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"Alright. Let's go." Rogers started back towards his shuttle, eager to set off as soon as the repairs on his ships were done. "I don't think we can manage to bring back a whole cap ship. Let's try for one of their fighters next time we fight."
Captain Davidson followed Captain Rogers out of the building and to their shuttles.

"I would agree, it would be much easier to grab a fighter then a larger ship. Are you up for the task Commander?" Jeff asked.
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"Sir yes sir, all I need is acouple of extra pilots if you have any."
"I'm sure we can find some extra pilots for your squadron." Captain Davidson said.

He reached the dropship and stood outside.

"See you two at the jump port." Jeff said again.

He got into the shuttle and sat down, he waited for the dropship to take off and take him back up to the Agamemnon.
Rogers contacted Command and managed to get some spare pilots for the fighter squadron. The captain returned to the Talon Star on his drop ship and spent the rest of the time preparing while the repairs are being completed.
arrow TSS Agamemnon

Captain Jeffery Davidson returned to his ship and prepared the crew to enter the Jatno system again.
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Janson returned to the Talon Star with Captain Rogers. The machanics had repaired most of the damage from the battle and were finishing up.
"Agamemnon, this is Captain Rogers. Whats your repair status?" He asked through the comlink after he had returned to the ship.
Emergency Message via Commlink

"Enemy forces are attacking us. We need support from our allies. I dont know how long we can hold but we will try our best. Gaian Liberation Base of Operations Under Attack

arrow Fleet Command, Terra Nova

THe Commanders at Fleet Command heard the message from the Federations new allies, the Gaian Liberation Army. They all agreed to send a fleet of ships and two divsions of marines with armor to help them out.

arrow Tenth Tactical Fleet, Orbiting Terra Nova

The fleet was preparing to get under way and help out the GLA. The marines were flown aboard by dropships and and so was their armor. Within two hours, the fleet was underway and entered hyperspace.

arrow TSS Agamemnon

"Our repairs are complete Captain and we are leaving the station now. How are things going over there?" Captain Davidson asked.
arrow Terra Nova, President Ecks' Office

President Ecks sat in his office when the main comm screen started to beep. Jason pushed on a button and the screen flicked on. It was a Admiral at Fleet Command, he had some news about the situation at Gaia.

"Mr President, I'm afraid that our fleet at Gaia is under attack from hostile forces that are attacking the GLA. So far, we only count one ship lossed." The Admiral reported.

This was some bad news, but it was also expected as the Terran Federation did send in a small fleet of ships to help the GLA out.

"Have two more fleets stand ready just in case, they might need backup. I'll get in contact with the GLA myself and see if those medical ships arrived yet. Thank you Admiral, keep me posted." Ecks said, as he switched off the screen.
((Just to let you guys know that we now have ally and that we are helping him out with defending his guild from attack. Curretly I have sent one fleet of support ships.))
((My internet is gone for the rest of the week, this site is blocked off my school computers. So move on without me.))

arrow TSS Agamemnon

The Agamemnon was ready to depart the station, its systems came online on by one. The main engines started to lit up as the fusion reactors kicked in. Once everything was ready, the docking clamps were released and the airlocks sealed. The ship was ready to leave port and head for the Janto system for its mission.

First it was going to wait up for the Talon Star to finish with its repairs and join them. Several other smaller ships, a few frigates and corvettes would join the two battlecarriers on their mission; as backup incase they get into some trouble.

Captain Davidson had just heard that the battle at Gaia didn't go well, three fleets and two medical ships destroyed. He didn't believe it at first, then the pictures and live feed came in. He had friends in that fleet, now they were dead.

"Captain, we have cleared the station and holding position for the Talon Star. They will be along shortly, they still have some minor damage to their scanner systems." The commander reported.

Captain Davidson nodded and waited, until then he would stare out at the main screen. He wondered what President Ecks was going to do about the tactical fleet and medical ships being destoryed. If the Terran Federation was going to war with the attackers from Gaia, then what about the Bio-organic aliens. They couldn't fight two wars at the same time...
arrow Terra Nova

A meeting was now taking place with the Admirals of the Terran Federation and with President Jason Ecks about the situation in the Gaia System. They had lost three fleets and two medical ships to the fight to help their new allies, but now it looks like they had lost and there wasn't much else left to do. The Federation couldn't go on another war, their forces were being taken up with the currelt alien crisis in the Jatno Star System.

"I think I would like to meet with these people, maybe we could negosiate the release of the GLA people. Ready my ship for departure, I'm going to the Gaia system, and alone." Jason ordered.

The Admiral's didn't like the idea of the President of the Federation to go on a dangerous mission with only one ship. But it was want he wanted. He wanted them to know that the Terran Federation doesn't want a war.

arrow Fleet Station, Terra Nova Orbit

Jason Ecks stepped off of the dropship that brought him up to the TSS Defender, a Olympuic Class Battlecarrier. This ship was refitted with more weapons and better shielding then the others. The same refitts were going to happen to every other ship in the Terran Navy, but it would happen to the Defender first.

The ship was ready to leave space dock, its large star drive engines came to live as did the rest of the ship. It slowly left the station under its own power. As it cleared the station, its hyperdrive jump engines came online and with a brigyt flash of blue light, the massive vessel enterd hyperspace and was on its way to the Gaia System.

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