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As of this moment we have been reactivated, and will support any Fallout, or Warhammer organizations

arrow Over The Planet Marluun

Gallias was Getting his Report ready of the Outer Rim Defenses. Seven Twilight Cruisers, and Four Strike Cruisers were on patrol of the Outer Rim Defenses of the System. The Tainted Saints Fleets had been dispersed over Sector Nova-12 Around the the Mining Colonies, they had been dispersed to put down a small Rebellion of A mining Planet. Now their order would be reinstilled with the Broken Arrow Order.

Thw Whirlwind Continued with the Dasha II And Maximus Rebirth, while the rest of the Fleet were Resupplying at a repair Station beyond a recently formed Neutron Star. They were Joined by the Judgement Rebirth Throne Class Chaos Cruiser. The Tainted Saints Main Fleet was taking its Turn on Planet to Planet patrolling.

Gallias standing ont he Bridge of the Whirlwind looked out at his Navigation Officer, and Weapons Control Teams. Soon they would have to resupply the Fuel for the Fussion Reactors. They had Stripped Four Planets in the Tetra systems to make for Two years of Fuel, now they had rreturned from the War of the Thrones. Victorious, and Battered the Fleet would be on the Defensive till it could get full supplies. Another Break out with the Tainted Saints Command would diminish the Broken Arrow Hand in the System.
(Its so good to be back on active duty.)

arrow The Pacifist

Admiral Calliope had been Traveling from Planet to Planet in the Zeta system for protection after the War. From all this commottion of secondary invasion was more than a hassle to do all this. The fleet had been on active duty int he Zeta and Gamma system for the longets time. now some peace would be present.
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arrow Aboard the Whirlwind

Gallias would have to begin his Supply runs in the next rotation. The Fuel had be reprocesed, and sent to the Refineries on the Moon Orbitting Marluun. Soon the Second fleet would replace the fleet under the command of Admiral Calliope. The reports were getting ready to be sent down to the Tainted Saints Council about the successful victory in the Darkthrone System.

arrow Maximus Retributuion Delta Quadrant Broken Arrows Mining Planets

The Maximus Retribution Capital Ship was watching over the The other Twilight Cruisers sending down their mining Divisions. They would then restructure the Planet by a ten year plan of resoiling, and replenishing the Planets Resources. This was Phase 1 in the Resourcing of a planet. Lamda Quadrant was in its 14th year of resourcing. The Maximus Stood as a symbol of power, and the glory of the Twilight Cruisers

arrow Dasha II, Darya II, and Rostovtseva II

The Three Capital Ships were begining to Resupply on the Edge of the Zeta Quadrant. These were the most famous ships in their own glory. Constantly they were the Blunt of the Broken Arrow Forces, as they led the Way for the Tainted Saints Throne Class Cruisers. Always being Damaged they always seem to recover they were a glory in its own.

arrow Aboard the Whirlwind

Gallias had sent down the report to the Tanited Saints Council. The Pure Council wasn't present in the Tri-system, but they were always able to be contacted. The Whilrwind pivoted, and turned again as it finished circling the Planet, and broke off. Gallias's command was getting ready for their Break, as the Ship would go to skeleton crews while it went for supplies. Off course the Resupply, and Mining divisions would stay on board it was their life unless thye choose to leave.

Gallias had a Ricochet Transport Prepared as well as his Commanding Air Officer to Escort him to the planets surface. The Fleets would retrun to the Homeworlds for the Victory Celebration in 42 rotations. That would be the day the Tri-Alliance Rejoiced, for their Victory, and remembered their lost.

Admiral Callagar been killed in action aboard the Dasha I when the bridge Was shot through, by a heavy Ion Cannon, and Admiral Saladin when his ships Navigation malfuntioned, and Jumped into a Battlecruiser. These were some of the Hero sof the War. As well as those who would be remembered, included the Tainted Saints Ace, and the Broken Arrows Ace, Quick Silver, and Shock. They went 62-57.

arrow The Planet Xiorious

The people were told of the Fleets glorious Return, and took to preparing for the coming Celebrations. The Gargantans hadn't been seen on the planet since the Battle of the Stars War. Here, and on the Three Home worlds the Battles struck.

arrow History:The Battle of the Stars

The First War fought by the Broken Arrows. The War lasted over 3 centuris, untill the exile of the Humans left them on Xiorious. The Metalloids had all, but taken one part of the System, that was the Xiorious system. Heavy fighting but finally the Metalloids conqured the Planet killing Admiral Calliope the First. Then when the Planet Xiorious was taken over he Metalloids follwed the last of the remaining population of the Broken Arrows. Under the command of the Newly annointed Supreme Admiral Stukov they were able to stage a rebllion that took the Metalloids from every planet to heavy ground fighting, and soon to their own home world. This was the last Great Raid. sucessfully they were victorious, and then searched for th elast of the Metalloid fleets....
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thisis armored core isnt it
thisis armored core isnt it

No I used that Picture for the Broken Arrows. Mainly because we have a Branch of Mercenary Ravens.
They aren't like n00bing it with all grenade launchers, and Karwasawa'a

arrow First Moon of Marluun

The Air Commander Training program Began. Falcon V's, and Gauss Fighters 56 fighter were present Mobile fuel Stations were deployed, as a Strike Cruiser worked around the Training course for protection in any case.

The lost of the Broken Arrows Ace, and Tainted Saints Ace was Devastating. But, the men always saw the best come, and go.

(I don't RP for the Tainted Saints, just posting their Update)
arrow Second Moon of Marluun

On the second moon the Tainted saints were Were testing a new fighter the Rupture. They had their Commanding Air Officers in Training. The new Rupture Fighter not yet in service was given to half to the Pilots, and the other Half had the Concussion fighter. The sips would go head to head in test, and a Four vs Four Dogfight with laser non-destructive weapons to simulate the fights.

soon everything was under way, and the first 1 on 1 dogfight started. The Concussion fighter Faster Durable, and Higly maunerverable was going up against the new Rupture fighter. Each Pilot was in his Prime making the space abttle something to watch. The New Rupture fighter Could match the Concussion in Speed, but had more Frontal, and side excess thrusters, for higher maunverability. The soon engaged in rolling Scissors.

arrow Aboard the Whirlwind.

Damage to the Whirlwind was finally under full repair, nto combat repair. The Repair station at the edge of the Alpha Quadrant, was in full service with it already resupplying, and fixing, two other Strike Cruisers still War Torn. Gallias, was going over records of the battles in the Throne Wars. Extensive technological Advances would be needed to contniue to fight oppositions of that capability. The Design for a Type of Twilight Cruisers was being made. The Broken Arrows, hadn't even began to make a prototype because of the massive change to the original Twilight Cruiser.

Again Gallias sat Alone in his Quarters. The Supreme Admiral Sat alone, again his Commanding Air Officer Shot Down over the Waveborn fleet. He had lost more than good men, he lost great men. They were but shards of the lost in the War. The high casualties would have the Broken Arrows, regrowing their Millitary for almost a few years now. The Whirlwind, was still resupplying while Gallias Slept......Peacefully

arrow sister Ships Rostovtseva II, Dasha II, Darya II

The Three sister Ship the Dasha II, Darya II, and the Rostovtseva II were just ending their supply runs, and heading out once more. The newly annointed Commander of the Rostovtseva, had been picked by the Commanders of the Two other sister ships.

The rostovtseva was always the best ship as it was alwayf the Blunt of the Tree Ships. They fought together in tactics, and never fought alone without eachother. The Predecesor Ships the first forms the Rostotseva, Darya, and Dasha had been cripple din battle, and turned into Museums

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