat offenders will be dealt with the elite guards.
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1. Follow ToS and other Gaia rules
2. Nothing sexually explicit. I’ll allow mildly suggestive, but please either time-skip or keep things out of the roleplay. Remember to report the other person if the situation turns to sexual harassment.
3. Don’t be stupid. Even if your character is stupid. Don’t be stupid. (Don’t mess around or waste our time. Please.)
4. No godmodding.
5. Try your best not to get OOC for too long. At most two lines.
6. No shorthand or unnecessary slang. Cursing is alright, but keep it to a minimum. I'll give warning if it's too extensive.
7. Have at least a few lines per entry. Maybe a paragraph or two, if necessary. I’m pretty lenient on this, but no one sentence responses, and try not to type a short story.
8. Don’t destroy everything and make yourself supreme ruler. Because I will be very sad. And I bet a few other people will be quite pissed off.
9. Be reasonable. No superhumans.
10. Batman is a superhero also, in my opinion. So none of him (no secret base out of nowhere with random technology that can save a person from anything.)
11. I have the right to change these rules at any time.
12. If you feel that you’d like to do something that might seem drastic (something that could turn the whole story around) please PM me and have me clear it first.
13. In every post please include your ID number and the time of your actions (relative to the other posts, if possible) This means that I need the time of day, and a “the next day” or “a few days later” if necessary. It would also be helpful if you included your character’s name next to the ID number.
14. Please include the phrase “Lovely children make delicious lamps” when you PM me your character information. If you don’t I’ll just tell you to read the rules again. No worries if you don’t get it the first time.

Failure to follow these rules will result in the following:
First offence, minor offences: PM warning. Continued violations will result in a report.
Second offence, minor offences: PM warning. Put on watch.
Third offence, major offences: Reported and blocked.. banned... or.. however it’s said. Put on notice to ignore.

Please enjoy your stay in Fatherland, I hope that your time will not be wasted.

My loyalty to Father! Father knows best!
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Alrighty now, so here are the links to the maps of the camp and it's territory. When PMing me your character profile, you may request which house you would like to stay in (for example: address: Worker's Quarters A 64) If the house is full, then I'll let you know so you can choose one. If you'd like a random house, please let me know by saying "address: random".

full map
camp map
Guard's quarters zoom
Worker's quarters zoom

changes will be made if workers or guards discover something new in the uncharted territory.

I also have the uniforms. Guard uniforms are on the upper half, and worker uniforms are in the bottom left hand corner. Sweaters and sunhats are the same for guards and workers. (sorry about the crappy pencil sketch >_>" )
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Name: Father
ID number: n/a
Address: the ocean
Age: unknown
Appearance: there are no solid images of father, but sketches made in the early years of his term give enough evidence that he was a giant octopus.
Bio: A few hundred years ago (maybe 400 or 500, but no one really knows..) he came to Earth and saw a planet of disordered corruption and resentment. In an effort to cleanse the Earth, he first tried to climb to the top of the government to make suitable reforms, but when they wouldn't let an octopus take over, he brought his army of home guards to help him conquer and fix. After camps were set up, he called over a select few other octupi from his planet to take watch over the organized and clean camps and territories of the world, all under the alias "Father".
Likes: cleanliness, perfection, order, guards, seafood (excluding other octopi, cuttlefish, and squid)
Dislikes: dirtiness, corruption, excessive hate, the rebellion, dishonesty
Other personality traits: Father hasn't been seen by anyone other than the elite guards (the home guards were sent back, but a few stayed behind to serve Father) and select sacrifices. From the ocean, he and other ruling octopi meet to keep the camps in sync with each other, reporting anything new and subordinate action. Father feels that he is doing the world a favor by watching over them and providing them with a safe controlled life, and that the Rebellion is ungrateful of the "wonderful and perfect" life they were given.
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Name: Natalie Barker
ID number: QZ3927
Address: Guard's quarters E3
Age: 15 years old
Appearance: A 5'1" lightly tanned girl with light brown short cut hair and dark brown eyes, she has freckles on her cheeks. Also, she's fairly innocent, carrying around the smile that people have when they think that the world is absolutely fine.
Bio: She was the child of a worker (mom) and a guard (dad), but once she was weened off of her mother, her dad took care of her and raised her in the life of a guard (with the mother's consent). Her mother doesn't recognize her, and she doesn't recognize her mother, but the two became friends because of her cheery personality and her mother's mutual kindness. She's loyal to Father, and though she knows that it's impossible for the government to be absolutely perfect, she's content with her life of escorting and supervising the workers. She's also close to her dad, and kind to all of the workers, refusing to use the worker control device unless absolutely necessary. She currently has no opinion of the rebellion, and thinks of it as if it were a fairy tale.
Likes: Father, salmon, bugs, daisies
Dislikes: pork, beef, chicken, needles
Other personality traits: Around her superiors, she has a warm and obedient personality, always following orders and not breaking rules. However, when she's around those who she finds equals of inferiors, she's more friendly and open, and slightly more rowdy. Right now, she doesn't know what to say when talked to about the Rebellion, since she's never seen it and doesn't think that it's a big threat to society, as other guards have been saying with their "exaggerated stories of Rebellion revolts and riots".

Here are some sketches of her

In her uniform

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Natalie Barker, ID QZ3927
June 18, 2012 6:42 am

Natalie opened her eyes and stretched out her arms. She was the only one awake, with her dad sleeping in the bunk above her, so she carefully shifted out of bed and tiptoed across the bedroom to the bathroom, and closed the door behind her. She quickly undressed and walked to the middle shower stall. The water was pleasantly warm today. She dried and walked to her uniform. Underwear: check. Polo: check. Skirt: check. Belt: check. Worker control device.... Natalie picked it up and scrunched her face at it. "I don't see why we need this thing if the workers are all happy with Father watching over us. Ah.. but Father knows best," she said to herself. She put it on her belt. Check. She walked back to the bedroom and saw that her dad was still sleeping. "Papa must be really tired from yesterday's work.." she thought, pulling her socks on. She walked over and kissed his forehead before pulling on her boots and taking a morning walk.
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User Image
Natalie Barker, ID QZ3927
June 18, 2012 7:15 am

Natalie took a deep breath of the morning air, and walked towards the food hall, below the guard's quarters. She looked up at the stacks of clean trays. "Wow.. I guess I'm the first one up today," she said to herself. She grabbed a baggie of the bread and sliced salmon meal, so she could eat outside. She was shift A, so she had until 10 to finish breakfast. Leaning against the eastern side of the food hall, she could watch the ocean waves crashing against the shore.

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