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arrow Treaty Room

Gallias always thought that if you can accept the words of another Race then you can accept their actions in all means. Gallias was pleased to hear that the Aun would accept. Now a new Alliance between the two Powerful races could begin. No hinderance could come of this Alliance, as it was accepted by the poeple when broadcast from the wirless in the Treaty room went out. The Council of Tweleve would debate he matter, but not judge or change the alliance. It wasn't common for the People of the Tri-System to see an alliance of two Emipres, because of the recent Wars.

With that in mind Gallias looked at the Cold Glass Walls in the 16x16 room, and spoke to the Aun, "Then it is Accepted, We will accept your Fleet into our System, and your Embassy. When you return to your ship I would have sent you an Outline of our Star System so you may make plans for your Embassy. I suggest Making the Embassy for Your People over the Planet Xiorious. This would be the best place in my personal opinion. I too Request that an Embassy sort of set-up nearest your system. A Capital Flagship, The Judgement Retribution, be in your system to show our Alligience as a Diplomatic Cruiser."

Gallias would let the Aun do everything first before complying. Aswell as allowing him to leave first, as hsi presence was requestyed.
arrow Meeting room

Aun'kais was pleased to see that the treaty would be final. He took the ring and the 4 devices and put it in a carrying case and stood up. He made a gesture of goodwill((I have know idea if tau salute)) towards the commander. He made his way back to the Orca dropship. As he was boarding he made a mental note to ask Aun'va if he could be the diplomatic ambassador to this nation. That feeling.... He never wanted it lost. As soon as he boarded his Mont'Ka he recieved the telemetry of the nations territory and picked out the planet designated for their embassy. He sent the preparation notice ahead to Tau and made sure everything was ready to go. He made a glance and the station he had once left, and hoped he would be seeing it once more, I'll never forget this... The Fleet jumped.

((thanks i thought it was too. one of my finest))

(Actually Auns make Humble lowerings of their heads, while looking at the person they are recognizing as a salute to leaders.)

arrow Reapair Station Kilo-Gamma 12

Gallias had made a new Ally, and decided that this would be of a great descision. He waited in the room for a few seconds after the Aun left, when he Saluted back. The Marines flowwed Gallias till he met u with his Body guard unit Halfway to the Whirlwind. Nova lead the way back, as Sirhan, and Reynor waited with Kerrigan for the rear.

arrow Aboard the Whirlwind

Gallias had sent out the Message of the System outline, and then switched over to communications with the commander of the Judgement Retibution. The Judgement would be leaving for the Tau system, after it had finished full fuel resupply, and weapons resupply. Stading on his Bridge Gallias looked ot the Back where his Body Guard Unit Sat behind the Navigation Officers on a large Rectangular table. To the left was the Combat Control officer, and power diversion offciers. To the right of the combat Control Center was his systems fire control Officers, and engineers. The ship was back into full capacity. So was the Tri-alliance with its new allies

arrow Aboard the Whirlwind

The Whirlwind was going to head back to its main quadrant as the Rostovtseva II, Darya II, and Dasha II had already Jumped away. Hyperlite Drives on the Whirlwind powered up, and the Cruiser Jumped to the Planet Marluun to pickout its Commanding Air Officer from After the Tournament, and Training.

Gallias had headed off from the Bridge when they arrived, and back to his quarters. Most of the Officers did the same as they navigated the metal hallways, and people between them. Gallias's Quarters were on the smae Deck as the Bridge, while most of the officer were in the Officers Quarter Two Decks lower above the Weapons Control, and distribution Deck. The many diffrent levels of the Ship allowed for more uses, like section 4 closetest to the Hangars on the Fourth Deck was the Medical Emergency Center. And Gallias Quarters were on the Third Deck.
As commanding Air-Officer of the Tainted Saints Cruiser the Purifier, I',m back since the Tainted-Broken War
As commanding Air-Officer of the Tainted Saints Cruiser the Purifier, I',m back since the Tainted-Broken War

(A lot has changed Marneus. The new fighter for the Tainted Saints is the Highyl improving Rupture fighter. Aswell as you missed the Darkthrone "War of the Thrones", you ahve a lot to make up for, currently your Leader is doing some work for me, so just continue in IC, or wait for her.)

arrow Aboard the Whirlwind

Gallias was still in his quarters watching from a Monitor on his wall. No sound was on, but Gallias knew what was hapening. The Tournament for the Veteran Air Officers, was getting intense. They had adopted a new form of Dogfighting, that rquired the use of a Spiral Rolling Scissors, and Spherical maneuvers. Each Fight Flew Sphears around eachother. Even the Fighter Trying to Run off, and reset positions were kep up with by a backwards flow, as they were dwarfed.

These were the hardcored Fighter Pilots, these were the best. Commanding Air Officers, no Enemy Fighters would be able to hold their own, even if they were Ten times the force of these Officers. They were the Aces who chose their Kills in battle. Gallias saw his Ace in combat, when he was shot down, for taking on a two Graveborn Squadrons in the War of the Thrones.
arrow Planet Xiorious

Tau Fleet Epsilon arrived in orbit around planet Xiorious withe the orbital Barge. It brought 8 orbitals as promised. 5 were pre-fab and 3 were to be constructed. The Earth Caste members got to work.
(Off Duty for two Days The Tri-Alliance needs a Holiday)
(Holiday Day Two Yay! blaugh
(New Officers! Come post your intros to the Tri-Alliance, 3nodding )
arrow Helio Quadrant at the Planet Hyperion
arrow arrow Aboard the UTA Integra Shepell

The Captian sat in his quarters going over the events of their last signs of friendly starships. "How could off we ended up in an uncharted hyperspace route...we couldn't have made a blind jump," he thought. It had been quite some time since the ship's seen friendly aerospace. First they were in the Selkath-Grunts territory, and then it was the Mandolorians, and now...hell, God knows where. A phone with a blicking red light on it sat on the Captians desk, which he was sitting at. It started blinking and buzzing. He answered, " This is the Captian."

"Sir, I fixed our navagational systems...however he don't have sufficent power to supply them."

The Captian thought, " I want you to transfer as many sub-fussion reactors power to it as nesscessary."

There was silence, " But sir, we only have 1 sub-fussion recoter up...barely enough to power the railguns. If we were sighted we would-"

" Do it...I'll be up to the Bridge ASAP," he ordered. He put on his officers cap and made his way up to the bridge. He finally stood in the center and looked at the view-screen. He then heard cheers from the left of the bridge and assumed we had power and heard the navigator yell that they were loacted in the Helio Quadrant at the Planet Hyperion All of a sudden, the red lights and sirens blared throught-out the ship.

The offensive weapons co-ordinator yelled, " CAPTIAN! MANDOLORIAN BATTLE-CRUSIER just jumped into firing range bareing 009.

The Captian looked out of the ship into the deep space with horror when a giant arrow shaped mass was coming towards them. " PILOTS...SEND US INTO A 30 DEGREE DIVE BANK LEFT. NAVAGATOR, PLOT A JUMP TO THE BROKEN ARROW HOME WORLD REPAIR STATION, ALPHA-KILO 4.......ORBITING PLANET XIORIOUS, IF YOU STILL REMEMBER WHERE THAT IS!

The navigator spoke, " Yes sir!" Meanwhile the OWC(Offensive Weapons Co-oridinator) yelled, "She has her turbo lasers charged and Proton Torpedo Clusters armed. We can't transfer our power back to the gauss rifles or we'll cut the power to the jump!" The navagator pressed buttons on the console frantically. "CAPTIAN! I GOT IT....COUNTDOWN 28 SECONDS! The OWC yells afterward, "CAPTIAN....SHE FIRED! WE HAVE A SHHITLOAD OF MISSLES COMING AT US SIR! THEY ARE 400 MILES AWAY AND CLOSING! SIR THEY ARE CLOSING FAST......350 miles!

The Captian turned towards the Navigator, "Any ******** time now would be great!

THe navigator yelled, "11 seconds!"......."200 miles"....."7 seconds"...."150 miles"...."5,4,3"....."100 miles,75,50"....."2,1"..."25, ********]

The Captian was thrown back against the wall behind him with his last images being the blur of the warp and the hundreds of torpedos right at the tips of the crusier. " REPORT!"

The DO(Damage Officer) laughed, " Not any worse then before.....we made it! WE MADE IT!"

The bridge celebrated and everyone laughed as they found themselves 100miles away from the Service platform. The Captian smiled and walked over to the right side of the bridge which covered Coms. The Captian pulled the on-board intercom from it's place. " Ladies and Gentelman of the Integra Shepell...that last encounter was...not luck. It was the skill of the pilots and officers in the bridge. And it was the mechanics and soldiers nd personnal who made sure this ship didn't depressureize or fall apart before that. Therefore, to broaden your hopes...I have two words.......WELCOME...HOME!" He set down the radio and flipped on feedback and heard cheers around everywhere.

arrow NEW LOCATION- Broken Arrow Home World Repair Station Alpha-Kilo 4, orbitting planet Xiorious
(Beautiful, I'll poat the Purefire Class Flagship taking apart that Mandalorian ship, when I get back from the theaters!)
[ Mandalorians=Chris Ganale's O/M group? o.o? ]
Captain Butch Flowers
(Beautiful, I'll poat the Purefire Class Flagship taking apart that Mandalorian ship, when I get back from the theaters!)

((I'm purefire class then?))

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