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arrow Hyperion: Aeon

She smiled to him, she knew he was weak and it was harder for the Tyrant marine, so genetically altered, so exposed to the horrors of war and technology to smile, but, she could see the feeling on his eyes "You won't fall sleep alone again, that much I can assure you"

It was so strange, been in this situation after so long, even not wearing her armor, not even the inner one was weird, but she started to like it, she was dressed in white tight formal pants, which remarked her perfect curves and a formal jacket, tailored for a woman like her, all in all, she looked graceful and charming, but now, that didn't matter

She went as far as placing a delicate kiss on his lips, but it was light, she didn't want to bother him "That doesn't matter, right now, I promise you, that when you are better, I will tell you everything, but for now, the only thing you need to think is your recovery and.." she paused, her hands lead his to her cheek "if you have the time, think a bit about us..." she placed a soft kiss on his hand, it was cold, but she didn't care, for both, Tyrant and Nova marines, the meaning of life was very diferent and it wasn't always warm

arrow Tourfrest: Oksana

Thomas felt like he was the luckiest man on Tourfrest, even tough he was now exposed to some weight on his lap, because well, the brunnette beauty sitting there was no normal female, she was a Nova Marine, and on top of that it was Oksana, the crazyest girl he have ever now, and he loved her, she found charming her obsesion with weapons, something he shared with her, quite the example of that was, that when they got to Tourfrest, his welcoming gift was a new pair of Magnums to her, with the word "Hers" on the grips, of course he had a pair too, the obvius word on the grip was "His"

"With the same luck I had the day I meet you, I still keep the helmet you know?" he laughed as she chuckled, it turned out that Thomas was the rookie who closed the hatch after Vice entered the transport, leaving the Nova Marines behind, obviusly he got a lot of crap because of that, to be later admired by all when he said a Nova Marine kissed his visor, and he was even more admired when she confirmed his version and oficially became his girlfriend

She leaned on him, her lips entwined with his for a while, it was a long delicious kiss which they didn't want to break, but, at some point they needed to breath again "Who would have guess the rookie was such a great kisser" Oksana said "And lover...I swear on the Purefire yesterday was great..and the night before and..." Thomas placed a finger on her lips "Oksie... " he said in a low tone,a bit blushed, he wasn't as open as her "Oh come on Tommy!, if I know, then let the world know it!" she yelled "Hey you, yea you!" she said to a bystander "My boyfriend is a freaking lion on bed, got it!?" the guy just went away, not knowing what to make of the situation, Thomas just blushed, altough he was getting use to it, it was part of her, and he loved that too

"Haven't we got a date with your friend Vice?" he inquired, Oksana took Tomhas arm and looked at the wristwatch "Oh oh..", inmediately she raised and pulled Thomas to her "You brough the bike? or the car?" she inquired, to which he showed her the keys "You are using a skirt, guess..."

"You brought the bike... naughty trooper"
arrow Vice and Valiant: Calliope Estates and Mansion

The planet Toufrest the homeworld of the TS was still booming, Calliope had returned and stayed in her massive estates. It was an estate passed down through the Calliope lineage originally created by Calliope IV in order to show their power and pride in their nation. It was a secluded estate guarded by the Elite of the Shock Trooper Legions, each soldier plated in gold. Vice and Valiant stood in the courtyard next to a fountain with Calliope. It was a normal day when they went to see her, other Gallias Roden not many ever visited simply because Calliope enjoyed her privacy more than anything.

A small vehicle floated outside the gate using force air thrusters to project it self through the air. Like most vehicles in the Tri-Alliance they did fly for better transportation though were not space capable like other fighters or transports. The vehicle set down, as Vice and Valiant said their goodbyes. Calliope stood and watched the two leave, her demeanor was always calm and cheerful.

The two stepped into the vehicle and Vice reached to her ear to turn on the communications relay device much like a hands free phone. The number rang for Oksana to confirm where they were going to meet up.

arrow Tri-Alliance: General Information Post War

Around the Tri-Alliance the Metalloids had taken a huge approach to clear debris and restore the cities decimated by war. It was a huge endeavour though they were able to take it on without worry of rest. At the forefront was Command Invisionary Alina Lican and Scepter Command Napalm, both of them were working together to build a bigger Metalloid influence in the galaxy. Their capabilities were reknown and they were in constant motion, making massive repairs fleet wide and helping the construction of new ships. Without the Metalloids the Tri-Alliance would of been a sinking ship still trying to recover from back to back wars. It was time that both the Broken Arrows and Tainted Saints allowed the Metalloids to show they were worth more.

The succesful restructuring of the Tri-Alliance military created High Command Councils in which the faction leader would have just as much as the High Admirals, and the Supreme Admiral was forced to adhear to all words of the High Command Councils. It was expressed that the Tri-Alliance Military was begining to become to powerful so in place councils from each quadrant were created with a much stronger base of power. Though they could be over turned in war time if Dawnstar were to ever declare marshall law and assume command of the entire system.

New sets of armour and weaponry was created in response to the upcoming conflict to provide one hundred support to the Raven's Branch. It was ordered by the God Purefire in order for the survival of the Tri-Alliance. Invisionary's began receiving in mass new armour upgrades of a different origin from their original armour creating chamelon projections and spectrum diversion capabilities. They also gained a thermal and magnetic dampening projection system allowing them full stealth like capabilities. The Rangers and Shock Troopers saw massive upgrades as parts from the old Invisionary armour was being fabricated and used as modules to give them a higher edge in combat like personal energy shielding and denser fiberous armour. Where old Ranger and Shock Trooper armour was being passed down to the normal Marine ranks.
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arrow Tourfrest: Oksana

A single flying bike crossed the airway, Thomas was an expert rider, Oksana was great too, but she wanted him to drive, so she could have some fun teasing and tempting him, having him giving her a caress on her bare legs really excited her

She pressed her body against him, under the excuse she wanted to be safe and not fall, but, Thomas knew better what she wanted, hell, he was the most freaking lucky trooper of the entire batallion, nicely done for a rockie

Her device started ringing "Slow down honey, that should be Vice" she said to Thomas, who promptly slowed the bike "Yes? Oksana Steele on the line, who is bitching from the other side?" Thomas smiled, hearing her name along his last name sounded great, she got an habit of presenting herself as that, which was, what ultimately made Thomas buy the small box now resting in his jacket, of course she didn't know about it

"Oh, hello bitchfriend!, how are you? how is Valiant doing? oh, where we will see? dunno, suggest someplace, you know Tourfrest better than I do" she spoke on the device to Vice, then she waited for her response
arrow Toufrest: Vice and Valiant

The vehicle was already moving quickly enoute to the capital, Valiant was busy fiddling with a new gadget a wrist bound holographic computer generally used by the military now, though he was able to requisition one for personal use. Vice was still on her communications relay with Oksana, " I'm good, just finished at Calliope's, and Valiant is good he has a new toy he's trying to learn how to use. There is a restaurant near the heart of the city called the Aurora, it's a really nice place if you would like to go there..." Valiant looked at Vice a moment then shook his head.

His words could of been able to be heard over the relay, "I like going to that place Vice... I'm not sure Oksana would enjoy the quiet classier type..."

".. Don't worry, so we can meet you there Oksana? Remember your manners it's a classier- place."

arrow Gamma Quadrant: Lone Shuttle

A single shuttle decorated in a brilliant white, teal, and purple was screaming towards the inner space of the Gamma Quadrant. It had not been picked up at the far outreached until it ran past a squadron of fighters on patrol. The front of the shuttle was brilliant, but the back end was burnt a smokey black and was obviously damaged. It had been sending off a distress beacon since being sighted. The ship moved with tremendous speed, and was unable to hail back to communications. The symbol of the PureAirNoble was apparent on it's belly and dorso, fighters tried to give chase but the speed of the vehicle was unmatchable. Rail-Guns fired off trying to take the shuttle from crossing into Tri-Alliance space but it's speed out ran that of the Rail-Guns. It was moving faster than anything ever seen from oppositions and Tri-Alliance craft. it flashed a silvery blue then was gone.

arrow Beta Quadrant: Planet Hyperion

The shuttle from the Gamma Quadrant reappeared over Hyperion as it came a stop, almost immediately an entire fighter squadron converged and opened direct fire. A solid white shield defended the shuttle not a single weapon could penetrate it. Then it began to broadcast a message on an open channel. "This is Mathias Rodian, former Command Invisionary of the Broken Arrows. I'm wounded and close to mortal, I require medical attention and have valuble information... I wish to speak to Supreme Admiral Gallias Zangetsu Roden."

A response came through from the Hyperion Legions Command, "Mathias Rodian... he is considered dead. Gallias is no longer Supreme Admiral."

"Then send me through to the High Council!"

"There is no High Council..."


"You are not authorized in the Beta Quadrant open your ship to be boarded and recovered."

"Negative acknowledge, recognition display Gamma-Gamma-Repleat-Bravo-22268." The code went through and was the old duress code used for Command Invisionarys during the Seven Thrones war.'

"Recognition acknowledged, Command Invisionary recovery process inacting. Command Invisionary Mathias Rodian you are authorized by Honor Tyrant Commander Dawnstar. Prepare for medical extraction, is there more with you?"

"Yes, I have one more. Nova Marine Rachel Nova Rodian. She is in a induced coma, her wounds are category black."

"Medical frigate is inbound Command Invisionary Rodian, and welcome back." The ship was extracted quickly and brought aboard the Frigate. Inside was Command Invisionary Mathias Rodian, and his wife Rachel Nova Rodian the first Nova Marine.
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arrow Tourfrest: Oksana

"Oh, if thats so..." Oksana said, her voice seemed sort of sadenned, in fact she was playing to make Valiant feel bad "Then why you and Valiant are allowed to go?" she retaliated, probably Vice knew that was coming, since she knew her pretty well

"Ok, we see you there, I guess I'll have to make a stop to change clothes, hear that Tommy? you are going to see me trying new clothes!" Thommas chuckled "I guess I owe Valiant a half one" he said, there was one bad thing and one good thing about taking Oksana to buy new clothes, the good was looking at her close to perfection body while she was changing and the bad one well... the classic, she took a lot of time to decide which one she wanted, oh also the fact she always choose the expensive ones...

Good thing Calliope's Golden Shock troopers were among the best paid soldiers in her legions...
((Is somebody telling Aeon her ancestral mommy just arrived to Hyperion?))
arrow Vice and Valiant

Vice only stifled her words remembering to atleast try and keep her face. "Don't take too long, otherwards we will eat without you... Though I'm sure your new clothes will be much more important." With that Vice was ready to hang up.

The Vehicle circled the city for a moment as Valiant looked towards Vice, "You know I should really give Oksana the benefit of the doubt, customs and courtesy is more formal..."

"Really? Customs and Courtesy is formal? Hmm.. Mayb-" Vice made a sway back in her seat as Valiant lunged himself at her, his hands roamed to figure if she was ticklish... And like many times in the past had he forgotten that Vice was not ticklish... So ensue the fight for Valiant to hold his dignity, it was too much Vice over powered him and he was ticklish. It was a battle lost with finger gripping laughter. Valiant begged for her to stop, though it just made it that much enjoyable for Vice. Finally when Vice disengaged Valiant was laid out on the extended car floor refusing to move.

arrow Purefire Flaghship Mark III

The large conference room was set up for Dawnstar's arrival, and in the room stood Mathias Rodian and his wife Rachel Nova Rodian. Four Invisionary's from the Hyperion Honor Guard stood at the door way, two others down the hallway at the entry control point. Inside the room a second set of guards were meant to watch the two former Tri-Alliance Personnel. Two Hyperion Chosen Elite stood by the doorway until Dawnstar entered motioning the two to leave. With Dawnstar Command Invisionary Timothan traveled, the two of them stepped up to the large circular table and addressed the two. "Former Command Invisionary Mathias Rodian, and Former Nova Marine Rachel Rodian... So you have returned.."

Mathias only waited before speaking, but Dawnstar said nothing more. "Lord Dawnstar, you do not the effort it took for us to get here."

"I do not care Mathias... The fact that you have returned has set into motion something we have been preparing for, for almost five years."

"Preparing? For what?! And what has happened to the Tri-Alliance, where are the High Councilors!"

"For War Mathias... And the High Councilors are dead."

"... Preparing for war... Then you must know that the PureAirNoble marches to reunite the Pure Clan, and it's nations."

"Yes we were warned by the Purefire."

"So he spoke to you as well then Dawnstar."

Dawnstar kept his calm demeanor and realized Mathias had not been debriefed fully, and not brought up to speed. "Mathias... We lost over sixty percent of our military force almost five years ago, during the Rogue Tainted Saints War... Hyperion was a bloodied battlefield, too many died. Rangers, Shock Troopers, Marines, Honor Tyrants, and ninety five percent of the Broken Arrows Invisionary Class were killed... The War became something more than just us fighting, Five Gods of the PureClan were present."

Rachel leaned over the table a moment to see Mathias do the same, things seemed to hit him harder. He looked up again to Dawnstar, "How did it happen?"

"It started with the Aurora Aeternum Conflict post Seven Thrones War, your calling to Rachel started up the splintering of the Tri-Alliance. Majority of the Tainted Saints went rogue under the command of Former Faction Leader Calliope, saying that were a false idol, and Deceiver. It was true... You died supporting the Graverborn on Gorerullian. Your actions were just the Catalyst to a much bigger issue of internal conflict. Millions of lives were lost..."

"So I caused it..."

"Enough, we can go over the information of what happened later. It was explained you had high value information, otherwards I would of sent you out of the Tri-Alliance system."

"Yes." His left forearm lit up a holographic blue then began to upload to a computer system and the view screens on the far wall. With it popped up a series of vessels. "These are the Pure Clan assault vessels. They are Carrier Class Ships, though they act as both Battleship and Planetary siege ship. After we learned of what the PureAirNoble was going to do to the Tri-Alliance we collected as much data as we could before our departure... As you can see it was not an easy fight." He pointed towards his wounds and Rachels then to large weapon gouges in their armour. "We got luck Dawnstar, and our loyalties are to the Tri-Alliance as they always were."

"I agree where your loyalty stands, now continue."

"Each ship is capable of competing with entire enemy fleets, they are singularly powered by Pura Fussion Cells. The Fussion reactors we use are but a fraction of the power output achieveable by these Pure Cells. Their weapons are powered by their shielding, and acts as both offensive and defensive power houses. Out of all the enemies we fought, sometimes massive fleets numbering in the tens of thousands were left husking debris. There is no conventional means that the Tri-Alliance can take to fight them, and I have no solution to this problem. We have the energy records and capabilities ready to be uploaded."

"This is tough news, what else is there Mathias that I should know about?"

"Their ground forces are heavily armed and expertly trained, these are men who have been in service under the PureAirNoble for centuries. Their weaponry and armour comparison could of been equally equivalent to that of a chosen elite... I don't believe five years would of been long enough to prepare for something like this."

"This is good information Mathias... Unfortunately with information we can only prepare for the worst. Which is why we are looking allies to help us in this fight, we have prepared almost five years for war in the Raven Branch's space to try and free them up from their thousand years war. With them we would have a higher chance, their technology already far succeded ours before their isolation and their temporal rift has given them the chance to advance for nearly over five thousand years. They may be our only allies..."

"The Seven Thrones Kingdom... They are back."

"How is that possible their entire civilization was wiped out during the Seven Thrones War."

"The PureAirNoble brought them back from the dead, and restored their Civilization... I don't know how but he used a temporal rift generator on the system, then out of nowhere their grand fleets were back and giving chase to the PureAirNoble's fleet. He left them, said his responsibilities were done there... If he can recreate an entire civilization out of nothing... We have a lot more to deal with."

"If that is so Mathias, then we may have another chance at restoring relations with the Seven Thrones. If they are a new civilization then they won't know about our War."

"Agreed, before we left the PureAirNoble was on his way to restore the Dark Palladin's civilization. He said he was restoring all that the Tri-Alliance had destroyed."

Dawnstar was immediately on his communications device with the bridge, "Mobilize the Hyperion Legions Fleets, and get in contact with Command Nova Marines Maksimnova, and Aeon. Let them know there will be another Nova Marine Joining their ranks and she will need to be brought up to speed. Contact Command Invisionary Interceptor and Resilient, and let them they are need on Hyperion to debrief another Command Invisionary. We are begining our Transition to war, lets start it off properly." With that Dawnstar and Command Invisionary Timothan left immediately things were needed to be in place.

Mathias and Rachel would stay on the ship a few days for in processing, and would wait at the Hyperion Temple for their contacts.

(Aeon, and Makismnova at the moment do not know that Rachel Rodian has returned. As well as everything said by Mathias. Though Aeon and Maksimnova have been summoned the temple sanctuary to meet up. Figure since Aeon is already on Hyperion she would make contact with Rachel first.)
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arrow Hyperion Temple: Aeon

She watched in joy every single moment of his recovery, rarely leaving his side, if such as thing as Tyrant Marine wife existed, Aeon would be the closest thing to that, every minute he needed her, she was there, every second of his recovery Aeon was there, save those times when she had to attend her duties as a Command Nova Marine like now...

"Aeon" she responded as her wireless announced a call, Concussion was now on a check, so, she was patiently waiting seen him behind a window "Understood, have my Nova Marines ready to report at a notice order, have this new Nova Marine meet me on the Temple armory" the situation was strange too strange for her taste "Prepare weapons and armor for her, let see what she has"

She entered the chamber where Concussion was, already done with the test, she approached and left a gentle kiss on his forehead "Good work ranger, you are almost back in shape" she smiled, cheering him up "I need to do something, I'll be home for dinner, and I promise I'll make something special" she closed in, as if she was playing been mellow, part of it was actually true, as she bited his ear, but she also whispered something to him "Something is wrong, be wary, I think the strings are been pulled again" she stepped away, after kissing his lips and left the room

After leaving the room, she activated the wireless with all the corresponding security protocols "Command Nova Marine Aeon, authorization code sent" the communcation was send to Dawnstar directly, having been almost "created" by him, gived her a sort of confidence that Dawnstar will always have a moment for her "Good evening Lord Dawnstar" she always keep the manners "Is there something additional I should knew?" she inquired, straight to the point

arrow Tourfrest: Oksana

She scowled to Vice respond, she knew she touched a sensitive fiber on her, but didn't care that much, Thommas parked the airbike near a boutique, quite close to the restaurant actually, since he was dressed in a suit, the only one who needed a change was her

Minutes passed, and surprisingly enough, Oksana finished the shopping early, but Thommas promise to bring her back to the boutique after the dinner, she left the boutique, dressing in a tight, blue dress, with an opening running all the way up her left leg, since on the other side, she concealed a gun, Oksana was the kind of woman who always carried one somewhere, the dress was quite elegant and classy, but still it held quite a bit of Oksana characteristic revealing nature, with a prominent cleavage in the front and back, still she covered a bit, with a silk cape that veiled ther charms

Thommas called a cab, instead of riding the bike again, since he didn't want to risk ruining his girlfried new dress, getting her in a bad mood

In total, 45 minutes passed and they arrived, Thommas opened the door of the cab, and Oksana came out in all her glamour, attracting the sight of more than one "Happy with the attention?" Thommas played, Oksana just chuckled, satisfied, now they waited to see if Vice arrived already, Thommas asked the closest waiter, just to make sure if they where already there

(The intermission will continue until May 10th, so I can finish updating the information.)

arrow Hyperion

Dawnstar recieved the message from Aeon but dismissed it as he continued to manage the movement of ships and the acquisition of resources. The Tri-Alliance warmachine was being mobilized and the first of the Command Invisionaries to answer the call was Christopher Vlade, the brother to Mathias Rodian. His message went out to Aeon, "Command Invisionary Christopher Vlade will be joining you, he is already planet side."

Hyperion Temple Sanctuary: Christopher Vlade

Outside the armoury on the lower level Christopher was waiting, in full invisionary armour and his helmet at his side. "I hope I'm not waiting on Ae-" It was at that moment Mathias Rodian and Rachel Rodian turned the corner with Command Invisionary Timothan. He stepped forward hoping to keep a steady step, but it turned into a slight trot as he wrapped his arms around his brother. "Mathias!" His embrace ended as he stepped back, and shook Rachel's hand. "I was not aware you were still alive, I was told an older Command Invisionary was being brought into service.."

Mathias put his hand on Christopher's shoulder and smiled. "I am back brother, and I hope you are well."

"You wouldn't of believed what had happened in your absense."

"I was told you were almost dead, after the last conflict."

"My perseverance to serve kept me alive, you must tell me of what had happened to you."

Mathias almost started but a cough from Rachel stopped him. Rachel looked to Chris and only questioned if he still held his stipulations about her. "If it was not for Rachel, I would of stayed where I was."

"I see you have some new armour, nothing I've seen before.."

"It's honor guard armour from the PureAirNoble." He pointed to his chest where it's plating barreled outwards though not drastically. The multiple weapons and munitions magnetics hold points, and the vectors of the arms, showed off a energy casing used to create the energetic arm blades. Across his back was an old Mark I Gauss rifle though fitted with plasma rounds from the Pure Clan arsenal. Looking over to Rachel she was still in the same skin tight black suits with armoured plates over her breast, groin, and butt. Though something seemed different.

Rachel noticed Chris was starring at her suit, "It's Pura-Alloy weave. As well as my plating are kinetic plates. The Pura-Alloy weave bears strength and density beyond black density trinium, and my skin was woven with the Pura-Alloy a painful process through makes my body near invulnerable to conventional weapons, heat, weathering, radiations, ele-"

Mathias stopped her, "He gets the point Rachel. I assume we are waiting for the command Nova Marine before going into the armour?'

"She should be here soon, it has not been long."

arrow Toufrest: Restaurant Aurora

Valiant had already had already stepped to the front of the restaurant to greet them, "Thomas." His hand reached out to shake, as he turned to Oksana as well. "Oksana. I hope you two are ready, the food is very well here."

The hostess cut in, "It's about two hundred tetra a person..."

Valiant gave her a stern glare, before fixing his black suit. "The price will not be an issue, though I hope you two are ready for a lovely evening. Vice has been wanting to meet up for awhile and i'm sure she had much to talk about, so please." He motioned a table by the window overlooking the man made lake. There sat Vice as she stared out, sipping her dry wine.
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((Perseverance to serve?! my a**! I saved his life when Eveline and the other Templar marine I can't remember her name where pwning his miserable rear!))

arrow Hyperion Temple: Aeon

She heard the start of the conversation as she approached, for any normal person, it would have required to be very close, but for a Nova Marine, speciall a Command one, that was a normal feat, she sighed and just keep walking until she reached the back of Vlade "Command Nova Marine Aeon, reporting, what you have for me Vlade?" she inquired, her voice strong and imposing, since the time of the first activation of her Nova core in battle, her demeanor in duty has changed from the more reclusive Aeon to a full blown military commander, but still keeping her essence

She looked to the 2 in front of her, and stepped to the side of Vlade, the emblem on Matias Armor called her attention, as well as Rachel armor, there was something familiar in both, but her mind couldn't place them perfectly, even tough Aeon was part of the military in the seven thrones war, the last time both of them had any contact with the Tri alliance

She felt quite weird, looking at everybody armed and ready and she wearing civilian clothes, well, she wasn't supposed to get into active duty today, thus, she didn't wear her armor

arrow Tourfrest, Oksana and Thomas

Thomas hands meet Valiant's, "Valiant, is good to see you again" Thomas responded smiling, he was the sort of guy who normally ends befriending everybody, another trait of him Oksana loved, altough she always told him he was too damn polite "And in good shape, Vice is taking good care of you eh?" Oksana followed "We all looked like trash that last time we saw each other, well not Thomas, I think he was the one who left the field in better shape and company" she continued, while holding to Thomas arm

"I'm always ready for everything, didn't Vice told you?" Oksana responded and chuckled "Anyway, lets go inside, I'm starving, because I don't know who forgot I don't know Tourfrest and I got lost for like 3 hours" she applied a slight presure on Thomas arm, playing with him "Ouch!, hey Oksie, that hurt even more than the bill" she toyed with her "Don't be worried about money ma'am, just make sure we are well served" she replied to the waitress as he and Oksana entered the place following Valiant
(I don't know, Christopher Vlade did hold out quite long. Besides a little bit of brotherly bragging never hurt right? Maksimnova won't be present until the Age of Unity starts up.)

arrow Hyperion

As Dawnstar was reactivating the Tri-Alliance military fleets began to form up around the Alpha and Beta Quadrant Gallias, Calliope, and Klodi were assembled on the Purefire Flagship. The new flagship was magnificent, it's hull was a beautiful crimson and gold to match that of both Broken Arrows, and Tainted Saints. Two Aeternum Class Land Cannons were created by the Metalloids as their part of the Flagship's new out look, the two creascent weapons were on eitherside of the hull port and starboard. Among the Hyperion Legions were all the faction flag ships, the Metalloid Trinity crescent Battlenaught Cruiser. Broken Arrows Whirlwind Mark III, Arcadia Mark II, and the Pureblitz Flagship. The Tainted Saints PureCatalyst Flagship, the Purifier Calliope Class, and The Enhander Armada. All the ships were ready assembled as a war summit and call to war. Other Fleets began to appear in the Beta Quadrant, Fleet Black, Fleet Eva, Fleet Apollo, Fleet Napalm, Fleet Harpender, Fleet Astander and many more. The Hyperion Legions were already mobilized, the last was the assembling of all the ground forces, transport frigates were delivering Ranger, and Shock Trooper legions, Marine Legions and the rest of the Tyrant Marines still about the galactic span.

arrow Hyperion Temple Sanctuary

Christopher Vlade watched as Aeon came up and he made the introductions, "Command Nova Marine Aeon, my brother Command Invisionary Mathias Rodian, and Nova Marine Rachel Nova Rodian. I'm sure you've read on them or seen them from their statues."

Mathias extended his hand to Aeon, "Command Nova Marine Aeon, I am Mathias Rodian. I guess it was true that were more Nova Marines." Rachel smiled and moved forward to see Aeon's body.

She almost wanted to walk around Aeon in fascination, "You are a Nova Marine? It's nice to meet you Aeon, Dawnstar told me the other generations were much different than myself though it seems you are just like me." Rachel reached out to pinch Aeon's stomach in curiosity.

arrow Tourfrest: Restaurant Aurora

Valiant led the way stepping up behind Vice to show her that both Oksana and Thomas had arrived. Vice stood up to hug Oksana, but eye'd her dress first then shrugged and squeezed her anyways. "Really nice dress, when I said it was a classy place I still expected you to show up in a t-shirt and skirt. Really beautiful though." She moved to Thomas and did the same, "i hope she is taking care of you Thomas, I was a little worried when I realized Oksana's bbones were made of trinium and your's are well... Bones..." She smiled and offered them a seat, "So how is toufrest treating the two of you?"
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arrow Hyperion Temple: Aeon

Aeon eyes posed on Matias, as she extended her hand to meet his, and then she gazed on Rachel, technically speaking, she was the "mother" of all Nova Marines, the reason why she was what she was right now, the main insipiration for Aeon on becoming what she was, basically, she was speaking to a heroine of sorts to her, she almost blushed for not recognizing her on first sight, altough, blushing was not really common, the lower temperature on her body negated that effect on her skin

"Yes, I am a Nova Marine, its my honor to make your aquaintance" she said to both, but more focused on Rachel "I'm the commanding unit of the 3rd Generation, "Twin" to Maksimnova, the command unit of the second generation" noticing how she was fascinated with her, a bit unsure of what exactly she was seen, Aeon didn't try to stop her as she examined her from toe to head, and actually, she did quite the same for a moment "I thank you for the compliment ma'am I..." before saying anything else, she was cut by Rachel pinching her stomach "Ahm... if you don't mind telling me, why you did that?" Aeon inquired, a bit shocked, however the pinch just caused a slight thickling reaction on her, tensing her lower chest a bit, her eyes now where quite curious with Rachel, she seemed... diferent but at the same time, so equal to her...

arrow Tourfrest: Oksana and Thomas

Oksana responded the hug warmly, and chuckled as she shrugged over her dress "What?, sexyness and classy is all in the same package inside this brunette beauty you see here, now now, don't let envy consume you, you look great today too" she joked with Vice, and cursed inside, since Vice guessed what she was wearing before stopping to buy the new dress

Thomas responded the hug in kind "Oh please, give me some credit, I'm quite tough as well" he said, pulling Oksana close to him again "Yea, he is!, is a bull, trust me, but just for the sake of precaution, he is always on top"

Oksana took the seat first, with Thomas chivalry helping her, the he sat beside her "Well, its diferent, that I can tell you, people still look at me diferent, as if they knew I'm from this place, but, details, I'm happy and my bed is warm at night, can't ask for more!"
arrow Hyperion Temple Sanctuary

A moment passed before Mathias waited for Rachel to finish, it was almost humorous for him since Rachel did this most people. Rachel looked at her fingers and smiled, as she stepped out to hug Aeon. "It seems you are like me, your skinweave is thicker than mine originally was and your organs are woven like mine were." She stepped away, and a slight blue pulse was visible on her hands. "Your skeletal structure is reinforced black denisty, I should of mention a little upgrade I got is a density pulse. So tell me something about yourself? I was informed I would be receiving a set armour with Nova Core Reactor, do you have any information on it for me? As well as where is Command Nova Marine Maksimnova?" Mathias gave Aeon a bit of an awkward stare that Rachel happened to see. "I'm sure she doesn't mind the questions." Mathias continued to maintain his gestures making height sign with his hand, that Rachel might have an issue with Aeon being a bit taller than her.

arrow Toufrest: Restaurant Aurora

Vice and Valiant both sat down, and the first waitress arrived with the starters. An arrange of breads and spreads were placed in the center of the table. Vice picked up a piece of bread and handed the the basket over to Oksana, like always women first. "So I came across some information from Calliope today Oksana." Valiant almost stopped Vice from talking, though figured it was going to come out sometime. "... Calliope wants you to join the Templar Ranks Oksana, and want Thomas to go through the Reaper Marine Project. If you want We can endorse you, and it means you two won't be seperated when the next conflict begins. It's a way to keep you two together instead of fighting different sides of the war." Valiant had already started drinking his wine, and offered Thomas a nod that he would back his and Oksana's decision.
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arrow Hyperion Temple: Aeon

Aeon accepted the hug, and actually responded in kind with a bit shy hug, she wasn't very sure how to react to all of this, she listened to everything Rachel was saying "I see, so thats how you detect my skeleton augmentation" she replied, marveled at what she was capable of doing with her hands

"I don't mind the questions Mr. Rodian" Aeon responded, still she was a bit shy regarding speaking of herself, she was the kind of person who never tough that higly of herself, she always prefered to talk about others, for Aeon, she was just Aeon, nothing more, nothing less "There is not much to say about me, well, maybe the fact that my capabilities were designed by Lord Dawnstar himself" she started her response to Rachel's first question, remembering that Dawnstar ignored her call, she will ask the why laters, altough she was sure it was important "And well, thats pretty much the most interesting thing, besides my relatioship with a Tyrant marine" she chuckled slightly, knowing it was still sort of taboo that she and Concussion where now together, but she didn't care that much, it was easy to notice Aeon wasn't the bragging type, or the imposing type, she was quite humble, actually, she tried to diminish in any way possible the diference in height with Rachel

"Regarding the nova core it is both a powerful and dangerous tool, depending on what Lord Dawnstar has authorized for you" she explained, then raised her hand, five fingers up "Mine, for example has 5 restrictors, the release of each restrictor release a new set of abilities, however it has a toll on the user, because your mind is subject to much stress, reckless use may lead to madness" she concluded her explanation

"As for Maksimnova, I'm not sure where she is, she has been called as well, so I presume she will soon arrive"

arrow Tourfrest, Restaurant Aurora: Oksana

Oksana took the basked, and smiled taking a piece of bread that felt of her hand as soon as Vice said what she did, her mouth was opened, eyes wide she couldn't believe it, instinctively, her other hand reached for Vice's below the table, giving her hand a warm hug, Vice surely knew the gesture well, it was a silent, stealthy thank you, specially for the second thing she just said, about her and Thomas been together, obviusly because of reasons, Oksana held back the tears of joy

"Did you hear Tommy? now I'm going to be on top all nights!" she said, Thommas simply smiled, for him it was not only that, altough he will enjoy her relationship with Oksana way more, he will able to understand her better, what she has gone trough, and of course, that will give him higher chances of surviving in the battlefield, this, also encouraged his other tough, formally giving Oksana the Steele surname

"I guess having a friendship with you has is benefits doesn't it Miss Influence?" she played with Vice, but a shadow covered her face a moment "I... well I'm not sure what the girls will think about me if I do that and well, my memories..." she felt Thommas hand on hers now, reassuring her, she already told him about her first augmentation experience, and tough, things were diferent now, Thommas was well aware of her fears "You don't need to do it Oksi..." Oksana turned to him, with a smile on her face "I know, but I want to, I mean I want to be with you, and well, I can't be a foreigner all my life, back in the Broken Arrows, I didn't know everything about me, now I can start again, I can create a new history, with you, so I'm going to do it, I know the rest of girls will understand, besides, I owe this to Calliope and Vice too, they have warmly welcomed me, here on Tourfrest and..." she paused "To be honest, you know how I love playing with new toys!" her usual carefree attitude finally returned, lifting the shadow that appeared on Thommas face, replacing it with a smile

"So basically, what they do on that process?" she inquired "And tell Thomas too! and when that happens, tell them to be careful with his "equipment"! I like him the way he is now"
arrow Hyperion

Dawnstar stood at the head of the table while, Gallias, Calliope, and Klodi were at the opposite ends in their formal uniforms. Gallias still wore his faction leader symbol and Supreme Admiral ranking per the request of Supreme Admiral Reggero. Calliope was dressed in the solid white and gold trim Tainted Saints High Admiral uniform which displayed rows of medals. Klodi generally did not require clothing on her ship, as she was a metalloid and didn't work around either humanoid factions, though she wore the uniform of Hyperion as request from Dawnstar to atleast show up in attire while around his men.

The entire Tri-System opened up in the center table as a solid holo, then it blinked into the known area of the Raven's branch. The map was centuries old and only showed planets and likely shipyards, any information on the fleet size of the enemy and the evolution level of the Corrupted Beasts of the Darkness and Desecration. Arrows on the map showed where they were going to enter, in the Nebula sector near the outer worlds. Dawnstar opened up another screen showing the new Thetanaughts, and Darkstar Twilights that would make up the forward assault force. "We will be using the Tainted Saints Thetanaughts to lay planetary siege and the Broken Arrow Darkstars will lead he way, Metalloid ships will make the bulk of the first engagements, we don't what we are up against and the Metalloids can gather more information and sustain long term combat with the least amount of resources." The meeting continued for hours in arguments and compromises. The special tasking would be given to the Templar and Reaper Marines first, then the Nova Marines would take the second wave, and the Tyrant Marines would be the last in.

arrow Hyperion Temple Sanctuary

Rachel muled on the thought of the Nova Core Reactor then dismissed it, she could deal with the integration process later. "I'm sure your relationship with Concussion will be fine, besides I believe Honor Tyrant Blitzstar had a wife during his early commissioned years."

Christopher blade cut in, "... Blitzstar outlived her, he served well though he passed during the last conflict.."

"I see.. I remember Tyrant Marine Concussion helped us on Gorerullian during the Seven Thrones War. That was a ways back." Mathias moved ahead past Rachel, with Christopher Vlade into the armour.

"Aeon, Rachel we will see you inside."

Rachel stood infront of the Command Nova Marine a moment longer. "So what do you say we head in, you can show me some of the armour I must of missed out on."

arrow Toufrest: Aurora Restaurant

Vice continued to sip her drink and take small bites of the bread, the next set of food should be ready to come out. "Well for you Oksana, not much changes except for the armour upgrades with Kinetic Capacitors, and enhanced jump jets. For Thomas... Well he will have to go through the trinium skin weave process, trinium skeletal structuring, organ weaving, occular modifications, spinal impact braces, muscle weaving, blo-"

Valiant stopped her, "... It's a long process Thomas, though the Metalloids stasis system allows them to do the structuring very quickly and without pain. It will take a few months, though it will seem like it was only a few seconds in time. It's a relatively safe modification process unlike the Nova Marine process which yields a lot of deaths amongst it's candidates." He poured himself another glass just as the appetizers came out an assortment of breaded shell fish, breaded cheeses, meats, sauteed vegetable spreads, and other assorments. Hot dishes and utensils along with other meal requirements were placed around the table. "You really must try the spreads Thomas, they are exquisite."

A slight gesture was made for Valiant to wait, as she motioned Oksana to grab some with her as the first. "Having influence does help Oksana, I've served Calliope as an advisor for awhile and it has it's benefits."
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arrow Hyperio Temple: Aeon

"I never knew Blitzstar had a wife" Aeon replied atonished, now she understood less about why Divine was so restrictive regarding her and Concussion, after Christopher cut in, she decided to drop the subject, until Rachel picked up with another theme "Yes, he is like that, Dwight..." she paused noticing she called him by his true name "I mean, Concussion is like that, always trying to help and putting his life on the line for duty, I almost lost him in the last conflict too..." she just remained silent, until Rachel adressed her again

Aeon nodded "It will be an honor ma'am" she responded, as they entered a technician approached "You armor is ready Command Nova Marine" Aeon nodded and motioned Rachel to follow "I guess the best way you see the new armor is seen mine, I guess is the more complex in existence..." she turned to the technician "Please bring her armor to the rack where mine is, I will be explaining its functions to her" the technician nodded and left

Once the reached the rack where Aeon armor was, she stared at it, the modifications and updated where done, and the burning markings made by Aurora were now a lost memory, at least on most people not on her, because she proudly wear them on her own soul, the markings that helped saving her loved one

arrow Tourfrest, Restaurant Aurora: Oksana

"See? I get new toys!" her joy went away as soon as Valiant started explaining the proces, she crossed her arms, her hands squeezed slightly her arms, Thommas saw her and quickly took off his jacket, covering Oksana, thinking she was cold, until she remembered Oksana was a Nova Marine, no way she could feel cold because of the Restaurant artificial weather it was something else, but only Vice knew for certain what it was

After Valiant mentioned the casualties of the augmentation process she finally spoke again "Yes, I'm almost became one of those casualties" her gaze turned to Valiant, he, for the first time since he knew her could see sadness on thos vibrant blue eyes, Thommas arm surrounded her, making her feel better, after a deep breath she grabbed and apphetizer and started eating with Vice "Anyway, don't worry babe!, I'll take care of you while you recover, altough there will be no sex, Doctors orders!" she chuckled a bit regaining a bit of her cheerful attitude

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