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arrow Wraith Squadron

Everyone's eyes widened as the large ship gained speed and velocity. Just thenthings started to spourt off it like spores, which also started to close in on larger ships.

"Sanderson, what are those things, are they missles?" Commander Janson asked his Executive Officer.

"Unknown sir, but by the way their flying I would say fighters, also organic." Everyone tensed, this was probably bad.

Janson called the Talon Star, "Talon Star this is Janson, the unknown ship has "launched" a large number of small ships, most likely fighters, your orders?"
arrow Terran Starship Talon Star

The organic ship was coming at them fast, and judging from the reports, they're also releasing organic fighters. s**t!

"Navigation, Strafe around the unknown, I don't want to go heads on with that thing. Keep out MAC guns ready and charged, along with the Jackhammers." Rogers ordered his crew, "Don't fire until I give the order."

The large battlecruiser slid slowly and gracefully out of the way of the unknown ship. "Captain Davidson, this might turn ugly. We don't know the potential of that thing.." He said into the comm.

"I want all starfighters to launch. Commander Janson, you have command of all squadron from Talon Star. Hold off engaging until they make the first move."
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arrow Wraith Squadron

"Roger that sir, Let them make the first move, if they attack, we attack."
arrow Unknown vessel

The Alien bio-ship continued towards the Terran fleet at great speeds, it launched a biomatter shpere at the Talon Star.

The alien "fighters" turned and engaged the Terran fightercraft, they fired a green spore like object at the fighters.
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arrow Terran Fighters

Everyone of the fighters scrambled, alien fighters were coming in hot and lanching spore like particals at the terrans.

"This Wraith One to all squadrons, alien fighters are hostile, you are free to engage. I repeat, you are free to engage."

"Specter One, roger."

"Phantom One, roger."

"Ghost One, roger.," were just some of the squadrons that checked in. All of the Terran fighters formed up and met the alien charge with one of their own, pulse cannons blazing.

When the two groups of fighters met it was utter chaos, the alien fighters were surprizingly agile, it seemed like they could guess where the Terrans were before they were there. But that didn't mean that the Terran fighters would just roll over and die, they were holding there own. The fight was evenly matched, it was just a matter of who tired first.
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(( eek WHERE IS EVERYBODY!!!! eek ))
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arrow Terran Starship Talon Star

An alarm sounded as the unknown fired a sphere at them, Captain Rogers roared out his orders, "Shut the alarm off. Fire 50 Jackhammer missiles at Biosphere to stop it. Fire MAC guns 1 thru 4 at enemy, with interval of one second per charge."
arrow Terran Starship Agamemnon

"Sirs, the alien vessel has opened fire on the Talon Star. Wait, alien fighters are heading this way." The Ops officer reported.

Captain Davidson hoped that this wouldn't turn into a fight, but he had no choice now.

"Sound Battlestations, and activate pulse cannons. Have all squadrons launch ASAP." Jeff ordered.

The Agamemnon went to battle alert and powered up its main defenses and weapons. The alien fighters came in hard and fast, something that Terran pilots couldn't do. They fired balls of bio-energy at the battlecruiser. As they impacted with the energy shields, they began to drain them.

Port ships losing power, there weapons seem to absorb energy. The Ops officer stated.

The ships port side pulse cannons targeted the alien fighters and opened fire, laser bolts teared through the bio-armour and destroyed two of the alien ships. Four more were left and they continued to attack in full force.


The Alien ship was hit by the Talon Stars MAC shells and Missiles. The Missiles exploded on the bio-armour, not causing much damage, however two of the MAC rounds managed to punched through the ships hull and do some damage. It quickly countered the attack and fired a dozen bio-missiles at the Talon Star.
arrow Terran Starship Talon Star

"Sir, incoming missiles!"

"Fire traser rail gun, blow those missiles out of space. Start recharging the first four MAC guns, fire the last three in a sequence at the enemy ship." Rogers ordered.

There was a huge shudder as the ship's weaponary fired. Rogers watched as most of the missiles were obliterated, however several of them were still flying. "BRACE FOR IMPACT!"

The ship was rocked as the alien missle impacted. "Damage reports!" The captain yellled over the klaxon of the alarms going off.

"bottom two decks are gone, minimal damage. Mac guns 1-4 30% charged, 5-7 5 % charged"
arrow Terran Starship Agamemnon

The Alien ship started to turn towards the Agamemnon, Captain Davidson looked over at the weapons display beisde him and saw that all 8 MAC Guns had a clear shot from here.

Fire all MAC Guns, standby Jackhammer missiles. Captain Davidson ordered.

The ship shook as 8 MAC rounds fired from the MAC Guns, they raced towards the alien bio-ship and impacted with great force. The alien ship now appeared lifeless as it just was floating in space. Bio-matter was being pushed out into space by the breaches made in its hull.

Talon Star, this is Captain Davidson. How you holding up over there? Jeff asked on the comm-channel.
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arrow Terran Star Fighters

The alien fighters, which had shown such skill in their flying, were now flying like drunks. The Terrans took advantage of this and promptly vaporised them all.

"Talon Star, this is Wraith One, alien fighters have been destroyed. I repeat, alien fighters have been destroyed. Coming back to refuel and rearm."
((Sorry bout the delay ninja ))

"Captain Davidson, the missiles vaporized our bottome two decks. We have sealed it off and there was no live casualty. Lost a few days of ration but thats about you, how did you guys do?" Captain Rogers replied.

"Wraith One, great job, I need casualty reports"
arrow Terran Starship Agamemnon

"We only recived minor damage to our hull. Looks like our MAC volley destroyed that alien bio-ship. We should find out what those things are before we run into more of them. Captain Davidson said.

The Agamennon's fightercraft returned to the ship to refuel and re-arm. What was left of the alien bio-ship was floating in space like a lifeless body.
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arrow Wraith Squadron

"Captain Davidson, Captain Rogers, my squadron valintears (Please excuse the misspelling mrgreen ) to scout the alien ship, jugding from it size we might need assistence from another squadron."

Janson and his men where refueled and ready to go, all they needed was the green light from command.
arrow Terran Starship Agamemnon

"Copy that Wraith Squad, I'll send you Vampire squadron. Good luck and report back anything you find." Captain Davidson ordered.

Vampire squadron launched from the Agamemnon and rushed to meet up with Wraith Squadron.

"This is Commander Jackson of Vampire squadron, we have your backs." Jackson said over the radio.

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