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arrow Edge of system...

A chaos ship exited the warp and was barreling through space at full speed. It seemed to be running...

A full Tau fleet entered system and fired all their guns upon the Chaos ships. MAssive gravitic launchers struck the ships, ripping it apart, then the ship nova'ed. The gravitic shields were up and that blocked most of the damage.

arrow Repair station Kilo-Gamma 12 540,000 miles from the Tau fleet

To all Intrusion Ship, you are now in Tri-Alliance space. Hold ground or be chased. You have Exerted Signatures of Weapon fire. You will Examined.

arrow Planet Kadesh'kah 890,000 miles from the Repair station Kilo-Gamma 12

A Planet closets to the Outer rim Defenses, was Under the Protection of the Broken Arrows Admiral Stukov X. Senosories aboard his Twilight Cruiser saw a massive movement in the Tri System. Stukov's Small fleet of six Ships went to Defensive Operations. A message was sent to Supreme Admiral Gallias, that the Tri system was experiencing an intrusion.

arrow Aboard the Whirlwind

Gallias had received the message from Admiral Stukov, it was because of the Time the message travveled it took Three Hours to Receive. Gallias Brought the Whirlwind on Full alert, as he was still putting on his jacket before he he made it to the Bridge. Twenty minutes went by, when the Judgement Rebirth, and Sister Ship fleet was contacted. Hopefully the Intrusion fleet had gone Exploring.

Gallias Only stood on the Bridge of his Strike Cruisers 2 minutes before the coordinates had been placed. The other Four Ships aswell as Stukov's fleet would meet him there. The Ship Jumped, and brougth about.

arrow Orbit Above Kadesh'ka

The Fleet of Ten ships had Assembled, The Whirlwind, Judgement Rebirth, Dasha II, Darya II, Rostovtseva II, and Stukov's fleet. Lead by Five Capital class Cruiser they move to the Outer Rim Defense systems.

arrow Repair station Kilo-Gamma 12

The Fleet Jumped in about 100,000 miles from the enemy Fleet. All ships went on Alert status. The Navigation officers had planne dout Short Jump co-ordinats for battle if neccesary. Gllias's Ship sent message over, as the Judgement Rebirth Throne class Capital chaos Cruiser Began Weapons charge incase.

This is Supreme Admiral Gallias Roden. You have intruded into the Tri-System. Explain your Actions Friend or Foe. Be Friend we Welcome you, be foe, and seek your own Death.

From the Repair station:
Thank God you came Admiral were glad to see you.

The Whirlwind began Weapons charge, but the Targetting systems were not. They weren't ready for another War. Hopefully they'd be an New ally. The lack of allies in the Tri-alliance made for self defensive actions..

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Neutral as of the moment... We are the Tau of the Tau empire... We were following our quary as it made a jump into your systems... As you can see now it is dead... What do you want

arrow Aboard the Whirlwind

Gallias was struck by the intrusion, but more by this Fleet ... the Tau. Before sending a message back, he took fourth to his ExO. The Colonel, all but stood looking at the Monitor Screen above the War Table. The War Table showed the Positions of the fleets with markers. Gallias took up his Wireless Transmitter, and spoke the message that would transmit.

~" As Supreme Admiral of the Tri-Alliance your Welcome to stay in the system. You must be needing some sort of Resupply-."~

Gallias's Second in command his ExO looke dat him with partial glarring eyes. Also with a look of concern. Even just exiting a War, they always were ready to take to opposition on. This wasn't time to fight though.

Gallias looked again, at his ExO, then contionued the Message. The message was going to be straight and forward.

~" If you have a leader with you, I request his presence. I would to discuss with him. A Terms of an Alliance. You must have had reasons for shooting the ship down in our system, we would like ot help.....~"

The Combat Control Officers Turned, as they moved from their monitors, and the Navigation Officers Stopped. They were not looking forward to being back on full alert. They would not abandon the Admiral. Because the Whirlwind still had no Commanding Air Officer on board, they were going to pull an officer from the CAO Training Program immediatley.

~"If you agree we establish contact at the Repair station, there your ships should be able to dock."~

The co-ordinates were sent on a number transmission. They were going to the Repair station nearest Kadesh'ka

arrow Marluun first Moon

The Commanding Air Officer Training Courses, and Tournament were continuing the newer Commander entered in the Tournament, as well as the veterans. This was the ideal of combat craft pilots. The New Gauss Mark II was showing improvement in its prototype form. It would be atleast another Month before they would see massive production to replace the first Gauss Fighters.

All Ships were unnetworked, so they couldn't be hacked into. The used full selfdone working to allow only pilot access and control. These were ideal for how pilots should act in the face of combat. With the support of Metalloid AI Capital Defense Platforms they could force all enemies to fight without their networked system defenses.

As the Tournament continued Officer were put on a support cruiser for rack time
arrow Tau Fleet

The Tau Fleet fired their weapons. The railguns were realeased and went forth. The Chaos vessel was hit one more time and completely dientegrated. The tain was no longer here.

Sure why not... Your ship, or ours?
arrow Tau Fleet

The Tau Fleet fired their weapons. The railguns were realeased and went forth. The Chaos vessel was hit one more time and completely dientegrated. The tain was no longer here.

Sure why not... Your ship, or ours?

(I don't have time to RP today sorry, so I'll post tommorow evening. I underlined what I said before, in the post related to the Tau. My ships will auto move, and I'll repost later)

arrow Aboard the Whirlwind

Gallias had made a transmission that set fourth to the Repair station for all purpose docking, be rotated into the service stations. A Transmission went out again from Gallias' command, this one went to the Tau Ships.

~"As Leader of the Broken Arrows, and Reigning Supreme Admiral & Commander of the Tri-Alliance I Request we meet at the Repair Station Kilo-Gamma 12 nearest our Mining Planet Kadesh'Ka. We have already sent you the coordinates, as we will head out. Meet us there if it would please you. Doing it over a Transmission would be pointless, as it is useless when you cannot trust eachother in ones Territory"~

The Judgement Rebirth Flashed from Bow to Stern before it disappeared, into a jump. Then the Darya II lead the Jump for the Dasha II, and Rostovtseva II. Next was Stukov's Fleet, which returned to the Planet Kadesh'Ka. The lone Ship the Whirlwind was left, waiting before it would jump. This wasn't a fight so the Rail-guns aboard the Twilight Cruiser Powered, down, and cooled from the eletricity. Small Gauss Rail'Guns Retratced back intot he Ship halls. Gauss Fighter had stopped, their engines aboard the Launch bays. The Whirlwind went into Weapons Out Condition.

Gallias looked around, his command was nervous, about powering down weapons. This was never common with Tri-Alliance Ship. Gallias placed his hands folded over eachother, to his lower back, and turned to his first Navigations Officer. "Do we have co-ordinates set-up?"

"Yes, sir co-ordinates for jump are on standby waiting for your command."

"Okay then" Gallias stood calm, and stern, as he spoke out towards hso ExO. "Execute Jump" Thw Whirlwind Flicker, and Flashed as it disappeared.

arrow Repair Station Kilo-Gamma 12

The Judgement Rebirth, Dasha II, Darya II, and Rostovtseva II Had already docked on one of the 15 service ports at the Repair station. The Whirlwind was now coming in for docking, as it turned, and pivoted to fit the service. They would wait for the Tau.

arrow Kilo Quadrant

Destroyed Ships, and masses of destroyed enemy Vessels were brought here. Even with the repair station being built it was stilll a graveyard site. The Metals from the fragged ships would be used as piece to construct the Repair Station, ans an offensive Fighter Launch Platform. Then any piece left over would be sorted, and put back into ship production. Construction Barges, were flying in and out of the Quadrant. This repair station was going to be the First Repair station to be fit, with Large scale Rail-Guns. Most other Repair stations are fitted with Small Solid Gauss Class Rail-guns.

The Repair station would be finished, in almost two months.
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arrow Purifier

Admiral Calliope, had been assigned to help on defensive counter since after the War. Her Ship had not been able to go on the offensive for Galactic Invasion. But, instead had been sent to the second defense line.

The CC of the Purfier had been about the ship making sure, that it was up to full alert when neccesary. Patrolling from the Three homeworlds would be essential, but not fully neccesary. The Tainted Saints were begining to be overtaken, by the power of the Broken Arrows now. Seeing as the current Suprme Admiral of the Fleet Chosen by the council of Tweleve was Admiral Gallias of the Broken Arrows. Runner-up was Calliope.

Contiuning her defensive run with the small battle cluster Calliope sat back in the chair before the large outward Video Monitor, as she watched the Vastness of Space.

(IWSY I have something for you to do then. I need you to go to the UPDF Thread, and make alliaes with Rinak. He is already an Ally with a Thread I'm with, the Tau Empire. So make Haste in making a new ally. I'll make an IC Post here then.)

arrow Message from the Whirlwind

~"This Supreme Admiral Gallias, contacting Admiral Calliope. I'm currently engaged, as a new Order of the reviaval of the econmical processes for Post War conditions, you are entitled to achieve a peace treaty to other Start systems. If you cannont find any then return, here are some co-ordinates. Do not Reply, just act, this is an order."~
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arrow CC of Purifier

The Message was accepted, and now the co-ordinates were being plugged in. Calliope's Fleet of Seven Ships was having the co-ordinates distributed to them. 1 Arbiter Class Dagger Cruiser, 3 Dagger Cruisers, and 3 Throne Class Chaos Cruisers. Immediatley after Calliopes signal All the Ships Jumped to Grid 8 of the Terran System, in the UPDF

(Will appear in awhile ok)
arrow Repair Station Kilo-Gamma 12

The Tau jumped here and Aun'Kais boarded Orca dropship and made his way to the station. As he boarded he walked to the meeting room and made a formal greeting to the leader of the Tri-alliance.

arrow Combat Control Upped Deck Room, Repair Station Kilo-Gamma 12

Gallias, had waited for the Aun'Kais to take his seat before he would do the same. On the Table front was the common Screen Board that displayed The Repair Station with the space around it. Gallias turned his head, and looked back at the Mrines in Black Armour with the Elite Body reflective armour of the Broken Arrows. The Buffer Caps were missing on a few places.

Gallias sat before the Aun not yet talking but motioning to him that he had something for him. A little toggle at the table top flipped back, and opened as Gallias reached for it, and pulled back on the toggle. The Table center flipped, to a small metal box wielded to the table flipped top. This was the Treaty Room, and the first time it had been used. Opening the small Box, Gallias had a small smile on his face. As he took out a Document, and four Elliptical Devices, he spoke. "My friend and Leader of the Tau, your presence is the first to grace this room." A small Paper with cut corners, so it had no pointed ends and was about 7x9 was revealed with the document. With that a Small ring was taken out to. "We of the Tri-Alliance do not see that our trust always, and must be seen in documentation. We belive that if you can trust an ally's word, then you can trust everything about them." Gallias closed the box, and first placed the Ring before the Aun. The Silver ring, had small writing on it, that read 'A leaders chance is an Ally's Hope.' Again Gallias made another comment "This ring will always enable the Tau assylum in this Star System, And Freedom from anyone you may have made foe with. This rng is also a symbol of our alliance. Wether worn or displayed it will symbol our joint causes. Looking at the document Gallias drew a small pen about two inchs long, and at the bottom put Kilo-Gamma 12, and laid to the side. The smaller Paper, he wrote Tri-alliance Acceptance to Ring Number reading X1-Alpha7-0010010, which woul dnow make the ring in place for full traty if accepted. With that final paper signed by Gallias he placed the Four elliptical looking devices on top of the metal box.

"And these are yours, they are beacons to sommon our ships. They will immediately call all ships on offensive alert to the position of the beacon used. So distribute them to the right places where they would be needed."

Waiting Gallias waited for anything the Aun, might have or to say towards Himself.
arrow Treaty Room

Aun'Kais was astonished at all the great workings of this nation. He saw the box and the elipitcal devices and could barelyhold back his excitement. He listened intently to Gallias's speech and choice of words. The translator had only a 2 seconds lag time but after dealing with so many people that spoke the same language, he could pretty much understand what was being said. As the ring was put in front of him he looked at the writing. He, with the translator, took a picture of the writing and it translated it. He felt a fire burn within his heart when he read what it said. It reminded him of Aun'va's great philosiphy. For the Greater Good!... he said to himself with his mind. This feeling was one he did not want to lose. What really was the clincher was the part about, "...We can trust the word of the leader...". To put so much trust in an unknown race, especially when they had been rude, was the biggest leap of faith he had seen anyone make. Also with the eliptical object, on how they could respond to help, was another enormous plus. He looked into Gallias's eyes and started to sense his motives. This is the first Gue'la that has been serious...

He stood up looking at Gallias and spoke...

" We of the Tau Empire, although however little our reactions have been with you, do here by accept your alliance and pledge a full military support of your system. In return for your courtesies, I will send one of my finest fleets to your system to assist you in any way. Also a barge will come forth with to bring an embassy to place over your planet. Our embassy have 8 orbital platforms that all have different functions. With your permission I would like to set that up. Aun'va will be pleased to here that we have another ally in the fight For the Greater Good!"

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