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Setting, Small village near Luzern. User ImageUser Image
The order of this Match will be Star, then Tikoloshe. Then it will keep on going.
Judges-, Inferno Alpha, Thunderbird Alpha, Deku Voyager, iiivoyager majoriii
This is ETHS, T-1 Roleplay.
Posting information for your intro in a T1
24 for hours to post each time it's a person turn.

The first posting their intro CAN NOT state an attack. The second to post their intro is advised not toattack in their intro, but have that choice to do so anyways!
}1. You have to post what your character looks like. {e.g. Clothing, hair color and style, skin color, eyecolor, height, weight (optional), and any armor.}2. You have to post what the area is that you and your opponent are going to fight in or are in. {e.g.Weather, time of day, type of terrain.}3. You have to post what type of weapons, powers, abilities, and traits your character is going to use inthe fight.4. If you are posting your intro first, do not state where your opponent is, what they are doing, or wherethey are to begin, until they state otherwise in their post after.5. Your character, and
your character is what you are narrating.
{Reminder: The reason for T1ing is to test yourself against others and make them believe they havebeen beaten by your character/skill.
1. If you
to post something in your intro; Power, ability, weapon, trait. You
can not
use it at anytime later in the fight. Those things forgotten are off limits. If they are used, it is grounds forDisqualification from the match through the No God Moding tolerance. This is a competition betweenthe knowledge of two minds on how well they know their character.2. No God Moding. This goes towards those that take a hit in the T1 and get up from it like nothing everyhappened. T1ing is a competition against two different skills. The first to out smart, and out match theiropponent is the winner. The easiest way to winning a T1 is to always keep in mind, the first one thatlands a hit wins.3. No Auto-Attacks. This is the statement that your attack landed without letting your opponentcounter/block/dodge/avoid/deflect in their posts after.4. You must post equal length to your opponents attack post if you are to dodge/counter/block theirattack. Anything less than the other’s attack section of the post is subject to voiding the move ordisqualification. If you get a 5+ para attack post {For example}, you have to fully explain your actions andhow you did your counter/dodge/block in your replying post that measures up to the attack sectionlength that was posted previously.5. Correct spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and over all quality of your posts is the means of gaining a win. Run-on sentences and poor explanations about your character or anything of the sort, youare subject to disqualification or request to do another post if not acceptable. The more effort you putinto your characters’ posts the better and smoother the fight will go.T1 Style restrictions:

If the one being challenged requests a specific Style, the one challenging needs to either abide by therequest or decline the challenge. If accepted, their character has to stay within the restrictions of theStyle being stated.
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T1 Rules & Guidelines for the modern day role player
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Enduring Paladin

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Name: Dante "Star" White.
Call Sign:"Star"
Rank:Galactic Marshall Of the Federation.
Affiliations: Galactic Colonial Federation {GCF}
Loyal to:The Federation The Dark Ages[TDA],-|Industrial Consortium|- [IC]
Homeworld:Talon IV
Age: 29
Skin Tone: Tan, with very few scarring.
Species: Human
Race: Hispanic
Height: 6'1
Weight: 161lb
Hair Colour:Black
Eye Color: Blue
Personaility:Calm,easy going,and Friendly. Though that dosn't mena he can't get mad. He has his own sense of Honor,and is a loyal person. He rarely lies

Bio: Dante Was born on the Colony world of Talon IV in the Talon System on Federation space near the outter colonies.
All his family live there. He was in a Military family. His Mom was in the Navy, and His dad was a Marine. Both stationed on Talon IV Doing thier duty while rasing thier son.
When he was at the Age of 10, Talon IV was atttacked by Enemy CACS Allaince. The Entire Military Space force in oribt over Talon IV , including his Mother was wiped out in in Space.
His father was in the firstgound wave protecting his Family. Th battle soon ended in Genoncide, As AFter the Federation Forces were defeated, the CACS troops, began shooting and killing everyone on sight. By the time GCF reinforcements arrived all the survivers of Talon IV Were caught in a cross fire between GCF and CACS forces. Almost everyone in between were killed. Dante was able to survive as a Surviving Federation Sentinel Marine used his suit's ability to make a small shield around them both. By the time the battle was over his entire Family was killed.
The Leader of the Federation forces in the Area, Rear Admiral L.White (Now Fleet Admrial L.White.) Felt remorseful for the boy, as his entire family and all his friends were killed. After submittign a request to join Military Command at the Citidel, the Admiral took the boy under his wings, adopting him. Teaching everytihng he kew or leanred form the Federation. He trained him to be a lethal warrior, and had him attend a school for military kids abored Armstrong station. He spent most of his Child hood abored His New "Father's" Ship, A Federation Defender Class Dreadnought. Having A pet dog, Some of the Navy Crewmen,marines, and the AI. As the AI Donated a part of it's many fragments to watch the child. During Combat time, he was forced to stay in his qauters until the battle was over. When the ship docked in stations or the CIC Was'nt full of activity he enjoyed playing strategy games.
When he was finally 18 he enlisted into the GCF, Infiltrator's Special ops. When he turned 20 he left and deicded to joined with the Federation SPecial forces and be a shock trooper, still fighitng beside his trooper bothers, but sometimes sent on Spec ops missions. With his dad, still making sure he was ok. Most of the time sending him on most of the missions he is sent on.
-He was also the only Soul Survivor on an Incindent on the Federation PLanet of Atom. That ended with the planet being destroyed by a Nebioring Star going super nova,.

User Image
Armor Info
Armor Material:Advanced Ark Plating (50X Stronger than Titanium & Steel, 10X Lighter than Titanium & Steel)

Enery Shielding:The Armor has Pulse Enery shields. As insaide the Armor is a small Pulse shield Genorator. Pulse shields are very powerful and could survive tempatures up to 3,000'c. The Sheilds are strong and could survive around 50 rounds in a fire fight. The shields would then deactivate and recharge. Rechargeing time is one minute for the shields to fully recharge.
-EMP Protection:Electric Pulse proportion shields act as an EMP shield. So EMPs would have no effect on the Armor.

Helmet:The Helmet is a Standerd Federation Special Forces helmet for Shock troopers. The Helmet gives good protection tot he Good, and can ahve an AI inside the Helmet. When the User is getting hot, the Helmet has a little bit of water witch would make of a mist, to cool down the user. Helmet could also see from far distences from a 2x-4x zoom view.
-Visor:Visor gives good protection,but also has 3 modes:Low light mode, to see in the dark, and infered mode and X-ray mode.
-HUD:The HUD shows everything. Motion Tracker, Health status-Such as how healthy, Blood presure, Radaition in body,ect. It also shows the Shield bar status and can notificy the user if he/she is infected with anything.
User Image

Arms/Guantlet: On the left Guantlet, Two Plasma like cutter blades in the Shape of Medevil Baldes can extend to 3ft from the Gauntlets for CQB [Clsoe qauters combat]
One the Right Arm, a Midevil Shape/Style Kenetic Barrie shield will form on his Right arm. The Shield could also be used to smack people with it to.
On his fists he has Power fists like Gloves iwtch is also armored. But Special, for withthe strengh and material of the Fists, The User could punch a tank, denting the armor without the user tkaing physical damage or feeling any pain. Thanks to the Advance SHock absorbers the Armor's material.
User Image

Legs:The Power Legs makes the users legs and Feet stronger. Increasing Speed 3 times and increasing Strnegh 3 times as well. When using the Power boots in combat User could make power kicks making an enemy fly back. Or COuld stomp on a target crushing him and making a small qauck.

Power Armor:The Power Armor could increasr the Users Agility 3 times and incrase the user's strengh 4 times. And Offers advanced protecting. The SUit is seld, and is water proof. The Armor also could survvie in space. But only for an hour as the Life Support system wasn't meant for long Space trips.
Thermal Heating unit:Incase of extrem wheater a thermal heating unit is inside the armor by using thermal energy to rapidly heat up the body incase of extrem cold temuratures. After the use of Cryo wepaons to freeze people the thermal heating unit to incrase the armor and body tempatures by up to 70 degress 'F for a limited time to insure the wear'rs body isn't damaged by heat.
-Cryo unit the Cryo unit is liek the thermal heating unit but the exact opiset. When the area is to hot and starts to become lethal the Armor begins to release cold air from a small cryo unit, the cryo unit works as a freezer to freeze air around the body and cna make the armor drop down about 70 degress 'F for a short time.

Underlayered Jump suit/ExoSkeleton: The Exo Skeletal System works as a shock abosrber for the Presure built into the Power Armor. Without it the User would be crushedinside. The Jumpsuit is also softer and more comfortable then the power armor, allowing useage of it to be eaiser. The Exoskeleton also has a small cloack drive when being used could cloask the user for an hour then needs 30 minutes to recharge.

Cerceuit Breaker:THe Cercuit breaker is the Basci Federation Tacpad/Mission computer. With it you can view Mission reports, view scanning analysis, ect
User Image
Motion Tracker:On the Visor, HUD the Motion tracker displays anything moving.

User Image
MP108 Plasma Rifle
Material: Titiaum
Type:Assasult Rifle
Rate of fire:15 rounds per second.
Amunition type:Energy
Ammo:Energy Cells.
Ammo per round:500 Shoots per fully charged cell.
Accuracy:Fires straight with minimul Recoil do to a built in Recoil damper that helps keep the line of fire striaght.
Type of fire:Full auto
Plasma tematures:Can go from 3,000 to 3,900
Plasma is desinged to stay on target sitting there doing extrra damage as it burns away at the enemy.
Manufacturer:Citidel Armorys

Side Arm:
User Image
MA87 Mass Accelorator
Material: Titiaum
Type: Pistole
Rate of fire:One round per second.
Ammunition type:Accelorator
Ammo:Mag Fed.
Ammo per Mag:60 rounds per mag.
Accuracy:Fires straight with minimul Recoil do to a built in Recoil damper that helps keep the line of fire striaght.
Type of fire:Semi Auto
Manufacturer:Citidel Armorys
Mass Accelorator:
mass accelerator propels a solid metal slug using precisely-controlled electromagnetic attraction and repulsion. The slug is designed to squash or shatter on impact, increasing the energy it transfers to the target. If this were not the case, it would simply punch a hole right through, doing minimal damage.

User Image
50.cal Accelorator.
Material: Titiaum
Rate of fire:One round per second.
Ammunition type:Accelorator/ 50.cal round
Ammo:Mag Fed.
Ammo per Mag:40 rounds per mag.
Accuracy:Fires straight with minimul Recoil do to a built in Recoil damper that helps keep the line of fire striaght.
Type of fire:Semi Auto
Manufacturer:Cerberus Labatorys
-Built in Scope for sniping. Scope Range 2-6x zoom.
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Enduring Paladin

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Galactic Marshall Dante "Star" White.

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Dante was in a grass land near the Village in Luzern. He was standing proudly in the grass lands only a few miles away from the Village. Looking at the Village he smiled Proudly.
The Tempature was a little chilly, but the Thermal powering unit in his Suit kept him nice and warm. It was only ten minutes ago he was dropped off by a Federation Drop ship. He was reading over the Mission objective on his Cercuit breaker. The Area was Abondoned expect for him and Tikoloshe. Or as he decided to Nick name "Tik" As he had a habit of giving many people he knew small nick names. He checked his Motion tracker witch could track an object a few meters away. So far there was nothing. Looking around over the city turning his Neck right and left he headed tot he city walking in a quick pace. Though he flet like he was walking in a slow and relaxed pace his Armor's speed enhamcenets allowed him to walk in a much faster pace but still feeling the comforts of walking much slower. Still having a victorius grin on him, under his visor. He was'nt expecting much resitence from the SEAL he would be facing.
Still he was a little worried. As he walked he made a small preyer to the Maker asking him to guide him to victory, or to an honorable Death. He was only a few feet away from the city. He held his Plasma rifle in his Hnads with his sniper on his back. Still looking at the Motion tracker, still nothing.

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