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arrow Sub-Admiral Lutri
Vangar Warship Glaucus
Near Vangar Prime

Lutri was seating in a small office that was off to the side of the bridge. She was going over the some notes and strike plans for the rest of the Imperium bases in this system. Just as she looked over at a picture of her dead husband that was on the desk, the ships alarm went off.

The Glaucus went to Action stations, the crew began to rush to their duty stations and awaited orders. Sub-Admiral Lutri quickly exited the ready room and approached the center of the bridge.

"Report!" Lutri said.

"Sensors have detected multiple contacts in sector 54 by 76, IFF has confirmed that they are Combine warships. Several of them have surrounded the Terran ship Lunar." The operations officer reported.

Lutri remembered the Combine all too well, they pretty much took over Vangar Prime and nearly wiped them out in the process.

"Signal the fleet to move in, energize weapons and shields. Helm, intercept course." Lutri ordered.

The Glaucus powered up its weapons array and raised its energy shields, the Vangar Battlecruiser was ready for battle. Following in behind the Glaucus was a few hundred medium, heavy and light cruisers. The Vangar fleet quickly gathered speed as they headed towards the T.S.S. Lunar and the Combine fleet.

"Open a channel, all bands." Lutri ordered once more.

The COM officer nodded and tapped on the controls, opening a communication channel with the Combine fleet.

"This is Sub-Admiral Lutri of the Vangar Republic. Release that vessel at once and leave this system, or we will take your current action as an act of aggression and will open fire. You have one minute to comply." Lutri demanded.

Lutri wasn't in the mood for games today, she still have to secure Vangar Prime and the Unrona system from the Imperium and Third Gate.

As the Vangar fleet got into position, fighters were launched and took up defensive positions around the fleet. Light cruisers moved into attack packs and weapons systems began to lock onto targets.


About forty Terran warships were on an intercept course to the Combine fleet as well.
arrow Fleet Command Station
High Orbit Over Terra Nova
Gallonigher System

A military Shuttlecraft touched down in one of the smaller hanger bays, since the main one was damaged during the Third Gate attack. The main hatchway opened and out stepped Marshal Cole, head of the Federation Fighter Corps. She was called back to the station by Admiral Taggert for a meeting. She wasn't told any details about the meeting, only that it was of high importance to the war with the Imperium.

Alana and her personal marines entered the lift, one of the marines hit a few buttons on the console and the doors closed. The lift began to move towards the main command and control center for the station. The lift took only a few minutes to reach its destination and the doors slid open, revealing the large CnC. Dozens of officers and enlisted personnel were hard at work, mostly trying to reroute systems and networks to get the station back to full status. Alana walked out of the lift and headed straight for the Admiral's office to her right.

Arriving at the office door, she hit the door chime and waited to enter. Seconds past and she could hear Admiral Taggert's voice on the other side of the door say Enter. The door opened and Alana stepped into the office.

"Alana, I'm sorry I called you back so soon. But I have a matter that I need to discuss with you." Admiral Taggert said.

He got up from his seat and walked over to a small bar in the corner of the room. It didn't contain any liquor as that was against military regulations, however he did have water, fine juices, coffee and tea.

"Please have a seat, herbal tea?" David asked.

Alana nodded, herbal tea was her favorite but it also ment that the Admiral had something of high important to discuss. It took a couple of minutes for the tea to be ready, once it was Admiral Taggert brought it over and set it down on the desk for Alana to enjoy. David had made a fresh pot of coffee and sat down on his side of the desk.

"Alright, so what's the bad news David." Alana said out right.

Admiral Taggert sighed for a second and took a sip of his hot coffee.

"Ok... I just had a talk with Commander Ketias, the Imperium commander that surrendered to us. He gave me some intel that I think we can't past up." David said, taking another sip.

Alana nodded slowly.

"Ok, so what does this have to do with me?" Alana asked.

"This intel is something that we need to hit, and hit hard. However, I don't have the ships to commit. Also I spoke to General Horseman and most of our marines are either on Vangar Prime or being used to help secure other planets from the Imperium." David said, he then paused to take another sip of his coffee. Also allowing Alana to speak her mind.

"So, you want my help. Makes sense, currently our fighter force is in good condition, and new pilots are coming in every day. So, what's the target and how many bombs do you need?" Alana said, and smiled.

David smiled back and turned to a large screen in the office, it lit up and displayed target data. Both started to look it over and come up with a battle plan.
arrow Urnuoa System.
Near Vangonius.
Admiral Talon Claw's Fleet.
Combine Empire.

Talon Claw listen to the T.S.S. Lunar as they replied back.It was just then that Ravv also came in on the other channel and Talon Claw smiled as he looked back at the open channel with the Lunar and sent the message back.

I am sorry about what has happened Solomon.We are here on a mission to prevent a massive war between our people and your people but we have came across a problem and from what we have found out that the Terrans and Vangars were staged by the BC and their allies to make you guys become responsible for the lost of 42 million civilian lives on the World Slayer Montana.We are going to power down our weapons and let you go to show you a sign that we do not want a fight.We just want to find the target of interest and leave.

It was just then Ravv sent out his message to all ships in the area as his ships and the Combine ships under his command began to power down their weapons.Talon Claw watched as the rest of the Combine ships began to power down weapons but kept shields up in case.Just then the message from the Vangar Warship Glaucus came in.Just by the tone in his voice they were not very happy to see them and Talon Claw knew things could get bad.Talon Claw continued to keep his fingers crossed as he opened up a channel with the Glaucus.

One of the Combine officers looked at Talon Claw and nodded that there was an open channel.Talon Claw looked at the main screen to see Sub-Admiral Lutri on it.Talon Claw stood up and said"I am Admiral Talon Claw of the Combine special missions fleet.As you may we have already began to power down our weapons right before you called and we are letting the Lunar go.We are sorry for any of the hostilities this may have caused.As for your second request we will leave once we have found our target of interest.As you may see Lord Ravv has already sent you a message on what we are looking for and we do not want to see lives lost today.I am going to ask you a question.Can you please help us save the lives of your people and ours from destroying one another.Please?"Talon Claw said in a apologetic voice.
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arrow Captain Solomon Reath; T.S.S. Lunar; Bridge;
Urnoua System

Solomon nodded as he listened to Talon Claw "I understand. We will take our leave. Thank you and I hope that peace will be helded." He said before closing the channel and sitting back into his seat sighing deeply. "Helm, come about and rejoin the Fleet." Nikolai nodded "Aye Sir, coming about and heading on 6-5-2" he said. The Battleship engines came back to life and the ship slowly maded it way back toward the Glaucus The massive warship kept its weapons offline as it passed by several Combine warships heading back to rejoin its Fleet. As the Lunar was now free and returning to the Fleet, Solomon had Jager open comms with the Fallen and the Glaucus

This is the Lunar, Captain Reath here. The Combine have freed us and have let us go. I believe that they speak the truth about having peace. I ask that they be giving the chance to speak about why they are here and what they are looking for.

arrow Lord Ravv, Kai Legion Flagship
Near Vangonius

Ravv watched as both the Terran and Vanger fleets moved to countered them. He heared Sub-Admiral Lutri order for the freedom of the Lunar and for them to leave the system. Ravv knew that they had to get everyone to calm down so they could talk. He nodded some to himself as he saw Talon Claw letting the Terran ship free and having all of the Combine ships to power down their weapons systems, Ravv look back to the droid on the Comms system. "Open channels with all Flagships of the Combine. Terran, and Vanger" The droid nodded and did as ordered. And An Comms Channel was open with the Vanger Flagship Glaucus, the Terran Flagship Avenger of the Fallen, the Combine Flagship Claw

Admirals, I believe that it will help greatly if we all meet in the middle of the space between our fleets and hold talks for everything that has happend. But no escorts will be allowed to come. Just the Flagships of each nation. If this is alright with you. Please power down your weapons and signal us that you want peace aswell.
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arrow General Cassandra Khan
T.S.S. Avenger of the Fallen, leaving Vangonius
Urnuoa System

With its compliment of 1,500 marines, the Avenger of the Fallen left the planet and joined the Vangar fleet, Two more Atlas carriers, carrying 3,000 more marines each left with the Frigate, the crew scrambled ready for boarding actions as the comm officer monitored the transmisions, pinpoiting the flagships of the enemy fleets

"Yes, they showed up to get my fist on their faces" she replied to Yzak as they came into the turbolift Nike joining them out of God knows where, stealthty guy he was "Captain, of course your team should be ready, for yesterday" the turbolift traveled and reached the bridge level Cassandra came out, still discussing with her subordinates as they walked "I'm well aware of our condition Yzak, however if those Combine dogs have come with hostile intentions, I'm not going to back down either, Gheller status" she called, knowing Gheller was already on it

"Lutri is already moving her fleet to engage, our carriers are up and moving, the rest are on the ready to be called, we have 800 ships and some more arriving, diferent comunications have been send from both sides" Gheller reported as she pointed to the comms officer, Cassandra walked towards him, the comms officer replayed them for her "Well Yzak, seems you are right, but still I don't like it" the General said to Yzak as her face turned away from the console

She walked to the center of the bridge "Send a comm to Lutri, tell her to stand by, I bet she is as eager as me, with the finger on the triggers and feeling itchy" she paused as she looked the screen "Send an open comm to the Combine flagships, include Lutri"

Once the comm officer send the message to Admiral Lutri, calling her to stand down for now, but keep the shields up, he prepared the live comm for Cassandra "This is General Khan, commander in chief of the Vangar-Terran forces, I am in possesion of the object you are looking for, however I find it hard to handle over this object to an empire responsible of the slaughtering of billions of vangar lifes, why should we listen and agree to meet you after all the pain and grief you have caused not only to my kind, but the terran as well? explain yourself and make sure to include a very good reasons, don't pull that crap about saving billions of lifes, I want every detail if you want cooperation from our part, it will be on our terms"

With a hand sign, Cassandra ordered Gheller to power down the Avenger of the Fallen weapons, she obligued reluctantly, keeping only the shields up "We gave you a sign, now give me one or this will get very bad for you" she though while waiting on the response
TO: Flight Commander Vanessa Griffin & Captain Aurora Gear
FROM: High Command
SUBJECT: Classified**

Encrypted Code - 99-0232-121-543-Zulu

Command Key ID - 0-2-2-1

>>> New mission orders... Awaiting mission briefing.

Admiral Taggert and Marshal Cole in attendance.

Please be at Fleet Command, mission room at 1400 hours.



arrow Sub-Admiral Lutri
V.R.S. Glaucus
Near Vangar Prime
Unrona System

Lutri listened to what the Combine leader had to say and to be frank she couldn't give a damn about their needs. In her eyes, they were the ones responsible for the billions dead on Vangar Prime. She was in a fragile state of mind, in fact just about every surviving Vangar was in that state right now. Lutri closed her eyes for a second, which seemed like hours to her. She began to think about the possible outcomes to this situation. If she engages, they most likely her fleet along with a good number of Terran warships would be destroyed. The Combine fleet currently outnumbered them, but the Terran's would be able to bring in reinforcements quickly. She then thought about giving in to their demands and it turning out to be a trap and the Combine attack, finishing their job that they started a year ago.

Lutri opened her eyes and looked at the view screen.

"Tactical... Power down the weapons array, give this order to the entire fleet." Lutri ordered.

The Vangar ships began to power down their weapon systems.

"You have my attention Admiral, I will move my ship to the middle and we can get this over with." Lutri said.

The Glaucus fired up its impulse engines and moved into the middle area where the fleets were standing off. Once it reached its destination its engines powered down and Thrusters maneuvered the Battlecruiser into position.
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arrow Captain Aurora G. Gear
T.S.S. Dammerüng, Mess Hall
Gallonhiger system

Aurora looked at the mess, cleaning personel and medic teams were still cleaning the area and sterilizing everything, it will be a while before they could call a clear on the mess hall

Fortunately, a few more crewmans could be saved, badly wounded but they managed to fool the 3rd gate into believing they were death, less casualties to report make any commander felt good, curiously, not a single marine who was in the mess hall was found alive, it seemed they all pulled their handguns and died fighting, such a waste, but Aurora recognized they did their job to the end, which pleased her "Make sure to honor those Marines Colonel" she said to Hoffman who was standing near her, the old man simply nodded in approval, a man of few words he was

Her PDA ringed, pulling out the device, she read the message "Bridge, this is the captain" she opened a comm "First officer has the con, I will attend a meeting" it wasn't said, but it was implied she wanted the ship ready to depart

Making her way out of the ship and through the Airlock, it took her mere minutes to arrive, sitting outside the room she waited... until the sound of a pair of high heels called her attention, heels she knew well

arrow Flight Commander Vanessa H. Griffin
Fleet Command Station, Civilian Area
Gallonhiger System

7 stores in a row, the young blonde was in a rush for shopping, with a wide smile just thinking in all the pretty (and sexy) stuff she just bought to please her and who knows, please her new... amm boyfriend? if he can be called that, his eyes posed on the 8th store, marks on it she walked towards the door, only to be stopped by a beeping sound and buzzy feeling near her waist "Aww..." she just muttered, somewhat annoyed, in a sort of defying the physics of shopping bags, she pulled out her PDA and read the message

"Well, there goes my afternoon" she sighed and looked at the clock, it was 13:30, just enough time to make it back and get into the briefing room, considering she will have to get by the security checks of her stuff...

Minutes went by as she made her way towards the station mission room, she wondered what would be the nature of the mission, considering it was classified as confidential and with high encryption and that her "little sister" will be there too...

Passing the security checks, after "bribing" with her charms the military police officer from checking the bags holding her most intimate and sensual clothing she managed to somehow arrive just five minutes late...

"Fashionably late as usual V" the voice called her, to which she responded sitcking her tongue to the voice owner, sitting beside her, Vanessa kissed the young female cheek "You speak like your old man Aurora" setting the bags on the side she looked at Gear's daughter, her sort of adopted sister

The captain of the Damerüng giggled a bit "Well of course, it's my father after all, what will you think I would be speaking like you Miss Simphaty?"

"Not at all, you don't have the style booky girl"

The last comment caused both females to laugh soundly, lowering their noise once one of the marines nearby eyed on them, both decided to do something in the meantime, while Aurora pulled out her PDA to check on the repairs of her ship, Vanessa used hers to text Nils

Hi Mr. Spy! your sexy Femme fatale will be busy for a while, business, love you

"You buy too many things..."

"Shut it! not my fault you don't know how to use your pay"
arrow Fleet Command Station, Mission Briefing Room One

The main door to the briefing room slid open, standing inside was Marshal Cole.

"You two may enter now." Alana said.

She stepped back from the door to allow Captain Gear and Commander Griffin to enter the briefing room. The mission briefing room was twice the size of a standard briefing room on board most Terran ships. It's main purpose was to be used as a war room during wartime. However Admiral Taggert never really liked the room that much and rather preferred CnC.

Admiral Taggert was already inside, he was standing at a large round console that had a holo-projector in the middle of it. The device was currently on and was displaying some images of a space station, which would be unknown to the Captain and Commander. The room was also slightly dark to allow the holo-projector image to be as clear as possible.


arrow Unknown Location, a few hundred kilometers from the T.S.S. Apollo

One of the alien ships in the massive fleet broke off and began to move in the general direction of the Apollo. At first it would look like it was going to over shoot the exact location by several kilometers. However, after only a few seconds in transit the alien ship began to adjust its course every slightly towards the exact location of the Apollo. It also picked up speed, moving at a much faster rate then before. This would set off alarms on the Terran ship as the aliens seemed to have made its position and would most likely attack once it reached weapons range.
arrow First Officer Evan Cardinal
T.S.S Expedient
Holding position near CnC
Gallonhiger System

Ever since the incident at Fleet Command the Terra Federation has been keeping a close eye one everything around it, considering what was once though to be safe had been reviled to be vulnerable. Evan walked onto the bridge of the Expedient and was greet by salutes from all stations. He gave a salute back and everyone went back to work as he made his way to the captain's chair. He still didn't feel to right about sitting in it but if he want to fulfill his role it was best to use every he could. He pulled up the ship wide reports and slowly looked them over station by station. The Expedient had to maintain it deception that it was just a civil spacecraft, so all weapons had been "stowed below deck" but there where things she was still capable of doing. Her powerful censers swept the area as far all they could on all spectrum as both the engineering team aboard her and on CnC attempted to figure out a way of detecting the "Third gate anomalies" before the arrived. No farther orders had been given to her as of now. Miss Gemini had her hands full as she directed and relayed messages back and forth between CnC And the Expedient. So far nothing abnormal, just like patrol.

arrow Commodore Nils Z Wellington
Fleet Command
His quarters
Gallonigher System.

After what had happened on fleet commend Nils had deiced that his was as good a time as any to do some research. He made his way through fleet command to his quarters, if you could even call them that. The room had been untouched, No personal trinkets of any kind or sort. It was just like the day he had received the place. Peeling his Armour gingerly off as he was hurt still, He hung it on a rack along with his weapons and sent it to the armory to be repaired and maintained. They would have the schematics of how they all should be on file. Taking a shows was a painful and rather bloody experience as he scrubbed all exposed wounds with a specialized soap as to disinfect, with heal helping properties and an awful smell. Good bandages were used to cover up the wounds for now, he would head to medical when he had time, the nanites no longer helping with the pain as the combat situationist was over. Just will and drive pushed him on. After getting a fresh uniform on from the closet he slowly and carefully sat down in the chair beside the terminal and started to get to work. Plugging his communicator in he gained access to a whole new world as restricted files came available on his search to find out about the Thrid Gate. All reports had been sent and no new orders had been given to him. Receiving Vanessa's message brought a smile to his face but it was quickly removed as he leaned back in his chair and studied his enemy.
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arrow Lord Ravv, Kai Legion Flagship
Near Vangonius

Lord listened Cassandra about having the object that they were after. Now it was going to more easy than before as they didnt have to go down to the planet and look for it. Now they just had to the General to let them see it. That at for sometime was going to be hard. But Lord and the Admiral needed to check the datacore so that they could told the Combine leadership that the Vangers,Terrans, and the UCP were not BC allies. He was told the the Glaucus was moving to the middle of both fleets to hold the meeting. Ravv looked at the screen and knew just had they had to do to get General Khan to see them and show her that they wanted to talk.

General, We want to use what data we can find on that datacore to prove that the Combine were lied too about the BC being Vanger's Allies. There are those within the Combine Empire that want to launch an full all out attack on the Terran Federation and the Canger Republic. If we can get an look at that data. We will be able to show the Combine leadership that the Vanger and the other races arent against the Combine. I know that I cant be trusted much as I am the leader of the Legion. The robotic lifeform that Former Commander of the Gaia Federation Mark maded to give birth to an new Gaia Empire and took the lifes of Vanger, Terran, GaiaFed and many other lives. But here today, I am here to make an deal that we help both sides today. Myself and Admiral Talon Claw will give ourself to you so that we may talk more about this deal. The Admiral and I will be totally unarmed and with no guards. What do you say to that? We will order our ships not to attack and you and the Vanger Admiral can keep armed guards on us at all time as we onbroad your ship. You can scan us fully to be sure that we carry no weapons of anykind.

He said sighing deeply, which was out of place for an machine. But Ravv's Advance AI allowed him to act not like the other machine within the Legion. He looked up at the screen and at the three Admirals hoping that they could talk.
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arrow Flight Commander Vanessa H. Griffin / Captain Aurora G. Gear
Fleet Command Station, Briefing Room
Gallonhiger System

Both females entered, Aurora allowing Vanessa to go first, causing a gaze from Vanessa as she simply negated with her head "Protocol girl" she though as they entered, both females saluted sharply to their superior officers, Aurora's salute been more crisp than Vanessa's "Flight Commander Griffin reporting for duty, ma'am, sir" Vanessa started

"Captain Gear reporting for duty, sir, ma'am" Aurora continued and both females awaited for futher instructions, Vanessa's diamond blue eyes and Aurora's emeralds greens looked at the same point as they waited, the holo projector showing a station they didn't recognize, nor looked Terran in design

Both wondered if that was the reason they were called

arrow General Cassandra Khan
Avenger of the Fallen, Bridge
Urnuoa System

The hardened female listened to the message, unflinching, her face stern, making some wonder if she had any feeling at all, her gestures didn't gave away anything as Raav went on with his message

"Take us closer Gheller" were the first mouth coming out of her lips, Gheller complied and the Avenger of the Fallen left the vangar ranks and moved forward, her request was fullfiled in part although she would want to hear it from Talon Claw himself "Admiral Talon Claw, is that true?" she inquired, her voice sounding like forged steel, strong and unbending

Her hand lowered, her finger reached for a buttong and muted the comm "Get me a secure line with Lutri" she called, order fullfiled a hail was sent towards the Glaucus "Your ship or mine?" she simply inquired, same voice tone, if Lutri knew anything about her, this simply mean she was trying to stay under control, in true, a fire raged inside her, she wanted to kill each and everyone of those combine with her own hands, but she was a woman of her people, if there was a chance for peace and avoid conflict, avoding death of vangar people, she will give it a chance.

Although that didn't mean she was going to give them the data core
arrow Admiral David Taggert/ Marshal Alana Cole
Fleet Command Station, Briefing Room
Gallonigher System

Once the Captain and Commander where in the room, the door slid closed and the room was darker then before. Only the holo-projector was giving off light, but it was enough to seen in the room. Admiral Taggert looked up at the two and moved closer.

"Ladies, what you are looking at is an Imperium War Station. From what Commander Ketias gave me, it is the main manufacturing plant for the R77 bio-weapon that the Imperium have been using. Also, Ketias informs me that stored on the memory cores are top secret files for projects, ships, technology, you name it. So, Marshal Cole and I have come up with this battle plan." Admiral Taggert explained.

He then passed the torch to Alana.

"This operation will mostly be a fighter/bomber run. Since both our navy and marine forces are stretched very thin, we agreed on this approach." Alana added.

"Aurora, you are being promoted to Rear Admiral and will be in command of a small assault fleet. The Dammerüng will act as our carrier, I will assign a few escorts for defense but that will be it." David said to Aurora.

The holo-projector changed its image to a wider angle of the Imperium station.

"Admiral Gear, your fleet will jump in to these coordinates about six hundred kilometers out from the station. You are not to engage the station, Ketias has informed me that it is heavily armed with capital ship weapons and missile systems. Also, the shields on the station are strong enough to deflect any assault. You are to hold your position and launch all fighters and bombers." Admiral Taggert said.

The image showed the Dammerüng and its fleet entering the system and holding position, then it showed fighters launching.

"Commander Griffin, you will be flight leader. Your objectives are to clear a path to the station so a marine assault can be launched at the station. Once the marines are in, your fighters will provide cover for the bombers as they try to take out key targets on the station." Alana said to Vanessa.

The image focused on the station, red dots pointed out key targets like shield generators, heavy weapons emplacements and power generators.

"The marines will try to recover any data on the secret files, they will also attempt to sabotage the station from within, but their main task is the data files. Once the stations shields are down, all units are to pull out ASAP. Commander Ketias has indicated that the station has a regen system built into their shields that takes ten minutes to bring them back to full power. Aurora, once the shields are down you are ordered to launch a nova warhead at the station. The warhead should completely destroy the station and the bio-weapon. From the distance out, the fighters and marines will have a total of seven minutes to clear the blast range." Admiral Taggert added.

This would be alot of inform for both to take in, as this was a big operation.

"Any questions?" Alana finished.


arrow Sub-Admiral Lutri
V.R.S. Glaucus, Bridge
Urnoua System

Lutri heard the hail from the Avenger of the Fallen. It was nice to hear General Khan's voice again. The General asked a very simple question of which ship to use for the meeting. Lutri was about to say the Glaucus but then she remembered that this once fine warship was beat to hell from the recent battle. Most of the conference rooms were badly damaged or destroyed, and she didn't really feel like cleaning up right now (lol). She reached for a comm button on her console and activated it.

"We'll go with yours, mines a mess." Lutri said over the link. She chuckled under her breath. It felt nice to let out some other emotion other then anger and hatred.
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arrow Flight Commander Vanessa H. Griffin / Rear Admiral Aurora G. Gear
Fleet Command Station, Briefing Room
Gallonhiger System

Both females listened, focused in full to the explanation of the mission, although Aurora listened with an impossible to hide smile on her face after hearing of her promotion, "I wonder what would dad will say about this" she though while the explanation continued, Vanessa on her side, was happy too because of her promotion, but she will congratulate her later, for now she focused in full to the explanation

The plan was very well and carefully detailed, but it relayed a lot on a fast surprise attack to take down the station, both females knew that, to help the marine team to be succesful, it will require for them to be dropped as close as possible to their targets, and if they fail...

"Admiral, Marshall, what if the marine team and the bombers fails to shut down the shields? are we to pull back?" Vanessa said, knowing her boys and girls will be in the worst place to be if the marine team fails

Aurora was too examining posibilities, 600 kms wasn't quite the safe distance from capitol ships weaponry, but she knew that her ship will be able to hold the fire off while the rest of the operation carried on

"We can always try to engage as a last resort, I'm positive the ion lancers on the Dammerüng can take down the shield or at least punch a hole to send the warhead in" Aurora remarked

"That's is a long shot... " Vanessa said "Are there any structural weakspots we could use?"
arrow Admiral David Taggert/ Marshal Alana Cole
Fleet Command, Briefing Room
Gallonigher System

Marshal Cole looked over at Admiral Taggert as this was his question to answer. David wanted to say pull back and abort the mission, but another side of him knew that they needed more victories against the Imperium. They needed to cut off the Imperium bio-weapon production, as it would save billions and billions of lives down the road. It was worth the sacrifice of a few thousand officers, pilots, and marines. David looked over at Rear Admiral Gear.

"This decision will be up to you Admiral Gear." Admiral Taggert said.

He had to let her make this choice, as it was now her responsibility as an Admiral to make this kinds of choices.

"To answer your question Commander Griffin, Commander Ketias knowledge on the station is limited. He wasn't aware of any weakness. You'll have to discover them on your own." Marshal Cole answered.

"Also, Commander Ketias wasn't one hundred percent sure but he thinks their could be a patrol fleet in the area. Try not to engage them, as their numbers and classes are not known." Taggert added. "Is everything clear?"

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