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arrow Terran Starship Talon Star

Mallory picked up a comm and dialed in the frequency for Wraith Squadron and Commander Janson. "Wraith Squadron, prepare to deploy for recon duty."

As he waited for a reply his sensor officer said, "Agamemnon is taking the lead."

"Navigational Officer, we're covering their back. Engines at 50%, I want all the weapons in standby from now on." Mallory ordered.
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arrow Terran Starship Talon Star

The Wraiths were just about to get into bed when the call came in, "Well I guess the R and R is going to have to wait," Gavin Darklighter said with an annoyed sence of humor.

The squadron suited up and jumped into their fighters. "Wraith Squadron checking in, all systems green. Launching in three, two, one, launch." The five fighters jeted out of the launch bay, their sensors tuned to high.
arrow Terran Starship Agamemnon

Captain, recon squadrons are launched. The Commander reported to Jeff.

Captain Davidson was happy to see that the mission was going well so far. He looked over to the communications officer.

Order the squadrons to scout ahead 10,000 kilometers, we'll stay behind them so that they can return to refuel. Captain Davidson ordered.

((Fatal, you can control my recon squadron if you want to.))
arrow Terran Starship Talon Star

"Wraith Squadron away!" The operational officer said, "Sending them tasking orders now, recon at 10 thousand klicks ahead of the Agamemnon."
arrow 20,000 Kilometers away from the Federation Ships.

Lurking behind a small planetoid, an unknown vessel watched the Terran ships with great interest. Going undetected, it began to scan the two ships with a low scanner field. It would most likely go unoticed.
[[OOC:: Is it one big ship or alot of different ones? yay vex!]]
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The Wraiths flew in perfect alinment scanning for anything out of the ordinary.

Gavin Darklighter looked at his screens and found something strange, "Commander, I'm picking up some strange readings, suggest we investigate."

"Alright, lets check this out." The fighters turned to investigate these strange readings, "On your toes people, no heroics."

As they moved closer the readings started to form into a large ship, Commander Chris desided to calll this in. "Talon Star, Agamemnon, we're picking up a strange ship, and it loks like it's scanning you, requesting instructions."
arrow Terran Starship Talon Star

"Captain, we got something!" The sensor officer yelled out loud to break the silence that was building on the bridge.

Commander Chris's voice came thru the speakers, "Talon Star, Agamemnon, we're picking up a strange ship, and it looks like it's scanning you, requestiing instructions."

Captain Rogers spoke up, "Wraith Squadron, please relay the coordinates of the unknown vessle and any information you can get to us. Then pull back and get your asses out of there."

He switched to a comm with Agamemnon. "Captain Davidson, we'll check this out. Lets start out by sending a diplomatic message. If that doesn't work we'll have to go to plan B"

"Weapon Officer, i want the reactors running at 100%. Start charging the MAC guns, remove the safeties for all the other weapons."

"I want all squadrons onboard to get ready to deploy. Manuever us toward the unknown."
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arrow Wraith Squadron

"You heard'em Wraths, lets get back to the Talon Star, normal speed though, be as non-threatening as you can. If they give chase, then we haul a**." The fighters started back to the Talon Star, Chris had a strange feeling about this.
arrow Terran Starship Agamemnon

The message that Captain Ross sent was recived by Captain Davidson. He agreed that he would like to make a good first contact impression.

"Copy that Captain, you call the ball." Captain Davidson said over the radio.

The Agamemnon stayed back and would let the Talon Star handle this contact mission.
[[OOC:: Is it one big ship or alot of different ones? yay vex!]]

((Which one are you refering to?))
arrow Terran Starship Talon Star

"Captain, one more thing, charge your MAC cannnons." Rogers said over the Terran secure channel.

"Sir, our MAC is full at 100% each." The weapon officer said, "Stand by for further orders."

They approached the unknown ship slowly, it loomed closer and closer in the forward camera.

The Talon Star stopped at a distance away. Heads-on with the unknown ship.

"Send a high bandwidth message. saying 'This is the Terran Federation, we've come to explore this system and make peace with the locals'" Rogers said to his comm officer.

"Message sent, awaiting for answer." The whole bridge was dead quite, seeing how they would respond...
arrow Terran Starship Agamemnon

Captain Davidson ordered the weapons officer to power up the main weapons and the MAC guns. The crew of the Agamemnon hoped that the unknown ship wasn't hostile, and that it would become an ally to the Federation.

arrow Unknown vessel

The Unknown vessel saw that it was detected, also its scans proved that the strange vessels in its space where made of metal. That ment that whoever operated them used technology, something they hated. The vessel came out of its hiding place and now was in full view. The ship was a type of bio-organic design, no signs of technology was visiable from the outside. It start to move closer to the Terran vessels.
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arrow Wraith Squadron

The Wraits had taken up defensive positions around the Talon Star whenthe alien ship came into view, "Look at the size of that thing!" Commander Janson said in astonishment."

"Not only that but look on your sensors, it's not metallic, it's organic." Sanderson said, "I've never seen anything like it before."
arrow Terran Starship Agamemnon

Captain, the ship is moving towards us. At a very high speed I might add. The Ops officer reported.

Captain Davidson looked up to one of his screens that was over head of the map table. It showed the vessel traveling at great speeds, since it was organic Jeff was curious to see what drives it.

Lieutenant, start transmitting our first contact messages. I wonder if they can understand us. Jeff ordered.

The Comms officer began to transmitt the messages at the unknown ship. It only took a fe seconds, but the alien ship sent something back to both ships. It wasn't understandable, and very strange sounding. The ship gained more speed as it got closer to the Terran battlecruisers.

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