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((awww I wanted to save them both meanie!, next time I'll use my restrictors so you can say anything mwahahahahaha!))

arrow Gorerulian: Aeon

Aeon tried to raise from the beam impact, but the shock and breaking of her energy shielding let her dazed, after all she just stopped a beam made to wipe out an entire batallion

She raised and was ready to take the beam head on, but this time, thing were going to be diferent, any energy reading device could notice the increase in energy output coming from Aeon as her nova core reactor started charging up and the 1st and second restrictor prepared to be released, but right on the moment Warstar arrived, knowing the extend of his full power, Aeon energy output decreased to normal levels as she watched Warstar send the onslaught towards the enemy position

"Understood, Amanda follow, Rachel will be fine" she said, altough on the inside, she wanted to stay and take care of Rachel, there was a mission to follow, she sprinted to Rachel position first, where her judgement class tyrant blade laid, undamaged, she would have wanted that the blade stopped the beam, but it couldn't, she spared a look to Rachel, that was unconcious but alive, her vitals stable and the armor already started its job

"Resilient, made your way ASAP, we have a Nova Marine down" coldly she turned away and sprinted forward "Aeon and Stonewater on its way towards the platform, Warstar has joined with us for the time being, we are on green status, save for Nova Marine Riodan who needs the pick up, over"

arrow Raven Branch Homeworld: Oksana

"I..." she said, her voice trembled a bit "I don't know who am I discord, so I'm not of those people that would question why you have that picture" she said, her blue eyes looking at the picture "I have no memories of my life prior of been who am I, my family are the nova marines, or were... I don't know what they think of me now, haven't talk to them in like ages..."

She looked at her armored gauntlet, knowing her ring was inside, down below the layers of armor "But I guess now I'm building my new life, altough I'm still curious of who am I, was I mean... before the procedure"

As the transport rocked, Oksana raised, holding on to what she could get she rushed for her weapons "Hey welcoming party!, don't you love them?" she said enejoying the adrenaline surge coming on her body

"WHAT!? Thommas Kennedy Steele!, what the FU** you think you are doing!?" she yelled on the comms "You are not combat ready!, holy Calliope's a**, you are going to leave me widow damn it!" as the acidic slimes impacted the hull and Discord left she turned to one of the sides of the transport been eat away "I'm talking to my husband bust off you freak!" she said turning to the side, a barrage of her gauss and chasity cannons erupted from the side of the transport aiming for the responsibles of the acidic slimes shots, landing hell on them, she jumped trough the opening "Stay where you are, your sexy wife is about to save you... again, incoming support fire!"

She took aim and acting as artillery, her cannons begin the bombardment on the enemy forces ahead of the 7 shock troopers and Thomas, trying to clean a way for them to advance, as she did, she started moving forward, slowly avoiding to miss aim
(Well if you would of used your restrictors then you probably could of saved them both, though expect to run into a lot of these situations.. granted there is only two of us so I generally have to flip a coin to see what happens to the other characters. Short Spoiler, Concussion might get to meet some old friends... )

arrow Gorerullian: Easter Assault Front

The Shock Trooper divisions held strong on the Eastern front as they opened a path for Aeon's team direct, it was closing with every passing second and the Harvesters seemed endless. The ferocity of the Shock Troopers put them down though, it seemed the Tainted Saints were made to get this fight done. Hundred of transports bearing the white skull of the Graverborne Elites could be seen now, standing side by side with the Shock Troopers and fighting for their homeworld of Gorerullian.

Command Invsionary Resilient only stifled a moment to survey the battle as he came up to Command Nova Marine Rachel Rodian, the tip of his boot nudged her side and she opened her eyes to see him standing over. "Command Nova Marine Rodian, the area is clear you can stand up now."

She only winced then sat up brushing dirt off of her armour, "Took them long enough to get to the objective."

"You think so?"

"So why did Honor Tyrant Divine want you to stay back? You did take a pounding there.."

"Yeah the physical damage was nothing, my Pura Shielding kept me safe. I needed an excuse so Aeon wouldn't think second about me still combat ready. As for Divine, well if Mathias dies on the station he will be redeemed and sent back to the Pure Clan Fleet... we need someone on the inside there."

"Well lets get you back to the fleet then before Aeon takes a look back here, I'm gonna pick you up for effect so don't take it as something to be vulnerable." Resilient reached down and threw Rachel over his shoulder not looking back, suspicion was the last thing Aeon needed.

arrow Aeon's Team

Amanda Stonewater gave up running and jumped into Warstar's arms, they were close to the beacon and Aeon would need to be the first one through. She laid out and Warstar took the deed of carrying the Command Invisionary, "Aeon, once you get through Maksimnova's team should be on the other side, they just got on comms with High Admiral Apollo and have the area secured."

Warstar's Tyrant Thrusters blarred through the opening created by Shock Troopers, "This ride is only Temporary Command Invisionary.."

"Then I will enjoy it while it lasts." That was until Warstar flung her outwards from his grip, and instead replaced it with a deployed weapons pod on the field. Amanda caught herself and kept at a sprint she could see the beacon now. "Aeon, make it through and we will be right behind you. Looks like Warstar got us some weapons and ammo, so no need to stop."

arrow High Orbit over the Raven Branch Homeworld: Purifier Flagship Hangar Deck A

The fighting was fierce on the ship now, and the visible exterior damage showed that a Swarm Worm had disinegrated itself on the energy shielding and what made it through were chunks of meat that breed the abominable creatures. Golden Shock Troopers ran up and down the ship clearing what ever they could find. Unlucky deck hands were caught without the protection of the Shock Troops and left blood trails about the corridors.

Reaper Marine Steele could feel the daze of just waking up, it seemed everything was fluid with his motions though he felt weak. The two stims injected into his thighs help fight that and he was pushing hard, beast after beast were torn asunder and his energy shielding held. In the fray he could see Reaper Marine Discord, and his team allocator recognized Discords damage and his dropping shielding. Thomas was still half capable and was working his way, he steered away Oksana though, "Keep an eye on Discord, he is in worst conditions than myself."

Discord was already on the comms, "Ha, says the new guy." A short burst of electricity and the dozen beasts around him were turned heaping piles of smoke and meat. Discord stomped the ground and another burst of electricity pounded outwards creating a hole just enough that the Shock Trooper team on the transport could drop in around him. Streaks of lightning flashed downwards and the team was pouring their weapons into the opposition.

Steele was awe stricken at what he just witnessed from Discord it was something he had not seen before, though he forgot to turn off his communication, "Cool..."

Discord snapped quickly, "Let your wife handle your battle new guy, atleast until you learn how your suit works."

"Fine, Oksana would you be a dear and.... help me clear the hanger? I'm sure its better than that time I asked you to clean to kitchen."

arrow Pure Clan fleet

Three weapons deployed from the Brothers of War's fleet, though they fired off pods each ones bearing the markings of the Elite Honor Guard of the Pure Clan. It was meant to be seen, and it was. Supreme Admiral Asphar Reggero's fleet fired on instict on the pods though missed wildly. The three pods blew straight past the Third Expeditionary Fleet headed towards the Homeworld Hyperion.

The message was sent to Honor Tyrant Concussion, and he only acknowledged. It looked as if Concussion was going to join the fight with the rest of the Tri-Alliance.
arrow Purifier Flagship Command Bridge: Calliope

Officer pads were being overlooked carefully on the situation at hand, and it seemed Calliope might of misjudged the strength of the Purifier itself. "Hull, Shields, and Integrity SWO." The Senior Watch Officer of that pad was already pulling up a report on the ship status just before handing it to Calliope's, Executive Officer. This man was older and scruffy, though built like a brick s**t house. "Thank you ExO, at my post now." Her eyes scanned the digital pad before she handed it back, "Make sure the rest of the fleet knows the armour limitations against this enemy, and pull us back from the frontlines."

"Will do High Admiral."

Calliope stood back up at her Command Bridge and cringed when she heard High Admiral, though atleast it was still a worthy rank than being casted out of the Tri-System. Another lucky thing was she was allowed to keep her fabrication of the Judgement Class Tyrant Armour. The armoured suit on her was much more slender and smaller meant to fit the form of a female with being so bulky that it was not visible. Although the stomach section of the armour was still unattached and sat on the side of her warboard, at times it could be uncomfortable this was also why she never wore the helmet. She turned a moment to see two of her Dreadnaught Tyrants standing at the entry control point at the back of the bridge then back to her Golden Shock Troopers at the Guard pad. A smile crept up on her and she pulled up the communications wireless, opening it up to Gallias. <Gallias this is Calliope, how is the situation.> It was only a moment as she put on her communication glasses and instead of the view screen coming down on the bridge she could see him through the glasses.

<Exceptional on this end Calliope.>

<What about the Ranger Legions?&gt;

<We are gaining dominance on the northern most section of the planet, how about the Shock Troopers? Rangers are breaking through without exceptional loss to life, for now.>

<Shock Troopers are mounted up again, Reaper and Templar Marines are pushing their planetary capital so the Rangers should have some back up soon.>

<Good, have you seen much from the Metalloids yet?&gt;

<Not yet, I know they were the primary landing parties and cleaned the ground while we swept in. I haven't heard from Scepter Command Napalm yet.>

<What is your fleet status? The Broken Arrows are pushing hard, but the enemy is standing strong we are going to need another course of action here.>

<Their numbers are massively in the tens of thousands, though looks like the Tainted Saints are starting to correl them up. We just need to keep them all in one spot and we can focus our firing marks through them.>

<Yes this is how we are working as well, so what plans do you have this engagement?&gt;


<Figured we could celebrate a victory of our first joint combat operations in a decade.>

<We will see Gallias... besides I don't like drinking with men older than me.>

<One last thing Calliope, have you aged yet? I'm not showing any sign of aging since before the Seven Thrones War.>

<No, we have been over this hundreds of times. My scientist can't even figure this out, I asked Dawnstar personally during the Seven Thrones War. We will figure it out though.>

<Copy that Callipe, lets get back to the fight.>

arrow Hyperion Temple Sanctuary: Hall of the Tyrants - Honor Tyrant Concussion

On Hyperion Honor Tyrant Concussion prepared for the worst, and it was already expected. Hyperions defensive measures were set to the highest measures and it would only be a matter of time before the personnel pods arrived from the Pure Clan Fleet. He stood there with a curious mind of what the Pure Clan was already sending this early in the war, so he traversed the Pure Clans records of devastating warriors and very few came to mind. The Honor Guard of the Pure Clan was all he could muster to reason. As he stood there waiting it was hours after receiving the message from Supreme Admiral Reggero that it finally came the alarms blared and it was too late by the time he had Hyperion’s Shielding raised the three pods had already made land fall. His order stood that the Chosen Elite stand down arms, if it truly was the Pure Clan’s Honor Guard then they would be slaughtered with ease. He knew not even his own prowess could hold them off for long. Under his breathe he muttered the words of his God, another thirty minutes passed and he steeled himself as the footsteps of heavily clad armoured boots began to resound through the statue foyer that displayed the great warriors of the Tri-Alliance. Finally he got a communication out to Dawnstar, <This is Honor Tyrant Concussion contacting Honor Tyrant Commander Dawnstar…> Three figures presented themselves at the entrance to the Hall of the Tyrants and recognized two of them bearing loud hailers that roared the hallowed words of the PureAirNoble.

<Dawnstar acknowledges.>

<The Elemental Lords have returned, and Honor Guard of the Pure Clan.. Lord Therillian… Orders?&gt;

<Open engagement, I will return for you Concussion. You must survive.>


Concussion stood there poised and ready drawing his Tyrant Battle blade, it lit up wickedly a fluttering gold and enigmatic pulsing blue. He relished in the thick trinium rebar and concrete ceiling of the Hyperion Hall of the Tyrants protecting him from the Elemental Lords attacks. Though over the sound of the loud hailers thunder roared and hurricane winds became apparent, and in seconds the roof of the temple was torn asunder and Concussion knew now that he could not win even if before his chances were but the slightest. He saw Thunderstar raise his Tyrant Battle Blade it fluttered a thick white, and his brother Aerostar did the same. Concussion never feared his life would come to an end, now that there something he had to fight for… she floated in his mind… Aeon. His suit maximized and he was ready, whether or not he wanted to was different, he had a reason to survive. His voice dropped to a whisper, “If I survive… if I don’t survive.. don’t loose my heart alone… Aeon I will survive!” With that he pounded his Tyrant Blade across his chest, only to be drowned out by the rolling thunders over head. “TRAITORS!” He was off Tyrant Battle Blade in hand and Honor Shield on his right arm. “PUREFIRE BLESS ME!”
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arrow Gorerulian: Aeon

Aeon keep running trough the battlefield, following the path to the platform, slicing the every now and then ocasional harvester creature trying to get the jump on her, her energy shielding was slowly recharging, however, her sword shield was exhausted and she needed to change the capacitator to make it work again

Suddenly she stopped, feeling an opression on her heart, she turned and looked towards the sky, in what she tough would be the direction of Hyperion "Dwight..." she muttered as her blue eyes explored the heavens, the fiery expression of the warrior she was dissappeared and gave place to the woman in love, worried, something was not right

And then a claw from and armored beast brought her back to reality, sending Aeon to the ground, she raised, her face back to the fierce warrior woman as the armored hulking creature prepared to strike, but Aeon took the lead, jumping towards it, piercing the uncovered face, then taking impulse with her jets, she passed over the creature, not releasing the grip of her judgement class Tyrant blade, making the sword go into a vertical position, aiming the railgun attachment, she fired, the rail munition traveled the body of the creature from top to toe, effectively ripping is insides, killing the armored hulk

She pulled the sword from the corpse and resumed running "I know you will survive, whatever they send your way, you will overcome it and wait for me to return, I know", her voice was a mere whisper on her helmet, a silent pray, after a matter of minutes they arrived at the telerporter platform, without a second tough, she jumped into the device and prepared for the next step of the assault

arrow Raven Branch Homeworld: Oksana

Oksana's weapons keep seeting the hangar ablaze, tuning more and more corrupted creatures into piles of ashed or molten flesh, the living artillery and sexy battery of guns advanced forward, establishing a beachead for the shock troopers, defender fortis forces and Thomas "Well is not my fault the kitchen wasn't explosion proof" she said while her Hydra saw spinning came to an end, announncing the need to reload "You say clear the kitchen, so I say sure! and I did!, I cleared the kitchen!, there was nothing left after I finished!"

She then opened the comm "I need reloading!, is there anybody near with ammo?" she almost yelled on the comms as her fire rate and power were slightly down "I hate when this happens!", the creature took advantage and tried to force their way in to her, with little succes as her other weapons still online taught them trying to get close was a mistake, safe for one agile bypedal walker who managed to slip pass her firing lines...

"Oh oh..." she said as the creature jumped over her, releasing her Hydra, her fist turned into flames "MARRIED WOMAN, NOT INTERESTED!" she yelled as her fist raised in an uppercut receiving the creature in mid air, the fist pierced the creature outer exoskeleton, the flames inside exploded forward creating a hole on the other side, obviusly the creature died

Seconds later, troopers arrived with more ammo for Oksana and begin reloading her hydra saw and while her rail and gauss cannon keep the enemies at bay

arrow High Orbit Over Gorerullian: Beacon Entrance

Maksimnova and Mathias were already waiting for Aeon as she came through. Everything was still pitchblack except for the subtle low light coming from Mathias' helmet. They did not approach until Command Invisionary Amanda Stonewater, and Honor Tyrant Warstar stepped through. Warstar's aura shielding lit up the entire room with a bright white and red. It seemed eerie though they could see now. The porcelain white walls with gold and silver iconic trim was blood stained and large gouges that scraped upwards in hundreds of meters was visible. The chamber was much more expansive than Mathias had originally thought.

They only stood there a moment longer before Maksimnova walked up putting her hand on Aeon's shoulder and trying to muster a smile. "Glad to see you make it here in time Aeon, we have a lot to accomplish-"

Mathias pushed his way through Maksimnova almost anxious yet angry, he looked up and down Aeon seeing minor scratches and scathes in her armour. He looked back to the beacon quickly and the energy dissipated. "Where is Rachel?!" He was only able to squeeze those words out before Maksimnova pulled him away. Maksimnova's face was blank and neutral as she kept Mathias at bay only looking to Aeon to give the answer.

Amanda and Warstar were already opening up the weapons box pulling ammo links, and weapons. He helped Amanda set them. Nova Marine Disruption was already on point at the end of the narrow walkway waiting. As Warstar looked around it almost seemed that he was awe stricken and mumbled the words he knew that could of caused something like this... "The Darkness and Desecration." Those word sent a slight chill in Amanda's gut and she realized the symbols on the wall were more than just hallowed marking, but achievements and glories of whoever this station was dedicated too. Warstar only continued his mumbles that seemed staticy and muffled through his speaker. The Pure Clan's Honor Guard is among us here, someone of which I've only read in dossiers, and myths the Honor Tyrants talk among themselves.... If we truly are on one of the ten hallowed and glorious stations of the Pure Clan Honor Guard then we face a man from whom the The Four Horsemen, Honor Tyrants Fear, Perplexity, Frustration, and Despair are descent of.. and they are but a fraction of the power consummated in a single person. If the PureDarkness and Desecration have gained control of this station then we have much more than a fight on our hand. It means the Pure Clan is losing this fight." It seemed Warstar was just talking out loud for everyone, though he was still awe stricken he had not noticed and continued in a curious manner. "I understand it now, The Pure Clan is in a bind and the Tri-Alliance is the only way out." He turned in frustration trying to get a communication out to Honor Tyrant Divine but it was too late while he was talking the station had jumped from High Orbit over Gorerullian and they were out of range. In Anger and frustration her turned on Mathias, "RODIAN! You lied! Once again you have betrayed your nation!" He drew his Tyrant Blade in one swift motion, but Maksimnova backed him off. "The Tri-Alliance is going to be the battlefield for this war between the Lord God PureAirNoble, and the PureDesecration and PureDarkness! I can see now, you still carry your hatred!"

The situation was tense, and it was noticeable. Maksimnova was already standing between them ready to turn on either side.

Warstar looked back to the beacon and it was no longer in range to take them back to the planet, "Supreme Admiral Asphar Reggero has already committed the Third Expeditionary Fleet to fight off the PureAirNoble... the Tri-Alliance's defense is meager at best in the system if the Darkness and Desecration pull in now there will be no way to stop their assault! I knew it was too easy years ago when the Darkness and Desecration were defeated..."

arrow Purifier Flagship: Reaper Marine Steele

The Flagship was already pulling back to the bulk of the fleet, Boarding parties from otherships who had secured their own halls were landing on the Purifier dropping off Shock Troops by the Dozens. Reaper Marine Steele was holding back with the Seven Golden Shock Troops they were trying to make a wedge, but the presence of the Corruption and Abominations numbered in the low thousands making more a wall of meat and having to tear it apart instead of a fire fight. The normal fighting style of the Corruption which was to use overwhelming numbers throwing mindless soldiers into the fray until they closed the distance to overpower their foe. "Oksana, you really shouldn't spend all your ammunition so quickly." A fired off spine of bone ricochetted off the floor near Steele though the splinters only glanced his shielding. He could feel his muscles starting to weigh in on him and his arms felt heavier, he could manage though especially with the amount of stims running through his system. "I know it's not the time to exactly talk about this... but you know how it's been a while. What do you say you hang back on the ship after this and we can make a date night, dinner in chow hall, movie in the quarters... actually lets skip the movie and do what we enjoy best?"

It was only a matter of an instant before responses came back like wildfire. Discord was the first to respond. "Hey new guy... you know you hot mic'd that right?"

"Hot Mic.. oh-"

The next voice was Templar Marine Eveline, "Year Oksana, you might get some tonight!"

Then Perception, "Come on Steele, a chow hall dinner? Don't you know how to cook?"

Gregoriev was next, "You sure you won't go limp Steele? It's a side effect from the operations."

The Reaper and Templar Marines were all over the Comms now, "This is Reaper Marine Enduring... You guys got room for one more?"

A final communications came over a lot more serious and less mocking, "This is Command Unit Reaper Marine Calamity contacting Templar Marine Oksana... You got a 24hour pass, then you need to get your a** back into the fight."
Homeworld Hyperion: Hall of the Tyrants

Tyrant Battle Blades collided in fury sending the sounds of trinium clashing against trinium through the temple. Lightning barraged the once immaculate hall of the Tyrants, and gale force winds decimated the beautiful tapestries. Honor Tyrant Concussion was losing badly, the Elemental Lords Aerostar and Thunderstar were much more powerful than they once were. Twisting in midswing Concussion's arm mounted Defiler Rail Cannon erupted in what seemed like slow motion send ripples through the air, Thunderstar faced it down with anguish. One of the Tri-Alliance's most deadly weapons was turned away with a single swing of Thunderstar's Tyrant Blade. Lightning streaked the ground, and Concussion pedaled backwards with haste turning his blade into Aerostar.

Honor Tyrant Concussion was caught battling them on either side, as the lightning struck his shielding took the blunt of it and it rocked him as hundreds of bolts of lightning began tearing through his shielding. He watched the load warning in his helmet and he decided that the temple was too risky. In a moments flash his Tyrant Thrusters made a full burst shooting him into the air, a second burst and streamed him away from the temple. He could see now that the Hall of the Tyrants looked like a warzone, though he was not in the clear the two elemental lords were right behind him. The load warning turned green and he turned himself raising his right arm, four fussion warheads fired off from his Tyrant arm mounted physical shield. The four warheads streaked in white clouds and the elemental lords continued their chase. As they struck the explosions lit up the dark landscape in magnificent spheres of white and green as the explosion reached the ground it pillared upwards in fury. Concussion only watched as the two landed on the plateau in front of him. They were a clear few miles from the Hyperion Temple now. Gouging scars were visible across his armour and he knew his shielding was not going to last. His visor lit up and the first fussion reactor dumped into his suit.
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arrow High Orbit over Gorerulian, Aeon

Aeon looked to Mathias, her face, neutral the same as Maksimnova "Nova Marine Riodan is inactive at this time, she was picked up by our forces and is stable, you can check on her status later by yourself, right now we have a..." as she was speaking Warstar started speaking in a sort of riddles she understood perfectly, after all she fought the PureDarkness herself.

"Warstar, restrain yourself" she said calmly to Warstar, placing her hand on his chestpiece, not applying force, looking to Matias and Maksimnova "Matias, you have something to explain I believe"

Her face didn't show, but she was worried, Warstar words shocked her resolve, but she keep it hidden, if the PureDarkness and the PureDesacration attack now, Concussion will be on his own, the tough of her loved one fighting such beast, a beast she could only match at her maximum power made her hearth tremble

arrow The Purifier, Oksana

"Really baby?, and how do you think this things will die if I don't use my bullets?, maybe I should smash my boobs on their heads?, yea you would probably love that!" once her weapons were at full ammo again, now armed with 1 Hydra and her lovely flamethrower, she turned to the creatures, her face making a smirk "Hot female on the zone!" he flamethrower ignited and her hydra saw spinned, moving forward incinerating enemies and bathing them in bullets, gauss and chasity fire, she started opening a hole into the abominations numbers

"Mmmm... that sounds sooo nice..." she said as she keep firing and firing, trying to kill wave after wave of abominations and corrupted creatures, then, she saw on her HUD that Thomas forgot to make the message private, virtually facepalming herself, she made a note on her head to kick her husband on the balls later

"Jealous Eveline? maybe you can do the same with Calamity?, after you fix your horrible haircut dear, and no Perception, I'm the one doing the cooking, and today menu is CHARRED ABOMINATION!!!" another abomination was blasted and scorched under her flamethrower "Limp? HA, I can raise a dead from its tomb!, and no, no room for you!, not sharing my hubby ! GAH! I'm pissed!"

Barrage after barrage, it seemed like if her fould mood made her combat prowess improve, discharge after discharge of electricity left her heels, meaning her reflexes where higher, her rate of fire was severly increased and her sweeps of bullets and fire constant as she advanced at the front of the troopers line "Oh, really? then I better clean this hangar right away!, HA!, envy me people!" she keep doing the same, at better speed it seemed, but with a smile on her face "Honeeeey, you better catch up, we have things to do!"
arrow Seven Thrones Outer Defensive Rim: Pure Clan Honor Guard Station

Mathias pulled back a few steps before poising to run, but Maksimnova got a hold of him pulling into a hold as she wrapped her arms around his neck guard and across his chest. He stifled a moment and tried to break free, but Maksimnova's grip kept him in line. A sweep at his left leg and he dropped on his stomach while Maksimnova held on to him. "Tell us what is going on Mathias!"

His voice emitter rasped a moment before he spoke clean and clear, "This only makes it harder Maksimnova... now that Rachel is not here. We needed both you and Aeon." She squeezed harder and the cringing of the metal became apparent and the cracking sounds of the trinium weave break through the hard wiring. It squeezed him it hard, almost breaking his breath but he continued. "I need your Nova Core Reactors!" It was an instant and Warstar bounded Aeon ready to drive his blade through Mathias, but Maksimnova stood up pulling him back.

"No Warstar we need him alive, I'm sure Dawnstar would like to know the truth-" In a quick flash Mathias' Pura Blades shot to power and Maksimnova was forced to let go, or risk being criticaly wounded. His armour flashed white and his Pura Shielding engaged just as Warstar's swing landed, his Pura Shielding was much more powerful than what Warstar was led to believe. He pushed him self into Maksimnova but she caught his arm blades on her two Tyrant Battle blades. Mathias' Leg jets kicked in and he began a sprint. He was faster much more clever if not one of the best combatants Maksimnova could know, so a head to head fight for any Nova Marine would be anything less than deadly. Maksimnova was already chasing as she opened up her communications, "Disruption follow toe on me, we need to catch Mathias quickly. Aeon, keep up I'm not sure where this is headed..."
arrow Purifier Flagship: Reaper Marine Steele

The fighting was fierce for Steele, his suit was much different than that of a Shock Trooper. His training was memory based simulations during his unconscious time. Though he still fought like a Shock Trooper, advancing with brute force and reliance on his team for open weapons cover. He only noticed a slight blip that turned from red to green in his helmet it only read <Od.Com.> then it turned to a leveled bar allocating every enemy filling his helmet with hundreds of red boxes. Normally he would not of been able to see through the mesh of red boxes going in every which direction, but with his new Reaper Marine upgrades it seemed instinct. Then the red boxes turned green, dozens of weapon ports opened up across his chest plate, shoulder pauldrons, and outer thighs. Each one fired out speed laser weaponry, the same one mounted as the base arm weapons for the Metalloids. A direct barrage fired off in streamlines and the waves of these abominations was being torn to shreds. He could see another pop up in his helmet reading <Engaged: Devastator> another blip from red to green, and another pop up presented itself <Engaged: Shoulder Turrets.> Two Heavy weapons turrets expanded from his upper back and over shoulders facing forward, and they began to fire as well, though these fired off miniaturized energy volley pod rounds. He was a walking weapons platform, his automated weaponry was being engaged by the Metalloid AI's in his suits software.

Reaper Marine Discord smashed his foot to the ground again sending another bursting wave of electricity that leveled his oppositions. He turned back to see Reaper Marine Steele as he cut through the waves of abominations swiftly. His communications opened up to the entire Reaper and Templar Marine line, "What the hell?!"

"This is Eveline, whats going on Discord?"

Discord was already irritated knowing that Steele seemed to have some powerful tech upgrades unlike the rest of the Reaper and Templar Marines, "This is Discord, you guys should see the laser show from the New Guy, he is a walking weapons battery."

"You gotta be sh**ing me?! So he is exactly like Oksana a F**king Heavy Assault Class?"

"Yeah, I think Calliope is picking favorites.."

"I bet, first she treats Vice like a daughter, Oksana gets special treatment, and now Steele gets the latest and greatest."

"This is Templar Marine Vice, I'm sure Calliope happens to like us more because we don't use a secure communications line to talk about our lives."

"This is Command Unit Reaper Marine Calamity, keep quiet on the line Teams 1 and 2 are about to touch down- All units engage!- By the Gods what the hell is that, VICE ON YOUR TOES!" The sounds of whistling and explosions began to fill the communications, the other Reaper and Templar Marines were all quiet on the communications lines waiting to hear what happened. "This Reaper Marine Calamity contacting Fleet Lead Calliope, we need Dreadnaughts on the ground now we are being decimated- VICE GET OUT OF THE OPEN!" The sound of a chilling howl could be heard over the communications, then metal spliting and buckling. "Combat Command this is Calamity pull back your Shock Troop Division..." Again weapons fire seemed to rattle the communications line for a few seconds then it was silent. The silence continued and muffled sounds of weapons fire then the distinct sound of a Sub-Fussion Warhead went off. "..."

The communications were still quiet and Calamity had not made any attempt to respond. Finally a huffing and spitting sound was apparent "This is Templar Marine Vice... Shock Trooper Division 70% kia, Reaper Marine Calamity out of action, Templar Marine Perception mia in the field, Templar Marine Vice condition red non-mortal requesting immediate extraction... target confirmed in the field Honor Tyrant Marine Blitzstar- status corrupted and engaged to the Four Horsemen..." The communication ended there and no other response was given from Vice.

"This is Templar Marine Rose, myself and Reaper Marine Enduring are enroute sit tight."

"This is Reaper Marine Gregriev, I will take Templar Marine Eveline and continue our push with the Broken Arrows. Templar Marine Oksana your 24 hour pass has been revoked, we need you and Steele on the ground to help recover Calamities team."
(Information Regarding Mathias Rodian:

Mathias Rodian is a Pure Clan Honor Guard, his capabilities have yet to be seen and is regarded as one of the Pure Clan's best when it comes to stand alone operations. His connection to Rachel Rodian is through Marriage though he has never trusting of her because of her deep seeded connection to Gallias. During his time with the PureAirNoble his memory was restored and he now maintains a loyalty to Calliope the woman who was his inherent mother. His relations with Rachel have been shaky ever since, though he does not maintain a loyalty to the Tri-Alliance since the Seven Thrones War he is still a valuable asset to the Tri-Alliance itself.

He will need to be turned to Tri-Alliance's side again, either through force or compensation. The marriage between him and Rachel is expected to end, because of his instability.)

(Updated Character Biographies: [Link]

Command Invisionary Mathias Rodian
Honor Tyrants Divine and Warstar
Command Nova Marine Maksimnova)
arrow Broken Arrow Homeworld Xirious

The media showed now the Broken Arrow Rangers in the battlefield of the Seven Thrones, they were streaks of light breaking through the atmosphere of Gorerullian ready to help the Shock Troopers win the battle. Different monitors around the city meant to be viewed by every citizen displayed on their monstrous screens Rangers making ground landing and running from their drops into the fray. Stray pulses of yellow particle weapon seemed to slice the air between them and the cameras. A man's voice was reporting on the scenes being displayed, "The Broken Arrow Rangers under the Command of High Admiral Apollo are fighting their way to free a starnation from an enemy we have never seen. Their courage and love of their nation is what drives them, knowing they are doing such a feat for our safety." The image panned over to another side of the battlefield where a Ranger in black armour had taken direct hits and was trying to drag himself forward before another Ranger got a hold of the pull handle on the upper back of his armour.

Children in the streets awed at the prowess of the Rangers, running through an open field of fire to reinforce the Tainted Saints Shock Trooper lines. The video switched again and a Ranger was pulling apart the chest plate from a fallen Shock Trooper behind cover and applying triage trying to save his life. "The Broken Arrow Rangers carry no grudge of the past, and they have been helping the fierce fighters of the Tainted Saints Shock Troopers, together they can overcome any obstacle." It was a desperate attempt by the Ranger to save the Shock Troopers, but he lifted up his ally in arms to take him across the field. The Ranger was stricken down by weapons fire, and the Shock Trooper rolled over him to accept the rest of the fire saving the now downed Ranger's life. It was a powerful moment for the citizens of the Broken Arrows to watch a soldier of the Tainted Saints give his life to save a man who tried to save his. "The Tri-Alliance warriors are fighting to keep us safe, and we thank them for their service. Please donate to the war fund, and help a soldier keep his life by donating money, supplies, or even care packages."

The video changed again to a collage of photos taken of the Rangers before battle, helping eachother put on armour. Another photo depicted two Rangers sitting side by side on a Ricochet transport giving the thumbs up to the camera. Other photos depicted the men in casual activities, eating in the chow halls, shaking hands with the Shock Troopers, even a few standing side by side with the Metalloids ground assault units. In all the media was doing their best to show the citizens that the war was not in bad terms.

The large view screens depicted fighter pilots dog fighting with the enemy, spaceborne ships firing off their mighty cannons, Invisionary Marines who just got back on ship since their operations were unable to be followed by reporters. Though not a single one showed the fierce fighting on Hyperion, or in the Raven's Branch. Honor Tyrant Concussion was fighting a much more deadly battle.. and alone. In the Raven's Branch the Rangers and Shock Troopers were fighting a battle fought too many times yet their stories were not being told, not yet.
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arrow Seven Thrones Outer Defensive Rim: Pure Clan Honor Guard Station: Aeon

As the action unfolded, Aeon pulled our het Tyrant blades, ready to defend herself, but seemed Mathias understood he was outnumbered and outgunned, so he went for the escape route, Aeon promptly chased "You don't where this leads to, yet you charge recklessly into it Maksimnova, an i'll attempt" she sprinted forwards behind Maksimnova "Stonewater, look for a way to get out of here, we may need a quick escape route, try contacting High Admiral Reggero, steal this forsaken place antenna if you need to"

"Warstar, please stay and protect her, me, Maksimnova and Disruption should be able to handle Riodan, I'll give one for you, don't worry" that said, Aeon claves thrusters ignited as she passed beside disruption and catched up to Maksimnova

"Any idea why he want our cores?"

arrow Flagship the Purifier

"I just hear jealous people on the raaaadiooo" Oksana almost singed, chuckling about the comments on the rest of the Templar and Reaper marines "Hey baby that was hot, you got me excited" she said on the private channel to Steele, making sure she was commpletely off the main comm line "I did? well I have more big guns to show you..."

"Hehe, I already know the only big gun that matters... and I" her naughtyness with Thomas was interrupted when the fuss on the main channel started "Hold on baby, something is happening"

She keep silent hearing everything, worried, thinking on Vice, then the sub fussion warhead went off, her hand came to her mouth, in a terrorized gesture, letting her hydra saw hang from her hip

After hearing Vice, she wanted to respond inmediately, but the comm went down, and her fears came again "This is Oksana, understood, on route, Honey, move that sexy a** of yours!" she said as she turned to the Defensor fortis "Where are you going sweet?" Thomas called as he made his sprint towards the nearest transport

Oksana didn't replied, until she hop onto her custom Javelin class assault Vehicle "Getting my baby, I have the feeling we may need it"

"Got it, Reapear Marine Steele, we are comissioning transport..." he stopped a second to read the designated numer "ECT-1318, over"

He inmediately entered and lowered the ramp, seconds later, the easily recognizable javelin came roaring inside, as Thomas turned on the engines and the Transport raised from the ground

"Templar Marine Oksana to Templar Marine Vice, extraction on route, hang in there girl!, big guns comming to save you!"
arrow Seven Thrones Outer Defensive Rim: Pure Clan Honor Guard Station

Maksimnova never faltered in her movements she was more than capable of catching Mathias, though she wanted to know what he meant by needing their Nova Core Reactors. The sprinting only lasted a few minutes as it chased through the shadowed hallways, and the whole time she felt something coming and it was powerful. "Aeon, now is the time for us to find out the truth about what is going on. Disruption take up the rear and cover our tracks when we hit the last obstacle I want you to keep safe our escape:. Maksimnova stopped as she watched Mathias enter a large room with a dome like exterior. "Aeon, do you feel it?" Something powerful was emanating from this room, "Lets get in there."

The sliding doors opened as Maksimnova approached and at the center of the large circular room Mathias was knelt before a figure that sat slouched in what seemed like a throne. The immaculate roofing was beautifully inlaid with gold and silvers, banner like tapestries hung about across the dome like ceiling each one a different representation of whoever owned this this station. She finally realized that the motionless figure who seemed to be sitting was Lord Rhaeel of the Pure Clan Honor Guard. Maksimnova's voice dropped to a whispering growl as, "Mathias... why are we here?"

Two large pillars shot up on either side of the room next to Lord Rhaeel. Mathias stood as both pillars rose. "It's time Maksimnova and Aeon, you two can come willingly or I can force your fortitude into submission. Lord Rhaeel must be awoken, for he is the lord or birth and rebirth. For now he his lost, but with your Nova Cores energy can I bring him back as it is my mission." He turned wickedly and whipped both his arms out showing the Pura Energy blades once more, his suit echoed with power and a slight white aura began to come off of him. "As I said on Hyperion I can no longer help my people, as the Lord and God of your Realm the PUREFIRE!" His voice boomed, and resonated with power.

Maksimnova drew her judgement class tyrant battle blade and readied herself, "Aeon I will take after your lead, we need to engage him first. Just be aware we do not what he is capable of." Her posture changed as she brought the blade in front of her breast and the shock upgrade and graviton upgrade mounted into a pulsating blue and fluttering gold.

arrow Amanda Stonewater and Warstar

The corridors seemed to move and twist but it did not offset Warstar. Command Invisionary Amanda Stonewater was trying to find a bead on a communications to reach whatever Tri-Alliance ship she could, but nothing came. "Warstar there must be a communications block around here."

"I fear there is none Invisionary Stonewater, what knowledge we do have on the Pure Clan Honor Guards is that the stations master is the only one able to communicate in and out of this place."

"We've seen it before, there is no magic of the sort! It's not like he is a celestial being! Even the God the Purefire required a power source to take mortal form so there must a power source that they use to communicate."

"I understand that, though I can not communicate through this heap." A wicked howling began to fill the air then scratching and the sound of something sliding along the ground, Warstar saw it first a Spider Walker was roaming the grounds and stopped to look at the two of them. "The corruption is here." His thrusters shot immediately and his Tyrant Battle Blade made contact, the force of his hit turned the beast into a blood and bone jelly across the walls and floor though he made a mistake and found himself in a large room that looked like a hangar. "Stonewater stay close!" Warstar was looking down what seemed like hundreds of spider walker beasts all huddled up as they began to move like a wave. At the back of the Hangar he could see four large figures, they were monstrous and seemed immobile until the howling started then they awoke. Four Zeta Giants were extending out their large scything arms, eachone mounting up on their four legs.

arrow Raven's Branch Homeworld: Planetary Capital

Templar Marine Vice was dragging herself across the carcass of an Exterminator Class Transport dragging Calamity with her. She was able to lay back next to a toppled over ammo crate, she only had seconds before the corrupted beasts would be upon them. Rifle after rifle was loaded with quick freeze cryo rounds, and she pulled out as many magazine packs before the first bi-pedal walker looked in and howled. Vice whispered to herself, "I hope they get here soon." She was held up at the back of the transport, a large scything talon still lodged in her upper thigh and anti-corruption med packs empty next to her. The daze from the medication was already overcoming and it made it hard to stay conscious.

The flattened city landscape was recent and amongst it the Four Horsemen were battling with Honor Tyrant Blitzstar. Though Blitzstar was not the same, his body was a recreation from the darker gods, and once they gave him his essence back he swore his allegiance. He was much more powerful than when the Four Horsemen fought him on Hyperion. Large blade blades of energy sliced through the air each time an unholy burst of energy kept the Four Horsemen at bay from closing in on him. Shelves of ice only slowed Blitzstar though not for longer, he was faster than Honor Tyrant Frustration. Honor Tyrant Despair weaved in and out dodging the blades and shielding himself with large pillars of hardened ice, Perplexity joined him trying to get a hit in but Blitzstar was too fast. A cleaving swing and Perplexity was thrown back just as Fear and Frustration came into the fight. Weapons of blood seemed to fill the field though they were hacked through with ease by Blitzstar, his heavy mace and sword connected with Blitzstar's weapons just as Despair broke in launching him as ribbons of ice flowed with his blade. Blitzstar became airborne, Frustration was already at the peak as he slammed down with his Black Katars sending Blitzstar to the ground, he was volleyed by Honor Tyrant Peplexity with a powerful swing of his executioner axe. The fourth his came from Honor Tyrant Fear as dozens of javelines pierced Blitzstar just before exploding in a concussive force.

The Four Horsemen stood together eachone ready for the fight to still come. Blitzstar's armour looked badly beaten, but he was still mobile his black judgement class Tyrant Armour was a gift from the Darker Gods. As he stood up the Four Horsemen knew this fight was not the same as the last, they watched as Blitzstar's black energetic blades shot out once more. They steeled themselves watching this. Honor Tyrant Despair opened up his communications on an open line, "This is Honor Tyrant Fear, all Tri-Alliance personnel are ordered to evacuate our combat field. I am also requesting support from Honor Tyrants Aurora, Collision , Incendial, and Eternal. There is a fight we can not win."

arrow Fleet Apollo: Orbiting Over Gorerullian

The Conference room was near empty only three people and a few view screens were visible. Around the table stood Rachel Nova Rodian, Honor Tyrant Divine, and High Admiral Apollo. On the View Screens was Dawnstar, Christopher Vlades, and Supreme Admiral Reggero. Rachel waited for everyone to get situated before starting the metting. "I know this information is late, but I was not aware of what was going on until I got into Mathias' operations logs. Though it seems he is still working for the Pure Clan. I am sorry that I was not able to attain this information earlier." She opened up the logs on downloadable files for everyone. "Mathias plans on killing Maksimnova and Aeon for their Nova Core Reactors. In the Pure Clan we knew about the Nova Core Reactors and how you housed them with the Pura Power Cells that the Honor Tyrants have." She stopped as Divine rose his hand motioning her to stop a moment.

Honor Tyrant Divine removed his helmet before speaking, "Rachel, this information is crucial that you have given to us. It explains that Mathias Rodian is still the mortal soul of the Purefire. If our own God is working against us then we may still have time to turn him to fight amongst us."

"Yes, though he believes still that the Tri-Alliance is the reason for his descent into madness-"

Christopher Vlade spoke up interrupting Rachel, "My brother is not a traitor, he does not act out like this. What has happened to him!"

Dawnstar stopped him before he went on in anger. His view screen lit up bright as he began talking. "Rachel, I know this like Mathias is a traitor and now I must question you. Do you still hold your allegiance to me? To your nation?"

She replied solemnly, "I do.."

"Words only as powerful as you make them, and in recent events you seem to have no leg to stand on nor should I adhear to your recognition."

Rachel looked down a minute before removing one of her gauntlets revealing her hand. The trinium inlaid gold ring was her last love for Mathias, but she knew now what he was. She traveled months alone to try and find him, risked her life and limb for him. She even became a Nova Marine to save him when he was lost. It all seemed for nothing now, though she did not cry and kept her stature. She removed the ring only with a second thought that maybe now her love had finally ran for her Husband of eight years. Though she still loved him, she knew better than to allow herself such feats. The ring was held before her for a moment before she looked around the room, she stifled her tears but could not muster a solid voice. As she put the ring down on the conference table replacing her gauntlet, "Mathias is no longer my husband.. I can not love a man who is not true to his word, I know of things he has done though he has been loyal I know I can no longer trust him...." Her head dipped down and her shoulders hunched, and she could no longer stop herself from crying as it rained down. Rachel had fought so hard and so long for Mathias and risked everything over and over, her purpose only seemed lost now.

Christopher Vlade was the first to talk, "Rachel... you are not alone in your sorrow. If what you said is true then I can longer harbor my brother.."

Honor Tyrant Divine had already stepped around the table putting his massive gauntlet across Rachel's back. "Dawnstar you have her loyalty as you can see, we can discuss this issue later when Rachel is capable."

Dawnstar's screen cut after Divine finished, the other screens cut out as well and High Admiral Apollo left the room. Rachel laid her torso on the table trying to hold herself from what had just happened. "Thank you Divine."

"Do not worry Command Nova Marine Rachel Nova, in time it will pass."

"I know, but what do I have now?"

"You have your country, and we will do not abandon our own. We will find the truth in this matter, do not worry on issues beyond this."

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