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arrow Near T.S.S. Apollo, Alien small craft

The barrage from the Terran vessels made its way to the four alien ships, even these vessels wouldn't be able to dodge all of those explosive rounds. Three of the vessels changed course to avoid the deadly rain of shells, the fourth ship fired a burst from its engine and rammed right into the Apollo. The small craft was destroyed instantly from the impact, two smaller explosions came from within the Apollo's main hull, followed by three more. Then like a super nova releasing its energy, the Apollo exploded in a grand fireball. Seconds before the destruction, the Apollo's communications officer sent a burst transmission to Fleet Command.

The three remaining craft continued to dodge the flak fire from the Terran fleet, once they were far enough away from the deadly explosions they jumped away as they mission was complete.

arrow Wing Commander Alex Frost
Near Engagement zone - T.S.S. Apollo

Alex watched as the flak rounds exploded just a few kilometres away from his little fighter. It was almost a beautiful sight to see, it looked like fireworks for some kind of festival. He was trying hard to keep his eyes trained on the alien ships as they started to move around to avoid the barrage, then in the corner of his left eye he saw a bright flash. At first Alex let out a little cheer, he thought that one of the alien ships was destroyed, then he saw the smaller explosions coming from the Apollo. He knew right then that the Apollo was doomed, he could just make out the extreme damage from the impact. Then in a blinding light, the Apollo exploded.

Commander Frost out of revenge for the fallen crew of the Apollo he began his charge towards one of the other alien ships. He hit his lock on system and put his finger on the trigger, but before he could fire the alien ship disappeared in a blink of an eye.

"Damnit!" Alex cursed.

arrow Captain Jeffery Davidson
T.S.S. Vanquished, Bridge
Gallonigher System

It all happened so fast, before anyone could react the Apollo was destroyed and the alien bastards had jumped away. The explosions from the flak rounds and the Apollo faded away in the darkness of space.

"Scan for survivors, life pods, anything…" Captain Davidson ordered.

A sensor scan of the area where the Apollo was came up negative, there was only trace amounts of debris from the hull and some bio-matter.

"Nothing sir, all hands on the Apollo are lost." The operations officer reported.

Jeff didn't know anyone on the Apollo, but they were officers of the Terran Federation, they died in the line of duty.

"Set condition two, continue with the mission prep." Jeff ordered.

arrow Admiral David Taggert.
Fleet Command Station, CnC

Shock was drawn on the Admiral's face at the sight of the Apollo being destroyed. He felt completely responsible for their deaths, if the station wasn't damaged by the Third Gate then the weapons grid would have been online and the alien ships might have been destroyed before taking out the Apollo. But, they weren't online and the fleet didn't reach them in time. Of course this was something he did to himself anytime someone under his command is killed. David began to think of all the possibilities of how to avoid the deaths of a couple hundred officers.

As the Admiral stood there at his post, looking out into the black a Commander came up to him and cleared his throat to get the Admiral's attention.

"Yes." David said. His mind still reviewing what happened.

"Sir, just before the Apollo was destroyed it sent out a burst transmission with a file encrypted in it. Its addressed to you." The Commander said. He held out a data pad that contained the file.

David turned and took the pad from the Commander.

"Thank you Commander." Admiral Taggert said.

With the pad in his hand, Admiral Taggert walked off to his office. Once inside he locked the door and sat down at his desk. He tapped on the screen of the pad and opened the file. It asked for his clearance code and beeped twice once he entered it. Inside contained a full report from the Apollo's mission, it also had data on everything that the Apollo's sensors picked up. This was way the Apollo was destroyed.

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arrow V.R.S. Glaucus, Bridge
Near Vangar Prime, Third Gte Death Fleet
Urnoua System

Lights on the bridge were out, only a few emergency lighting was active. The dimly lit bridge was filled with smoke that make the air heavy and hard to breathe. Sparks bursted from damaged consoles and power systems, a few small fires raged near ruptured bulkheads. Consoles and screens were dead, only a few secondary stations were online. Several crew members laid on the floor, some were dead from explosions or falling debris. Others were knock out or injured, one managed to reach a emergency com panel and requested a medic team to the bridge.

Sub-Admiral Lutri opened her eyes and turned her head to look around. Seconds later she could feel a sharp pain in her left arm, she tried to move it but the pain was too much. Lutri figured it was broken, but it was hard to tell with the dim light. She could hear other people on the bridge, some in pain and others trying to move around. Lutri attempted to sit up, at first it was hard and pain started to pulse from her arm however she pushed herself through it and managed to prop herself up against a damaged console.

The doors to the bridge were forced opened, an engineering team came through then followed by a medical team. A few moved off to help anyone who was still alive, one was looking for Lutri and the Captain. A bright light was shined into Lutri's face as the medical officer moved towards her. The medic pulled out a scanner and placed it against Lutri's left arm, then moved it over her other arm, chest, legs and head.

"Only a broken arm, that's luckily Admiral." The medic said.

"I'll be fine, find…" Lutri started but then something caught her eyes. The Captain of the Glaucus lied on the upper deck, a support beam was onto of him, from what Lutri could see he was dead.

The medic turned his head to where Lutri was looking and saw the dead Captain on the floor.

"I'm sorry Admiral."

The ship shook hard, it felt like more weapons fire was hitting the hull. More sparks exploded all around the bridge. Another support strut broke free and nearly took out the engineering team.


The Combine warship came around for another attack run on the Glaucus. The ship suffered heavy damage from the last barrage, several decks were completely destroyed, one of the main engines was severed from the main hull. Several large hull breaches could be seen and atmosphere was venting fast. The mightily Vangar warship couldn't take much more of this punishment.

The Combine warship drew closer, its main weapons were around ready to fire when it took several missile impacts on its portside. A Terran Battleship closed in on the Combine warship, more missiles were fired and its main KEC's lit up. Now it had the warships attention. The Combine shifted fire onto the Terran Battleship, but its shields were fully operational. The Battleship powered up its Quantum Reflex Cannons and fired. Bright blue lances accelerated towards the Combine ship and tore it apart.

The Terran ship moved towards the Glaucus and provided covering fire to anything that came close. Dropships were launched in an effort to evacuate the Glaucus.
arrow Urnuoa System.
Wreckage fields.
The Taladrains and the Eldrazi.

The Portals continued to open up and get bigger as the first signs of ships began to come through.The first two portals slowly began to close as 2 squadrons of Taladrain crystal fighters came through with 50 fighters in each squadron.The third portal a single squadron of Eldrazi energy crystal fighters came though with 50 fighters in their battle group.

The last 3 portals multiple shock waves could be detected as 3 massive ships slowly came though the portals.One Taladrain Crystal Battle Cruiser came though with 18 massive rotating crystals around the crystal vessel which was in 7 different sections that were separated from the rest of the ship but was floating together.

The second vessel to come though slowly began to come though the portal.

In that moment the Third Gate brain vessel reached out with its tendrils and began its attack on the ship coming though the second portal.Multiple Blackish Yellow beams were fired out from the end of each tendril.It was then that the Portal that the ship was slowly coming though imploded and exploded as massive sections of crystal plating could be seen shooting out of the remains of the portals that was opened only moments ago.

At that time the Third and final vessel came though as the Eldrazi Eradication Cruiser came though.Four massive Crystal like stones could be seen rotating around a massive central crystal like vessel.Each of them in a diamond like shape.The Eldrazi vessel and the Taladrain ship slowly turned towards the Brain like vessel and began to power up weapons.

The first Terran Death ship that was badly damaged exploded into flames as the 2000mm rail cannon hit its unshielded hull which hit its reactor causing multiple explosions that finished it off.The other Terran Death ship shields managed to withstand the incoming attacks from the Avenger as it began to move in closer for a better shot with Third Gate empowered Reflex Cannons that were slowly powering up.

Just as the vessel got in range to open fire multiple explosions rippled out across its hull which was followed with another set of explosions as the ship burst into flames.Rushing in from the sides of the floating burning wreckage a single squadron of Eldrazi Fighters along with a Squadron of Taladrain fighters.

Both squadrons detected Third gate portals and infestation on the Avenger and quickly moved into formation to attack and bored the vessel for an attack.the mission was simple.To kill all Third gate lifeforms and anything that has came in contact with the Fragment and to take it back and reseal the fragment in a new location.

50 Taladrain fighters open fire at the Avenger with Taladrain Anti-Cruiser beam cannons.A much larger weapon made for taking down an enemy vessel of a larger size.As the first attacks began it wasn't long before Third gate fighters came in attacking the Taladrain and the Eldrazi Fighter groups.Both battle groups turned to the Third Gate threat accept for a few of the Eldrazi fighters continued to follow in behind the Avenger and gaining speed as they headed straight towards the Hanger bay.

arrow Avenger of the Fallen.
Hanger Bay.
Third Gate.

Third gate Slashers continued to pour in as more variants of Third gate Slashers appeared.Many of the Slashers were now Shadow Slashers and Omega class slashers along with tech Slashers and spitters.Several More Third Gate portals opened up in the hanger.Rushing from out of the Portals Third gate Terror Bringers and Third Gate baby Dracs.

Right outside the hanger bay in space 3 Eldrazi fighters could be seen hovering outside the shields and looking into the hanger bay.At a much closer look the Eldrazi Fighters were much larger and had multiple weapon armaments.at the front of each Eldrazi fighter two small sections of crystals could be seen slowly spinning up and began to speed up faster and faster as they prepared to fire a barrage of light into the hangers.

arrow Med-Bay.

Third gate grip on the Med bay was a losing fight now.Pride still had some more tricks up his sleeves.At this point in time Pride has already vanished again and was no longer on the Avenger of the Fallen and has returned back to the Brain vessel to deal with the Taladrain and the Eldrazi's.

arrow Bridge,
Outside the main Doors.

Third Gate Hellions continued to pour out of the portal and engage the Vangar forces on the other side.The Hellions armored body's made them very strong and tough to deal with as they continued to get up close and wound or kill a Vangar soldiers.Some of the Hellions attempted to pound down the main doors of the Bridge.Each hit they landed could be felt on the other side.

It was like hell itself opened up as another smaller like portal opened up inside the same room that the Hellions and Vangar were fighting at.The Portal was not Third gate and had the same energy signatures as the Eldrazi and Taladrain.

Walking out of he Portal was 12 Taladrain Marines.Each of them appeared to be in some kind of highly advance power armor of some kind.They almost appeared human some what accept for their body's being much thinner in size and slightly taller also.The crystals in their armor could be seen flowing with energy.All of their weapons looked the same and what ever weapons they were holding seem surgically attached to their body's and their armor.

Just then a much larger creature began to walk out of the Portal.As it slowly walked though the portal its body could be seen covered in what looked like a gray colored blue steel or metal of some kind.Floating around its body was 3 steel like objects in a diamond shape that had the same texture as the bigger creature that stepped out.Its Arms were long as the same with its legs.It was then that the Eldrazi looked around in the room for a moment before turning towards the Hellions portal.
arrow Unknown location, near the outer edge of the Milky Way Galaxy

The alien fleet continued to grow in size with each passing hour, ships of various sizes and classes appeared. There was a large gate like structure floating in space, hundreds of ships surrounded it, guarding it from anything that might come its way. The gate must have been the size of a small moon, as several space station sized vessels orbited it. A total of one million ships were now in system. The gate powered up again, energy bursts fired from hundreds of tips that covered the inner ring. Once it was fully powered a massive hyperspace window was formed, seconds later something came through. It was massive, it almost didn't fit through the gate. The object that came through looked like a metal moon. It was a perfect sphere, its outer skin was made from the same alloy that the alien ships were made out of. In the front looked like a large hatch or door. The sphere came to a stop in the middle of the fleet and the alien ships surrounded it like a shield.
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I would like to thank everyone who role played here and allowed me to write about something that I really enjoyed. I hope to see some of your guys in my next thread and I hope that it will last as long or longer then this one.

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