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(I know I was Waiting for a Reply from you guys.

If you can you please post a link to your thread, and the name of your organization so id be a bit easier. Thank you)
(I'am still waiting for replies from the others to see how many replacement, i must look for)
(( Bet that took a long time to set up. ))
Sir Jang of Bang
(( Bet that took a long time to set up. ))

(The Tournament or the Thread?)
(( All the posts together. ))
Sir Jang of Bang
(( All the posts together. ))

(Like 5 minutes...)
(( Copy & pasting? ))
Sir Jang of Bang
(( Copy & pasting? ))
[ A link to the thread.

Thanks for the invite, by the way. :3
Vehicles assesment: All who have joined so far, please submit a list, and link to or statistics of your vehicles. Include Weapons, and type of fire of weapons attached to the vehicles. There is no form to go by just how you have it.

Weapons: Please do the same but for infantry weapons.

Cruisers/Battleships: These are needed to fight the space half of your battles. as well as classifications of sea vessels. If you don't have any then either create some, or you can borrow from the Broken Arrows, and Tainted Saints.

Space Deployed units: Same but your units deployed in space.
[ All information is contained here.

I apologize for not having proper missile statistics, but they're on my other computer, which is in the shop, and I was undergoing some reworking on those. But, for the duration of the tournament, consider them to be exactly what Classic BattleTech stats are (you can find those on The Drawing Board, which my battlemech post links to).

My stats arn't all up yet. If you are forced to start without me then I'll have to forfit. This sounds interesting, though. What is this gonna be, a big FFA? Thow them all in there and see who walks out?
((Thanks for the invite, I plan on testing lots and lots of my new warships here....however I have to do some stat adjusting considering all meh new stuff

EDIT: I accept your invite.....))
(Captain Kayvaan Shrike, Please state which Organization you will be representing so I can put it up.

The Tournament will begin when everyone has sent in their weaponry stats. I'm setting up the Brackets now.)
((Ehhh I'll be representing the Inarelian Military Alliance....but what do you mean by weaponry stats? Do you mean how effective it is and such or what type of damage it can cause? Because like Gray I havent got it all up either.........))

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